Around the world in 80 years.. Back to CCCP

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Hello Steemians I am as always on my never ending trip, and now I am unexpectedly back to Russia for the next few weeks. Because of the acclimatization, I am a bit out of every day steeming. Time for me to make some photos of the hidden corners of the city where I was born. Everybody can find photographs of famous palaces and other tourist spots, but I want to show other side of Saint-Petersburg what you will never see in tourist guide book. Officially over 5000 000 people have a residence in Saint-P, plus a lot of guests and unregistered people here, so I think real quantity is close to double of this number. It is a giant megalopolis, and I hope this time I will have enough time to make a deep research. I'm not often guest here anymore. Climate here is a hell for a person who dream about coconut palms and ocean as I do. And in winter this place became even more depressive than it is possible, maybe cause of this its so many musicians and artists live here. Depressive places often gives to the world some really bright stars. Here just the first shot I did after arrival. It is a bit creepy Soviet administration building. In next few days I'll make more detailed report about winter in Mother Russia. So stay tuned if you are interested.. 

My name is Timon, and I am on the slowest worldwide cruise ever. In 2011, I left country where I was born and since then I'm traveling supa slow. My plan is to go Around the world in 80 years.. 

  • What is the point? - I want Just look around, have a lot of fun and make things I'm interested on. It will take time.
  • Why so long? - Because I really want to see how people live and what this place is for me, so I stay some time in each spot, and it's so many.. 
  • How long I stay? - Not too long, not too short, it's really depends on many things.. 
  • Am I so rich to just travel..? - No not at all. It is what making this trip a bit more complicated but still awesome and interesting. 
  • Am I serious? - No, not really. But still on my road..

The Biggest part of my way so far was by Sea and Ocean, 7 years I spent on my boat, and last 3 of them on a little island in Atlantic Ocean. But for the moment I'm back on the dry land, and I can find a lot of fun here as well. 

Original photo / Canon 600D 18-135mm / Saint-Petersburg / Russia / February 2018 /

If you like my works, please follow my photo blog Around the World in 80 years..

Here is some more stories  

[//]:# (!steemitworldmap 59.895266 lat 30.276046 long creepy soviet building d3scr)

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"...i am the man who arranges the blocks..."

watching the perfect trips delightful dear friend :)
I'm curious about Russia. I'm sure it's cold!
I can not wait to see more posts :)
Thank you

This picture is really crazy!
But I like it :) you should really do that for a living :0

"Everybody can find photographs of famous palaces and other tourist spots, but I want to show other side of Saint-Petersburg what you will never see in tourist guide book. "

Yes i agree this sentences with all my heart ..because then you will be a real photographer... And i also like the picture it makes me feel CCCP...Actually When i went to Batumi with my wife i saw a lot of old buildings that were remained from CCCP or i thought so....

Anyway good picture my friend and have a good day...:)

Good to see you back. where it all started . the beauty of a city is not only found in how beautiful it's looks but some remaining part that shows you what it use to be be now..

It's really great news man and congratulation .
Thanks for share this post of cccp.

That sure is a creepy looking building, I don't think I really saw anything like that in the 7 months i've lived in Russia (but maybe I just don't remember..). Where in St.Petersburg is this? Is it near the centre?

actually its not so far from centre like 20m by bus

congraculation Around the world in 80 years.. Back to CCCP. The biggest part of my way to far was by sea and Ocean and a wonderful traveling. Thank's for the sharing.

I know the feeling of being back Home...

Excellent blog sir/madam.... really liked it... 👍

so are these the places you've been visiting ? Wasn't the winter harsh there ? Sure you enjoyed the structures.


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by looking at that one pic you shared I could say it is a socialist government either Russia or china :)

it is just echo froma past..

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