Around the world in 80 years... Back to the Future!

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 After the last few years of the life as an illegal immigrant, or a sea gypsy if you want to name it like this, finally I've found a way to go wherever I want to go without the need of any permission. But for that I needed to come back to the city where I was born without any guaranty that my plans would work out 100 %.  I had a bit of a risky trip back to Russia with a chance to stay there for the next 5 years without the possibility come back to my ship..  

 Back to the future isn't only words or one of my favourite movies, it felt really like traveling in time machine. I met few dozens of people to whom I lost the connection for these years because they didn't use facebook, skype or something like that. My job in one of the best night-life spots in Saint-Petersburg made us meet automatically. Again I'm in the bar and make special cocktails for people, just like I did 6-7 years before, and sometimes we recognized each other only after few drinks.

It was really strange and nice to hear —Hey! Aren't you the man who was in that bar in the forest, in the middle of nowhere, 7 years ago and made this amazing pineapple soup? Hey I heard you guys bought a ship and went to live a Pirate life. Is that true? And...can I join?

Maybe it's a bragging but I guess not many bartenders get remembered after such a long time. People still remember our tropical moonshine bar and the story of the ships and islands. Part of that story you can read in my introduction. I was really happy to travel in time and after that trip I beleave more in myself again.

 Also, I want to say big thank's to the crew of the Masts bar. They gave me this job and the great opportunity to know them. It's a seaman's club with a nice politic and amazing night parties. These people are trying to do something interesting and new in the totally commercialized night-life of the big megalopolis. 

Also, my beloved city opens for me from a new side now. 25 years of my life I spent here but I never saw this place from the seaside. Now my friends have a little boat here, so we can explore many rivers, channels and ways for big ships at the seaside.

 And now I can say: Saint- Petersburg it's not the easiest place for navigation! Big traffic and many banks which you can't always see on the map. Bottom changing every week and tides not only connected to the moon, so you never know the sea level properly. 


Luckily the story with my doc's went very well and I got an European ID and my Russian passport aswell. So now can continue my never ending trip without any visa limitations in Europe, Russia or USA. Just like a Korben Dallas with the multypassport in the 5th Element!

Now I could even make a business or get a job if I wanted to. I will continue working with boats and the ocean anyway and now it's looks much more realistic.

I already left this beautiful city again and now I follow the summer to the next chapter of my adventures. Saint-P is a really cool place and I was very happy to meet my old friends and family, but this city is too cold for me and I can't stay in one place for long. Moving keeps me alive.

 To be continued... Original photo's Canon 600D 18-135mm

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thanks for share. really like your post!

welcome!!! thank you!

Thank you Too.

Having a passport for all the great nations is really cool. You can enjoy the world without hassle :) Keep going strong!

Excellent. Continuation follows after you...