dropahead Curation Report - Best posts from 2018-03-05

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dropahead Curation Report - 2018-03-05

Our best picks from 2018-03-05, upvoted and brought to you thanks to our curation team:


Day 183# 📷 Photography by @adrianv 📷 Old books
by @adrianv
curated by @mandolincarls, QA by @cessarespinozaa
Seeking our holy land
by @riovanes
curated by @mandolincarls, QA by @cessarespinozaa

Castellano y tag #castellano

La Voz de Prāṇa: El Aire Inspirado. (Reflexión)
by @israleve
curated by @antoniomontilva, QA by @cessarespinozaa
El día de todos los vientos (IV)
by @leveuf
curated by @dailyfuenmayor, QA by @cessarespinozaa

Português e tag #pt

Ser Cristão é ter deveres e obrigações!
by @jamesmoura
curated by @lpessin, QA by @develCuy
Eu sou o meu pai!
by @belzunces
curated by @lpessin, QA by @develCuy


City park alley
by @boddhisattva
curated by @mandolincarls, QA by @cessarespinozaa


I'm painting the city view. Sketch. Art
by @amalinavia
curated by @mandolincarls, QA by @cessarespinozaa


Monday morning vibes
by @detlev
curated by @joyita, QA by @develCuy
Hong Kong Snapshot (74) – Spring Garden Street, relation between prostitute and Big Number 香港隨拍 (74) – 春園街,春色無限大Number
by @aaronli
curated by @joyita, QA by @develCuy
  Marching in - ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK ( From My Enchanted Dream! )
by @dpatcher
curated by @joyita, QA by @develCuy
Beware of Twitter Scammers
by @ramsteem
curated by @joyita, QA by @develCuy


Chocolate Covered Almond Butter Eggs - FOOD PHOTO SHOOT
by @gringalicious
curated by @marilia, QA by @develCuy

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Two days ago my account had been stolen, I am sure I didn’t give away my keys, so far I don’t know how someone stole it. He transferred my SBD to another account (@good-kama).

The phisher commented on a huge number of posts claiming they are not original and included links to external sites, comments owners flagged the comments reducing my reputation to (-1).

I used Stolen system recovery and it recovered the account yesterday. Since recovery I am trying to edit the phisher’s comments but they don’t respond. Other comments are editable. I have tried to include screenshots for my account and what happens when I try to edit the comments, but I can’t upload images because the reputation is low.

Can you advise on how to investigate what is happening and how to prevent such things from happening in future?
and if Is it possible to reset the account to the state before it was hacked?

Sounds you have a good curation team, i ll follow you now to see yout work 😊😊❤❤

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Great guys. Thanks so much!!

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