Weekly Overview of Translation Category - Week 45, 2018

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As a Community Manager for Utopian, I will continue to write these weekly reports for the translation category. The report will include:

  1. Translators' Activitites
  2. Moderators' Activitities
  3. CM Activities

I will to try to coincide the format to be the same as the other categories @Utopian-io.

In this report, I will also include the following content:

  • Statistics and graphs of the translators' contributions
  • Statistics and graphs of language teams contributions
  • Statistics and graphs of moderators' scoring
  • Showcase the staff pick of the week if there is one

This is my write-up for Week 45: Nov 1 - 8, 2018

Contributions Summary

1. Translators' Contributions

This week, we have 66 Contributions.

In the translation category, it is important that we monitor the contributions submitted by the different language teams as translators work together in teams.

Therefore, the statistics and graphs will not show the contributions of the 101 individual translators but will display the 17 language teams instead.

The following chart shows the distribution of contributions of the 17 different language teams.

  • Spanish - 18
  • Greek, Dutch - 9
  • Italian - 7
  • Polish, Vietnamese - 4
  • Yoruba, Filipino - 3
  • Chinese, French, Serbian - 2
  • Arabic, German, Russian - 1
  • Slovenian, Hebrew, Portuguese - 0


  • From the above chart, we can see that Spanish is the most active team this week with a total of 18 contributions.
  • Then followed by Greek and Dutch with 9 contributions.
  • Then Italian with 7 contributions.
  • This week, there were no contributions from the Slovenian, Portuguese and Hebrew teams.

2. Post Contributions - 3 Weeks Comparisons

The following table shows the number of contributions in the different language teams for 3 weeks.

Week 43: 92 contributions
Week 44: 93 contributions
Week 45: 66 contributions

LanguagesWeek 43Week 44Week 45


  • This week, the number of contributions had gone down to about 2/3 as there are only 66 contributions.
  • The Spanish team is still the most active team. Instead of going down in contributions, the contributions had actually gone up to 18 this week.
  • These language teams remained about the same in their contributions for these 3 weeks: Greek, Dutch, Yoruba, French, Vietnamese, German, Russian, Hebrew, Slovenian, Arabic
  • These language teams had dropped in their contributions this week: Filipino, Chinese, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian

3. Comparisons of Contributions in Chart Form


I only started doing these charts in the last 3 weeks so there are only 3 weeks of comparisons.

  • The yellow bar is this week's contribuitons. It is obvious that the contributions have gone down a lot this week as compared to the previous 2 weeks.

  • By looking at these statistic bar graphs, it will help us monitor the activities that are happening in the different language teams.

  • There is a significant drop of contributions in the Italian Filipino, and Chinese Teams.

3. Total Number of Contributions for 3 Weeks

It is important that we meausre the language team activities not just by one week. It is better to get a monthly performance so that we can get an overall picture of the language teams activities. Since I only started doing these graphs and statistics 3 weeks ago, we will only have the total number of contributions of each language teams for 3 weeks to look at.

The following graph shows the total number of contributions of the 17 language teams in the past 3 weeks (Dates: October 18 - November 8, 2018)

  • Week 43
  • Week 44
  • Week 45


  • From the chart, we are able to see which language teams are getting more active and which ones are getting less active.
  • Spanish team is steady and getting more active
  • Greek, Dutch, Italian and Vietnamese Teams are contributing steadily week by week
  • Filipino, Chinese, Polish, Arabic teams are getting less active

4. Scoring Distribution for Week 45

For the scoring distribution, we have 25 moderators, so I need to group them into language teams so that you can see the analysis clearer.

The following table shows the scores given by our Language Moderators in the different language teams.

A. Scores higher than 80

Table 1: 3 Contributions

  • Greek team: 88, 81
  • Filipino team: 85

B. Scores between 70 and 80

Table 2: 35 contributions

  • Score 79 - 1X - Greek (1X)
  • Score 78 - 23X - Spanish (9x), Greek (6X), Dutch (5X),Vietnamese (2X), Serbian (2X)
  • Score 76 - 1X - Spanish (1X)
  • Score 73 - 9X - Dutch (3x), French (2X), Yoruba (2X), Chinese (1X), Italian (1X)

C. Scores below 70

Table 3: 28 Contributions

  • Score 69 - 4X - Spanish (4X)
  • Score 68 - 8X - Italian (4X), Vietnamese (1X), Polish (1X), Italian (1X), Spanish (1X)
  • Score 67 - 1X - Filipino (1X)
  • Score 66 - 1X - Vietnamese (1X)
  • Score 64 - 6X - Spanish (2X), Dutch (1X), Chinese (1X), Italian (1X), Filipino (1X)
  • Score 59 - 3X - Polish (3X)
  • Score 54 - 1X - Yoruba (1X)
  • Score 51 - 2X - Spanish (1X), Arabic (1X)
  • Score 50 - 1X - Russian (1X)
  • Score 26 - 1X - German (1X)


  • As you can see, the scores results in the translation category in general is higher than other categories at Utopian.
  • I grouped the above scoring into 3 parts: Above 80, 70 to 80 and below 70. In this way, you get an idea of what kind of scores translators are getting across the board.
  • The bracket behind the teams represent the frequencies of the translation getting that particular score. Eg. Score 69 - Spanish (4X) means that thre are 4 contributions with the score of 69.
  • More than half the contributions receive scores higher than 70.

5. Average Score of the 66 Contributions - 70.96

This week, with a total of 66 contributions, the average score is 70.96

This is calculated from:

  • 3 Contributions above 80
  • 35 Contributions from 70 to 80
  • 28 Contributions below 70

6. Contributions That Did Not Get Rewarded

Table 4: 14 out of 66 not upvoted and expired

From the table, we see that scores lower than 70 did not get voted/rewarded.

The teams that have been affected are: (The 2nd number is the total of contributions this week)

  • Spanish (3 out of 18)
  • Italian (3 out of 7)
  • Polish (2 out of 4)
  • Vietnamese (1 out of 4)
  • Dutch (1 out of 9)
  • Chinese (1 out of 2)
  • Yoruba (1 out of 1 )
  • Arabic (1 out of 1)
  • German (1 out of 1)

If you compare the number of contributions that are not voted in the different langauge teams, we begin to understand why some language teams are contributing less as the weeks go on.

Let's change this to percentage for a clearer picture:

  • Spanish (3 out of 18) - 16%
  • Italian (3 out of 7) - 42%
  • Polish (2 out of 4) - 50%
  • Vietnamese (1 out of 4) - 25%
  • Dutch (1 out of 9) - 11%
  • Chinese (1 out of 2) - 50%
  • Yoruba (1 out of 1 ) - 50%
  • Arabic (1 out of 1) -50%
  • German (1 out of 1) - 50%

Now we can understand why there is a reduction of contributions in some of the language teams (Italian, Polish, Chinese, Yoruba) because there is a high percentage of their contributions not getting voted.

7. Contributions Still Pending

Table 5: 14 Contributions still pending

At the time of writing this report, 14 contributions are still pending waiting for an upvote.

The teams that are affected are:

  • Spanish (5X)
  • Italian (3X)
  • Polish (2X)
  • Filipino (2X)
  • Vietnamese (1X)
  • Russian (1X)

Will they get upvoted? Probably not because the scoring is below 70. This further explains why these language teams (Italian, Polish, Filipino) reduced in their activities.

8. The Need to Work on the Questionnaire

I have taken the time to draw out all the tables and charts for us to see everything clearly, so that we can see our strengths as well as weakneeses needing improvement.

There has been a great concern in the past week regarding the scoring of the translations. There is definitely a great weakness in the questionnaire that needs immediate attention.
The 5 questions seem too generic and needs to be changed to make the scoring more specific and granular so as to reflect the quality of the translation work.

The DaVinci team is in the process of readjusting the questionnaire so that there is more fairness in the scoring among the moderators. More questions will be added to have better scoring.

We also want every team to have equal chance of getting their contributions rewarded. From the above analysis, some language teams get rewarded while others don't because of the uneven scoring.

For this reason, this week, I spent a couple of days writing out the issues that we need to face as we readjust quality metrics for better scoring in the questionnaire.

Here is my proposal of what we need to consider when readusting the Questionnaire:

Translation Questionnaire Part 4 - Quality Metrics: From Principles to Practice

9. Staff Pick

Translation Post by @dedicatedguy: Spanish Translation Node.js - 1597 words Part 30

In simple words, this project Node.js brings value to the open source community because it facilitates the creation of all sort of applications using JavaScript, and provides a lot of help and versatility to developers, so much so that well-known companies like Netflix, Paypal, and Uber (among many others) use Node for their online services.

The translator did an accurate translation of 1597 words. In the post, he also explained the dynamics of changelog commits and definition of important terms learned during the translation process. Now readers know what TLS and dotfiles are. He also added a few examples of the translated content and correct terminologies used in the translation.

10. Upcoming Events and Activities

Next week, we will be doing the following in order of priorities:

  1. DaVinci Team will work together with @Didic regarding the new questionnaire.
  2. Continue to help our langauge moderators
  3. Continue to help the translators with their queries
  4. Continue to oversee moderators activities
  5. Do write-ups of interviews for the following LMs:
    @Leurbanexplorer - LM for the Hebrew Team
    @Ruah - LM for Filipino Team
    @Fbslo - LM for Slovenian Team
    @Tata-natana - LM for Russian Team
  6. Interview DaVinci Witness Team

That's it for this week,

Blog Post Series

CM Weekly Reports

Translation Category - Quality, Standards & Metrics

Translation Blog - Early Growth in the Beginning

CM Interviews

Blog Post Series


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Wow. There's so much data to process here. As usual, your posts are standouts in the #iamutopian sphere, incredibly informative and well presented. Thank you for this effort.

Please note that while I haven't changed the footer, I am not scoring #iamutopian posts based on the questionnaire. They have their own metric, and that will be the case until we go live with the new guidelines and new questionnaire, which will be comprehensive enough to reflect these types of posts.

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Thank you for your review, @didic! Keep up the good work!



@victory622 感谢您的参与, 我希望将来所有的翻译帖子都可以 被upvote啊! ;)


:)! 我也希望。

I took a much needed break this week, good to see my team still stayed in the top -3 😁


@trumpman, Greek team is doing very well.

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