CM Report - Meet Our Greek Team with New Web-App Rising on the Horizon

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As a Community Manager, I have the privlege of working with talented people around the world. I started interviewing our Language Moderators last week: 1st Group; 2nd Group. For each report, I post the results of our interviews as they become ready to go live.

Today, the interviews are going to be done a little bit differently. Our 2 Greek Language Moderators are great team players, so their translators are joining the interviews as well. The reasons will become very obvious as you read on.

It never ceases to amaze me what a team can do when there is great harmony and fun in the team. They gel and thrive in their strengths to make the team productive.

Without further ado, let's meet our Greek Language Moderators first.

@Ruth-girl - 1st LM for Greek Team

Surprisingly, Ruth-girl describes herself as 'whiny'. She is actually one of our most reliable, hardworking and trustworthy moderator. When she is around, we always have fun. This has become the motivating force for everyone in the team to get to work right away! That's how much we like having her around.

She is very sportive and spends much of her time in gym training, especially in weight exercises and aerobics. She loves photography and in her spare time, she still does a lot of 'writing'.

As the 1st LM for the Greek team, she wants to see her team thrive by providing great quality of translations. With her creative juice, she is looking into new tools to help increase the effectiveness of the work of other moderators and translators. So far, she has reviewed 55 contributions since the time translation category re-opened in June, 2018. Her love for language keeps her enthusiasm high in doing translation work.

What ruth-girl finds most enjoyable in proofreading is fixing and editing all the details to make a text perfect. What she likes most in managing a team is keeping everything organised and keeping a detailed summary of everyone's work. This can help her follow the team's (and the individual's) progress easily.

You can read more about ruth-girl here.

@Dimitrisp - 2nd LM for Greek Team

Look at our handsome and creative Dimitrus. He always seems to be hiding himself behind his hair and doesn't say much. But let me tell you, when he starts speaking, you best listen with full attention to all the insights hidden behind his words.

He has a special interest in doing radio shows. If you don't find him translating, he will be playing video games. He is also into music composition and photography. Due to health issue, he is not into sports or anything that requires a lot of physical activities.

As a Language Moderator for the Greek team, he wishes to provide the best translations ever for the Open Source Community. He started off as a translator in June, and then stepped in as the second Greek LM on July 29th. So far, he has done 49 reviews.

His vision as a moderator is to ensure that the translations submitted on projects, especially those related to his profession, are as perfect as possible. He has been a web developer (not a designer) for more than a decade.

You can learn more about Dimitris here.

Two New Projects on the Horizon

Our 2 Greek Language Moderators are great team players as well as innovative team leaders. Under their leadership, the following 2 projects are created and slowly rising up to maturity.

1. The

The Greek translation team is proud to announce the birth of a team effort:!


This account is actually created by the entire amazing Greek team:

As you can see, this is a small team consisting of 5 people. The account is created not just as an account but a community working towards the good of building up the Greek community.

Who is Aristotle?

Aristotle works for @dimitrisp and @ruth-girl. You can read about it in this introductory post.

The community account will be used to post stories about their journey together as a Translation team. You will soon find more of the following content:

  • Guidelines and Infoposts for the #iamutopian category
  • Posts written by different members of the Greek team
  • Resources to help members to focus on how to improve on the productivity of translations
  • Finding methods to help make the translation work easier
  • A means to get the translation work more organized
  • Providing public stats in order to be as transparent as possible
  • Supporting the translations category by providing useful posts containing translation tips
  • Aiming to acheive an increase in engagement with the category

The team will be starting a curation trail for translations, powered by the @Utopian-io and @DaVinci-witness collaboration soon. This will support translation posts and in the future, if circumstances allow, more utopian posts.

Since nobody can grow alone, please follow for more updates on their plans! Do give comments as they love to listen to your feedback. They have so many cool ideas and are super excited to see them coming to life in the coming days!

2. Aristotle App

This is a new project headed by @dimitrisp.

Here is a little introduction of the app project:

Aristotle App is created to help the translation teams of @utopian-io have a more uniformed and centralised method to keep track of their progress and tasks. Some of the teams are using spreadsheets to manage their work, but if such spreadsheets are not properly managed, they can become a burden instead of a help.

This webapp, which is currently under heavy development, aims to make everything easier. At the current state, the app can handle project assignments and task requests (which were the 2 features I wanted to have immediately available for our team).

There is also basic SteemConnect integration (login and check, and in the future we are going to have a posting interface as well) and user listing. It is not intended to replace the current communication method between Translators and Moderators, but supplement it.


The project is currently half way complete. You can follow the development of the app on this Github website.


Meet the rest of the Greek Team of Translators

@Katerinaramm - Translator for the Greek Tam

Helpful @katerinaramm is the "Go-To" Person for any newcomer questions. Her interest is in technology and blockchain in particular. She enjoys doing work out, specifically Tae Kwon Do. This martial art has helped her discover a whole new world: improving her concentration & constant stumbling & falling over things.

She feels honored to participate in the Greek Team, bringing technology & open source closer to the Greek people. She started doing translation 4 months ago and have so far completed 15 translations. She is happy with the opportunity of getting acquainted not only with new open source projects, but also digging deeper in how they actually work.

Her team members already know each other even before the team was created. She personally discovered her teammates a couple of months before they knew she existed. So it is with great pleasure that she gets to work with people she admires! Their great sense of humor makes her team life highly enjoyable as the team is always cracking jokes making everyone laugh.

She is thankful for all the honest reviews & advise given to her by both Language Managers. She feels blessed to be a part of which will become a helpful and creative tool for the Greek (and not only) Team!

Her motto: Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

You can read more about Katerinaramm here.

@Lordneroo - Translator for Greek Team

Lordneroo describes himeself as "workaholic." He loves doing work out with blasting rock music! Most of the time, you will find him doing research to satisfy his curious mind. As you can see, he is always looking for ways to improve himself. If there's any free time for him, he definitely enjoys a walk in the mountains as he feels a strong connection to nature.

He is more than grateful for the opportunity of offering his services and providing translations for Open Source projects. He strongly believes that there needs to be no suppression of technical information if we are to evolve further as a species. Quoting him: "No problem should be solved twice, no solution should be kept secret".

For him, translating free, powerful tools is his way of empowering fellow human beings by providing them precious information. This is what gives him the greatest fulfillment as a translator. He started contributing to the translations category on June 16, 2018. So far he has worked on two different projects and submitted 22 translations. The thing he enjoys most is the fact that he gets to learn different technical knowledge for Open Source projects.

He is proud to be a part of the Greek Translation team, working with a group of hard-working, talented, profoundly gifted and devoted individuals. It is an honor and a great privilege for him to work with these amazing guys. When asked about his teammates, he says: "My teammates form a squad that is missing none of the key ingredients to a successful team; good leadership, goals, commitment, organisation, collaboration, respect and passion. We set rules and follow them closely in order to achieve the best possible outcome regarding our productivity levels and to make sure that quality standards are kept high."

There is constant communication between all the members of the Greek team to keep them organised. Their teammates never cease to come up with unique ideas in their longing and thirst for perfection. One of their secret weapons is using an online shared spreadsheet which is updated daily. It contains all the information of each project they are currently working on. This enables them to keep track of their team's weekly performance, and more so, creating glossaries for each project. The new toy, Aristotle app, created by @dimitrisp will replace their online shared spreadsheet in style.

Last but never least, Lordneroo feels strongly that creating the new community account named is celebrating the birth of their beautiful web application. As a team, they will be publishing posts containing tips, statistics and tools that make a translator's and a Language Moderator's life much easier. This is true passion fueled by respect for each other's work.

You can reaad more about Lordnero here.

@Trumpman - Translator for Greek Team

Fun Trumpman likes annoying people. He is on Steemit trying to make some sweet STEEM. In this way, he can have as much fun as he can without sacrificing the quality of his work. He joined the translation team about 4 months ago. So far, he has done about 50 translations. While there's not so much enjoyment doing the translation itself, he enjoys being part of a team that produces "something". And everytime he starts another contribution, he tries to produce the best "something" that he is able to.

In his team, he loves the fact that everyone is professional but not too serious. The most important thing is that the team produces results, exhanges ideas on how to do things better.

This is his motto of team life: Never forget to smile and joke.

You can read more about Trumpman here.

[Gif] created by @ruth-girl

Interviews to be Continued In November

As you can see, the Greek team is awesome. You have heard the saying: "Nothing gets done without a deadline." Is this true? We all hate deadlines. To highlight the secret of the amazing Greek team players, I will create a new motto: "Nothing gets done without FUN."

Thank you Greek team for the FUN & new intiatives you are creating for the Utopian-DaVinci collaboration! Let's give them some love: Community Account

In this coming week, I will be working on the new guidelines and questionnaire with the aim to upgrade the Translation Quality. Our interviews will need to pause and resume in November.

Stay tuned,

Image Photos: All the moderators gave me the permission to upload their pictures here.

Blog Post Series


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Another stellar update for you. It really sounds like awesome things are happening with our Greek translations team, and that's great to see. I was especially impressed with the LMs. Creating an joint account, and an app to boot! So very impressive. They really are becoming a team.

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Yes @didic, they are doing a fantastic job!


Thank you for your review, @didic!

So far this week you've reviewed 22 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Wow @rosatravels! I can't be thankful enough for this awesome presentation of the Greek team! Your writing certainly passes on our enthusiasm and positive energy of our squad!

We hope to contribute as much as we can to DaVinci and Utopian! We have the will, we have the commitment, we have the spirit!

Thanks again @rosatravels for this post and a big thank you to all people of DaVinci and Utopian for having us on board! 😇


Thank you @ruth-girl, your team certainly deserves the honor to feature in a single post. I took a bit of time for the write up and congrats for the leadership you are taking with your team.

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I agree with everything the Greek Team below (or above) is saying! Even with trumpman 😁
Thank you for your time and efforts 💙🌊


@katerinaramm, keep up the great team spirit. Yes, trumpman knows how to make everyone laugh....:)

Hello @rosatravels!

We are more than grateful for this wonderful presentation of yours, thank you for all the support! This is a huge honor for our team.

A big thank you to DaVinci & Utopian for giving us the opportunity to offer our services.

Have a great day!


@lordneroo, you guys are such good team players, an example for all to follow.

Dimitri...ahhhh....Wanna Mary me? 😍


Ha ha....:)


Give me 500k STEEM and I'll consider it :P

Thank you dear Rosa for featuring the Greek team, it is a great honour to see a post dedicated to us! We really hope to see our thoughts and ideas help everyone, and your report just got us a step forward! :)

- @dimitrisp

·, we hope to make your more visible to Steemit community. You are doing great work for the Greek community.

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