CM Report: Meet our Next 4 Language Moderators

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Continuing On with our Interviews

In this post, we started interviewing our Language Moderators in the Translation Category.

The whole point of the interviews is to get more engagement from our Language Moderators who work behind the scene. People don't really know who they are. Our 15 teams only know their own teammates but not the others.

Since we are working as a social network for @Utopian-io and @Davinci-witness, I want these interviews to bond everyone to better engagement. This will further facilitate a more effective long term working relationship as we move forward to building more and more effective teams in this amazing Utopian-Davinci Movement.

Why do I start Interviewing the LM First?

I ask myself: "How in the world am I able to get all these 91 translators interviewed quickly so that we can start drafting our new guidelines for the translation category by the end of October?" We are already in the middle of October. There is not a lot of time left, yet the amount of work we need to get done is stupendous.

Managing a global team of 91 people requires great communication skills. To get 91 people responding with swiftness is a daunting task.

As their Community Manager, I decided that I will start replying to the LMs who have given comments and feedback regarding the changes they wish to see in the new Translation Guidelines. As I started replying some of the LMs' feedback, I saw that it was good to interview them along the way. That is when I took on the task of interviewing our 23 LMs as a start before interviewing the translators. In this way, we can gel the leaders together first.

How the Interviews Are Done

Last week, I spent time thinking about how I can get these interviews done quickly. I didn't want to drag the interviews to something that is tiring and boring. Nobody wants to get drained with this kind of exhaustion. I wanted our LMs to have fun in the process. I also didn't want to take up too much of their time at all as they are already busy with the translation work.

So I started crafting five important questions, making them succinct and easy to respond. I tried to be specific and direct enough so that people reading their interviews can get to see their unique character and what they are like in the real world.

We did the interviews via the Private Discord Channel a few days ago already. Some are still ongoing in the chat.

Meet our Next 4 Language Moderators

We are proud to have these awesome Language Moderators in the Utopian-DaVinci Translation teams. Again, the order of presentation is random and of no particular significance. Their description is written as they become ready to go public.

6. @alejohannes - 2nd LM for Spanish Team

Our young and passionate Alejandro loves poetry, music and astronomy. As a political scientist, his interest is in philosophy and political theory. He believes that Utopian-DaVinci initiative is providing an amazing environment that brings only positive outcomes. He can envision it being a world wide spread of knowledge where people do what they love, contributing to open-source projects while getting morally and financially supported for their work.

He wants the translation category to dynamically push contributors to increase the quality of their work in every submission. This in turn helps to: (a) develop their abilities and capacities, and (b) secure the delivery of excellent material to the Crowdin projects.

Alejandro began as a translator and was invited by the Davinci team to take up the Langauge Modertor role in July, 2018. He enthusisastically accepted the new responsibility and had reviewed 130 translations so far.

For him, the best part of being a LM is learning from his team, assisting their learning processes and helping to coordinate different points of view towards the same team objectives. Everyone in the team is very collaborative, hardworking, open to feedback and eager to improve the quality of their translations. All this have made the group great for him to work with.

You can learn more about Alejandro here.

7. @imcesca - 2nd LM for Italian Team

Equanimous Irene is part of the DaVinci staff. She was already doing translation on the DaVinci platform before the Utopian-DaVinci collaboration.

She loves contributing to open source projects and getting rewarded. She wants to see the whole initiative growing and getting better with time. This means allowing existing collaborators to fine-tune their skills so as to attract more valuable individuals to join.

In her spare time, you will find her dancing, skiiing and reading. She is a hedonist, enjoying anything that is pleasurable including but not limited to eating, drinking, sleeping, traveling, being lazy, going to the spa, and generally getting pampered in any way. When she is not working or doing any of the above, you will find her knitting, cross-stitching or doing needlepoint.

Irene started off as a translator and later was invited to be the secondary LM for the Italian team. So far, she has reviewed 35 contributions. If she could, she would rather translate than to review. But stepping up as a second LM has allowed her to have a thorough understanding of how the whole translation category operates, as well as allowing the opportunity for @mcassani to translate. You can read more about Irene here.

8. @villaincandle - 1st LM for Polish Team

Diligent Maksymilian Roman likes going to football matches the most. He goes to every match of his favorite team and participates in away matches as far as possible. In addition, he really likes reading books and swimming.

He started being a Language moderator on July 9th and has moderated about 70 translation contributions so far. As the leader of the group, his focus is to keep the communication going with the translators, help them whenever they need help, talk to them about the quality of their work and how to raise up their standards.

What he likes most as a moderator is having the opportunity to translate projects in Crowdin. He also enjoys teamwork, especially in giving advice to the translators to upgrade their translation work.

You can read more about Maksymilian here.

9. @carlpei - LM for Vietnamese Team

Carl is an honest, meticulous and detail-oriented person. He likes working in teams so as to achieve a bigger and better common goal for everyone. Even in sports, he prefers playing soccer and basketball where teams are involved. The more there are in the team, the better it is for this team-player.

His hobbies are art, making miniatures and drawing. He also enjoys reading technology, comedy, philosophy books. He loves to talk about what he likes rather than spending time talking about what he dislikes.

He started his journey as a Language Manager on the 5th of July, 2018. As a LM, he has a vision where his work, words and wisdom can spread to millions of Vietnamese readers. This brings him much joy, but comes with it, a greater sense of responsibilities. He loves to be a part of the change and to bring value to the communities. Joining this Utopian-DaVinci collaboration helps him improve himself in bringing out the best in everyone to support the community.

So far he has done 52 reviews with an average of 1050 words per review. There are 5 members in his team, 4 active and 1 inactive at the moment. The CM will help find a replacement for the inactive one.

There are many things he likes about being a LM. The one thing he likes the most is bringing his team to learn and improve together. This is his motto for his team "Help me, to help you, to help us".

You can learn more about Carl here.

Interviews to be Continued

As you can see, we certainly have fascintating moderators behind the scene. Again, we like to thank them for their dedication to our Utopian-DaVinci network.

Guess who is next in our interviews?

The Greek team has a lot of surprises for us as they are a group of team players. Will they be ready in our next post? We will see.

Stay tuned,

Image Photos: All the moderators gave me the permission to upload their pictures here.

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As usual, I find your #iamutopian posts a delight. You put in a tremendous amount of work, and it really shows. You've worked constantly on improving both the content and the language used to present it. I really appreciate that.

I will, however, say that the end of October is your deadline for a draft, not the time to start drafting. At some point soon, you're going to need to start focusing the research you've been doing into actual guidelines.

Your contribution has been evaluated according to Utopian policies and guidelines, as well as a predefined set of questions pertaining to the category.

To view those questions and the relevant answers related to your post, click here.

Need help? Write a ticket on
Chat with us on Discord.

Thanks for the reminder @Didic. I'll start drafting out the guidelines out next week.

Thank you for your review, @didic!

So far this week you've reviewed 18 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Great to see @carlpei working with utopian. I have heard the Vietnamese community speak very highly of him and I am sure he will continue to add great value to utopian and the wider steem blockchain

Nice to meet you @kabir88!

Thank you for your kind words and support. I've seen your works on Steemit. You are an honourable man, you are fighting for the right, you have a strong backbone and I like that. You have my respect.

Thank you @carlpei, that means a lot. Keep up the great work :)

It’s great to get to know more about the team of translators.

Well done @carlpei, I was sure you would do a great work here and you didn’t disappoint.

Thanks witness @quochuy. You are doing a great job for the community as well. I know you've been busy with smartvote project and you still find time to support me at a time like this. Highly appreciate your guidance and support.

Glad to know you @carlpei, the way you response on every contribution is amazing and detailed. You even giving a full hand to all of the translators in your team and that really amazed me. thanks for this update @rosatravels I am very glad to see some information about the other LMs of the translation category.

Thanks @ruah. Welcome on board as one of our LM. We are slowly working our way through to let the Language Moderators have more visibility as they are our most dedicated people in the translation community.

Nice to meet you @ruah,

Thank you for your kind words. I'm humble to confess that there is a lot for me to learn and improve and I believe sharing is learning. I just simply share what I know in exchange for what I don't know.

I would like to thank @rosatravels for giving me this opportunity. It is good to be here because it gives me a chance to say thanks to everyone for their role in making my venture a success.

And hi to my fellow LM @alejohannes @imcesca @villaincandle, it is nice to put a face to the name!

Thank you for sharing a great report !

Thank you @livvu.

You always treat people with respect and kindness. You bring the positive energy to Steemit and to the real world. I love your artworks.

Thanks @livvu for the feedback. Bravo for the Vietnamese community.

Congratulations Carl @carlpei 🎉

You are really suitable for this position 😸

Oh, hi @siamcat!

It is an honour and pleasure meeting you here besides @Tasteem. You are a dedicated Tasteem Manager and I have been always looking up to you. Thank you for your encouragement and support. At the moment, I am learning about @Fundition before taking the position. I look forward to being a part of your team once again.

Thank you @rosatravels for your amazing idea to create this post. And thank you for giving me a chance to express my gratitude for what @carlpei has done to help the Vietnamese team to achieve improvement in translation. He is always going above and beyond to ensure the success of the whole team. His contribution, his kind support, and his knowledge are so admirable.

Thank you for your contribution to the comment project @lenancie. This is your 1st contribution to the category.

There is a minor error in your comment and I already let you know about it in private. Hahahaha I'm kidding. Thank you for your kind words and support Lena. You are a key player in our team. I couldn't get this far without you.

Great @lenancie to hear your feedback. I am sure @carlpei is delighted to hear from his teammates.

Thanks @rosatravels for your interview to let me have a better understanding about LM of other countries.

I am a Vietnamese translator and I am proud to have LM like @carpei. He not only has a scientific way of reminding and helping the team members, also he has a deep knowledge and understanding.

I especially admire him for his linguistic diversity, especially with a complicated language like Vietnamese.

Thanks again and hope Utopian-DaVinci network more growing and expanding in the future.

Thank you @lantracy.
I am proud to have you as a translator too. I admire how you are able to balance your full-time work, your family and Utopian. I have seen your works improving over the time, thanks for taking the advice. I could not be this far without your co-operation.

Thank you @rosatravels for taking the initiative and getting it done !

LMs' enormous devotion to the care of quality translations is highly appreciated. Like many other LMs for the translation category, Carl's been doing the great work by proofreading carefully and giving detailed reviews to Vietnamese translators, thus leading to better contributions. I strongly believe that they deserve more due to their hard work and dedication.

I've learnt a lot from Carl's guidance and especially his profession in working, so I'm happy as well as proud when having him as a language moderator of the team.

Thank you @lecongdoo3 for your attention and recognition of the difficulties faced by a Language Manager. Your co-operation and support have lightened my workload, thus improve the quality of the translations and this is a success of the whole team.

Great to hear from you @lecongdoo3. We are happy to see the Vietnamese translation team going so well.

@rosatravels it is always a pleasure to read your posts!

I love your idea to interview the team and bring everybody closer together, I think we are moving to the right direction and as long as we Think-Team, this category will flourish. It certainly has great potential!

Maybe after the new guidelines are set, we can also organize monthly competitions for the translations teams?
(This was an idea just on top of my head now .. such as 'the most difficult string you had to translate', 'the funniest word you got to learn' etc etc ..?)

Hey @katerinaramm, thanks for your kind words. And yes, a contest of something like this is going to be fun! Let's think about it.



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I truly love this work!! and I'm a truly fan of languages, I'm a bilingual venezuelan boy who can do the work of translation on English and Spanish, the @utopian-io project have such an engage with the communities, I've been following them since a few months and I didn't knew about the @davinci.witness but now I'll be searching about it, is there a way to apply for work with this team?

If you can give that info I'll be really pleased, so much blessing and good vibes for you!

Hi @ilazramusic , great to hear from you. Yes, you can apply in the Davinci Discord Channel and hand in your application in the #job-application room. Great to see you here.

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Congratulations to all the new Language Moderator in different languages! Thank you for this update @rosatravels . Looking forward to the success of this project "Da Vinci" .

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