CM Report: Oct Week 2 Activities - From 91 to 101 Translators

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As the Community Manager for Translation, I suddenly realize that it is a good thing to keep these reports documented as #iamutopian posts. I used to just give oral reports in the Utopian weekly managers meetings with all the constant changes and updates. With the Translation Category growing so fast and the numbers increading every week, it is good to keep track of them here in the #iamutopian posts for our reference. I will try to do my best to keep these weekly reports done with updates every Friday. This will also facilitate better discussions in the Friday weekly managers' meetings at Utopian Discord Channel.

In this post, I will list the activities we did in the past week. I'll try to make the report not so dry by putting in more interesting content so as to create more engagement for the Steemit community as we continue to add positive value to everyone here.

Activities During Oct 6-12, 2018

1. Recruitment: 91 to 101 Translators

During this past week, the DaVinci Team did more recruitment.

  • We went from 91 Translators to 101 Translators.
  • 10 new Translators were invited to join the Utopian-DaVinci Collaboration.
  • Among the 10 Translators, 2 were invited to be the Language Moderators for their teams.

2. Two New Language Teams Added

We are delighted to be add two more Languages into our Translation teams: Russian and Filipino.

Russian Language

Russia is home to diverse cultures as there are about 35 other languages including Russian, Ossetic, Ukrainian, Buryat, Kalmyk, Chechen, Ingush, Abaza, Adyghe, Cherkess, Kabardian, Altai, Bashkir, Chuvash, Crimean Tatar, Karachay-Balkar, Khakas, Nogai, Tatar, Tuvan, Yakut, Erzya, Komi, Hill Mari, Meadow Mari, Moksha, and Udmurt. These languages have native speakers making up a significant percentage of the total Russian population. Now, 260 million people speak Russian as it is legally recognized as the country’s official language at the national level. Many ethnic groups in Russia still speak their own language, with Russian being either their first or second language.

The Russian language emerged from the Eastern Slavic tongue which also includes Ukrainian and Belarussian. You will see that our team members speak these languages as well.

I know a little bit of Russian as I have friends teaching Physics in the Universities there. Russian is a very rich and flexible language, as it comes across very artistic and poetic.

We welcome the 3 new members in the Russian Language Team:

Language Moderator: @tata-natana
Translators: @erikaflynn; @vezirbek

Filipino Language

The Philippines is made up of over 7000 islands with 120 to 187 languages and dialects. Imagine what it is like living in the Philippines.

Over in Hong Kong, we have a small population of Filipinos working as domestic helpers, so I get to listen to what they call "Tagalog." It is an Austronesian language spoken as a first language by 25% of the population in Phlippines and as a second language by the majority.

Spanish was the original official language of the Philippines for many centuries until the early half of the 20th Century. Then in 1935, English was added to the constitution alongside Spanish as a national language. By 1937, further steps were taken to develop a national language based on the existing native language. Tagalog was chosen as the base language. In 1973, the language was christened Filipino, and it became the joint official language with English.

The 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines designated Filipino as the official national language of the Republic.

With this interesting background of the Filipino language, we can appreciate the Filipinos coming on board as they take part in the translation for the Utopian-Davici collaboration.

Let's welcome the Filipino Team on board!

LM: @ruah
Translators: @toffer, @marou27, @josephace135, @timliwanag, @dandalion

3. On Boarded One New Translator

The DaVinci team on boarded a new translator to join the Italian team. There are now 7 translators working with the 2 moderators.

Let's welcome @deusjudo on board.

4. October 19th Chart - 101 People on Board

DaVinci Translation Teams Updated

LanguagesModerators (Proofreaders)Translators
1. Spanish@alejohannes; @marugy99@elpoliglota, @samuellmiller, @acrywhif, @isabella394, @kaestorr, @cremisi @navx, @zlatkamrs, @thatmemeguy, @dedicatedguy
2. Greek@ruth-girl; @dimitrisp@trumpman, @katerinaramm, @lordneroo,
3. Italian@mcassani @imcesca@filippocrypto, @viki.veg @silviu93, @robertbira, @akireuna; @jacksartori; @deusjudo
4. Chinese@sunray @aafeng@susanli3769, @victory622, @breathewind, @aaronli, @hannahwu, @itchyfeetdonica
5. German@egotheist@laylahsophia, @sooflauschig, @infinitelearning, @supposer, @achimmertens
6. Arabic@dr-frankenstein; @libanista@samhamou, @khaled-dz, @accro, @ismailkah, @sweetone, @ehabfox, @maigomaa
7. Polish@villaincandle @jestemkioskiem@j4nke, @koscian, @ribson, @shake1, @fuzeh, @apocz, @yasminafly, @froq
8. Vietnamese@carlpei@adam.tran, @lantracy, @lecongdoo3, @lenancie,
9. Dutch@misslasvegas @minersean@altrosa, @dragonsandsnakes, @tokentattoo, @anouk.nox
10. Slovenian@fbslo@nedy
11. Serbian@scienceangel @alexs1320@nikolanikola, @svemirac, @hidden84
12. French@leyt@yassinebad, @ahmedess, @roxane
13. Portuguese@phbr@leurop, @mrprofessor, @martusamak
14. Hebrew@leurbanexplorer@nv21089, @amit9202
15. Yoruba@zoneboy@fatherfaith, @jubreal, @mcyusuf
16. Russian@tata-natana@erikaflynn, @vezirbek
17. Filipino@ruah@toffer, @marou27, @josephace135, @timliwanag, @dandalion
Total25 Language Moderators76 Translators

17 Language Teams

 On boarded 2 new teams this week

25 Language Moderators

 On boarded 2 new LM this week

76 Translators

 On boarded 8 new Translators this week

5. Getting Feedback from our LM + Translators

October is a busy month for us as we begin to work out the new guidelines and questionnaire for the Translation Category.

We have already asked our moderators and translators to study the research done on the standards and metrics professonal world measures the quality of translation. Some discussions are already taking place in the Language Manager's room in the DaVinci Discord Channel. It would be great if all our 25 LMs can visit the room more often in this coming week.

6. Getting More Engagement from our 25 LM

Language Moderators play very important roles to the success of the Utopian-Davinci Translation Category. Since I had started replying some of the LM comments and feedback, I took the opportunity interviewing each one.

The whole purpose is to get more engagement from the Translation community so that we can all get to know one another in a more personal way for effective long term working relationship.

This week, I have successfully interviewed the following moderators:

  1. @mcassani - 1st LM for Italian Team
  2. @aafeng - 2nd LM for Chinese Team
  3. @libanista - 2nd LM for Arabic Team
  4. @leyt - LM for French Team
  5. @misslasvegas - 1st LM for Dutch Team
  6. @alejohannes - 2nd LM for Spanish Team
  7. @imcesca - 2nd LM for Italian Team
  8. @carlpei - LM for Vietnamese Team
  9. @villaincandle - 1st LM for Polish Team
  10. @ruthgirl - 1st LM for Greek Team
  11. @dimitrisp - 2nd LM for Greek Team
  12. @katerinaramm - Translator for Greek Team
  13. @lordneroo - Translator for Greek Team
  14. @trumpman - Translator for Greek Team

The order of interview is random and of no particular significance. I posted them in the order that they were done.

As for the Greek Team, they are doing such marvelous work that even the translators got involved in the interviews!

7. Upcoming Events and Activities

Next week, we will be doing the following in order of priorities:

  1. With DaVinci team - Draft new guidelines for users
  2. With DaVinci team - Draft new guidelines for moderators
  3. With DaVinci team - Improve on the Questionnaire Points & Content
  4. With DaVinci team - Make Translation Posts better for engagement
  5. Do the write-ups of interviews for the following LMs: @marugy99; @sunray; @phgnomo; @egotheist; @dr-frankenstein; @scienceangel; @zoneboy
  6. Interview more people to keep the momentum going if time allows

That's it for this week,

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I love the new format, and applaud the way you took on the request to add value to the Friday meeting with this post. I am, as ever, very impressed with the work being done by you and your entire category and team. Well done!

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Thanks @didic. I always have a lot of activities to report on Friday so I thought it might be good to post these weekly reports out before the actual manager's meeting so as to try everything succinct and precise.


Thank you for your review, @didic!

So far this week you've reviewed 8 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Hi @rosatravels, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @ruthgirl doesn't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @ruth-girl ?

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Thank you @rosatravels for this report. It reminded me, that I still need to study the posts as you asked us to do. I will try to do so today or in the worst case, tomorrow.

Good to have new people on board, welcome!

There's a minor mistake in your post, probably a typo (102 should be 101?):

  1. Recruitment: 91 to 101 Translators
    During this past week, the DaVinci Team did more recruitment.
    We went from 91 Translators to 102 Translators.

Have a good weekend!


Thanks @anouk.nox ; appreciate this! I will amend it. ;)


You're welcome, these things happen :)

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Great to have you joining our force.


Wow! Excellent report, @rosatravels, especially in featuring a bit of backgrounder too on the Filipino language.

Thanks to Davinci Witness Project and for granting us this opportunity. Congrats to everyone! ^^


Great @timliwanag. When you get a chance, let me know more about the difference between Tagalog and Filipino languages / dialect. Thanks.


Will do, @rosatravels :D

Really, really great @rosatravels I'm quite surprise for featuring my country Philippines. Thank you and Mabuhay!


@toffer I've been to Manila years ago and sure would like to visit Philippines again one of these days.

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

Wow, seems pretty nice @rosatravels have you even try to eat our famous "Balot"?


Nope, but will try when I come to visit.

Oh, You do a lot of research on that @rosatravels :) I love it, the way you delivered the details about our language is awesome.

The language Tagalog only a few of us Filipinos can actually write and speak it perfectly, while the Filipino language is forever improvable. you can always use the so-called transliteration words when writing or speaking Filipino language.


Hey @ruah, thanks and great to know a bit about Tagalog. It would be great if you can educate me a bit about the difference between the two. So Filipino is currently the one that is being used in the Philippines now where Tagalog is more 'traditional' and used by the older people?

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

Yeah you're right, writing tagalog is more preferred in writing in school projects with the subject Filipino.
And less than 20% of Filipino people are able to write Tagalogwith perfect accuracy, most of that 20% lives here in Manila which is the origin of the Tagalog language at the beginning that the law was implemented Filipino and Tagalog is 100% similar, in terms of writing and speaking the words, but since the Filipino are tend to improvise, It makes a huge change now and both languages are very different now.

for example, tagalog are meant to write as pure tagalog while Filipino you can write it as tag-lish or tagalog-english, you don't have to translate most of the common english words because pinoys are already used to English language. you can even use transliteration in Filipino to provide a translation for English word which is not able to do in Tagalog

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