CM Report - Translation Activities: Oct 25 - Nov 1, 2018

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As a Community Manager for Utopian, I will continue to write these weekly reports for the translation category. The report will include:

  1. Translators' Activities
  2. Moderators' Activities
  3. CM Activities

I can see that our translators are working hard for Utopian-DaVinci platforms and in turn adding much value to the Steemit Platform. This is my write-up for the 4th week of October.

Week 4 Activities: Oct 25 - Nov 1, 2018

In the following report, you will see that I place special emphasis on the kind of activities that are happening in the 17 Language Groups because only in this way are we able to monitor activities that are happening in each language group.

My analysis will not go into the individual contributors because at present we have 101 translators and I do not have a good chart analysis to show this kind of statistics yet.

1. Translators Activities - 93 Contributions

The following chart shows the distribution of the contributions in the different language teams for 2 weeks in October.

October 3rd week: 92
October 4th week: 93

LanguagesOct 3rd WeekOct 4th Week
  • 16 Language Teams translated
  • The number of contributions is about the same in both weeks
  • Italian team has the largest number of contributions and worked twice as hard this week
  • There is more distribution of different languages contributing this week than last week

2. Post Contributions Comparisons

I only started counting the number of post contributions for these Weekly reports in the last 2 weeks. So there are only 2 weeks of comparisons.

  • There is an increase of contributions in the following language groups: Italian, Vietnamese, Serbian, Portuguese, German and Russian

  • There is a decrease of contributions in the following language groups: Spanish, Filipino, Greek, Chinese, Polish Yoruba, french Slovenian

  • Dutch and Arabic have the same number of contributions for both weeks

  • Hebrew language group has not started yet as they are still organizing the work in the team.

By looking at these statistic bar graphs, it will help us monitor the activities that are happening in the different language groups.

3. Total Number of Contributions for Oct Wk 3 + Wk 4

I just started gathering the statistics in the last 2 weeks of October for these weekly reports.

The following graph shows the total number of contributions of the 17 languages:

October 18 - November 1 (Wk 3 and Wk 4 of October)

  • Spanish group has the largest number of contributions (27)
  • Italian group has 21 contributions
  • Filipino and Greek groups have 19 contributions

4. Out of 93 posts, 18 posts expired with no upvotes this week

The following chart shows 18 Posts from 9 Languages that did not get an upvote

  • X shows the language posts - horizontal line
  • Y shows the scoring of the posts - purple bar

Strange Phenomenon

  • From the graph, apparently for posts reaching higher than a score of 70 did not get an upvote this week.
  • But some other translation posts with a score lower than 70 got upvoted.

I am not sure what the reasons are behind this and we still need to investigate into this matter.

If we combine this graph to the earlier table (#1) where I listed out the number of contributions submitted this week, here is the analysis of language groups that did not get rewarded.

  • The Filipino group has 4/7 posts not upvoted
  • The Chinese group has 3/6 posts not upvoted
  • The Spanish group has 3/12 posts not upvoted
  • The Italian group has 2/14 posts not upvoted
  • The Yoruba group has 2/4 posts not upvoted
  • The Russian group has 1/2 posts not upvoted
  • The Portuguese group has 1/4 posts not upvoted
  • The French group has 1/2 posts not upvoted
  • The Arabic group has 1/3 posts not upvoted

    The following 7 language groups did not get affected and received rewards:
  • Greek
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Slovenian
  • Serbian
  • German
  • Vietnamese

5. Staff Pick

Translation Post by @alejohannes: Node.js, from English (1090 words)

By definition, Node.js is a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). But it is more than just that. While common JREs serve as machine backups that allow users to smoothly run JavaScript on their browsers and applications, this open-source project functions as an app that manages Java code by itself. It's practical uses for developers are endless. It grants an extraordinarily versatile platform for designing code, programs, websites and other applications. And that isn't all: Node provides a virtual facility for testing the proper work of Java-driven programs and devices –and their planned updates–, helping to find bugs, solve errors, fix code and vastly improving their performance.

The translator has done an excellent job with full accuracy. As noted by the Spanish moderator, the writing style is correct and most appropriate for the Spanish language. The translator has also put in a detail effort to write out an overview of the translation process and what he had learned, especially in explaining the Module System and Code Refactoring. We appreciate the personal touch he put into writing the submission post.

6. Moderators' Activities - Aristotle App

The Aristotle app is ongoing in the development by the Greek team. You can follow up this project in this Gitub Link.

I've asked @dimitrisp for an early entry to try out their app.

  • The app is going to be a great tool for our translators.
  • The tool aims to become an LM's personal assistant as they do the moderating work.

Take a look at this Screenshot:

1. In the Filter Results: Translators

The Drop down menu lists all the translators. Right now, you only see the Greek team and some of us who are trying out the demo.

2. In the Filter Results: Project

The Drop down menu lists all the projects ready for translation.

I hope you can see the power of this app. This will certainly help the DaVinci Team to keep track of the activities of all the 101 translators easily.

Thank you @dimitrisp and the Greek team for your innovative app.

7. Recruitment - One Translator Recruited

The recruiting is now done continuously by the DaVinci Team. We wish to continue to consolidate our present language teams. If you would like to be a translator, please send in your application to #job-application room in the DaVinci Discord Channel.

This week, we have one new translator added to the Russian Team.

Let's welcome @bell1982 to the Russian Team.

8. Nov 1st Statistics: 17 LT & 101 Translators

  1. 17 Language Teams
  2. 25 Active Language Moderators
  3. 76 Active Translators

(We still have 76 active translators as one translator left the Arabic team)

17 Translation Teams - Updated November 1st, 2018

LanguagesModerators (Proofreaders)Translators
1. Spanish@alejohannes; @marugy99@elpoliglota, @samuellmiller, @acrywhif, @isabella394, @kaestorr, @cremisi @navx, @zlatkamrs, @thatmemeguy, @dedicatedguy
2. Greek@ruth-girl; @dimitrisp@trumpman, @katerinaramm, @lordneroo,
3. Italian@mcassani @imcesca@filippocrypto, @viki.veg @silviu93, @robertbira, @akireuna; @jacksartori; @deusjudo
4. Chinese@sunray @aafeng@susanli3769, @victory622, @breathewind, @aaronli, @hannahwu, @itchyfeetdonica
5. German@egotheist@laylahsophia, @sooflauschig, @infinitelearning, @supposer, @achimmertens
6. Arabic@dr-frankenstein; @libanista@khaled-dz, @accro, @ismailkah, @sweetone, @ehabfox, @maigomaa
7. Polish@villaincandle @jestemkioskiem@j4nke, @koscian, @ribson, @shake1, @fuzeh, @apocz, @yasminafly, @froq
8. Vietnamese@carlpei@adam.tran, @lantracy, @lecongdoo3, @lenancie,
9. Dutch@misslasvegas @minersean@altrosa, @dragonsandsnakes, @tokentattoo, @anouk.nox
10. Slovenian@fbslo@nedy
11. Serbian@scienceangel @alexs1320@nikolanikola, @svemirac, @hidden84
12. French@leyt@yassinebad, @ahmedess, @roxane
13. Portuguese@phbr@leurop, @mrprofessor, @martusamak
14. Hebrew@leurbanexplorer@nv21089, @amit9202
15. Yoruba@zoneboy@fatherfaith, @jubreal, @mcyusuf
16. Russian@tata-natana@erikaflynn, @vezirbek; @bell1982
17. Filipino@ruah@toffer, @marou27, @josephace135, @timliwanag, @dandalion
Total25 Language Moderators76 Translators

9. Overseeing the 25 Language Moderators

Language Moderators play very important roles to the success of the Utopian-Davinci Translation Category.

I've started interviewing our moderators so that the community can get to know them better.

This week, I have successfully interviewed 7 moderators:

The order of interview is random and of no particular significance. I posted them in the order that they were done.

10. Upcoming Events and Activities

Next week, we will be doing the following in order of priorities:

  1. @Didic will be going through the new guidelines for all categories including translation
  2. Continue to help new moderators on board
  3. Continue to help the translators with their queries
  4. Continue to oversee moderators activities
  5. Do write-ups of interviews for the following LMs:
    @Leurbanexplorer - LM for the Hebrew Team
    @Ruah - LM for Filipino Team
    @Fbslo - LM for Slovenian Team
    @Tata-natana - LM for Russian Team
  6. Interview DaVinci Witness Team

That's it for this week,

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Fantastic, this report is well detailed and illustrated with those excellent charts, that shows all the activities on the Translations category. Keep up the great work.
By the way, I found this, Translators' Activitites Moderators' Activitities.....fix it.

Please note that while the CM haven't changed the footer, I am not scoring #iamutopian posts based on the questionnaire. They have their own metric, and that will be the case until we go live with the new guidelines and new questionnaire, which will be comprehensive enough to reflect these types of posts.

Your contribution has been evaluated according to Utopian policies and guidelines, as well as a predefined set of questions pertaining to the category.

To view those questions and the relevant answers related to your post, click here.

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Thanks for the heads up @tykee. I fixed the typos. ;)


Thank you for your review, @tykee! Keep up the good work!

There is a lot of information contained in this summary. I would suggest to talk to @amosbastian and see if some of the contributions that you have in the "not voted" section were supposed to be voted or they still may be voted later.

I like the efforts of the Greek team, resp. the Greek LMs in particular. The work on a new app is good and if there is a chance that it could be extended to other language groups, it looks like it is going to be a huge help for all members.


Thanks @espoem. I am on mobile right now so in case the meeting is on, the 18 posts that got unvoted were all 'expired' meaning that it is more than 7 days already and can't be upvoted. Actually out of the 93 posts, only about half got voted. There is still another 20+ still pending waiting to be voted. Yes, the Greek app is going to open to all translators. Right now, only the Gk team people are trying it out first as it is still developing. Thank you again.

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