Gridcoin - State of the Network - 17 March 2018

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Gridcoin State of the Network Report #10
March 17th, 2018

Welcome to the 10th Gridcoin State of the Network Report. The SotN Report is a fortnightly report organized by @parejan and @jringo. It compiles useful news and statistics that the community can use as they see fit.

Community and News


There have been two updates since the last SotN:, which has hopefully patched the last cause of all the forking, and, which deals with some issues exchanges were having. It is recommended that general users be updated to at least


There is a poll running for a new proposed white paper. It ends on April 20th. Don’t forget to vote!


Nothing new for this report.

Marketing and Outreach

@nexusprime has organized some flowcharts that illustrate how Gridcoin operates with the pool and BOINC

@slowminer is running a 4x4x4 challenge with some old hardware and BOINC.

@mdosev has written an article describing some details about how [email protected] works.

Art and Design

@dr-frankenstein is continuing the Gridcoin ascending project with two new posts. Post 1 | Post 2

@ailaneyacine has designed a new Gridcoin banner for steemit.

Data, Trends, and Resources

@noah-blaker has written an extensive overview of the Gridcoin GUI, along with other general principals.

@deybacsi is continuing the development of a TUI for Gridcoin. Post 1 | Post 2.

@deybacsi has also written an article describing how BOINC account managers operate.

@parejan is continuing the calculated RAC for CPUs project with posts for Citizen Science Grid and Primegrid.

@jefpatat has written two more posts for the Gridcoin mining experiment. Post 1 | Post 2.

@hotbit has begun an exploration on UTXO splitting and its effects.

@dudebaker has created two rainmeter skins for Gridcoin and BOINC.

Gridcoin in the News

Gridcoin was used as an example of a novel use-case cryptocurrencies along-side Steem and Solarcoin.

Gridcoin was mentioned in an article discussing environmentally friendly cryptocurrency mining.

Statistics update

The stats update is divided into 3 sections: Blockchain Statistics, BOINC Statistics, and Project Statistics.

Every other week we bring you the most up to date statistics regarding the operation of the Gridcoin blockchain and Gridcoin BOINC projects. The information is gathered from Thursday to Wednesday on fortnightly basis and compiled from the getblockstats RPC command in the Gridcoin wallet, BOINCStats, and from individual project websites.

Blockchain Statistics

Blockchain statistics from 1/Mar to 14/Mar

The table below contains the blockchain statistics of the last 2 weeks and covers blocks 1177362 to 1190226.

Blockchain charts

The charts below contain the longer term blockchain trends.

BOINC Statistics

Team and pool statistics from 28/feb to 13/Mar

The table below contains BOINC team and pool statistics of the last 2 weeks.

Team and pool charts

The team and pool charts contain the longer term team and pool trends.

Project Statistics

Project tables from 28/Feb to 13/Mar

The table below contains the project statistics of the last 2 weeks.

Project charts from 28/Feb to 13/Mar

The charts below contain the project contribution breakdown of the last 2 weeks.

(Source: BOINCStats)

This concludes the 10th Gridcoin State of the Network Report. We’ll see you in two weeks!

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Great post! Being a very "young" steemit writer, I've come to appreciate the huge amount of preparation and work that goes into an article of this caliber.
Thank you for your hard work!

Also thanks a lot for mentioning my humble contribution to this space.
And not being one to miss a such a shill opportunity, I must say that I published today the second part of my challenge series:

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Thanks a LOT! for preparing this. Super interesting!