I created this account to promote discussions within the community and perhaps other related categories

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I'm a bit of a newcomer in the gridcoin community but some of you may know me on my main account @ragnarokdel. I wanted to help the community, so I decided to make an account on steemit specifically for it. I intend to use it to upvote posts that talk about Gridcoin (whether I like them or not). I do not intend to charge fees for this service.

At a later date, it might be interesting to start doing it for other steemit categories like technology, research and science for example to try to get random users interested in Gridcoin but right now my SP is really low.

You are welcome to upvote the comments I leave in posts I upvote or you can delegate SP if you wish.

There's a nice guide here on how to delegate/undelegate. The method is basically the same to delegate, you just change the amount at the end.

This is a relatively safe method of helping as you still own your SP and can undelegate it at any point. (there's a 7 days delay for it to be usable again.)


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