The Gridcoin mining experiment - whitelist influence

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During the last three weeks nothing much interesting has been happening so I didn't make an update and just continued gatherig the data.

About the experiment

If you want more background on the experiment I refer to these posts:


Since the host went briefly down the points per second have been steadily declining. It requires some imagination to correlate the RAC here because of the half time behavior built in. I was hoping for the stabilization to continue for a while because out of a stable situation we can learn a lot as well. It looks like the last week points per second has been very stable. At the same time team RAC is all of a sudden skyrocketing. It will be interesting to see how this does or does not influence the RAC.


Project whitelist

Even though team RAC has been increasing magnitude has remained stable. If you're mining for profit this is something to be aware of.

MAG = 115000 * ( ( RAC / TRAC ) / W )

RAC: host RAC
TRAC: team RAC
W: number of whitelisted projects

If the RAC were to remain stable and W lowered your magnitude increases. If at the same time team RAC increases this causes the magnitude to remain stable. Because some projects have been removed from the whitelist and some others have been greylisted the magnitude managed to remain stable and the net change is 0 but both variables might influence the mining results in both ways.

As always GRC price influences the mining revenue most.


Top 10 users

This is an overview of the top 10 contributors on VGTU. The pools keep increasing their RAC at a steady pace. As mentioned before I like this a lot because let's not forget this is aiding scientific research. I find it a bit strange that I can't see the top 10 contributors adding up to the sudden rise in team RAC. There is one notable newcomer though, the much debated pomegranate. Because I only keep track of the top 10 I don't know at this point in time if this will be an exponential rise and if there is correlation. I'm also not aware if it has been moving resource from other projects to VGTU or if these are new crunching resources. Knowing the history of that account it might be interesting to watch it evolve.



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