Gridcoin State of the Network Report 11-11-17

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BOINC Team Stats

November 3rd, 2017: We moved from rank 6 to rank 5 for total credits earned overall!

Average Credit per Day Past 10 Days - 795,352,278
Average Credit per Day Previous 10 Days - 660,075,963
That's a Gain of: 135,276,315 credits/10 days

We have 13,569 total team members.
2,943 of those team members are active.
That's 21% active members.

We have 38,152 hosts on our team.

We are growing at an average rate of 10.67 team members per day.


Apologies for the few stats included here. I hope to continue adding more information from BOINC, our team, and the Gridcoin network for each hangout. If you want something included, let me know!

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can you please give information about sparc?? what are they all about?...


They are an erc-20 token which intends to develop a commercial distributed computing platform. In other words, the more SPARC you own, the more computing you will able to perform on their distributed network, assuming they get one built. In more words, their platform as they describe it will be more accessible to wealthy entities and corporations and less accessible to researchers, enthusiasts, escientists, and citizens.

They are launching by rewarding users for contributing to BOINC. I question the ethics behind using a volunteer based distributed computing platform to launch a commercialized distributed computing platform. I question their motives, which from what I can tell appear to be profit. I question their choice of ledger technology. I question their presentation when they launched. I question their use of an ICO. I have concerns regarding their team.

I do not think they work for or place true value on science or the betterment of humanity. They are more than welcome to prove me wrong. I do not think they will.



haha i see you think really highly of them :)
thank you! that cleared things to me!