Gridcoin State of the Network Report 11-25-17

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Here we are, two weeks later already. Who's hungry for some statistics? I've added a section -- "Blockchain Stats" -- to this report. The information comes from a very useful RPC command: "getblockstats". Documentation on how to use this command can be found on the wiki. Shoutout to @brod for putting it together.

If RPC seems intimidating, keep an eye out for an upcoming Gridcoin classroom which will cover the dos and don'ts of RPC, along with some very useful basic commands. If you don't know what you're doing, be careful when experimenting = ). Now then:


BOINC Team Stats

Total Credits Earned, November 12th - November 25th: 9,954,918,313
Average Credit per Day, November 12th - November 25th: 711,065,593.78

Total Team Members, November 11th: 13,569
Total Team Members, November 25th: 13,871
Change: +302
Average Growth per Day, November 12th - November 25th: +21.57

Total Active Team Members, November 11th: 2,943
Total Active Team Members, November 25th: 2,978
Change: +35
Average Growth per Day, November 12th - November 25th: +2.5


Blockchain Stats

The following stats cover the past 13,440 blocks, or about 14 days.

Staking Difficulty Range: 0.3171 - 7.8767
Staking Difficulty Average: 1.4287

Block Size Range (kB): 0.6572 - 111.9960
Block Size Average (kB): 1.3194
Block Size Sum (kB): 17733.1806

Number of Empty Blocks: 11,632
Empty Block Percentage: %86.5

Number of Transactions: 13,044
Average Number of Transactions Per Non-Empty Block: 7.2146

Number of Superblocks: 15

Gridcoin Minted by Research: 381,885.7600
Gridcoin Minted by Interest: 105,719.0148

Total Gridcoin Minted: 487,652.4925

Blocks Created by Wallets With no CPID Association: %31.3
Average Time Between Blocks: 96.5726 Seconds
Average Time Between Superblocks: 24.0358 Hours

RPC - "getblockstats 1 13440"

That does it for this report covering the past two weeks. See you next time!

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Thank you @jringo. I haven't seen many articles about Blockchain stats yet so very interesting.

My pleasure = ). One day I hope to bring some of the wonderful stats you compile into this as well.

Thank you, looking forward to see them.

Interesting statistics you've put together. Thanks :)

Be careful when trying out this command. Make sure you read and understand the documentation before trying to interpret the values. Especially averages/research and averages/super_spacing_hrs.

you mentioned staking difficulty - does this mean i can stack grid coin? how much dose it give? or am i not even close?
thanks :)

Yes, GRC is (almost) proof of stake coin. By holding balance in your wallet, which must be unlocked and online, you are eligible to "stake"/create a block. This block will give you Interest reward on your coins and Research reward if you do BOINC. You can earn or mine gridcoin this way. However be warned that it requires considerable balance (thousand) and great load of patience.
If you do not want to invest, but still earn, consider joining the pool.