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No, your home is still safe, after letting [email protected]! That's just the name of another research project, building various models with the help of your computer. Do you want some Gridcoin?


[email protected] is a project that uses connected computers and their CPU and GPU power to do researches in cosmological science and asteroids themselves. You can participate by running a free program on your computer, and of course you can download it directly from the BOINC website.

Downloading and installing the software is nothing difficult to deal with.

And what's exactly is [email protected] dealing with?

Asteroids are the most numerous objects in the solar system and their number is probably near to endless. They vary in their parameters like shape, rotation speed, direction of the rotation axis, but for the significant part of the population, only the size is known. The vector speed can also be measured in a not very complex manner.

When asteroids rotate and move, they reflect different amount of light towards the observer and the light spectra varies with time. This spectra can lead to the rotation speed and actual shape by building light curves and illumination geometry. If a sufficient number of lightcurves are observed and different geometry illuminations are collected, a unique physical model of the asteroid can be constructed by the LIM (light curve inversion method).
This action of course requires a lot of computation power, and you can be in charge by sharing some of your computer's power.

Asteroid's light curve

For more complex information about [email protected] project, you can visit their website:
There can also be found information about already researched asteroids.

The greatest part is, that you share your computer's resources without disturbing your other work. Of course, the less power your PC currently uses, the more resources will be shared with the project. If the required CPU and GPU usage is greater, then the BOINC software automatically decreases or even pauses the work for the project. This means, that your work will never be disturbed by this software.

What can be even grater?

The Gridcoin network is very intuitive and intelligent, but also it is very generous for your work too. You will be awarded with some precious coins by the network, and if you tend to keep them, they will increase, because Gridcoin is Proof of stake cryptocurrency.

Currently Gridcoin trades at the rates of about $0,053.
Gridcoin 1-month price chart, source:

So choose wisely and think of which coin will you mine. Will you just waste your power, or doing some scientific and medical research is more important?
I think the choice is clear.

I chose Gridcoin! See ya!

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