Gridcoin State of the Network Report #3 // 12-9-17

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Welp, here we are. Two weeks later and time for another Gridcoin state of the network report. This time I've added some community articles from the past week that have helped spread the news and inform new users. I hope to smooth this process for the next report (hurray steemit limitations!). Also, you might notice that all this data is starting to get cumbersome. Now that there are enough data points, we might be able start getting some visualizations going. Still a work in progress! Please reach out if you want to help. Thanks to @geebell for helping to get this week's report put together.

Gridcoin State of the Network #2 // 11-25-17.



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BOINC Team Stats

Total Credits Earned, November 26th - December 9th: 9,724,901,878
Total Credits Earned, November 12th - November 25th: 9,954,918,313
Change: -230,016,435

Average Credit per Day, November 26th - December 9th: 694,635,848
Average Credit per Day, November 12th - November 25th: 711,065,593
Change: -16,429,745

Total Team Members, November 11th: 13,569
Total Team Members, November 25th: 13,871
Total Team Members, December 9th: 14,309
Change: +438
Delta Change: +136

Average Growth per Day, November 26th - December 9th: +31.28
Average Growth per Day, November 12th - November 25th: +21.57

Total Active Team Members, November 11th: 2,943
Total Active Team Members, November 25th: 2,978
Total Active Team Members, December 9th: 3,048
Change: +70
Delta Change: +35

Average Growth per Day, November 26th - December 9th: +5
Average Growth per Day, November 12th - November 25th: +2.5


Blockchain Stats

The following stats cover the past 13,440 blocks, or about 14 days.

Staking Difficulty Range: 0.2216 - 6.8928
Staking Difficulty Average: 1.3574

Block Size Range (kB): 0.6552 - 114.4716
Block Size Average (kB): 1.5014
Block Size Sum (kB): 20179.1806

Number of Empty Blocks: 10,811
Empty Block Percentage: %80.4

Number of Transactions: 14,457
Average Number of Transactions Per Non-Empty Block: 5.4990

Number of Superblocks: 20

Gridcoin Minted by Research: 394,994.79
Gridcoin Minted by Interest: 123,015.03

Total Gridcoin Minted: 518,196.28

Blocks Created by Wallets With no CPID Association: %27.3
Average Time Between Blocks: 93.3761 Seconds
Average Time Between Superblocks: 17.4302 Hours

RPC - "getblockstats 1 13440"

That does it for this report covering the past two weeks. See you next time!

Want to see something added to the report? Mention it in the comments below!


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Thanks @jringo. This really starts looking like the bi-weekly summary with all developments in Gridcoin-land. I'm sure you will develop it even further.

Difficulty is dipping really low sometimes, lowest diff on production is almost as low as highest diff in test network.