@elear talks future of Utopian.io, @ercu with Hede.io on air, @helo takes a swing at OBS and DTUBE -- Utopian.io Open Source Radio Show -- every Wed 6 PM UTC

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Utopian.io and MSP Waves are proud to present the Utopian.io Open Source Radio Show, coming to you live every Wednesday at 6PM UTC on MSP Waves.

Interested in Open Source on the Steem blockchain and beyond? Looking to hear some inspiring stories and discussions about the Open Source ecosystem? Tune in to the Utopian.io Open Source Radio Show!

@elear will join us for another exclusive insight in the current and future plans of Utopian.io. For sure he also will answer questions to the current situation in regards to delegations from Steemit inc.
So all of you FOSS lovers and Utopian contributors, join and ask away!

As a second guest we are happy to welcome @ercu live on air.
He has just recently started a project called HEDE, which is nothing more and nothing less than a knowledge sharing dictionary (like wikipedia) directly on top of the Steem Blockchain.

This time only, we are going to have three guests on the show, the third one being no stranger to Utopian-io. It is @helo with his contribution to OBS and DTube, changing the code a little to include the possibility to have DTube directly as a streaming option.


When and Where?


Your host: Jedigeiss

What’s On The Menu This Time?

The Utopian.io Open Source Radio Show, hosted by @jedigeiss, will feature special guests, spearheading the development of some of the most interesting projects out there; prominent members of the Utopian.io community; interesting contributions made via Utopian.io and discussions about interesting news and developments in the Open Source ecosystem.

Special Guests

Our first guest, @elear, head of the Utopians and founder of Utopian-io.
The man who had the vision to support open source software via blockchain technology and especially making use of the Steemit Blockchain.

I think I do not need to introduce this man any further, for sure his topics will be the current situation and a glimpse into the future of Utopian.io.


Our special guest this week: @elear

The second guest is @ercu, project lead and developer of HEDE.io
Hede.io wants to be the Wikipedia of the blockchain universe, this is at least the gist of what I have read in preparation of the show.
A very attractive target that is and the first steps have already been taken. The Frontend is up and running and tests within the Filipino and Turkish community have been successful.

A very interesting project, I am totally looking forward to talk with @ercu


Our special guest this week: @ercu

The third guest is @helo, long time member of Utopian.io and himself a very capable developer.
This time @helo strikes it home by making an update to OBS, including DTube as a possible preset for streaming options
This could be, after having recognized the vast number of 3 million downloads per month, a very good idea.
Now, all OBS users, have directly the possibility to stream do DTube without any big hassle.

Good idea and great performance in getting this merged by such a big project!


Our special guest this week: @helo

Open Source News Digest

Microsoft goes Open Source, with multiple topics. Salesforce thinks the same way. SpaceX puts software for rocket, capsule and more on Github. Impressive movements towards FOSS

More of this and all other exciting Open-Source news bits from our Pink Princess @techslut.


Our Pink Princess of FOSS News, Mother of Feeds, Writer of Content, First of her Name

Feature Your Project & Share Your Thoughts

You ever wanted to be live on air, talking about FOSS you love, ideas you got, or projects you want to start? Here is your chance! Just talk to @buckydurddle during the show and he will set everything up!

More Surprises

Giveaways, raffles, exclusive Utopian.io content and more.

Raffling works great with our new bot and we really are having fun giving out cool prizes to all of you. So expect more raffling in this Episode! It will be grand!

Missed our previous shows? Don’t panic!

The great @buckydurddle is recording all shows and posting them (after some light editing).

Previous episodes:

  • The Premiere, a recording of our (spectacular) premiere with @elear and @tensor as guests.
  • Episode 2, a full video recording of our 2nd episode, guests @roxane and @oroger for FastReply and @mkt for the Magic Frog.
  • Episode 3, full video recording of our 3rd Episode, Guest: @kodaxx with his project Steempay.
  • Episode 4, full video recording of the 4th Episode, Guests: @jrswab with the Archivatory project, an easy way to interact with IPFS and @aboutcoolscience, with the DaVinci project, that amongst a lot of other things is in charge of the translation category of Utopian.io.
  • Episode 5, full video recording of the 5th episode. Guests: @tensor, talking about Flutter and Dart and his other fantastic tutorial videos and @jringo, talking about the benefits of Gridcoin, where you can support science and earn a cryptocurrency.
  • Episode 6, full video recording of the 6th episode. Guests: @sorin.cristescu with his stunning European Financial Transparency Gateway project and @aggroed for a lot of things, but I think we spoke most about Steem Monsters.
  • Episode 7, full video recording of the 7th Episode. Guests: @hispeedimagins with his great Steem-Android project Steemer and @lemouth, with a variety of topics, including SteemStem and other projects.
  • Episode 8, full video recording. It was a hilarious show with fantastic guests, @punqtured from the byteball team and @holger80 with a lot of projects, mainly talking about Beem. The most intriguing pieces of information have been thrown in by @techslut, listen in and find out!
  • Episode 9, full video recording. We had a fantastic show with incredible guests, @noisy was talking about his new project Wise and @hansikhouse, together with @voronoi, have been talking about all the great events and projects they are supporting with their @sndbox team.
  • Episode 10, full video recording. Our first show with a surprise guest :) We had @drakos talking tech with us when @themarkymark joined in live to make things even more techy. If you ever wanted to know about Steem Witnesses, turn on and listen, it is all there. As a second guest we had @heimindanger, presenting his latest update v.0.8 of DTube, one of the most interesting applications in the Steem ecosphere.
  • Episode 11, full video recording. Again another extremely interesting episode, this time focused on cryptocurrencies, especially StoneCoin, with the project lead @cryptotym and in the second half centering in on open source game development with Minecolonies and project lead @raycoms. Drop in and find out!


MSP Waves

MSP Waves and Utopian.io

The Open Source Radio Show is part of a cooperation between Utopian.io and MSP-Waves toward a mutual goal of empowering and supporting the Open Source community and the Steem blockchain. Among others, we plan to engage the Utopian.io community in developing tools for MSP Waves, and contribute to the ongoing growth of MSP Waves - the top radio station of the Steem blockchain.

Taking part in the production of Utopian.io Open Source Radio Show are the team of professionals at MSP Waves. We would like extend our gratitude especially to @r0nd0n and @aggroed for their constant, highly professional technical support and the motivational encouragement.

Guys, you are really some of the best people on our beloved blockchain.

We look forward to seeing you in our audience!

Jedigeiss, for the Utopian.io Radio Show Team


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