Utopian Open Source Radio - Episode 7 - Full Show Recording

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Episode 7 of the wildly popular Utopian Open Source Radio was aired live on Wednesday, July 18th thanks to the MSP Waves network. @jedigeiss and @techslut took to the airwaves for another wonderful Open Source show. You can check out the full show at the end of this post.

Open Source Radio LOGO.jpg

Even though he was on holidays, your host @jedigeiss took the time to give us The Open Source Radio show from is parents' house in Germany. The pink, icecream eating @techslut kept us informed with Open Source news. We had two special guests this week: @hispeedimagins and @lemouth.

This was a most watched show so far. Many people listened in on DLive, Twitch and the PAL Discord. Next week will be even BIGGER!

Show Timeline

0:00 - Introductions with @jedigeiss
0:13 - Open Source News with @techslut
0:27 - Utopian Content
0:44 - First Guest - @hispeedimagins - The Steemer App
1:18 - Second Guest - @lemouth - SteemStem


Open Source News

In our Open Source News segment @techslut presented many, MANY great new pieces.

  • Quantum computing fund set up for open-source projects - Pink Link

  • Blockchain Phone is Real and it is Arriving - Pink Link

  • Eden Full Goh, SunSaluter | Inspirefest 2018 - Pink Link

  • Open Source Animation Software OpenToonz Utilized in Kamikaze Douga's First Animated Feature Film 'Batman Ninja' - Pink Link

  • ‘The Virtual Brain’ neuroinformatics platform joins the EU’s Flagship ‘Human Brain Project’ - Pink Link

  • Linux Foundation launches open source energy project to ‘transform’ the world’s energy mix - Pink Link

  • ​Python language founder steps down - Pink Link

@techslut published a post this week with many excellent news pieces which you may enjoy. You can find the link here.


Utopian Content

@jedigeiss and @techslut tell us about exciting new Utopian content. This week's Utopian highlights can be found in the publication Top of Utopian

You can also read the latest People of Utopian #8 - @deathwing.


Special Guests

Our first guest this week is @hispeedimagins. He has created an exciting new app for the Android platform called Steemer. @hispeedimagins tells us about his app and his plans for new features. You can get the app for your own device through this link at the Google Play Store - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.steemapp.lokisveil.steemapp&hl=en_US

Our second guest is @lemouth. While being a professor for physics at Sorbonne University in Paris, @lemouth is also the cofounder of @steemstem. This community supports high quality articles in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics.


Thanks for the great image @aboutcoolscience


Raffle Time!

This week we had two giveaways provided by utopian.io: An indiegamesbundles.com complete ui/ux design bundle and a Humblebundle.com geek book bundle. The two winners of our raffle were @crokkon and @raj808. Congratulations!!!

Our wonderful Open Source raffle bot was created by our Utopian friend @jestemkioskiem. The raffle bot is Open Source can be found on this Github Repo - https://github.com/Jestemkioskiem/discord-raffle-bot

You can read up on the bot here - https://steemit.com/utopian-io/@jestemkioskiem/discord-raffle-bot-update-0-2


The Show

You can watch all of Episode 7 right here:


Come Join Us!

Join us for our next episode every Wednesday 6-8PM UTC on MSP Waves:
Listen on the Audio Feed
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I've just recently came across Steem. Since I contribute to some projects on GitHub, I became curious about Utopian. But I've noticed that it currently seems to be impossible to log in at utopian.io. The utopian guidelines refer to use steemit.com or busy.org as frontend. But is there a way to search for projects / repositories and tasks on steemit? Couldn't find that in the guidelines.

Hi @s1c4y. Thanks for your questions. We will have a new front end very soon which will make navigating the Utopian content much more convenient.

In the meantime you can search for tasks, etc by using the tags. For example https://steemit.com/trending/task-development

If you have more questions please feel free to connect with me or any Utopian Community Manager on our Discord - https://discord.gg/v3DjVeu


This was a great show! :)

It was great to have you on the show @lemouth. Your work is inspiring on many levels. We appreciate you taking the time to speak about your work to our listeners.

Anytime in the future! Just poke me about it (a little bit in advance ;) )

so nice. following every Episode.

Thanks @omg04. We appreciate the attention :)


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very interesting, I am very happy to see it. thanks