Utopian Open Source Radio - Episode 6 - Full Show Recording

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The sixth episode of the Utopian Open Source Radio was aired live on Wednesday, July 5th thanks to the MSP Waves network. @jedigeiss and @techslut rolled out a wonderful Open Source show. You can check out the full show at the end of this post.

Open Source Radio LOGO.jpg

The Open Source Radio show is hosted from Germany by the silver-tongued @jedigeiss. The pink superstar, @techslut brings us Open Source news. We have two special guests this week: @sorin.cristescu and @aggroed.

Show Timeline

0:00 - Introductions with @jedigeiss
0:08 - Open Source News with @techslut
0:19 - Utopian Content
0:20 - @techslut's cat makes an appearance
0:33 - First Guest - @sorin.cristescu - European Financial Transparency Gateway
1:21 - Second Guest - @aggroed - Steem Monsters


Open Source News

In our Open Source News segment @techslut brought us two interesting articles:

  • Crypto Kitties go Open Source - Pink Link

  • Forbes: The 50 Largest Public Companies Exploring Blockchain - Pink Link


Utopian Content

@jedigeiss highlights some exciting new Utopian content and happenings. You can check out some of the best contributions this week. This week's Utopian highlights can be found in the publication Top of Utopian

You can also find out more about things happening in the Utopian community in Utopian Weekly.


Special Guests

Our first guest this week is @sorin.cristescu. Sorin talks about the European Financial Transparency Gateway and the role that the Steem blockchain can play in its future. Sorin has now connected his project with @utopian-io and is hoping to tap into the creativity of the Open Source community.

Our second guest is @aggroed. He is currently Steem Witness #8 and is responsible for some amazing community-building projects on the Steem blockchain. @aggroed visited us today to talk about one of these cool projects - http://steemmonsters.com.


Raffle Time!

This week we had two giveaways provided by utopian.io: A $15 course through Udemy and a Humble-Bundle. The two winners of our raffle were @lemouth and @knowledges. Congratulations!!!

This was the first time that we used the brand new raffle bot created by our Utopian friend @jestemkioskiem. The raffle bot is Open Source can be found on this Github Repo - https://github.com/Jestemkioskiem/discord-raffle-bot

You can read up on the bot here - https://steemit.com/utopian-io/@jestemkioskiem/discord-raffle-bot-update-0-2


The Show

You can watch all of Episode 6 right here:


Come Join Us!

Join us for our next episode every Wednesday 6-8PM UTC on MSP Waves:
Listen on the Audio Feed
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Note that I had more interesting news, like the Gates foundation support of cryptocurrencies, but @aggroed is more interesting than Bill Gates.

Raffle time! We welcome ideas from the audience on what they would like to see in the raffle.

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Great to find artists arround steemit

Congratulations for your radio show

I wonder if you'll create shows with artists as well ... or to play the music of artists on your radio show

Would be nice to have a community of artists ( real ones) here on steemit that will curate the music/art creations

Hope to stay in touch

I'll follow your channel

When you'll have time feel free to listen to some of my compositions via dsound or dtube or thru my website


Regards @buckydurddle

Wao. Its all an interesting segment. Congratulations to the winners. @knowlegdes and @lemouth

it was funny to participate (and so unexpected to win ;) )

sure unexpected. thats why i always say. " We should Be focus on what we think we are interested on mostly, the reward always follow"
the winning is always sure. i hope to join the show next time.
i cant miss it.!!!

I will be there too ;)

wao! its all an interesting show, i missed this segment, i hope to join the show next time. weldone job @utopian-io and all the contributors.