Utopian Open Source Radio - Episode 5 - Full Show Recording

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Episode 5 of the Utopian Open Source Radio hit the airwaves on Wednesday, June 27th. Big thanks to the MSP Waves network. @jedigeiss and @techslut brought us another excellent show of Open Source interviews and news. You can check out the full show at the end of this post.

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You know him. You love him. The Open Source Radio show host, @jedigeiss. The pink wonder, @techslut brings us the Open Source news. We have two special guests this week: @tensor and @jringo. They both share their fascinating Open Source projects and work with us.

Show Timeline

0:00 - Introductions and Utopian Content with @jedigeiss
0:25 - First Guest - @tensor - Flutter and Dart
0:34 - Dart - Under Utilized.
0:45 - Quantum Computing with @tensor
0:51 - Rust
1:14 - Open Source News with @techslut
1:33 - Second Guest - @jringo - Gridcoin

Open Source News

@techslut brought us some great news pieces from around the Open Source community:

Utopy_Holding coin with wink eye.jpg
Utopian.io mascot, Utopy!

Utopian Content

In this segment @jedigeiss talks about some of the cool Utopian things. He touches on some the amounts of payouts given to various categories and the contributions being made. This week's Utopian highlights came out a day later, but you can check it out here - Top of Utopian

Are you interested in contributing content to Utopian? Contact one of our Community Managers. They would be happy to help you find you niche. You do not need to be able to write code to make great contributions.

Special Guests


In our very first episode we introduced you to @tensor. He had much to talk about about, but back in the old days of Open Source Radio we only had 1-hour to hold a full show. We did not have time to hear about all the cool things we has been doing. We decided to invite him back for another session.

@tensor told us about his work as a freelance programmer. His programming skills are used for a variety of projects. He gave us a little insight into his work on quantum computing. This was a facinating discussion! Thanks for coming on the show @tensor.

Our second guest was another old friend, @jringo. He came on the show a while back and gave us a quick overview of Gridcoin. We decided to ask him back for a more thorough disucssion of Gridcoin. You can read more about Gridcoin here in @jringo's recent post and at gridcoin.us

Someone always seems to drop the 'Quantum F-Bomb'

quantum fbomb.jpg

Episode 5

You can watch all of Episode 5 right here:

Come Join Us!

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Two hours work quite well for this show. I believe that if the time management is improved in the upcoming episodes, it will be even better.

Edit: You have wrong time at the bottom of the post. It should be 6-8pm UTC.

i think ok

Amazing show with special guests, thanks for the review !

i would know something about the jringo and gridcoin implementation on steemit and especially with utopian. Great times coming up :) !

Thanks @rivalzzz. Much appreciated. We really appreciate the attention.

@buckydurddle if i can help something out, or maybe add some graphics to @jringo gridcoin / boinc relaunch program, don't hesistate to drop me a line on discord ;-)


Amazing your post