Utopian Open Source Radio - Episode 4 - Full Show Recording

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Episode 4 of the Utopian Open Source Radio came to the world on Wednesday, June 13th thanks to the MSP Waves network. @jedigeiss and @techslut gave us a wonderful show filled with Open Source goodness. You can check out the full show at the end of this post.

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The Open Source Radio show is hosted by the one, the only, @jedigeiss. The pink wonder @techslut shares some interesting Open Source news with us. @jrswab and @aboutcoolscience are our special guests this week and share their fascinating Open Source projects with us.

Open Source News

To kick off the show @techslut gives us some news from around the Open Source community .

There is always much to chat about in our Open Source world.

  • Red Hat's GPLv2 will address license violators - Pink Link
  • Open source traffic management - Pink Link

  • Facebook opens its load balancer as open-source code

  • BrowserStack has Open Source Program to Drive Community Innovation
  • Deep Learning to Help Find Tumors - Pink Link

  • Google releases open source GIF terminal tool - Pink Link

  • Talon - Paid Twitter Client Goes Open Source - Pink Link

Utopy_Holding coin with wink eye.jpg

Utopian Content

Anyone interested in getting involved in contributing content to Utopian feel free to connect with our Community Managers. You do not need to be able to write code to make a contribution.

@jedigeiss reviews the amounts of payouts given to various categories. Contributors are being rewarded for their excellent Open Source work.

Next, @jedigeiss highlights some exciting new Utopian content and happenings. You can check out some of the best contributions this week on Utopian by reading the publication Top of Utopian

Special Guests

This week our first special guest is @jrswab. He has created a portal to the IPFS universe - https://archivatory.com/. You can use this site to upload your own files to IPFS. You can take the hash created by your upload and use it for other sites like DTube.

Our second guest is @aboutcoolscience. He is at the heart of the renewed Translations category. @aboutcoolscience operates DiVinci and is working with Utopian to bring this category up to speed. He shares much insight into the Translations community and some of the challenges associated with managing this community.

We were hoping to get @knowledges on the show, but his network congestion made it difficult. Perhaps next time.

@jringo joined us from the audience and told us about the cool project called Gridcoin. You can read more about it in @jringo's recent post

Kickin' Back Open Source Style

There were lots of laughs in this week's show. Many audience members posted foot-selfies showing how they kick back and listen to the Utopian Open Source Radio show.

Episode 4

You can watch all of Episode 4 right here:

Come Join Us!

Join us for our next episode every Wednesday 6-8PM UTC on MSP Waves:
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Hey @buckydurddle,

thanks for the great review of the Utopian OS Radio Show :) Was so much fun to listen and interact, include the Feet-HangOut Listenup and the great Projects.


Great to have you with us @rivalzzz :)

is very nice

This is my first time I watch a video like this. I appreciate the @utopian-io work and I like your post about it.
I am sad knowing that this is the fourth episode and I lost the previous episodes.

Hi @monica90 You can check out the previous 3 eps on my blog here :)

Is there a Decentralization App for mobile phones?
It's time for Dapps for mobile.
Good Job..

open source is the way of the future,,,,,, check out open source telcos

great work open source radio!!!