Please Join In In Curating #ulog. "2029 Steemit Posts On #ulog, In The Past Few Days". We Are Reshaping The Internet With "Freshness"; Promoting Steem/Steemit As A Home For ULOGGERS.

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Please digest this post and like me, join in and become a Ulogger today.

Kindly get your personalized ULOGGER GIF header/footer HERE!!! 

@phantum04 offered a Gig on, where she makes those amazing Ulogger GIF footers/headers. 
So do visit and get yours. It's fun!

She already has more than a hundred clients. Go give her a beautiful headache!

@JassennessaJ @maverickinvictus @fycee @mermaidvampire @creyestxsa94 @sitiaishah @beany-inhinyero @g10a @julietisrael @junebride @ankarlie @leeart @yandot @dunkman @sn0white @saskia @iyanpol12 @jysui @juwel @shula14 @phantum04 @joonz @el-dee-are-es @atongis @Olawalium @afolwalex @LeeBaong @olivia @ishanvirtue @truthsfinde @coderzairos @sherylneil @alzamna @zhayie03 @garygabby @wakkylyon @jessicas @tonie @jennybeans @jemmanuel @diosarich @chuuuckie @kyanzieuno @micaiah.adlih @ewuoso @yennarido @sweetcha @andrewjohntamban @smoochkins @ias @udezee @princefm @benedict08 @nexrules @bitius @iconnelly @emekasegun @folly-pandy @glenyosores @einstei1 @edith4angelseu @jeline @mike4christ @jamesmovic @Eunireal1 @Prayzz @rainbowme @blessedsteemer @christianolu @desmoniac @honourmaus @Cinderz @stevenson7 @akar-rumput @starzy @Ogbu @wilsonblue5 @prettyjules158 @Noreen @olaivart @carlitojoshua @Jpkonkz @jason04 @bluehearted @desmonddesk @Optama @zingybite @smartcarthy @azilanaitmay825 @caesar816 @samic @wiralhokseumawe @chaelpacia @tpkidkai @scarletmedia @zamsmith @mrposyble @mdshahin786 @ryancalaunan @tagalogtrail @Cisse56 @ireneblessing @mydivathings @ebado @honprinceo @marklester23 @kennyroy @liamnov @inalittlewhile @julie26 @lapb @itsmejayvee @AmuroKazama @jaraumoses @Autofreak  

Basically everyone mentioned above i.e everyone who was in the last impromptu SteemGigs discord talk show, will get one for free. 
"Around 115 steemians!"

@phantum04 isn't with her usual face-cap, so she can afford a "beautiful headache". So, go get your ULOGGER footer/header now.

I think i will use mine as a header somehow. I would like also that curators identify my ULOGS. 
You can try the same approach if you desire!

@phantum04 is a certified SteemGigger (Dream-Builder) and a certified ULOGGER (True-Celebrity)

We are here fans!!!

See her break-selfie:

To remind you that bridges any gap between steemians, whether whale, minnow, dolphin etc and makes us "whales inside" as we build "real connections"; please see exactly what happened via hours ago:

  • #Ulog 4 : A night to remember!First CONVO with Sir Terry at Steemgigs Discord and A night full of work to do!hahaha🤣

When we say that "on; "everyone has something to offer"; see another example of what we mean:

  •  #STEEMGIGS: I will Make a Funsign for Steemians! Note: This is Just for Fun!

Note: I didn't ask for a fun-sign but she did it anyway (as you will see just below), displaying love and building connections, using, where "everyone has something to offer"

And note: "every human has an appealable-to soft-spot"and do you still remember one of the paradigms behind "the Teardrops Smart Media Token"

"We will have a ColorlessPaper, written so un(dis)talentedly, that we will appeal to the soft-spot of every human, till perhaps, "for the very first time", every human will want to hold a piece of digital currency.

Are you seeing the flow of the "entire curriculum" and how each of my tiny-looking steemit post and all of my steem/steemit endeavor since day one and even my "steemgigs" witness, is tied to this one curriculum: "SurpassingGoogle with Steem"?

Well, if you were on the last SteemGigs discord talk show, you would have learned some very rare INTEL about the power and beauty of your very next and every other next steemit post.
Please join the discord server here and be abreast with the next talk show, by setting notifications for @surpassinggoogle steemit account.

If you have extra vote and want to consider voting my witness, it is called "steemgigs" instead of "surpassinggoogle" to represent "everyone". Simply visit: and type the word "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses.

Let's look at @enjieneer

and what is more? To show that you can find "free" or even build a "noble dream" for free on, @enjieneer offered her Gig for "free".

In her SteemGigs post, she mentioned that she had found it hard to offer out fun-signs because she didn't feel she was "Celeb". Well, now; isn't she "a certified ULOGGER (True Celebrity) and we her fans?

Look at the pictures above and really; "how much do you really need to be "true celebrity" and "we, your fans"?

Simply "you" in each day; your shine and love etc

Are you seeing where we are headed and isn't it really beautiful? "And there is so much more......"

For now, simply become a SteemGigger and ULOGGER and let's go from there. 

Or do you want to know a very simple valid start? 

  • Visit this post and get your SteemGigs GIF footer/header
  • Visit this post and get your ULOGGER GIF footer/header
  • Then use these on your posts heartily, to shine some more......

#ulog is fast become a beauty and looking at it flourish, is pretty really. I am seeing ULOGGERS emanating from as many countries and steemians re-gaining their groove. It is just splendid.

The count from hours ago shows 2029 steemit posts already on #ulog within just a few days since the tag was born. This is splendid for steem/steemit growth overall.
Too, people can join steemit to be ULOGGERS.
VLOGGERS can also be ULOGGERS!!!

As the number of ULOG posts grow really rapidly, please help matters by making sure to read posts explaining what ULOGS are and how to use #ulog 

e.g To make easier for curators all over steemit to reach your post more easily, here are tips:

  • Please use #ULOG only when you consider your post a ULOG. 
  • A ULOG is typically "once a day". (Don't change your normal steemit routine. You can add ULOGGING to your existing routine)
  • We want to make #ULOG the home of purely "fresh" daily, authentic content containing "YOU", your day, "your shine and evolution within that day" and your freshly-made creations, when it comes to graphic media, pictures, GIF, text, VLOGS etc.
  • If you desire, you can decide to maintain your privacy while ULOGGING e.g you can talk in an undertone, use avatars instead of your pictures, use pictures of locations and events, friends etc (No worries, even when you are private in your ULOGS, you can be sure that "You" will shine forth still.) 
  • A ULOG can also be only "text".
  • Please add #ulog in title and try to number your ULOGs e.g #ulog (Day 1) or #ulog (001) or #ulog 1 etc
  • Use your ULOGGER footers/headers
  • Use #ulog or #ulogs as your first tag
  • Try to state the own images, videos etc underneath your ULOGS
  • etc.

Let's keep reshaping the internet with "freshness". Let's serve the search engines with beautiful pieces constituting "You" and grow steemit/steem, promoting it "a home" away from the rest of the internet.

Let's tell people that they can now also join steemit to become ULOGGERS. 

They can come on here and be true celebrities and we; their fans and as fans, let's be fans for real. Let's get on #ulog henceforth and show care. Let's curate that #ulog or #ulogs. Let's engage with ULOGGERS and peer into their world. Let's cater to them and learn of ourselves in the eyes of the world.

You can follow @ulogs as it curate #ulog if you are to busy but you want to share your voting power in inspiring ULOGGERS.

Let's visit #ulog to re-tell each ULOGGER of "their shine". Let's be keen about their evolution. Let's cater to them.

Humanity is the brother next to you. @surpassinggoogle.

If each of the 2029 steemit posts on #ulog in the last 6 days, were all from ULOGGERS, then:

We are talking 2029 steemit posts containing "YOU", served to the search engines, promoting steemit as a home; a real community and a place where you are allowed to be a ULOGGER.
We are talking 2029 steemit posts that are fresh, current, authentic and very "human".
The sound on this #ulog is "excitement".
Dormant accounts are waking up. It is a beautiful sight!

There is happiness, humor, comedy and sometimes this is what community needs the most and the steemit community at this particular moment in its evolution;


Can We Get The Word ULOG In Dictionaries?

Well, i won't doubt it and please don't too. 

About adding freshness to the entire internet, it is true that we are already doing so with ULOGGING.

Hahaha even Facebook doesn't know what's up, showing that steemit is becoming "light years ahead" and the future of the internet. Hahaha, Facebook keeps asking "did you mean blogs?" 

And i say; "no, ULOGS"

Like ULOGS Facebook page:

On the last SteemGigs discord talk show, we discussed a whole lot and we touched on steem growth, ULOGS etc and as things panned out in the discussion and with the number of ULOGGERS growing etc among other things, @ulogs is looking like it will constitute a very easy-to-use simple, social, fun and celebrity-filled steem-based website, "removing all barriers to entry" and further growing steem/steemit. 

However, i am very paced and love to build dreams into spanlessness first, leaving them alive even in dream-bits and rehearsing them into full-blown fruition, based on unadulterated feedback from "everyone". 

Thus, if even if @ulogs eventually become a stand-alone social steem-based website, it will start out on a sandbox here:

Our first aim with @ulogs, will be to enhance curation and content discovery; thus, it is very likely that it will it will hold its own on, first.

For this year, before SMT capability is ready, we are looking at 3 steem-based websites and the Teardrops SMT. will be the hardest of all three to complete as it will have most of the framework for the other two. I am very hopefully of meeting up with the schedule.

To keep abreast with many things, please join the SteemGigs discord server, the set up notifications for @surpassinggoogle account to be notified about the SteemGigs talk shows. When it is all set up, it will happen weekly. I will spend this week arranging a solid format for the talk shows, in combination with a few other steemians. 

We will make the SteemGigs community on discord buzz again as we look to build "every noble dream" for "everyone".

The SteemGigs discord server has over 4,500 steemians. 
Join here:

Do You Want Some Glimpse Into This New Buzz And Excitement That Uloggers Are Creating?

Kind open this post below in a new tab and digest the fun:

 #Ulog Day 2: My boyfriend got jealous with @surpassinggoogle! :D 

That ULOG alone has a thread of 63 comments.

I really am keen on making the SteemGigs community on discord one of the most active servers on Mama Earth in preparation for the future. 

It is approaching 4,500 steemians and now is a good time.

I have loads of rare knowledge to dispense and i will like to share it. I will like to gradually celebrate each one. 

I want the entire world to know that at the very-very-very least, they have one hearty loving fan

Your Boy Terry

Join the community HERE!!! 



"The World Needs To Hear From You. Even  Steemit Is Calling!" Now, You Can Answer. "Become a ULOGGER Today". (The  "U" in "Ulogs" represents "YOU".)
You can start by getting your personalized ULOGGER GIF header/footer HERE!!! 

Note: The next edition of "5 SteemHumans; 5 Questions; 10 Pieces of Advice" will resume again really soon. If you missed the first one, this is it:   

We are seeking coders/developers to help, by means of or direct contributions. I would like to invite all  coders/developers, to show up on our SteemGigs development channel. 

Kindly visit and use our steem-based website today

Note that on SteemGigs, "everyone has something to offer". At the very least, you can update your profile on our website to open yourself up to more potential possibilities and improve your  general reputation even within the steemit community.  

To create awesome steemit posts, try our "un(dis)talented editor"

Read our detailed FAQ & Answers  

I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful. 

To vote my witness, simply visit and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses or simply click Here to do it on one click! 

If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy.              

Let's Go!!!

Offer a service under hashtag "steemgigs". Attempt out-of-the-boxness on hashtag (untalented).  Join the Steemgigs Community on discord:  

"Everyone has something to offer!" Why not?

 created by @jason04 

Yayy!! So I got my @ulogs signature or banner for free. Thank you so much @surpassinggoogle. :-)

I see this tag ulog in some posts but dont know what is that mean cant find also ulog when i will explore in my phone. That is why i did not use it. Until i encountered this post. Now i know, thanks to you @surpassinggoogle.

@ulog is indeed the new thing. Miss @phantum04 will surely have headaches in creating those footers! Lol!

With regards to curating ulog posts, I will support this call from you. I will curate 20 ulog posts a day.

Have a great day, and Jehovah bless.

@iyanpol12, thank you for your readiness to join the curation trend. I too will join the curation with my delegated SP. #ulog has come to stay because of its ability to take away plagiarism because it is a report of our dailies. Now @phantum04 is spicing it up. God bless @surpassinggoogle

wow thankful just saw my name above. thanks a lot @surpassinggoogle for the free footer you have asked @phantum04 to make for us. Sorry @phantum04 for causing you head aches. hehehe.

No worries sis..already done all your footer I am just finding a easiest way to send them all.Any suggestions?hehe

Excited for it, bikis ah. D k na ata na2log. Baleg ya salamat sis. Pwede ka cguro gumawa ng article posts para dun lang. Or sa discord ng steemgigs.


That's interesting, thanks for helping out.

I am sure bringing my own headache plus wahala to her.....

@ulog is such an important and interesting project for the steemgigs and really a unique idea of promoting steemit and steem @surpassinggoogle your super hero i mean from where does these things comes to you and i have saw the posts they are really going good and indicates the success of ulog project and i will also particpate by making #ulog stay bless the pride of steemit and my favorite @surpassinggoogle!

The recored of 811 posts carrying the ULOG tag in less than 3 days is one which I don't think will be beaten soon on this blockchain. This is to show that ULOG has gained a wide acceptability even as it will soon achieve universal coverage and adoption. This fact I feel , should be applauded. I enjoin everyone of us to frequently follow the ulog tag and show the users some love. This is a positive contribution I assure you will never be regreted by you.

Jah Bless @surpassing google

I follow the Ulog tag every single day and I try to drop my little cents on the post I find. It may be insignificant but atleast those people know that their good job is appreciated. I think this tag can better be promoted if all of us couod do same. Especially as a way of appreciating @surpassinggoogle for all his awesome wonders. I made this design to spread the news fornpeople to like Ulog page on facebook

And I proceeded to share it in every single Steemit group

I think this will boost the number of likes and visits to the page.

I believe it will. Good thinking @shamzieyjr. We have to come up with what works in order to promote the page.

I just read Ulog4, a night to remember and Oh! Jah, what could be sweeter than this. I just grinned all through. Isn't it amazing that a 24-hour journey can be compressed into an easily digestible page in a way that you can never muster the courage to stop reading until you hit the final fullstop? How did you ever come up with such idea? Oh @surpassinggoogle?

I have said this and I will say it again. Not all heroes wear capes. Some heroes are on Steemit.

You @surpassinggoogle, are my hero


#ulog is really a good thing.. Thanks for this @surpassinggoogle can't wait to post mine 😊

Wow! Awesome, special costumer you have @phantum04

So much work for her...hehe but a true priviledge. :)

I checked it out and that's a really cool service she's providing.
I completed the requirements, now waiting for the gif

I really wanted to get one but it seems that she had too many clients already.

I got one
Looks pretty cool

It's actually been great I don't think anything has matched this in a long time, #untalented and #adjustments were huge but I'm just 6 days people have literally made ulog the most used tag on this amazing platform, I think with time we can get to have it as a tag on the tab of tags

Nevertheless Im sad to say people are abusing the tag, I've only done two ulog post since the inception, but I pretty think people want money they fail to see the concept of ulog.

I will therefore plead to abusers to stop, and make quality ulog post and well since we have a quality celebrate who were her fans I'd be getting my footer in a couple of days, cheers, keep Ulogging

I HAVE ONE WORD FOR MY BROTHER @surpasinggoogle aka Boy Terry. You know what you are doing and you are doing it right. The result of what you are doing is been enjoyed by everybody on this platform. Only a blind and unemotional fellow that will not see this work. I am happy this happen during my life time and I know that in the nearest future, we will have a good story to tell about all that you are doing.

I am a #ulogger and am proud to be one. NO controversy about that.

One love bro and keep shining.

Sir Terry, you never really get tired of working effortlessly, most times i wonder how you are able to keep all those records and the number of curations you do daily.

I wish you more of God's grace and uplightment.

#ulog is breaking bounds soon!

Certified #ulogger😁

@surpassinggoogle thanks for the mention.
The live chat on Sunday was phenomenon.
I really enjoy every Facet of what you talked about that day.
I just hope the v6 of steemgigs rocks pass the moon, even if the project is over a year.
Concerning #Ulog I am yet to write mine.
It was mind blowing to know on discord that in over 2days #ulog has over 800 plus publications.

I will do well to visit @phantum04 for my #ulog gif

Looking forward to our 3mins DM chat also.
God bless you @surpassinggoggle

I hope @princefm dig- gist also, lol.

Do not forget the business deal and makeover 😁

Yeah.. I did not forget them.
Especially the $2M illustration to the bank by @surpassinggoggle 😄

Yeah the live chat was fun even though at some my network messing up, I still enjoyed it to the last 👌✌🙏

I strongly disagree with your statement here @josedicus. #ulog was designed so everyone can connect easily and make their own version of #ulog freely as they want. I think "abusing the tag" is an unappropriate term for you to use. The fact that we had reached to thousands of #uloggers in just couple days means everyone is actively participating and it makes the steemit platform wild again! WHy? it's because, through this #ulog concept, we were able to express our thoughts and blog it as easy as ABC. It is clear from @surpassinggoogle and in the introduction of #ulog that you can even post your pair of shoes wore today.

Now we can't avoid people by making blogs which you think in low-quality content but we do have a choice to either curate them or not. The point is, let everyone have this freedom to post what they want. Peace @josediccus!

Yes but like Terry said ulog should be done once in a day, obviously some people do five a day now is that appropriate? That's my only issue

I think there are those who are posting more than once a day even before there was a #ulog tag. There will be abusers and there will be abusers. It was mentioned above that ulog is once a day but it is not mandatory to do so. There are guidelines but no actual rules to follow. Maybe @surpassinggoogle should change that to tag one post once a day that you consider to be #ulog. Then again, if those who posts more than once think it is a #ulog post then they will tag it as a #ulog post. Should we be telling them that it is not? If it is their normal routine to post more than once a day then what now?

I am reasing about your point on appealing for those who makes #ulog with low quality content.

If there are people who uses the tag more than once a day, it is sti our choice either to curate all there posts or not. @surpassinggoole is a huge help to many but it doesn't mean that he could upvote all those who uses the #ulog. He is a person of wisdom and I trust him of his choice of whom to curate. We also have to understand that #ulog is not only for @surpassinggoogle to upvote but for us all steemians as well.

@ulog is such an important and interesting project for the steemgigs and really a unique idea of promoting steemit and steem @surpassinggoogle your super hero i mean from where does these things comes to you and i have saw the posts they are really going good and indicates the success of ulog project and i will also particpate by making #ulog stay bless the pride of steemit and my favorite @surpassinggoogle!

He who found ulog has found a beautiful thing..

Boy Terry with all this:

She already has more than a hundred clients. Go give her a beautiful headache!

@JassennessaJ @maverickinvictus @fycee @mermaidvampire @creyestxsa94 @sitiaishah @beany-inhinyero @g10a @julietisrael @junebride @ankarlie @leeart @yandot @dunkman @sn0white @saskia @iyanpol12 @jysui @juwel @shula14 @phantum04 @joonz @el-dee-are-es @atongis @Olawalium @afolwalex @LeeBaong @olivia @ishanvirtue @truthsfinde @coderzairos @sherylneil @alzamna @zhayie03 @garygabby @wakkylyon @jessicas @tonie @jennybeans @jemmanuel @diosarich @chuuuckie @kyanzieuno @micaiah.adlih @ewuoso @yennarido @sweetcha @andrewjohntamban @smoochkins @ias @udezee @princefm @benedict08 @nexrules @bitius @iconnelly @emekasegun @folly-pandy @glenyosores @einstei1 @edith4angelseu @jeline @mike4christ @jamesmovic @Eunireal1 @Prayzz @rainbowme @blessedsteemer @christianolu @desmoniac @honourmaus @Cinderz @stevenson7 @akar-rumput @starzy @Ogbu @wilsonblue5 @prettyjules158 @Noreen @olaivart @carlitojoshua @Jpkonkz @jason04 @bluehearted @desmonddesk @Optama @zingybite @smartcarthy @azilanaitmay825 @caesar816 @samic @wiralhokseumawe @chaelpacia @tpkidkai @scarletmedia @zamsmith @mrposyble @mdshahin786 @ryancalaunan @tagalogtrail @Cisse56 @ireneblessing @mydivathings @ebado @honprinceo @marklester23 @kennyroy @liamnov @inalittlewhile @julie26 @lapb @itsmejayvee @AmuroKazama @jaraumoses @Autofreak

Basically everyone mentioned above i.e everyone who was in the last impromptu SteemGigs discord talk show, will get one for free.

Will you now agree with me that nothing is going stop us from achieving our goal as A #ulogger and steemains. We are finally making things to happen and reshaping our world. I think the world need to be on the watchout because very soon we shall be taking over the face of internet and we will now begin to rule our world.

Thank you boy Terry for your leadership and initiatives. Sincerely you have a way of catching everyone's attention with your various project and sincerely i celebrate and appreciates you for that. For #ulog has come to stay and together we shall take it beyond the moon. The moon is just a staring point for us.
I know very soon you will come out with another great idea. Be sure you are not alone on this. Keep up the good bro and one love.
Dropping my first post on #ulog in the next few minutes.
Thank you and like we say in my country


When @maverickinvictus dropped this screenshot to buttress is journey talks on steemit, I was amazed.

He gave a motivational speech also to those who earn nothing or low.

He said a lot about how his journey started. He really inspired me on that talk show.

Thank you boy Terry for your leadership and initiatives. Sincerely you have a way of catching everyone's attention with your various project and sincerely i celebrate and appreciates you for that.

He deserves this appraisal.
Respect from @udezee to @surpassinggoggle 🙌


E go better in Sir Terry's voice

I can't wait for what would be the next concept after this. He is indeed maximizing the potentials of each of us through these initiatives of his. Just when you think this is it another amazing idea pops up from him. I hope that everyone can see his vision and understand them and help in realizing it and not abuse it instead.

yes u're right sir @surpassinggoogle many dormant members became active, I got friends became active again because of your @ulog acct and #ulog project.
I also had benefited for that,I'm not a writer.
but because of ulog, it was just recalling your day and you already have a post.
so thanks a lot for that sir Terry and to the #ulog gif footer :-)
to @phantum04, again congratulations to you
remember I told you u're like a pro, I started to become a fan when I saw the logo and gif you created for @flamingirl, and when u made a logo for @minnowpromoter with just few instructions/draft it was like you had the ability to read what's in my head,haha. good job @phantum04. Maksil! hehe

@surpassinggoogle, I am setting up a #gratitudecuration trail to curate #ulogs with my little delegated SP. The call for entries into the gategory was made since yesterday HERE. We will surpass google in no time. Thank you for your creation of @ulogs. Thank you @phantum04 for her gigs.

ULOG is fun. I get to summarize what happened in twenty four hours in just a single page. I will continue to spread the word because I believe everyone needs to hear about this. Everybody deserves to. I made this simple design for ULOG



this is a very nice design, I hope its okay to use it in one of my future #ulogs

It's fine. Just remember to credit it properly. #love

Thank you Sir Terry for a brilliant idea and introducing #ulog to us.
I'm very optimistic about #ULOG. We are really reshaping the internet.

ulog new category is the best thing happen in steemit, especially the Filipino community in steemit.

Keep it up sir terry boy, you inspired us all.

to go and explore more.

have a nice day @surpassinggoogle

Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle. The way you work amaze me.

How were you able to capture all the names of those who were on the discord server for talkshow.

You are awe amazing. Thanks for the mention.

He is a tireless worker!. I was impressed. Hahaha. I noticed too. Too Much.

I know this will happen to the #ulog series and it is a good thing that Boy Terry is doing with this concept and I see a lot things still unveiling in the next few day. So let say this to @surpassinggoogle you ain't see nothing yet.

We are finally changing the world of internet through all this wonderful concept and at last we are surpassing google.

It's such a great honor to be a part of this.
May Jehovah give him the strength to attend to all this. @olawalium. i think he just need to know that is not alone in this.

He can never be alone in this because the love we all have for him surpasses even that of Google or Facebook. Hahahaha. Everything he is involved in, everyone wants to identify with it because he has that touch of class and he is a great man.

We are always ready to make it fly. He hasn't seen nothing yet brother. Yaaaaay!

Its a privilege senior!!! I wish I'm there too, I would have been a honour. Sir Terry is a man I extol for so many things.

He’s a super natural being . Believe me

@olumideolowoyeye. I concur to what you said about Boy Terry. I believe you.

Smiles, I guess you don't know the definition of @surpassinggoogle, a human that surpasses google(computer).

He has his quote " if Bill Gates can develop Microsoft, we will develop Microhard" funny enough?

He always prove himself to be extrahuman. He is an angel in human form...

Microhard funny. Honestly, he always goes the extra mile.

And he is impacting lives through that, alots of lives

It's actually Macrohard if I'm not mistaken.

Smiles, @drunkman. Either of the both, we are still communicating. Right?

Yup. But I'm not drunkman, it's dunkman. :)
I drink alcohol once in a blue moon and I don't get myself drunk. hehe

Hehe, you're such a clown

Its honor for you that sir terry mention you in his post !! Wish My name is also there...

@desmonddesk, its shouldn't be amazing to u cose the master knows it all, it a race that the boss want to beat Google, we used google to find solution to issues most time and now we have boos which is @surpassingGoogle that is more than
I can assured us that the is more to be unveil by our master... Lol

I wonder how he keeps all the data,he goes through a billion post curating it and also doing well to keep tabs and names

He is not from this world. He is an Angel and that is why he can do all that is he is doing. That is just my own view about @surpassinggoogle.

He is the Messi of Steemit.BOY TERRY FOR PRESIDENT

. He will surely be a good leader, at least the few things have seen him do. s a great man with a large heart. @josediccus stop wondering and start seeing him as an Angel in human form.Lol

He is a human-bot, doesn't even sleep

That is why he said it is God, not by his power. He would definitely get that because it's good gifted and helped the gift. Don't forget, everyone has something to offer

For real, you were able to get everyone on Sunday's show? I was surprised when I got a notification that @surpassinggoogle mentioned me.

And thanks for the certified Ulog header, I'm definitely using it in my next #ulog post.

@surpassinggoogle sure knows how to celebrate people. The more reason why I think he should be more celebrated because is really doing a lot on this platform. With #ulog e are going places together. @afolwalex. You are blessed man to be mentioned by boy Terry. I cam just imagine what you are feeling right now. I also feel the same way anytime he mentions my name. It's always an honor. Keep steeming.

It is so nice to use it knowing that sir Terry himself loved the GIF Footer and using it himself! :) So cool, isn't it? :)

From the inception of #ulog, so far I've made two entries and I would say that it has been a beautiful thing to be able to express myself in the simplest, purest form.
@surpassinggoogle made this possible through Ulogs. Thank you

Great way to go Brother, keep being amazing.

Thank you brother, humanity is next to you according to @Surpassinggoogle

Wow thanks for the free gif @surpassinggoogle you are such an amazing personality

Ulog is like the best new thing on steemit.. I get to see the world through many people eyes on a different basis. Their daily routines, their struggles and in a way I connect with people I haven't even met or probably never would..
I themed my ulog post ulogy because unlike the word eulogy, ulogy Is the celebration of my daily life and the gift of breathing... @surpassinggoogle thank you for this amazing thing you brought into the lives of steemians.. We are all grateful

Hahahaha this is nice. Well done. This is an amazing initiative yet again by the ever dynamic and tireless @surpassinggoogle. Thank You sir

I think it's high time we start a campaign for Him to be the next United Nation Secretary General. He will do well.

My opinion. Nice to see you here @olawalium The Whale.

Yes o, you are not alone in that thought. I will even campaign for him for free and run around to endorse him with words or affirmation and proven track record of good will. Hahaha

Hahahahahahaha. Brother!!!.
Thanks a lot Brother, really appreciate it.

We can’t thank him enough.

Totally agree with you @xplore :) Ulog is amazing community for us !!!

"Ulogy is the celebration of my daily life"

That just might be the most epic play on words I've ever seen since...since I was born. You should pitch that as another tag line for ulogs.

Congrats to all those getting the free Ulogger footers and headers. I will definitely visit and try hard to get one now. The joy that surrounds ULOG is immeasurable. It cannot be compared with any other. ULOGGER is a unique game changer and when I'm bored, I simply search the Ulog tag and laugh like an idiot. I mean I don't even need to log into facebook anymore. I will always remain indebted to you @surpassinggoogle for this. May Jehovah bles sthe works of your hands even more.

You know what, If you want, you can get mine.. :) I mean, I have already paid for mine to @phantum04 but it turned out that I am one of those who will be getting free GIF footers. :) Thanks sir Terry @surpassinggoogle :). So, you can get mine. :) Will that be okay @phantum04? :)

Yes! I am one of those who joined the 2nd yalk show, I will get ulog footer for free.. Thanks sir Terry :)

Wow! Really amazing! #ulog #ulogs #uloggers is a blast! 😀 Kuya Terry @surpassinggoogle you are indeed a great inspiration to many. 😀 Love much! 😀💖
A million thanks to you!
Gorabels #uloggers! 😀😀😀

He is, indeed!!! He really put inspiration to everyone's hearts :)

Yes in everyone's hearts. 😀💖
He makes us all a celebrity! 😀
Cheers to all #uloggers! 😀

Yup and shine like the stars in the sky! :)
Cheers! :) :)

Cheers! Para sa lahat ng #uloggers! 😀😀😀

Only Pinoys may know of the word "gorabels" and the meaning of it haha!

Nakakatawa pag pinagsama ung gorabels at uloggers. Bading na bading ang dating haha!

Hahaha. Bading na bading pala. Hahaha

Ang saya nun a, gorabels #uloggers! Waging wagi to teh!

Hahaha. Sa susunod niyan #gorabelsuloggers naman maging project ni @surpassinggoogle. Lols

I love #ulog, Big thanks @surpassinggoogle !!
Just posted my 4th #ulog already...
Ordered gif from @enjieneer
soon I will take a look at your facebook #ulog
Have a great day and best regards

I've been seeing #ulog for a while, i didn't care to check cos i was too busy but as you have stressed its importance, i'll make use of it. Thank you @surpassinggoogle

You really need to. #ulog is the rave of the season...and It is not going away. Join in, and feel the peace from within when you let us into how your day went.

Ulog worthwhile exploring. Let's make it a better place

As long as its @surpassinggoogle recommending it, he's a brother, he has his reasons, i'm #uloging very soon

Well never bug out just share your day, be original and creative, and get a footer too, you're a star

Ulog is such a great trend you should try this once :)

As a special Thank You! to @surpassinggoogle & @steemgigs I reposted this post on my Steemit Promotion website & blog
Here is the link:
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You will get a comment and an UPVOTE🚀 from me with the link to your post on
That's one of my #steemgigs offers.

In few days, #ulog has taken over the whole internet

Yes, #ulog is trending. We are shaking the internet. Thanks to you @surpassinggoogle for this great initiative.

I also got a funsign from beautiful @enjieneer



Awwn @fatherfaith this is beautiful and @enjieneer looks so really pretty.

@adejoke mi owon. So you also came for the party of #ulog @surpassinggoogle? Is a good place to be and have fun. @fatherfaith trust me , with the way things are now #Ulog is going beyond the moon. The moon is just a starting point.

This is amazing from the Queen @enjieneer, i call you the Queen of #ulogger for this week. U are pretty with a pretty work.
I feel glad we following the love of her master, the boss and the mentor much thanks to you with the lovely icon of love to a frd @fatherfaith, keep the faith steeming.
Watching you all at the top.

Yeah Ulog is in trending many more entries have to come on it !!

@enjineer your cutie dog nailed it sis 😂. Lookat that smile. Photogenic as well. haha ❤️

This is wow 😘

I love the second one. Nice edit and the dog looks happy even. Good job @enjieneer!

@surpassinggoogle mentioned you in a post!
Jeez, I ran down here. Thanks for the mention

This is undiluted freshness!!!
We are gonna make history together with the beauty of steemit. I'd be making a special ulog today and dedicating it to you, it'd be my second ulog post. 115 Steemians, twas fun hanging out with these guys, for hours, we connected so easily. Indeed Nations are Locations

And to the team supporting @surpassinggoogle, you guys rock!
Can't wait to get my ulog header from @phantum04. @enjineer, you're so cute, coming for some fun-signs, lol.

PS: I really wonder where you get your words from, they need to be in dictionary, lol

Stay awesome ✌✌✌

Extremely astonishing how the ulog activity is extremely changing for good the way we now minister in the stage.
Please visit once at my Ulog post :

Woah! So much done! Good job guys, looks like we were hungry for this and we didn't even know until it came around. Can't wait to see us harness all the potentials of Ulogs, and have the world in our pages. Thanks for the free footer @surpassinggoogle. I'm in on the curation.

I have a little question though, what if you live this life that is really uninteresting to people, shuffling the same routines, and hardly having any new things to ulog about daily, what happens? I mean, besides all the advice on getting out of the zone and doing something different, what else?

This is not particularly happening to me (though it has great potential, lol... But of course I won't give in), just saying, in case it's currently happening to someone. I'd appreciate every contribution, not only Terry's. Thanks.

oh thank you so much @surpassinggoogle for the awesome free footer, but don't know how I get it lol....#ulog is trending, your knowledge is like a water at the river, unstoppable😊

it's really a great idea about writing ourself and our day because of its one of easy topic for a daily post as it original as well it's about us so i like this new change. i seen many people posting in this tag so i think i have to read excatly what is ulog but after reading your post and with help of @sunnylife i will be make one soon because really a great idea.

@surpassinggoogle, you are such a wonderful man. Do you even have time to rest at all? From #steemgigs to #teardrops to #ulog and I know many project will still come up. I salute you sir

Yeah he is, Man with big heart !! :))0

It's not been easy combining work and steemit lately, i keep missing a lot of useful activities, can you imagine that i missed steemgigs talk show which is something i won't even wish for. It makes me want to quit my job so i can at least focus and participate fully in everything that is happening around here. My ginabot is not even helping matters since i got a new phone, sometimes i feel like to smash it but recalling that am not financially buoyant to help myself with another one, won't let me.

Am not happy lately, i miss everything and it's all courtesy of penny monthly earning, @surpassinggoogle, you are greatly inspiring this community, keep inspiring Sir.

I don't want to take last on ulog, av not even started a day one diary. #sad!

I think i have to readjust and restrategize. Am not just happy at all, am seriously lagging behind and it's not good for me at all.

I don't think lamenting will solve it either..

Just steem when you can, if you can :) "We have our own pace and our path" as what Terry said.

Start with getting a ULOGGER header/footer gif here:

We will work hard for you. Hang in there. There is light in the tunnel

Sir am honored to be mentioned by whale like you, and i understand and believe in your dream, thank you for the gift too @surpassinggopgle

Thank you sir terry for this innovative platforms. Coz it makes everyone here to be a celebrity.

I made my third ulog post today. None had been curated so far smiles. But uloggers is what we are .

I trust him, he will.

Yours will be curated....

Thanks for the good work sir we love you @surpassinggoogle

Yes he deserves all the love we can give him. Is such a great man with unthinkable ideas. How he does it , i still don't know.

This is so much from a creative mind. I so much acknowledge your efforts. Ulog is going places, a wonderful place to explore

Great work you are doing @surpassinggoogle God bless

Thanks alot for changing and rebranding the steemit network.
We love what you are doing sir.
Thanks for making this platform a home for uloggers.

Wow,this is a great initiative, i am optimistic this will definitely break the internet positively soonest. Keep it up

It was a privilege for me to hear @surpassinggoole voice at the Steemgigs talk show his voice was so sweet to hear, and I learnt something when he was having discussion with us despite the fact that I am having bad network that very day, but I still enjoyed some of his conversation. Thank you sir for gift and for your great work.
Sir, the time I joined you on steemgigs, you were discussing about Nigeria. I just head that either this year or next your you want to do something. I don't really get it sir, because of bad network. Your focus on steemgigs and #ulog shall came true. Thank you for putting smiles on all steemians face. Stay strong sir Mr TERRY

This is what I am excited for:

Basically everyone mentioned above i.e everyone who was in the last impromptu SteemGigs discord talk show, will get one for free.

I saw my name among the 115 Steemians. My first ever footer. Thanks @surpassinggoogle and @phantum04

It was time to give a cooler tone to the internet with these Ulogs, growing at the pace of giants, Thanks for this opportunity and offer your love with this beautiful project.

yea I waiting for this moment to go.

Thank you for sharing this.

#ulogs is like a boom! burst in just 2 days.. and now its getting larger. Amazing creation of sir @surpassinggoogle , you really made another successful project! God bless you and more power.

Sir @surpassinggoogle you seriously brought out a remarkable change in our community. Your concept of "ULOG" is outstanding. I am really happy sir after knowing your concept. I post my first "ULOG" approx 15min ago. If you visit I'm going to be really happy. You are a GOD to me, sir. I am blessed that I am in this community & find a legend like you, sir. I always see you like my mentor sir. GOD bless you, sir. Stay safe Stay healthy & Keep smiling.☺

Thanks for initiating #ULOG sir @surpassinggoogle. Being a ULOGGER is really a great opportunity. Adding freshness to the entire internet is really amazing.

I think we can see more Ulog celebrities in the near future. Steemgigs is becoming very popular here. More new things to come!

Let’s do this fam.

Ulog: You are phenomenal!!!!

This is wow!, i want to tell you guys, that this is amazing and captivating, so lovely, ppl are getting to know much and getting to love what is happening on #ulog, #ulogs, #ulogger. From the button of my heart i want to recommend my boss @surpassingGoogle for this wonderful thought, i get astonished when i was glassing through steemians articles, it give me joy and i want to extend the joy to #steemgigs, #ulog, #ulogs, #ulogger and to all participate of this grate community.
Thanks the boss for your lovely opportunity given to newbie and every others lovers of steemit
Long live #ulog!!! Long live @surpassingGoogle!!! Long live all steemians.

Wow. This is so cool.
I have seen a lot of my friends making their ulog posts and I love it and will definitely do it myself.
Thanks you @surpassinggoogle for this amazing and fun opportunity.

You are doing a great Job @surpassinggoogle... Continue your deed.. We are gat your back...

Nice Work TERRY

STEEMGIGS forever ✌

@ulogs is the new rave. Duly deserved and rightly so. I love you Sir Terry. Thank You for all you do for us.

That is awesome @phantom04! Thanks for providing us FREE GIFs and we can get both header and footer? Great! You can just inform me when can I get mine. No rush. I know you have 115 clients to go. No pressure. You are a celebrity already! Keep spreading your awesomeness!

And to beautiful as ever @enjieneer! Keep doing what you are doing. It's great that you are bringing fun to the community. Such a big heart!

To @creyestxsa94, you both are celebrities lol! You too have big hearts, but passionate hearts at that!

HAHAHA! :D Thank you soo much @leeart! :) I always have this joy when somebody mentions me in comments or posts because you know how difficult my username is but still, somebody manages to give me a nice mention. :D :)

Haha! It takes getting used to but I finally got the hang of it. It's a nice way to exercise the mind to remember things lol!

HAHA! :D Yup. :) Good memory exercise right there @leeart. Yung sayo, ayos lang naman, madali lang i-memorize eh. :D :)

Haha, special mention ka uy. Nakssss. :D

I'm glad I didn't miss the discord talk show this time around. After I missed the first one, I vowed to follow Sir Terry's blog closely to spot when the next show will be coming up.

Truly, you've done great sir, keep being amazing. The world is knowing more and more about you.

#ulog has come to stay, kudos to @surpassinggoogle its a really nice initiative

From today onwards I will use almost all of my voting power to upvote #ulog content (I have already started, I only have about 900SP right now but I'm slowly growing), I will also make a video about why I vote you as a witness and why I think other people should do the same! You sir are amazing and we need more people like you!

i have been ulogging for a while now and currently on my fourth #ulog.

I must say that it has been fun, and this was possible because you @surpassinggoogle got involved. Now the whole steemit community will soon get involved. I am one of your true and loyal fans, waiting for your own #ulog entry sir terry

I do hope that with time people on steemit and all over the world will realize that they don't have to shy away from cameras because of the complexity of making a #vlog. Now you are a celebrity and your fans can celebrate you on your #ulog posts.