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Hi Family, i am back with feedback from the #untalented "Who You Are" contest.

Note that #untalented is a theme

It simply removes all barriers to entry, allowing every human to shine. 

Contests under the #untalented curriculum, will be open to everyone on steemit and in the real world. 

Every participant will win something. No losers!

That being said, we will use this initiative to create newer forms of content here on steemit; reshaping the internet and the world as a whole with freshness, more human and more awesomeness!

The Chicken Bone Proper

I counted again and i have currently seen around 205 post entries to the #untalented "Who Am I" contest. 

Alot learned has been learned

Overall, i have been pretty slow with regards to voting on entries. This is because i have a lot of posts to curate and its been hard to regenerate voting power, so i am having to vote on entries over time. I have currently voted on up to 150 entries. 

However small the magnitude of the vote is; it is something, for receiving is an art!

All the entries have been resteemed on @steem-untalented. Incase, i have missed re-steeming yours, kindly submit the URL underneath this post.

Other intentions

(I will leave an empowering comment on every entry but the twist is: i will be doing the comments using full blown posts, so that everyone on steemit, can benefit.)

So just below, i will start my comment response to each entry! This post, is the first of the series and though i have read many of the entries, i won't be able to respond to so many, in this post.

This series will be a repository of awesomeness, legacies etc and when you/if you get to feel down about the awesomeness/existence of human or feel low in your steemit journey, you can always visit it and read it, for encouragement!

As you read my comment responses below however, please keep the following in mind:

  • Humanity is the brother next to you
  • Even within the atomic-like elements of my tiny lines (words) are giantly beautiful intentions. So when i say the words "you are whale to me", it is because "whale or minnow", you matter just as much!
  • I am not a writer. My response comments aren't fancy words. There are simply "Terry".
  • Nations are just locations. We are the world!
  • I am your fan!
  • Let's surpass google together!
  • You are bigger things to me than SBDs!
  • Be ready with a plastic bottle labelled "tears of joy". For soon, we will cry these types of tears. When i eventually do, i will like to save them, for they would have been my first!
  • I have done suffering like crazy but my entire-tired-being loves you still!

Here are the first set of entries, that i am responding to: 

1. @sirpaul and this is his entry!

@sirpaul had dreams of becoming a pilot as a young kid but he also lives in a tough country, where they say "reality" is prominent and it is! But what is "reality"? 

His original dreams started to adjust and change over time because "reality" was said to set in. Now he is older and married and pretty successful but his old dreams of becoming a pilot, lingers in his memory. 

Here is my tiny gift to you; "no books involved", just Me to You:

@sirpaul; dreams can fade over time because "reality" took over but we can make "dreams equals reality" as well. 

Now even more so, with the existence of blockchain and in this case steem & steemit, "dreams are starting to equals reality". That being said, even in a world of too many "NO(s)"; 

(No + No + No can start to equal a 'Yes', especially if you add a tiny variable into the equation called; "stubborness" (to lazy to quit).

On the other hand, sometimes our dreams aren't truly ours and they start to change into something else as we get to define and redefine ourselves over time. So, you may have wanted to be pilot all along but your true dream may have been "flying for real".

Now there is steemit (a hub with reputable great minds who "mine with their minds", in an incessant loop); so you can either revive old dreams or "redefine and define" yourself a bit more, by exploring new industries and creating new dreams and a good start, was your participation in this #untalented curriculum (Who Are You), to tap into something that may have been there. 

Now you are married! 

Though its not too late to dream again; you also have the option of making true & intense love for you family "a dream" and spark awesomeness in your kids, by becoming mirrors for them; spotting their gifts early and directing them early on a path where "dreams equals reality!" 

Jehovah very much involved!

Here is my Advice for steemit success: 

Based on your Who You Are entry, you are easy to connect with/to. So play out that aspect of you and let it shine! 

Even dreams can be refined as the world is evolving. Yes, airplanes may no longer be in vogue in 2019; it may be teleportation or mind travel instead but if you are sticking to regular airplanes, you can still shine!

You can re-spark that interest here on steemit, even if for the fun of it and fill steemit, with content related to pilots or airplanes; sparking interest and leading that niche etc 

Visit hastags (airplanes, pilots, pilot, aeronautics) on steemit and you will instantly see that you can lead the movement there! 

Now that there is the steem blockchain, there are way more possibilities than there used to be, so feel free to play/flex your creative/innovative muscles; adding some steem technology into the field of aeronautics. 

Yes, reality can very much start from fiction, so how about imaginary topics like:

  • How To Save My Steemit Password, While Landing A Plane To Safety
  • Steem & Aeronautics
  • Tour the world, with only your steem dollars

OR look at what @schamangerbert does here:

Yes, you can always afford to be a bit twisty and stunty.  

A bit of twisty, stunty, playful, technical, innovative, fun, inventive, untalented, weird etc applies in any populace because it simply makes you stand out!

Read this post to have a fuller grasp of what i mean:

2. @phait and his entry

@phait has love for skyscrapers, is a giant himself but has had mountains of odds before him. He strives still!

Here is my tiny gift to you; "no books involved", just Me to You:

No beefs: but give me Mark Zurkerberg's grey shirt, Bill Gates eye glasses and one fluffy mattress and i may create "Macro-hard". Give them my shoes and they may not come up with "Facebooklet". No beefs!

The above is potentially true! 

@phait; "i feel you!"

I know the location where you are at/in and when i say "mountains of odds"; no joke involved! 

These odds can tame/pummel/deaden/crush even the greatest of men, even physically! These odds can reduce life span. 

It is obvious that you have fought hard. You have kept your mindset big; stayed a giant and have sought to erupt and erect skyscrapers by climbing the ladders of Civil Engineering. You have a Master's degree in this field and have kept going and there are still odds. 

In some nations, odds just never leave! Improvisation works but "too much improvisation" and the original skyscraper dream, starts to fade and becomes underachieved dream; then "underachieved" becomes normal and celebrated, which isn't a bad thing but it wasn't the original!

But there is an approach when it comes to odds and reality, which i tried to apply growing up and i didn't read this in any book and it is; applying our gift of "choice" and perhaps QUITting! Hahaha.

You have "no choice", so settle for less. 

Oh, we can't do that forever! At some point, we can chose to QUIT survival; QUIT improvisation and adopt this instead:


If we can't see these odds, then they don't exist! Then i take the HIGH ROAD.

Naija is a different ball game, when it comes to odds. You will need really stubborn (too-lazy-to-quit) genes but sometimes, i stop feeding on consolation and i QUIT. 

"Survival is not life and it is tiring", so many times, i have chosen to apply my freedom of choice and stopped "surviving"; walked away from it and onto the harder route, to see what people on the high-road do and i tell you, "they don't have two heads"

I am sure you and many others reading will grasp. Just read between my lines!

e.g if i didn't have data and dime to get on steemit and each time and each day (forever), i am having to hang out on the streets with the boys, struggling to hustle money for data; i can decide one day (abruptly), to walk away from that; walk into a store with my entire 5K savings; pick up one good Gucci shirt; go into an enclosement; shed valuable tears; then come out with a beautiful/weighty/powerful/heartfelt/moving/ proposal; walk into an MTN office; ask to see the CEO; speak with conviction on why a one-year-free-or-discounted-data subscription will help me/society/world/MTN; then wait for answers. 

Now, assuming the security guards at MTN, tell me to scram off; i walk peacefully away (I CAN'T SEE ODDS) and go back home, look for @prettycynthia (whether she has a bf or not) for instance; give her whatever savings i have left; tell her to go get Versace; hold her hand and tell her; "Let's surpass Google"; then have her go back to MTN as my clone and talk the CEO over. 

The guards won't stop her! We will get data, real connection and even friendship. And the next cocktail MTN party; we will be there, with a bunch of other CEOs, have 50/50 conversations and not a soul, will see us as paupers. 

Oh, we never were paupers all along. We were just in un-enabling locations. 

Advice for steemit success: Based on your "Who Are You Contest Entry"; your case is easy! 

Make steemit an outlet. You have great mind; express it! 

I see you have great mentality too, so "be whale" from day one, for "you are whale to me"

Tie in the "steem blockchain" into your field of study, even within your mind's eye and play them out, even within steemit posts. This will easily create a fresh field of study all together and will infuse newness into the internet and perhaps the world as a whole. Plus, you will lead! You will take charge.

Keep your un-achieved dreams alive, even in dream-bits encoded into your steemit posts. 

You can also hone your expertise and practice inventions, using your steemit posts. This will always stand out!

Hahaha, I have always wondered how, skyscrapers are erected. There are many skycrapers where i live and i watch them start but i never get to understand how they get up there etc, so feed us with some freshness. 

Overall, it is not all about content-creation on steemit. There is also the steem blockchain upon which much beauty lies! So, see how you can tie steem into your vision, whichever vision you end up choosing. 

Don't be too lost in the blogging and perhaps, the SBDs, for there is the bigger picture! Look at steem integration into your existing vision and Smart Media Tokens which will start next year. 

@steemgigs happened to direct steemians, into their innovation/vision/dream aspect early, so start early, for some are bloggers and some are not! There are ton of aspects to steem besides the blogging!

3. @fitzgibbon and his/her entry.

Here is my tiny gift to you @fitzgibbon; "no books involved", just Me to You:

When it comes to steemit, you are on the right track! 

You are starting to spot, full use for steemit, also as a means for discovering and developing yourself. Keep on exploring; tap into this beautiful aspects of you, then influence steem with your beauty.

Too, there different levels of depth and depth could very much give you substance, even greatness. All the way down though, maintain "human" and goodness.

You are in play zone. I see you enjoying yourself already, so go for it! You will shine. 

Figure out though, if you were made for very, very deep things cos very, very deep can hurt

On steemit, you will shine easy, for you appear to have pacing and pacing is key because, it is deeply-rooted and long term and when you eventually start to earning it will be long term too. Peers of yours are jumping queues but depending on what you want, long-term or short-term, maintain pacing! 

Earning = SBD/connections/steem/opportunities/learning/friendship/innovation/dreams/vision/expertise/intel etc

4. @philiparniebinag and his entry.

He is a young boy, who started out as a boy scout and learned and maintained these virtues: 

 It is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent.

Here is my tiny gift to you; "no books involved", just Me to You:

There is greatness in you in choosing to stick to those virtues. But virtues may need some testing to be deemed as rock-solid and proven. Test would happen overtime.

Steemit Success Advice:

Expand your horizon! Steemit is decentralized, thus, neutralizing location. 

It is a community of reputable great minds from around the world. So apply full use of this potential to discover your own full potential. 

Make friends from every location, interact, engage and share what's of you freely, without fear of incompetence. You are in a state of evolution, so flaws allowed. 

"Go world standard!"

Then "steemit and beyond, you will eventually shine!

5. @steveblack and his entry.

@steveblack tucked himself into a prose but he said a whole lot! His "Who Are You" entry is pretty concise, so you can read it here!

Here is my tiny gift to you; "no books involved", just Me to You:

Amidst odds and even in a not-very-friendly world, you has chosen to stick to virtues, be loving towards another and stick with your wife. You also have cats and dogs.

@steveblack you are on the right track i would say. You are defined to a large extent and virtues are involved. Keep it that way for "humanity is the brother next to you". 

Yes, there was life before steemit, so the awesome YOU, that existed before steemit; continue bringing that onto steemit; get to newer heights of awesomeness while on steemit and influence steemit and the world, with a piece of awesome YOU

Hahaha, love your wife too. Love her more than cats and dogs! Then love Jehovah the most.

Steemit Success Advice: There are more long-term gifts to give away, than SBDs: "A piece of awesome YOU!" Find new ways to keep doing just that as you progress in your steemit journey and in due time, you will be on the receiving end. 

You are able to touch; you have impact, so keep that up! "Just keep evolving in the art of giving YOU out". 

6. @bollutech and his entry. 

@bollutech has gone from being bullied as a boy, into an adulthood that's free! Free in the sense that, he has allowed himself to evolve and he has ventured into different facets of life, all along maintaining a theme: "MORALS". 

He love Jehovah God as well. He has ended up saying he wants to be a writer. Hahaha, he says, he doesn't feel he ever underwent "finding himself" as he was never lost.

Here is my tiny gift to you; "no books involved", just Me to You:

Yes, "yourself" was never lost. It was in you all along! So "finding yourself" is simply a refinement of the raw, unrefined things that you possess. 

It just like when you write and even in the haphazard flow of your writing, you always notice a theme (morals).

The whole process is easier now, with steemit in the picture!

Ofcourse, there is no need to fret about whether you will find yourself or not because you will eventually. The part we are dragging out is that "it is does take a conscious effort" especially in a world of ups-and-downs.

Just like you may go look in a mirror, even though you already know how handsome your face it because your face may have accrued stains and bruises along the way.

So basically, don't let a say slip emptily by with out "mining with your mind", whether on steemit or offline in your day to day life. 

Steemit Success Advice:

"The best writers aren't writers!" (I can explain that when you want.)

So don't fret when you 'let go' in writing. Just shine. Flaws allowed! Draw us in even with your flaws. You have a theme (Morals) working for you. 

You aren't swayed by setbacks, so let that guide you. 

Let your post be your voice, "priceless!" So keep going, even when SBDs are short because in reality, your voice should be "priceless".

Pace things and in due time, you will evolve till you are good force to reckoned with!

7. @darthflux and his entry.

@darthflux is a young man, who had his dad in his life sparingly. He started to consider his mum; "a single mum" as he grew older. Tough times arose, so much so, that he had had to work to help fund his brothers education. 

Now, his brothers are college graduates and @darthflux is able to do college, courtesy of help from his brothers.

Here is my tiny gift to you; "no books involved", just Me to You:

Mama gave you all but love your dad still. 

I am in PH, i see it a lot, where it easily becomes reason to stay angry at ones' dad, for being absent! However, be man by true standards and fix what he didn't. "Love him!"

Love your mama on and on and on!

Read these posts, to see what i mean:

Steemit Success Advice:

Based on your "Who You Are" entry, here is my tiny advice.

You are a grown man now and you are on steemit, so it only gets better!

Bring your brothers on steemit, even your mama onto steemit and create a small amazing force together. Build your steem power together to an extent and move together. 

There was life before steemit, so we can always wait a bit more for the good times. 

Family is powerful. So bring them here, focus on steem power for a period, then forge ahead beautifully.

Bro, it will only get better!

8. @tolarnee and her entry.

So @tolarnne is the sweet-like-sugar one! She let herself air out freely, in her "Who You Entry" in a beautifully written poem.

Being a "first child", she has had huge responsibilities. According to her, her parents seemed to want Perfection from her; "a role model for her siblings" etc. "The load is heavy. She breaks down a bit!" 

Here is my tiny gift to you; "no books involved", just Me to You:

But aren't just perfect @tolarnee? Aren't you the sweet one?

I am first son too and where i am from "first son" is dead huge. I was like the only "Ajayi" too. More like, my uncles had girls. 

Beyond that, my case may have been slightly different, for when it comes to responsibilities and dreams, i was already carrying almost an entire nation's dreams, from a very young age. Read this post to grasp. 

The entire communities waits on you to return, with whispers of good news. This things are dead heavy!

So here:

You can be perfect yet flawed. 

Its not broken yet @torlanee, its just bent. 

So love your parents like crazy, then look at "intent" more. My dad is broken now; crumbled under his the weight of his hefty dreams but he still the best man alive to many; because you could see his "intentions" and even when he would stroke you and be hard on you (perfection), his "intentions" were purely and un-dilutely love-based. 

Yes, parents can sometimes have misplaced methods. This may be due to the era in which they lived. In Naija, there is also the Naija factor, because that place is dead hard. I don't know your location, so this is general talk.

Regardless; the principles and underlying concepts are the same: "They love you like crazy!"

The thing is; you will eventually be that perfect girl sometime in the future, perhaps to the man of your heart etc, so why not be perfect even now and have the flaws as well. 

Yes, you can have both, and that will help you have a balance, so that the load is not to heavy.

Learn to divert your flaws to good use and not be condemned by them., so that even your flaws are celebrated and perfect. Then you can learn to lovingly persuade your parents by means of your actions, "that you can be perfect, even with flaws". 

So e.g "go party but have good grades".

Another thing: My dad, didn't start out as first son! He became first son, when his first brother poisoned himself because their mum couldn't buy him shoes. Yes, what he drank was Gammalin 20.

Parents can change for us, but don't expect them too. Win them over instead and show them new ways.

They aren't just expecting "perfection" because you are first child. They've seen certain gifts in you, same as i saw, you when i read your entry. It not "perfection" per say. It is more; "she is capable, so why settle for less!"

And really, why settle for less!

So don't be like me! I haven't been with parents for years. I have all the freedom but i am so locked up in a room; no fun, no laughs, no nothing. 

So go party but return home on time, lol.

If however, your parents are un-persuadable; love them all the same! Then create a nice bond with your siblings; let them see the true you, with your perfect and your flaws. 

For your steemit success journey:

Flaws allowed; so you can use steemit as an outlet; to maintain some balance. 

Thank you for participating in #untalented "Who Are You?". It's a good start!

If you need more bandwidth (outlet), come around and i will help. I will make a chat room; you make a precious spiel!

Your Boy Terry



My community effort is part of what i do as a steemit witness, thus, the use of the hashtag (witness category).

If you would want to vote for my witness, click here, then type in"steemgigs" in the first search box! You don't need voting power to vote for a witness! 



Join us on Steemgigs community on discord to contact me directly:  

Everyone has something to offer!

@sunnylife's display of love

After taking time to read this, I could almost quit whatever dream just to keep reading from you but I won't do that because it will defeat the reason for your time and words invested to to tell me how feeding my dream is and how serious I need to chase after it. I think the essence of writing isn't how beautiful the pen directly carves a pattern over the book, but how organized your thoughts are in order to organize a life. I am speechless. Pls bear a little while with me as I am coming back here to drop some few thoughts and lessons I have curled from your wisdom writings. I am too overwhelmed at the moment to write anything. Thank You @surpassinggoogle for believing in our little dreams and using a platform as this to make a giant out of a dwarf. I love all that you do. Thank you @surpassinggoogle

fantastic post and great advices my friend, the way you are taking pain of the world and share your experience with us is something exceptional and i also feel a lot more confident and energetic after reading your responses and posts and my self belief is also increased tremendously, i think this world needs love and peace because there is already so much hate and our world is not capable of handling more hate, the way you are spreading the love and make peoples closer to each other i have no words to explain my feelings for that, i just want to say thank you very much @surpassinggoogle for all you have done for us, i wish and pray for your health and success my friend.

@adnanrabbani, a big AMEN to your prayer. The work he's doing is exceptional.

Blessings to you. All you have said is all i can say

A nice concept above

Hey bro do you remeber me?
really i need your help
i was sent to you a message at facebook
but you don't answers me

waiting your help

What's on your mind?

This is just insane free life coach advice.
However is reading this,consider yourself lucky to be on Steemit.

In the outside world we live in (especially online),there is so much negativity.

We are lucky to be getting great life advice for in free from @surpassinggoogle.

If it was possible i would quote here below everything he has written here,but i will refer to a few lines here below.

(No + No + No can start to equal a 'Yes', especially if you add a tiny variable into the equation called; "stubborness" (to lazy to quit).

Keep your un-achieved dreams alive, even in dream-bits encoded into your steemit posts.

It is a community of reputable great minds from around the world. So apply full use of this potential to discover your own full potential.

You are able to touch; you have impact, so keep that up! "Just keep evolving in the art of giving YOU out".

In a world full of misery, suffering and uncertainty, Steemit is a ray of hope for many downtrodden. In Steemit, leaders and guides like you are the next level that supercharge the hopes of people by making their lives better. Your continuous support is something extraordinary because I've seen many leaders/whales here at Steemit who soon after doing their posts make the first comment and then upvote it so that it stay at the top and get the potential upvotes from others as well. Though this is legal at Steemit yet it seems very much selfish. Contrarily, your case is entirely opposite to this practice. People love you for a reason and I hope this love increases with the passage of time.

Thanks for finding time and commenting, upvoting, resteeming and mentioning posts. Your care and love seems something from another world.

Lots of respect for you dear @surpassinggoogle.

Steem On!


Our Boy Terry, you are a blessing to the Steemit Community and the world at large; you know how to use the right word to say the write things.

AS I am in the Spirit now, Brother I see you surppassing Google soon. Thanks for the wonderful inspirations, May Jehovah bless with more knowledge and wisdom to become a force to reckon with in the world.. AMEN

I receive it in Jesus name amen. Blessings to you.

A brother too?

oh whoaaa! speechless:)

lots of love,

its 1.40 am here in Nigeria and i have got tears in my eyes. You know when i started reading your reply to other people i just kept on thinking about how really wonderful it was that you took your time to go through everything and analysed them so beautifully.... This was until i got to your reply to my post and i couldnt help shedding a few tears,,,, how you got my message so perfectly and your response to it.... presently i am having one of the issues i usually have with my parents about me doing more and its like you just spoke their mind and the minds of people that i come in contact with but then you said it in a different have given me hope that i could do more without necessarily being perfect... that i could push out of my comfort zones and still be me.....i see things like this and most sincerely i am encouraged not to give up... certainly, you have no idea what this simple post has done to me this morning.....but i am grateful beyond words that people like you still exist....And yes definitely i will need more outlet though i am still not fully certain what you mean...lool... Thank you so much Terry, you have been a great blessing and a great friend too....

One of the most sincere sentiments I've encountered on Steemit!

Nice comment

upvoted nice article love it..

Hi @surpassinggoogle wow what a post this is indeed on the Humanity is the Brother next to you,perhaps this is your gift to humanity because your words are very true i tell you my brother since yuo have really spoken like a life's counselling phycology on this one,how you have put it across to this dear fellow steemians is very encouraging and motivating to a point of no explanation indeed you have really touched lives by fixing the following steemians @torlanee @darthflux @bollutech @steveblack @flitzgibbon @philiparniebinag @sirpaul @ phait,also yuo have taught me that steemit is an enabling environment where dreams can come into reality once again in a bigger and better way like how you have illustrated to @sirpaul,lastly i have really read most of your post but this one is so inspirational on your response on entries on #untalented contest while fixing other steemians on this blockchain,trully you are such a blessing on steemit thank you for your post and keep on posting such motivational post @surpassinggoogle.

I'm sorry, I don't know if im late or not but I made a post to enter you untalented contest. If im late I understand. But here is the link:

I also voted for @steemgigs as a witness as well. Thanks for your time. Peace! ;)


Thank you much. I will get to it. The entries were much, so i have stylishly waited for voting power to regenerate, which isn't happening but i will get to it. Like later today or tomorrow. As i will be starting another contest. It wasn't late. I still got entries today. More than 200 entries already. Stay awesome

Thanks so much! Peace out.

Oh Terry, boys like YOU are the HEART OF STEEMIT. We know each other some years now but you keep on surprising me everyday with great new positive initiatives. I love the expression "nations are locations"

Full Vote and Resteem my friend

Aww, thank you very much. Thank you!

You are always welcome mate

I READ ALL. I think someone should be able to have a T-shirt like this made for people who actually took time to read all. About the person that didn't continue on his path as a pilot, I can relate. But since steemit is a huge theater of dreams and in dreams you can do virtually anything even kick down the Empire State Building with your legs! He can now fly through the steemit cloud, spread his wings and soar. Since you can be or do anything in dream why settle for less? Go ahead, dream huge, you can only stop dreaming when you are dead!
Steemit untalented is one of the easiest contest to enter into, it is also the hardest in answering that question, who are you. As the days go by, days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, months turn into years, life deals you a bad hand, the only thing left most times is that dream. In that dream you could be anything, why choose to be negligible? Be that awesome person and steem it! Special thanks to the organiser of untalented contest, surpassing google, sometimes you may never know you had it in you till you are challenged or told to do something. Peace✌️

@greenrun, thanks for the advice. Just like @surpassinggoogle said, I will start flying on the on the steemit blockchain. I'm sure I'm sure I will have maximum fun.

Yeah, fly, run, soar, dive. It's all possible on steemit, the big theater of dreams. Thank you for thanking me ✌️

Yes, i hope sirpaul sees this soon. You saw the video too. @sunnylife is in the video and they were simply having fun. She is always say "greenery" in the video. I mentioned her cos beneath this post, you will see the potatotized & sea shore "steemgigs", she did those

That is a cool video with one weird song. Definitely a lot of "greenery" in the video, easy to see when you are that high up. That is a super cool multiplayer virtual flying video.

Hahaha you took note of the weird song. You are a noticer. and for one minute too. i just laughed. I wish i can enjoy tiny moments in life, like that

That song is hard to go unnoticed. Hehehe

Who has the call of Jesus in life is different I see it in you! You are salt of the earth and light of the world, the dedication with which you read the history of the next and advises is incredible.

Hahaha, i only try to emulate him. Stay awesome Ana

Just when I thought I read many entries, I missed all of these.

You stubborn Terry you! Now we can go to @steem-untalented, go to your reblogged entries in your page, and wait for updates in this series.

You are too lazy to quit an idea half-done. This is a key thing we all are learning from you. Start with an idea in a pond, let it flow in the river, then go all out till you reach the oceans.

Love the Steemit Success Advice. Your words may be directed to the authors of the enentries you presented here, but your voice reaches many more. Will patiently wait for the next one.

Congrats to all winners of this contest! - EVERYONE including those who have not done their entries, they too are winners in many ways getting exposed to the humans behind the steemiams.

Yes, i am doing a post series, so that there is an underlying message for everyone. Stay awesome.

nice and cool @surpassinggoogle, i want to share with you my poem hope you love it sir terry...take care always,,

Hii @surpassinggoogle, what a tramendous and amazing article you wrote, your efforts for steemit community and soecially philpino steamians is no doubt much appreciated. i really much impressed from you that you always read every single comments and replying with encourging as upvote. you done a lot for community and a real hero of every steamer. thanks a lot.

Thank you much. I see you contributions in the comments everywhere. Stay awesome

I always say that your existence here is helping someone grow . Your advice sink inside my heart and i was unable to help it than to lay my head on my desk here ,,memorising those words and the way forward for me. Thank you @surpassinggoogle your words are helping hands here for me...
i remain your little boy sir

Thank you for giving my words value. Stay awesome. Great times ahead

Jehovah is with us ,sir

Hi @surpassinggoogle, This is superb advice:

Expand your horizon! Steemit is decentralized, thus, neutralizing location.
It is a community of reputable great minds from around the world. So apply full use of this potential to discover your own full potential.

I've learnt this from my life that whatever you want from life, start giving it to others. So, linking this with you advice, we can be successful by making others successful or in other words, by making their lives better. This is the same strategy that you are following and I believe it works. Though I am not even a Dolphin at this point, so it might be bit difficult to incentivize people commenting on my posts but every success starts from a single step.

Loved your post. Thumbs up.

Happy Steeming!

Yep. You will get there. A great comment like this can be good incentive. Don't that. Steem power is something but i did most of my helping others, when i was minnow.

May be the competition now is more than before, but competition is a good thing. I think you're an SEO guy so you can understand what I mean. Thumbs up @surpassinggoogle.

WHAT AN AMAZING word you have, Sir! A man full of wisdom. You're not a writer but you encourage a lot of people by your powerful words and deeds. Now I know why surpassinggoogle is your name here. My greatest dream is to meet you.
Be ready with a plastic bottle labelled "tears of joy". For soon, we will cry these types of tears. When i eventually do, i will like to save them, for they would have been my first!"

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.

I’ve really drawn huge inspirations from these your acts of kindness. I’m really borrowing a leaf from you; at least, to show kindness to my fellow steemians. I’m happy to say We’ve started from S.I.N (Steemit in Nigeria), and We hope to break boundaries beyond Nigeria.
God bless you @surpassinggoogle

Please do.

I've already started. By God's grace, I've made a couple of donation post for the course of S.I.N. And it feels so good. Like I've always said: Our humanity should be embedded in our magnanimity in extremity, so that our legacy will become a sweet delicacy

Excellent and great tips my friend ,It's not easy to find people like you Share with us their experience truth ,We need this always, we always need love and peace .

Just a bit proud of that @darthflux was one mention here
He was an fb friend of mined
Whom I convinced to join steemit

@surpassinggoogle, thanks for your response to my entry. I love this words

Yes, airplanes may no longer be in vogue in 2019; it may be teleportation or mind travel instead but if you are sticking to regular airplanes, you can still shine!

It will be nice if we can mind travel or teleport as it will be a faster way to travel and we all be our own pilot.

I will definitely write about "Tour the world with your SBD" though I'm not a good writer. You have touched everybody with this contest and I'm sure Jehovah will touch every aspect of you that needs his touch.

Hi Terry, I did vote for the witness :-) Hope it bring everything what you expect from it. Have a nice Sunny day !!

What can i really say? ?
Cant bliv this....u are awesome man
Above awesome i mean!!!

Wow... This is really nice, i bet you took a lot of time in writing, curating and replying all the post. More power to your elbow.

And also thanks for giving people hope, assuring them that it's not too late will help the achieve their goals no matter how old they are.

I'm thrilled at your simplicity, we don't get to see peoplw like you often. I stand by you waiting for every post you make.

Thanks @surpassinggoogle

You are very welcome

To my kuya Terry @surpassinggoogle,

Wow! You are the Best of the best. Overflowing Love from You!

You are YOU that makes us all shine.

Thank you for everything.

With much love,

@shikika 😀💖

very interesting @surpassinggoogle your are amazing person not only here at the community but also in the reality. thanks for inspiring all of us here at the terry you are a blessing to us.
i been Joined August 2017 such a honor to meet a person like you,such a very humble and loving person towards the people of this community. i truly and deeply amaze on your positive outlook of life.

i give my thumps up to you and upvote to you my friend.

brother terry..

More and more and more thank you to you kuya terry 😀💖

what a work it must be to check all those entry's. very good job! you put your hart and soul in steemit!

Yep. Achievable though

Hello @surpassinggoogle

The things you do is beyond human comprehension. I wonder where you serve motivation from. Undoubtedly you're a force; a moving train of success who's an inspiration to our generation. Terry, respects. I am ever ready to surpass Google with you, man.

From your ardent follower,

Yep. That something that will happen. In any country around the world, the empire will be ready and we will meet. Jehovah keep our lives in his bosom

This is just awesome! I hope I can reach the same level of success you have as of now. Or even beyond, my mentor once told me that when you mentor someone, make sure they surpass you, that is when you know you are a great mentor and teacher.

Yep. So surpass me for sure. For my posts, the weighty message is between the lines. Keep grasping that and you will move really fast. You are moving fast already though

I absolutely love what you have been resteeming, stemming from your #untalented "Who am I" contest. I'm so glad that you saw @fitzgibbon 's entry as it has been 1 of my favorites! Your words to him were absolutely motivating and it's awesome to know that you are reading, responding and upvoting all the participants. You're such an amazing asset to this community Terry, keep it up!

Wow. Thank you so much! You are right, Terry's words are truly motivating! Also his commitment to reply-ing to everyone really stands out. Feeling so grateful right now and Terry, I really appreciate the gift!!!!!

Thank you very much. He made it simple but he covered a lot

Thank you for participating and for value my response. Stay awesome

Hello sir, this is the greatest post you doing good job for steem family and motivate every person.
Your contribute never able to forget.....,
Such a very nice post...

Thanks for the hardwork terry, youve been a hardworking leader to us and supporting alot of our blogs that most not appreciated by others so thanks again from the bottom of my heart. Keep up the good work and always level headed just the way you are now. Congrats to all parcticipants of this contest as well. God bless

Thank you Terry for everything that you've been doing for the community. You are someone i look up to,and I am sure a lot of people here to.

I appreciate your time replying to these entries, and they aren't short ones, they are well thought of.

Please take care of your health, and may you always be there to support us minnows. You are amazing!

I should make my entry too :)

Yes make yours too. If you miss this one, there will be more soon. I am sure in a few days. I did the comments in post form for everyone to draw inspiration from. Thank you alot

Yes, I will read the guidelines and write one. Thank you for the reply, and for your unending support. You are my 'witness' for sure :)

Sir ! great advices and great line indeed " They aren't just expecting "perfection" because you are first child. They've seen certain gifts in you, same as i saw, you when i read your entry. It not "perfection" per say. It is more; "she is capable, so why settle for less!" " thats so nice of you that you think us your child and we are proud to have you senior ! and this contest is soo motivational inspirational and many many more words ! :) many people got confident because of you ! lol = lots of love for you

Thank you. Much love

sir did u checked my " who am i " ?

Yes, slowly i will get to it. It is already resteemed on @steem-untalented

aahan thats great will be waiting for you 😍 thanks much love for you terry 😍

Yes, no problemo

Very wise post and I want to add words to your words from the Bible "Love your neighbor," because only through love and mutual respect, we will easily pass this path and achieve success. Thank you @surpassinggoogle

That one like is powerful. Love your neighbor as yourself

Oh yes, the wisdom of centuries, which, we contemporaries, must understand and remember. Only in this way will we be supportive. Thank you @surpassinggoogle

@surpassinggoogle for PRESIDENT!!!! yahoooo....
Thanks for your hard work to make the community even better.
Never ending surprises.. Good job sir!

Yes o I think @ned should consider conducting elections on steemit where we have to vote for a president and I will gladly cast my vote for @surpassinggoogle. He really has a big heart

I will vote for you

Of course I know you will, only if I have a big heart as yours.

agreed terry as a president 😍😍

Yes, let's start the campaign already

Hahaha, thank you. It will get to your turn to soon. I saw your entry, expect reply soon but learn from this one too.

I will vote for you

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Wow, interesting post without a doubt steemit is a great tool to create content and you are empowering the support of fellow steemians, thanks for doing this work, are great stories and life projects, exclentes contributions, thanks for supporting us, we are all brothers and we must contribute to the others what we have also received from good people like you, @surpassinggoogle I invite you to take a look at my most recent post, I uploaded a nice video, I hope you like it, greetings and hugs! Upvoted and Resteemed

Will try to. I think i remember you from Mexico

that's my friend, a hug from Mexico, always awaiting your post!

Okay. Why not join the contest too

Of course, it would be an honor to participate in the contest :)

Wonderful post,nice video,thank you for this extensive post. I like the way you write it. keep going
following updates..

I'm so touch with your motivational words @surpassinggoogle. Sir Terry, thank you so much for your endless support. I almost cry while reading your comment. I can't imagine you really notice my entry and made a comment to me as number 4 in the list. Long live, sir Terry. Once again, thank you so much for the advice. I will take your words together with my journey here in steemit.

Long live us in Jesus' name amen. The comment was meant to touch you. There is greatness in you, you will see that over time, moreso now being on steemit

A very interesting and heartfelt article that makes you stop and remember, about those who are next to you, to think and so much we give them attention and care. Thank you, you opened my eyes.

Good post

Thank you sir terry @surpassinggoole you never fails to surprise us with your greatness and kindheart I can't imagine how you manage to read all the entries plus an inspiring message as a gift.thank you again sir, you is already gift to us. Stay awsome. And godbless you always.

You are welcome. Blessings to you

your contribution in anything is always beyond our thoughts we all specially for me you are an inspiration on which i trust far than anything

Busy with work
Pressure is on time
Always busy,
that's a fact.
To be busy with others
To be busy with yourself
It will not change,
not with me, by none.
Pressure is life
Life is busy
But if I have rest,
I smile of happiness.

keep it on ..
You are a wonderful person

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Before I Ask give my comment on this page.... Can i ask a question?

However small the magnitude of the vote is; it is something, for receiving is an art!

This is really deep!

I love what you are doing.

You have such a heart for people. You are someone who is worthy of being emulated.

I'm learning ooo
Thank you


Who say you nor be writer?

Carry go jare
You too much!

Hahaha thank you much. Empire ready soon. The boys will be in it. Will you an agbada-sized comment soon. You will read it while dismantling the kpomo of ogunfe

Hi @surpassinggoogle, you are indeed a rare gem, you taking out your time to go through everyone's entry, it's a challenge and I can relate to @tolarnee's entry though I'm not the first child because right from small, you are already looking up to your elderly ones as a role model, they on the other hand have no room for error, you are expected to be perfect even at young age.our parents expect them to live by example

Yes, i relate as well. I am first born son too

You are a blessing to the steemit community @surpassinggoogle.
This is a job well done.
Keep it on....

What a nice concept

i am happy with progress of contest but its really hard to read all entries because its coming in bunches but all are so interesting because they make it nice.i read many and also get some small benefits from it so i am also learning for it too.

Great to here. Reading a few is good enough as long as you learn

what a great article this was everyone is a winner you are doing wonderful work for all may you always be like this and help everyone :) now i need to check the entries in this awesome contest :)

Wow nice. I like it. Thanks for posting...
Nice to meet you my friend @surpassinggoogle 😉😉😉

The story that really struck my heart is the story of @philiparniebinag because of the fact that it was my experiece also to be one of the Boy Scout of our elementary school. Unlike him, i am not that much high ranking boy scout but as a simple boy scout I am so devoted at that time to follow the Boy Scout Law. It is nostalgic after reading his story

Nice to the know that aspect of you

nice post though i didn't participate in the contest (i just joined), but its an amazing thing you've got going here.... very inspiring

Not a contest per say. It can serve well as you intro post. Stay awesome pretty. If you get to have questions, leave them in a comment

thanks brother, for your effort in developing humanity. Really shows there's a God in you. we appreciate your time and effort. stay bless

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Really great post! I like how community driven you are! Thanks for the post! I will resteem it to my 300 followers and follow you! Keep up the great work! @surpassinggoogle

It added a lit to my burning desire to write more. Looking forward to more post. Kudos!

I love that. Fire fire fire