#STEEMGIGS: I will Make a Funsign for Steemians! Note: This is Just for Fun!

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I got this idea from @jassennessaj. It was him who first asked for a funsign from me. I don't usually give out funsigns that easily because I always thought that I'm not in any position to do that. I'm not popular and more overly, I'm not that confident about myself. But now, it makes perfect sense.


I've been thinking a lot about what I could offer to steemgigs (aside from helping newbies which I'm already doing) but I couldn't think of any. It's the struggle of having no talent. But then, it ring a bell! Right! I may be untalented but I could also bring fun to the community in my own ways.


And so I thought about funsigns. I've been getting requests from some Steemians that I know of(which I'm currently doing already sorry for the delays) so might as well offer it in the whole community, just for the sake of F.U.N! ❤


I am giving out funsigns to everyone who will request for it. For FREE!! That's about 1-3 photos depending on how I think I look during that day. Haha!

This could also be a way for me to help you promote your account especially if you'e a newbie who's trying to grow your account. I'll include your details in the post. 😊


This is actually a long overdue post. I've been meaning to post this since March, during @surpassinggoogle's birthday but sadly, I always encounter an error. When I took these photos above last March, I didn't know that it would be our boy, Terry aka

@surpassinggoogle 's birthday the next day, I've decided to make funsigns for him even before knowing it and I made it for him regardless if he's not asking for it. How amazing is that? 😅


As per the Steemgigs slogan, "Everyone has something to offer". It doesn't necessarily have to be something outrageous. I'm good with taking selfies, that's my talent. Hahaha! But kidding aside, this is just to encourage everyone to offer something that they think they're good at. No matter how simple it may be. 



As I've said earlier, I wouldn't charge any for this. They are just for fun and it isn't very reasonable to ask for any payment in exchange of this. I'm offering it for F.R.E.E. ❤

Price: Starting at 0 STEEM

Delivery: 2 day(s) 0 hour(s)


All you need to do is to comment your requests including the name you want to appear in the funsign in any of my latest posts including this one. And since I'm not asking for any payment, you can just follow me instead and be my connection. I'd love that ❤


You can just follow me instead and be my connection. I'd love that. ❤

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Sabi ko sayo eh pwedeng pagkakitaan yan. Lodi ka talaga 😍


Hahaha! Ikaw pa din ang lodi ko. 😆Naisip ko lang pwede kong ipromote account nila through this. 😁

This is soo cool. Funsign with some books(novels), pens and paper for my account


sure I'll do that! hehe ❤

This trio is fabulous, I trust they will do a great job, I have been waiting a while for the appointment of @beanz as a witness and until he has taken the big step. and look who chose the right company, count on my sincere support and I wish you the best of success.
I'll be working on a banner for this phenomenal trio!

..ang ganda..pa FS din..ahahaha lodi..😃😃😃

The post is very good, I really like you this, because it looks very beautiful

So pretty :) :) Parang artista lang ohh.. Hehehe :) :)


aysus kaw talaga sis hahaha thankyou ❤


Totoo naman :) :) Ang ganda ganda mo kaya :) Pang artista lang yung beauty mo eh :) :)

I would love a funsign! I used to do it for an online game last time before!

Funsign : @zord189



This is noted!! will do it this week ☺️❤


yay! Thanks!

Pasabay ako sa next batch beshie! Hahahah!
(Parang medyo may mali sa formatting ng post na to? Hahaha tama ba?)

wow superb looking you're btw also sir's name ;)

SIr, TERRY is the best :)


I consider him my mentor here in Steemit☺️thanks!

Its really beautiful :)


thankyou ❤

You're so humble naman, we all know that you're so talented. You already proved that when you sung the song "I do". SurpassingGoogle is one hella guy lol.


hahaha! nako chamba lang yun 🤣thanks!

ka gwapa oi.


salamat po! 😍

Dli ko sa a fan sign, sa imo ra ko ma'am, jk, 😂😂😂 awesome offer to everyone!


aw d ko naintndhan sorry. ☹️ In tagalog please hahaha


Sabi k,o ayaw ko ng fan sign mo, ikw mismo! Haha. Jk


grabe sya hahaha

You are way too cute!


thankyou sis!! ❤

ganda mo talaga sis :) yun lang po masasabi ko , you're so lovely !!!


thankyou sis hahaha 😍❤

Hihi! :) I'm pretty sure I followed u already, but i double-checked..

make me some. just use @chinito


ps. if i want more than 3, can I pay some extra sbd??


no need to pay me! it's all for free, unless it'll require some extra effort like standing off a cliff while holding the funsign hahaha


:P I would like a video funsign pls.. with u singing AND dancing! =p

So pretty, love the headband sis.

Saw you in travelfeed discord & looking forward to read more of your travels 💕


yesss havent had much time to write a lengthy post about my recent travel but i'm also looking forward to post it soon. thankyou sis ❤

Ang ganda mo sis. Parang pinag lilihian kita. Gustong gusto ko tingnan picture mo. Hehe. Take care. Xx


ayyy nako sige lang go sis hahaha! ninang ako pag naging kamukha ko ha? 🤣❤

This is superb!!!

This idea is so cute! I want a FunSign with some small decoration of different planets & rockets if you would allow, it will be a fun doodling session for you :D it's @notimetospace ~ SPACE :D


I'm not really good at doodling but I will have to try 😜