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It is quickly easy to get overwhelmed and lose yourself to "imitation", when you are new to steemit. You are instantaneously in the midst of great minds and excerpts of their minds, in the form of great steemit content. 

You are suddenly in a hall filled with so many clean-surfaced mirrors!

To maintain "YOU", in this arena and manage to standout, does take some stubbornness on your part.

Someone asked me in a comment to my post: "How do i become like you Terry?" and my quick answer to him was; "to become like me, you have to stubbornly be YOU"

It honors me that someone wants to be like me or follow my examples; but why not set you own example and draw me & others in; as your followers? 

It is very possible, even from day one!

I tell the girls: "Catwalk that walk! Let the room halt because your presence filled it!" Again this is so-so-so possible!

What if there was no steem power or reputation?

Now if the only power that you had, to draw people in, is your "steemit post"; without your pretty face, influence in the form of steem power, reputation-70 etc and just excerpts of "YOU" within your blogs, can you still draw people in? 

And the hefty answer is YES!

Excerpts of YOU is awesome; every time!

It is true that creating regular quality posts for your audience can at times be a bit of a trial but it can as well be fun, especially if you start to consider it as a way to impress yourself and improve something about you. 

As for writers' block, we will solve that within this post. Worst case scenario, you can contact me on Idea Factory and let's discuss and brainstorm something out.

Overall, on steemit, it is easiest to overcome writers' block as there are triggers for content ideas everywhere. You can even write about steemians but instead of being sentimental and turning into a police or infringing on people's privacy, why not be creatively stunty and write un-circumventable stuff instead. For instance, look at the first post i wrote that got voted by @ned:

Then look at how i created fiction, writing about @donkeypong and @kingscrown e.g

I have even written about @cheetah.....

@bat-junior you can learn something from the cheetah one, since you like comedy

Gosh, i even did this one, where i hid pokemon characters all over steemit and had people locate them:

@stellabelle is exemplary at this stuff as once she created steemicide episodes from events on steemit as well.

And @papa-pepper and @kus-knee are capable of running entire fun games within their posts, carrying tons of steemians along.

So, it is evident that a steemit post on its own, is a powerful tool and there is an endless span of ideas, so you can very much be "YOU".

Now, you can also go the conventional route and still generate unique, engaging, alluring content, by sharing interesting and useful statistics, consumer experiences, reviews and how-to videos or simple yet rare information etc 

On steemit, what's rewarded is "VALUE". To truly be capable of creating VALUE, you have to grow in your own VALUE

So every time, you create content, let it also be a means to learn and grow in your VALUE.

Here Are A Few Ideas For Ever-Flowing Valuable Content Creation

Overall, when creating content that is resourced from research; truly learn, then teach what you have learned masterfully, using your steemit post but don't forget to highlight "additional sources URL" and give credit to these sources, a the bottom of your posts!

1. Lists/Numbered-Titles


I tell you, everyone still loves a list. It is always captivating, ever-rare and filled with intriguing facts; drawing people in! Plus, these types of posts are easy to create.

2. Experiences / This-Is-What titles

@sweetsssj does this alot of this as she travels e.g "this is what it looks like in Bahrain" etc, so why not tap into your creativity and try maybe; "how to live on 2 dollars a day in Kuala Lumpur or The difference between driving in UAE and the Philippines, like @arrlinn did in one of her posts"

Or perhaps, add some "blockchain" to the "travel industry", even if fictionally and play this vision out within your travel blogs, like @sirlunchthehost or @heiditravels tends to do it and create something like; "how blockchain can speed up visa application" or "can steem reputation system solve VISA denial issues in developing countries".

We are on steemit now; keep learning and there are a ton of ways to step up game

If you are a travel blogger, be integral in allowing your audience be part of your journey. Use "YOU", to inspire them out of their chairs and into a new world of globe-trotting. 

Ofcourse, images are integral for globe-trotters, so why not add the "steemit effect" and a fresh dimension to photography game and share rare footage, like @allmonitors. So e.g get us stock images of the sun blinking flirtatiously at the moon!

What i am saying is "learn and become leader!" 

"Be stubborn (kulit), carve your path, let your vision be staunch, be "too lazy to quit" and let people imitate you because you are a "standout"; extraordinary, star!"

3. How-to articles

If you are a keen DIY-er or love restoring ancient PCs into steem-fit PCs, then why not share your knowledge. This is always going to be unique because it contains "YOU".

Feel free, flex, play, have a sense of humor, and share what you know how to do. e.g

  • How to draw a straight line even at age 102
  • How to live with two snakes and a crocodile
  • How to halt aging
@flauwy does a lot of how-to (memory techniques) articles and he is now attaining success because he stubbornly stuck to it. 

4. Question articles / Do-you-remember posts..

People are naturally curious but curiosity can be triggered, maintained and sustained; by means of your steemit posts with the right level of questioning. 

You can take steemians down memory lane, amazing and even nostalgic moments, without prying too much, then thought-provoke them into newer heights of thinking and leave them at a more empowered state than when they met your blog. 

They will be drawn to "YOU" even by means of your post alone.

5. Offer deeper knowledge

Aim to be the leading voice of your point of expertise. Research and keep up to date with all the latest happenings in your field. You can go the extra mile now by means of steemit by adding a steem perspective or perhaps, a blockchain perspective to every niche and hold sway doing this.

@joseph @gavvet @kingscrown @adsactly do loads of these and you can always find them trending!

6. Creativity inspires, so try #steemgigs

Not everyone is a blogger or writer but "everyone has something to offer", so if have a flair for creativity, innovation, enterprise etc, why not share your work? Why not simply use your steemit posts to test out your innovations, play them out and keep your dreams alive in dream-bits, till dreams equals reality?

I did something like that in this post:

You never know who you may inspire and who may recognize you for your talents and knock on your to partner up with you or open you up to life-time opportunities.

Well, it happened to me numerous times, so offer some #steemgigs and leave your creativity and innovation out there!

When playing out your ideas, feel free to use pictures to show off the evolution and process involved in your creation. "Don't despair at what you have to offer, offer it".

Someone made a fortune out of making soaps in the shapes of toys, so that kids would love to bath. 
"Going to the moon", must have been thought of as crazy, when the thought was first conceived.

#steemgigs posts are also shared on the steemgigs twitter page automatically and in today's world, opportunity can come from anywhere. 

I will pause now.......

Your Boy Terry


My community and steemit growth effort are very much among what i do as a witness, so i tend to promote my witness underneath my posts and use #witness-category as one of my tags.

 If you would want to vote for my witness, click here, then type in"steemgigs" in the first search box! You don't need voting power to vote for a witness!   


You can choose @surpassinggoogle as your proxy! Visit then type in "surpassinggoogle" in the proxy search box as seen below! 


Join us on Steemgigs community on discord:  

Everyone has something to offer!

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Now, I understand what you meant about seeing myself as a whale. I just saw the light.

You are right on the ball with this! Once your start to bring out yourself, be authentic and non apologetic for who you are(an issue all of us usually have to break) the world opens up and so does the quality of your work and as a person.

Where I think there will be value in the future is through each persons uniqueness. There is so much of the same everywhere and will be more and more. People will look and attached to people who are themselves, unique and who they see similarities or values they look up to.

One of my favorite content creators here @surpassinggoogle!


You know this comment is awesome! The internet is boring. Steemit and its community easily changes that


It is and the community here has given me such excitement for the future!

Hmm, this makes me think. Top 5-10's lists are one of the best viewed sorts. And writing about someone known on the platform usually does pretty well too. So maybe I should make a top list on some of the best (or my favourites) Steemians ^.^


Yes, just be creative, so you can add value as well. You will grasp fully how i mean this, when you read how i wrote mine although in those days, it was very difficult to earn and steem was like 15 cents.

Yes lists work everytime! You can stand out there, in different ways, perhaps by longer lists or more intriguing lists or adding steem into the picture. There a ton of ways. You just need freedom and test things out


Creative is my middle name ;)


followed ,upvoted and resteem your post what a great info sir @surpassinggoogle maraming salamat po..thanks for everything po..

kindly have your support sir...kindly upvote my post,,@mrblu this poem is about to much work and life :

ito po yung isa..tungkul sa mga tunay na kaibigan..

ito po para sa mga heart broken..

your vote will help me a lot sir..


Wow! Just finding Nemo in a vast ocean. This post gives a ton of boosts to those who find themselves thinking they are only minnows and may have a little chance of getting noticed. Btw, thank you very much for mentioning me under "2. Experiences / This-Is-What titles" it's an honor :)


Yes, it is not easy to stick to something. Basically to me, the older ones are more proven!


And thanks again to that, cheers :)

You always have something quotable in your articles, my favorite of this one is "to become like me, you have to stubbornly be YOU".

Awesome stuff Terry!


Do you know when i said that, it was so impromptu and when i looked back, i so loved it. Will visit you later today


Definitely a great one :) Always appreciate your company ;)

I agree that stubborness is a key. and for one to become stubborn entails trial and error. One also needs to learn when to stop and take a break to rejuvenate. But all these just mentioned are secondary to finding or discovering "YOU." Who is this "YOU" that you need to be stubborn about? How do you develop this newly discovered "YOU"? This post you made answers these.


Yes a very conscious effort

This was epic. I have no words.


lol. the cat picture speaks.


@stellabelle, you have to be the Queen of the GIF. Undisputed 😂

Such wonderful motivating post, having read it even got a push to new directions. there were new ideas for the development of the blog and attracting readers, I am confident that I will soon apply your advice, they are really worthwhile. Resteem)


Really awesome. In reality this post contains lies lessons and that applies everywhere, steemit and beyond

Numbered lists always do magic here.
I remember my first post that made some earnings here was a mixture of numbered list and how to.
The title was

3 tricks(numbered list) i(experience and how to) applied to .....

My top paid post of $47 so far had my personal experience in it.

How i unbelievably signed.........

I love all this tips you have shared here with us.
I need to experiment with other techniques here described.

The main thing as you said is to put out your personality there for people to connect.


Great yes the other techniques. Try visit, the sample old posts i used, like the one where i wrote of ned and got a vote and see the technique to it


Let me check the Ned post now


Love to flock here with experience steemians, you guys are awesome full of inspiration and I learned something about this information, honestly I found myself getting trouble in making a post that is why I am here more on commenting , thank you so much I would try one day those wonderful tips I got from you guys, Stay awesome, love you long time!

A very, very interesting article, in it you described in detail the ways and possibilities of running your blog, as well as writing articles. I completely agree with you that in our articles we must first of all express ourselves, not copy anyone, I just myself and carry my personal history to my readers. I carefully studied your six ways and came to the conclusion that it is possible to create high-quality content for your readers. Thanks @surpassinggoogle and I look forward to your new articles.


Awesome comment. Really awesome!


Thank you very much, I'm new and your recommendations and support are invaluable to me!


I am really glad about that. Use them. Stay awesome

Excellent post @surpassinggoogle, I agree with what you write, it's very interesting, thanks for sharing that information , I follow you, we must support ourselves as a community, I appreciate it if you I would give me a look at my last post and give me your opinion, greetings and success in everything! 💯🔝🔥

as always.. u always inpired me.. but yesterday i was really stucked :(.. Thanks for this post.. lots of tips .. Keep up the good work kuya Terry


You mean with post rewards? Well for now, even for you powering up is the best thing. to raise your steem power. Like this post is powered up!


no I mean. ..I was stucked.. I couldn't continue blogging or posting... all my Ideas was gone.


Oh, really this post full. Go to all my old posts samples and you will see that there are ton of ideas. Look in the mirror and try decipher your beauty once again and write about it.


:) thanks @surpassinggoogle.. I will.. Have a

Wow, it's an impressive pool of experiences! Thanks for sharing it!

Bring it on Proud Pinoy

Follow me @Yehey
Thank you


Do you use #philippines. It is easy for peeps to find your posts there

This is great i must say. We draw ideas from different angles. Different things work for different people but one way or the other we create something unique.

You are also right by telling people to be themselves! Being YOU is the best way to show originality!

Blessed up!


Grow that you into something of substance, start to marvel your own self and when you walk into the room, your presence will fill it. I am talking from experiences. Stats dont matter. Even on steemit, see yourself as only having that post and make do with it.

I will bookmark this one to always come back to it. Very insightful, as always. Thanks for caring about how we fare.


Thank you. Please visit my last post to pose any steemit questions


I planned to pose some questions about undelegation, but I got enlightened and I feel I should make a post about the new things I've come to know 😁


Sure thing. Exercise freedom!


plus visit @smyle last comments on this post. See his questions and my answers. it may help

Wow....very useful post by @surpassinggoogle

  1. You are article is exellent sir....bcz your written skill is perfect...
  2. I always respect your idwas about this platform....
  3. I have more friends "philippines"...and good team work...
  4. I think we want good team wirk for success to steemit....
  5. Thank you so much sharing your valuble ideas with us...
    Upvoted and resteemed...

Awesome. Thank you for your effort in this comment. Flaws are always welcome. So keep waxing strong

This is so awesome, will help me a lot with this post. I am new and i tthis post is invaluable, thanks for that and keep it that way! @surpassinggoogle


Thank you. Will do

It's more inspiring to learn from someone who walk his talk plus the specific examples. Thanks!


Thank you for giving me some praise. I am glad you are learning. Yes i did the walk. Hahaha i had to dig up does post. I am sure you will grasp a lot reading them. Stay awesome!


I'll definitely read your posts. I'll look forward to the upcoming too.

The content of the post is very useful, I will learn it.

Great Resteemed @surpassinggoogle

Cognitive article. I learned very useful for myself.

Thanks for sharing. This is truly an eye opening.

Thank you for this @surpassingggoogle! 😍 This would be a great help especially for the newbies here on steemit. 🤘🏼


Yes swits! Stay awesome! I used "catwalk that walk in this post but i added another line for you girls. You and beljav


Got flattered tho. Thank you so much, Terry! ☺️

Very detailed and valuable post! You're serving the steemit community in the true sense. Loved and resteemed!


Thank you a lot. Stay awesome!

Always filled with great nuggets! Thanks @surpassinggoogle!

Thanks for the advice! I really am more of a reader than a writer. While I read smart people and study :)

This post makes my morning more excited, writing that inspires other stemian like me to keep working and not easily give up with the limitations to achieve success .. thank you for sharing and I really appreciate your kindness through this great writing..
Have a nice day^^ @surpassinghoogle


Really glad about that. Stay awesome!

what excellent advice for everybody. I totally agree with your points and the hard work is truly worth it. It is satisfying to create something of quality and steemit is so addictive that within hardly no time your blog content, worth and friend base grows from nothing to almost beyond your control! haha I do love this community!
Thanks @surpassinggoogle


Awesomeness. Thank you sally.

This post is motivational and encourages the reader to be original but creative .I like it .Thanks for sharing it.Happy steeming @surpassinggoogle.


Hahaha, i like that you like it. I like it too. Stay awesome!

You always become useful when you start to write a post and share with us, somehow we should be grateful, because what you submit is really very easy to understand.

thx for this great post. upvoted..

Everytime I check the posts of someone making consistent 3-4 digits per post I have always thought about the eventful time I could be like them.

This post enlightens me to be like me rather than attempt to be like someone else. When all it takes is just dedication, time, and ideas the people whom I want to be like could end up wanting to be like me.

You continue to inspire @surpassinggoogle! You have inspired many here and myself included.


Exactly, double digits are YOU. moreoever those people had history, they have done time. Are you will to do time is the question. They do ton of sleepless nights too but on the only measure one has of them is the money on their post, in reality though, they over more of the value behind the scenes and have done this over time, even when steem was 7 cents. so i tend not to look at people. Be great! Steemit is like real life

The best way of creating motivation is to do something. If you take action, motivation will follow becouse waiting for things to happen is like daydreaming. To break out of that cycle, you must be willing to take the first small step, offcourse, first step may be the hardest, but once you take action you create motion, which in turn builds moments.. :)

love this kind of post
keeps you moving
when you want to give up
its need per time as we go through the journey of steemit

Hope you are better now. I pinged you and left a link there that you might want to look at.


Yes, will visit. My internet also became limited, but i will check. Tried visit steemit education alot today. They are doing awesome!

Thanks for the tip @surpassinggoogle. You are indeed a man of your words.

Nice tips you have pointed out! But because of the monetizing property, this platform has room to grow!


Steem will only stop at the millionairemark


Why would it ever stop? Why not strive for greatness?!?

Thanks sir Terry @surpassinggoogle for this awesome big tip, we as minnows really needed your guide to makes us grow and someday become a whale like you 😊. Resteemed!


Hahaha, you are whale to me! It all starts there. Stats matter less!

Hey Terry! :) another good one here. I always learn something (often a few things) from your posts. cool! btw, my son is very kulit, does that mean he will be a great steemian someday??


Yes, but kulit when it comes to quitting on a a good cause is what works. But yes, kulitness can be channeled aright


:P here's hoping..

Am being me, that's why i do not copy or follow a trend.....Ama One Toy Soldier


You move the place! Visit you soon

Thank you for your advice, my friend. I understand each of the aspects that explain and how these tips can make us triumph within the platform. I hope to put them into practice in my post

I like that! "Be extraordinary" seen. Make friends and be you! Thank you for the daily motivation and inspiration @surpassinggoogle ! Moving us to go forward and keep reaching our goals! You have a pleasant week!


You too. Be great


Im being my self when Im writing a post plus a learning habbit daily habbit from you helps me improve. I would love to catwalk that walk here at steemit.Theres nothing easy but I know I can do.I will continue exerting efforts to my self to improve by simply being me it is because I just love being me :)


Exactly, my lessons aren't for steemit. Steemit is just part of the journey. I teach life for the most part. Becoming the best version of yourself show in real life and draws people and money etc in all the same. Cos people feel a vibe that is different, unique, outstanding.

Thanks @surpassinggoogle! Way more to learn! Continue to encourage and support people! Stay awesome!


In this platform in which you can literally write about anything under the sun, there could still be such "writer's block". :D
So nice for blogs like these that gives various ideas for possible new "hotcake" topics and encouraging to become more of You than trying to be someone else. :)

Thanks for sharing this @surpassinggoogle! This makes me look back in all of my posts. Continue inspiring us! :)


You are welcome. Stay inspired!

Wow man, this just made my morning! Thank you for the tips. I will start uncovering my true value in steemit! Keep inspiring everyone 😎


Exactly. Stay inspired. True value in life using steemit

The LIST thing is the still the best! Awesome to see creative post like this!

Very nice article Thanks for the advice and Valuable Tips

My 2nd week here on steemit was HOT! My reputation jumped from 28-49 in just a week. Got a good amount of followers that were interested on my posts. And I think being myself was the huge factor that contributed to my growth. Anyway, posted an article about it the other day. The post might be a source of inspiration for others that are having a hard time on steemit.

#philippines I'M STEEMING HOT! $100 on my 2nd week! And efforts to introduce Steemit to local Filipino HS students.


Exactly, plus i see you featured in a steemgigs video by flauwy.

Thanks for this @surpassinggoogle! How can we make excuses about making quality and engaging contents now?
No more. Because the content is already within ourselves.
We Just have to strive to be better everyday and we'll come up with the best.
Plus these whole range of suggestions from a bright mind like you!

Ps. Also, thanks for the mention on this post. Really appreciated.



Best version of yourself and quality is guaranteed but it is beyond steemit. What i teach here has more to do with life. How do you halt a room? How do you catwalk that walk and fill the room with your presence, so i was talking to girls there and boys, there are many things that a human entails beyond the superficial. For instance, here people ask me, many of who can sing, why is it when a boys 2 men sing, it is sound different and people call it soul and yes it is soul, substance, story. This impacts, touches, creates magic and every human has it, many however know not of it. The underlying message in this post covers alot about life but i kept it underlying for some will dig and see. Underlying message thus was, there was life before steemit, do you suddenly change cos you found steemit or do you influence steemit with you. the truth is i had a separate message covering everyone specifically and myself as well

After 45 days, I am starting to be more challenged in thinking what to write about. These tips are great. Now I have at least 5. Just need to get around writting. I also think I'd keep an note-taking app, so I can scribble ideas as I get them. They sometimes come in the weirdest places and time.


Haha, I feel you sir @steemitph! I had a short story composed in my mind whilst driving couple of weeks back. I really thought it was good. However if just disappeared as soon as I get off the car, didn't manage to compose it again. 😂


Exactly. I don't joke with ideas even the flimpsy ones. Ideas rule the world. There is sense in nonsense. If you heard dirt is good, you may go crashing especially here in Philippines were the general public don't like mabaho or dirt but tell that to the soap company or soap ADs and they will laugh cos they make a fortune from "dirt is good"

Thank you for those tips and suggestions. I am a newbie here, and still struggling how to work things out. I will take note of these.


Read this indepthly down to the sample links i left and it will speed you up drastically

I think I will keep Steeming because the experience leaves you breathless and then when you think of some awesome miners on here who infected you with their work, you just stay on strong. Thanks for these awesome tips Terry.

Thank you for your tips Sir @surpassinggoogle. There are many questions in my head but I will continue reading all your blogs to get the answers and will join to the discord link. I agree with everything you say. As a new Steemian, there is a competition I feel. It is like a race that I am left behind, but I have to be me.


In reality, there is no race of competition and if there is, sit above the competition and that is where being "you" comes in

This is a motivating time to read this post. I enjoyed the ideas you even steemed out. Some of the examples you listed is definitely going to help some of us.
However i have a question. What do you mean by

"You can even write about steemians but instead of being sentimental and turning into a police or infringing on people's privacy, why not be creatively stunty and write un-circumventable stuff instead." ?

Lovely post! It really got my creativity flowing and now I got so many ideas I don't know where to start! lol :D


Let go. Scramble them out in a post. Don't be too weary of flaws. Let that side of you show, then repair

Youre my idol now @surpassinggoogle thanks for the advices.. It really help alot! 😊


Hahaha, you are my idol!

this is exactly what i was looking for !!perfect for me very useful thanks a lot for sharing this @surpassinggoogle


You are welcome. Stay awesome

awesome stuff buddy beautifully explained the whole thing interesting to know many new things today creative thought's always inspire that is true !!


Thank you for reading

i learnt a lot from it and i will implement these nice tips you just gave me on my steemit journey thanks a lot man :)


Awesome awesome. Thank you

Wow, this article a wisdom for everyone who are starting their ventur in steemit. @surpassinggoogle yes, you are correct. The question about, what if i dont have steem least the answers is here. I am have myself to market using my post. This help me to make a clearer vision doing my steemeit. Thanks.


This doesn't only apply to steemit. It applies to life. When you are extraordinary, then it doesn't matter if you have money, people will be drawn in to you and even money will look for you


Yes correct, thanks for your effort giving us a good thoughts.

very cool post and informative creativity and knowledge comes in handy here on steemit :) thanks for sharing


I am glad about that. Stay awesome!


thank you you too stay awesome stay classy !!


took a look at some of the post's you inserted in the post quite good they were actually very nice work you did thanks for sharing this.


You are welcome. Thank you alot for the effort

@surpassinggoogle, thanks for sharing this info Perfect that was as i am not good enough so i will try to take inspiration from these and will get started thanks again :)


You are good enough and unique. You simple need to find that out and steemit helps

i used to think without steem power we can do nothing but i was wrong thanks for clarifying many questions that i had in my mind great article you have written


It can. With steem power, you earn even when you don't post just by looking for valuable posts or comments and upvoting them. Apart from earning it helps these posts with more visibility

Thanks for the tips I might try something creative but I love to share recipes and information. Thanks to for the help


Yes, you can be creative or innovative on any topic. Every topic has been written on somewhere online but when you write on it with your personal touch, it becomes unique


yes it does because what other people have in their mind is different from you, each has their own perspective of a certain topic. Love this place and just finishing my 1st week with great results!. Oh btw @surpassinggoogle I did that voting and proxy thing you mentioned. Hope I did it correctly heheh I am an old mind trying to get in touch with the younger generation lol

Thank you! I've been stuck with ideas lately and I think I have a few up my sleeve now thanks to you 😊

Always a pleasure reading your post.


Thank you! Stay awesome

Exactly, use the quality content steemians have to offer as a learning experience, like how artists use other material for reference, add your effort, style and personal touches to the mix, et voila! Thank you for the inspiring and in-detail content @surpassinggoogle!


Awesome. Thank you for reading

Content creators will just love this post you explained everything so nicely and narrated so beautifully with examples great work !!

This is a superb post. I dont know but I actually enjoyed reading it til the end. I think I might just end up reading all of your old posts which you shared here to inspire me to create blogs the best way I can. I'll take note of these learnings.


Yes read them. Looks hard but they constitute growth and its fun too

Thank you so much for this, @surpassinggoogle! I feel motivated and inspired just by reading your article. 😊👌


Stay inspired

Your post is very good.
I am very fan to you master @surpassinggoogle

I really like your article, and I will follow you constantly,
please support me because I just joined here @surpassinggoogle


The post is a good start. Digest it!

Thanks for the ideas and empowerment!

I planned to do something like this -- top 5 fun and educational places in Manila to visit with your kids. but i do not have that many posts yet on my blog, eventually I will get there :D

The best thing to offer steemit is YOU like you said so I try my best to stick to mommy-blogging.

Wow the best post
I really like the master @surpassinggoogle


Hahaha, thank you Mrs

wow this is superb! I had to laugh at the pokemon headlines :P it does attract attention and interest. Reading these tips on becoming stubborn on posting content something that I can relate and you are completely right there. Thanks always for bringing people in @surpassinggoggle! You are great! :)

Like always great article and a lot of helpful tips that I will try to implement as soon as possible, thank you for helping all of us grow more and make better posts.


Thank you. Try visit my sample old posts, you will grasp the full context of this post!

I always support your ideas about this platform....

Wow tnx for sharing these tips and tricks @surpassinggoogle


You are welcome. Stay awesome!

Does this post contains the stars or what? Haha. Tons of ideas here good thing steemit doesn't have words or idea limits. This post exploded my idea bulb a few times and I must say I did find aa few paths to greatness with this post. Revelations. Realizations. Thanks Terry. Treat me in Pancake House though, haha.


I am ready to treat you for this comment. I dug my old posts. You now know how donkeypong happened


Haha, yes. I'm still amazed how you can write a lot - you must have been 'pinaglihi' on books by your Mom Terry. :) Reach me on Discord.

you write very good posts! I love reading them!


Thank you loads

I just write my world and the entire universe comes to me.

Being unique, being stubborn, being creative and being myself is what this post taught me.

Thank you for sharing these tips.