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Great insight... Learning new things everyday from you. I did a new analysis on BitShares since it's one of my favourites :) This project has an amazing future!

BitShares (BTS) - Analysis (403% POTENTIAL PROFIT) — Steemit

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 00.19.01.png

@haejin doesn't love or care about any of you. Just look at his recent voting history here

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Haejin doesn't understand how steem/steemit works let alone any crypto. Haejin knows nothing, so stop supporting him until he stops abusing the system.

Maybe he upvotes himself because SOMEBODY keeps downvoting him at 100%. I mean, I don't know, that's just an observation of reality.

Haejin started upvoting himself long before we started downvoting him. Also of his outgoing votes, 59% are for himself, that is an abusive level.

I don't agree. The system encourages self voting. Your hero BS self votes all the time. I saw one where his first self vote was $100. I'd really like you to think about the name on your account, the use of Haejins picture and the language used. C'mon you can use stats and graphs and a week rounded argument to make your point. It would be great if you updated your post to have comparisons to Bernie. Also, it would be really good if you could suggest positive ideas to make steemit run better. People will listen to these.

The system supports it but that doesn't mean the community should. The system, in america, supports people buying a monopoly and raising the price of everything by 5000% but that doesn't mean the community supports it.

This is more about setting a precedent. And yes, bernie has self voted, I do not support that either and many in the community don't, hence why he has so many flags against him.

So why pick on Haejin? Look at Jerry Banfields post about the highest earners from a few months back. The top whales all self voting. It's not right or fair to single out one person. If you big the system is wrong make a stand to change it. Make a post about self voting but picking on one person smells of a lynch mob looking for justification for their actions to me.

What is your fucking problem. we love haejin his analyzes. If you can make good analyzes then you would also get a lot of votes. But because you do not get anything, you become jealous of another. How old are you child ????

Please avoid cursing.

I think you are missing the point that of the ~16500 people that upvote him, himself and 1 other supply 71% of his profits. The other 16500 something odd people provide 29%

Oh this is funny , toilets galore on steem on a Sunday, this is going in my diary on the wall , so many wankers and cock suckers saying bad things about Haejin , shame on you people and shame on the ones that gave birth to you , you sit people are literally me dogs compared to Haejin , bark as much as you want , I’ll just piss on your face or your mothers face or your fathers face or all under one golden shower

So does your daddy but your mum gives the best tea bag ever

I've replied in detail on your post. Well researched post but please do a comparison on Bernie Sanders for proper analysis... before drawing conclusions.

Here is link to post

I didn't include pictures, I did include links to where I got each bit of info, as I currently don't have the time to edit, upload (on a separate account) etc. Brief overview

Outgoing self votes (amongst all accounts): 33%-35%
Incoming Votes (from all accounts): 60%-61%

Number of outward votes is way higher though and considering bernie has roughly 6540 people supplying 40% of his rewards over haejins 16588 (I think it was) supplying 29%, bernie has the edge

I will, and I will reply back to this when it is done.

yav aldıgımıza pişman etti aldıkc düşüyor alan pişman oluyor el yakıyor nerden düştük

You should check my analysis mate

Would love to see this coin moon this year!

Be sure to upvote if you think Tron is going to the Moon!


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Cheers J

excellent post, tron to the moon . I own over 70k tron. Please moon for me

That's a great analysis.....will come true and we'll moon from there

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

Im not really trust TRON anymore. They give me too much hope and in the end, it's only go downwards

Great Post!! I just wrote about what my opinion is on the potential for Steem in 2018. You might enjoy it so if you get the opportunity take a look. Thanks!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

Very interesting analysis. I will follow closely.

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote! I just ask for a Follow in return!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

Tron connecting like VOLTRON!!!

And... you’re wrong one more time about Tron. Well done!

Wow this really helps a lot! Thank You!!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

I was expecting it x3 from last week

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

haejin TA is like this pile of poo!!

If this does really happen then it would be great. TRON HODL!!!

Tron is getting great press today.

Interesting. I hope this is the case (obviously). But it it seems that Justin Sun is working more on his smoke & mirrors than he is about an actual product? Where is it? And did he really plagiarize? It has really stumbled, and a lot of it is self inflicted wounds.

He has ties to Alibaba, and is bringing Alibaba developers in house.
I want to believe again!!!

More and more orthographic / typo / grammar mistakes in your blogs. I know that's not too important nor the point, but paying attention to it is a proof of respect to your readers. Hence you should proofread your blogs. As a language teacher, this has been bugging me for a certain time now and I just felt the need to say it, nothing personal at all...!

Still, thanks for the update on TRX !

what bothers me is that you have doge/doggy coin as your icon. lol

Haejin doesn't love you, thats why he lets his followers get downvoted by rewardpoolrape

Too bad :-( i sold all of it.
There have been too many negatives with this coin. I just dont have a good feeling about it anymore. is a way better project.

Holy cow!

My first day following you (thanks to @lexiconical) and I'm actually already HODLing some TRX!!!

You Sir, have made my day.

Good analysis! I hope it does btw I'm a TRX holder( tho I'm in it for the long term).

Haejin doesn't love you, thats why he lets his followers get downvoted by rewardpoolrape
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thanks for downvoting u stupid...

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I'll agree. @haejin seems to like to spam as many predictions as possible a day, but if you go back into his history and analyze his accuracy in aggregate, he does a fairly poor job. In a bull market, anyone can "throw the dart" correctly. But in a bear or even flat market, that's when the true analysis comes out. Haejin falls flat the past month in that regard.

I actually went and compared his charts from a week ago to charts now to test his predictions. They were all wrong, so I decided, maybe he's better at long term predictions.

I noticed they were almost all 'cup and handles' with preddictions that the market on the whole was going up which basically everybody knew. didn't bother making a post in the end because it seems most people are already savvy to his fraud and the only value he's collecting is either from that one whale, other whales wanting to get the inevitable curation reward, and robots.

And honestly I think he's completely aware that nobody values his advice, nobody that matters anyway. But he clearly doesn't care. all he needs to do is produce ten posts per day and he's rich. The argument needs to change from 'he's not good', to something more like 'steemit has to change'

I think most of his followers came in during Q4 of 2017, when the market was on an incredible tear. People claiming he made them so much $$$USD. The sad thing is, you don't compare predictions to USD gains. You compare to your best "dumb" move, which is buying into an index fund representing cryptos. Cryptos as a whole shot up, so his predictions were not much better than just "buying the whole market" with no technical analysis at all.

I am in agreement with you @noncense whatever you have said . His prediction turned out to be a total fiasco for me. He has misguided his followers. Look at his analysis below. What he has said about ripple which, however, has proved wrong . One can easily find his erroneous analysis.

You need to have patience , You can't except that it will happen within weeks or so . Patient is the key here .And if you looking at charts avoid the one-hour chart instead focus on the 4 hour ,1 day or even the week charts . You wil get a clear picture where the trend is heading . I know your fustration , I also took a big hit in my portfolio but I will not give in and sell my holdings . Don't despair and hold and buy more xrp while it's cheap . And don't except immediate result

Any investor or trader knows this..they are just upset that he is getting a lot of the rewards pool because people have made a lot of money using his's pretty clear what's going on

No we are upset that he upvotes himself at 100% and doesn't care at all for the commnity. He is effectively destroying steem because he can and doesn't care about anyone else

These ***** pretending major gains in a few days are incredible...

No one is saying don't have patience (and expect instant gains within days). In fact, to emphasize this, I encourage everyone to look at haejin's predictions from several months ago.

Now, don't compare them to just $USD or other fiat. It's going to look great, because cryptos as a market have done extremely well. Compare them to just holding Bitcoin, or Ethereum, or whatever your "safe" and "uneducated" holding position would have been.

100-200% doesn't seem so great when you realize you could have made the same or more using a simple "buy the index fund" type mentality.

Those who just blindly emphasize "trust" and "patience" without looking at simple statistical analysis of predictions will likely be disappointed when the market no longer keeps going up up up.

not a fan, but like @Haejin 's stuff as he share his thoughts. to those who condemn about his analysis, you guys shouldn't be trading in the first place. Those who have patience will benefit lots for sure. Some of you didn't have any idea how crypto fund moves from one coin to another! sigh!

Yep, I'm getting the "haters" point: turn post into a personal money machine via voting bots :/
Would be nice if OP would address the question/problem

Haejin doesn't love you, thats why he lets his followers get downvoted by rewardpoolrape

I guess this is a short term target right? By the way in the eth charts xvg looks very similar to Tron, so can one assume that it will behave similarly?

Did I do something wrong? I’m new to steem and don’t understand why I was downvoted :(

no u didnt, it was an auto flag from a bot flagging every post and comment from hae jin. stupid mfs

Why? It seems like haejin is delivering quality content, making TA understandable?

some people disagree with the amount haejins posts get rewarded.

Well that's not very nice! Lol oh well

Hmm... It‘s his readers who help him get rewarded isn‘t it, so isn‘t it the whole idea of steem, that readers kinda reward the Poster? So is it just jealousy?

@haroldhalibut I though like you first but it's seems problem comes from voting bots abuse and 'pay' for votes scheme that haejin 'alledgelly' use. Don't know much more about the "war".
Except it's disturbing and and flaw/loopholes should be address by Steem Admins

No haejin doesnt pay for votes, he upvotes himself and if everyone did that and only cared for themselves then the reward pool would be empty. We are fighting to show people that destructive behavior is unacceptable

No, Haejin upvotes himself at 100% providing 36% of his profits. Ranchoralexo upvotes at 100% supplying 35%. The other 16588 people that upvoted him supplied the remaining 29%, we don't care about the remaining 29% but the 71% from 2 users.

Analysis of incoming and outgoing votes

Haejin is a plague to the system, using abusive behavior and bringing in noob dipshits that don't understand anything to argue for him. Haejin is actively destroying the steemit community and he doesn't care because all he cares about is making money.

Because this place has been taken over by idiots who are controlling the hate towards haejin because he is getting more upvotes than them..Steemit isn't what i thought it may want to look elsewhere to blog or find a good community with good and honest people where they can't create bots to downvote just anyone regardless of their comments..i stopped writing on here and sold all of my steem a long time ago..i stay here to support haejin any way i can..cheers friend

Great call Shawnster, STEEMIT will b ruined by village idiots who are jealous pathetic keyboard warriors who in the real world cannot do anything good.

Same here friend:) Have you found any other options other than Steemit? Ive been looking and none so far have come up......

Good question...I suggested LBRY to haejin but I'm not sure if it would fit his needs..I don't know a lot about it..i downloaded the app and it still needs some work...the search feature is a joke..but it's a site that is competing with youtube and the viewers pay the authors for their content...I figure we are buying our steem power so why not buy LBRY credits or whatever medium they allow..not sure if you guys have any other feedback on it..I'd be interested to learn more ...cheers

Yikes - Steemit is awesome. I'd Hodl forever.

I felt the same way fact i was ready to ladder in a substantial amount of money, but after i saw what happened to haejin i hit the brakes and came to a screaching was one of the saddest state of events i've seen in a long time...all he did was give his TA and put his money were his mouth was, and earned respect from his viewers...he then got a lot of upvotes for it because a lot of people made extreme amounts of what happens..people got jealous and instead of having a civil conversation and maybe a meetup online to discuss this, they decided to design a 21st century lynching with threats, racist photos, childish profanity filled comments and massive bots to downvote any person that commments regardless of what they show you how stupid this move was, even people that are agnostic with regards to haejins views as opposed to the views of his haters, they are still getting basically a person that is using Steemit the way it was designed and innocent bystanders are getting Rekt by some vicious attacks...I wouldn't touch that investment with a ten foot pole...once large investors find this out, they won't either..i have a friend that wanted to invest around $500,000 in steem and i told him he should have his head checked..luckily he invested in other projects, but until this gets fixed, i couldn't disagree more..anyway..cheers friend

u r a piece of shit low life human who is ruining steemit.
"A" grade fuckwit spineless weak cunt.
i bet u are unemployed living off govt benefits, a curse on society cos u do nothing all your life but expect handouts, pathetic loser

This sounds like the motivational speech I give myself every morning. :)

I wish a big correction so i can LOAs My bags ! I Know it is difficult ( for major correction) But not impossible!

Nice bounce off the $0.045 level. Thanks for sharing your analysis!

muchas gracias por compartir tus análisis

Multiple traders are starting to call TRX as "Ready to Blow" gonna have to pick up a few now. Thanks Haejin

Trx/btc has a bear flag pattern, bear macd and overall downtrend. Which graph to follow?!

Hi im the Exchanger Bot I just upvoted your post.
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so what you're basically saying here is there is a chance...

Could you please have a look @ Deep Brain Chain.. DBC....I am wondering if a fractal is going to repeat, only much bigger & could it be seen as a head & shoulders? Many thanks gracious master.

Haejin doesn't love you, thats why he lets his followers get downvoted by rewardpoolrape

Looking forward to a TRX move to the upside! Thanks for the TA.

Would love to get people’s civilised opinion about this viewpoint. I especially beseech Haejin to please indicate what you feel as I believe there is a point which at least deserves the courtesy of being addressed.

The thing with elliot wave is that it’s correct as long as it’s correct. However, according to elliot wave everything will just keep going up because a correction is just a wave 2 or 4 of a larger trend.

You can keep on projecting larger and larger trends with no end. Any drops will just fall under a larger trend and will be projected to go up further after that.

However, this doesn’t reflect the real world unfortunately, as it ignores the reality that projects, stocks and assets can fail outright. If elliot wave was used on all Dotcom stock companies they should all be huge right now. The reality is things fail in the real world and this is fundamental. Elliot wave would have projected Bitconnect to keep rising and rising, and Haejin recently posted a projection that bitconnect was in wave 1 or a higher degree trend which would see it hitting all time highs. However, the fundamentals blew through that as bitconnect is now defunct and has been uncovered as a ponzi. It seems that sole reliance on elliott without fundamentals can blind people to reality.

In the long run what affects price is the fundamentals. Whether the project will stay afloat or not. And whether it will actually be something people want to use or not. The longer the timeframe, the more elliott waves are likely to fail as no one can predict events which would seriously fundamentally hurt any investment. For example, if there was a 3rd world war. The longer you project out, the more fundamental variables potentially affect price. Who’s to say there won’t be a catastrophe which destroys the internet or some fundamental change in the world order in the future? Im just using these as extreme examples obviously and not saying they’re likely in the near future but just illustrating that the further out we go, the less we are able to predict what will happen.

Elliott may be good for predicting price pathways in the short term, especially in a speculative market such as crypto, which is fuelled largely by sentiment. However, I feel it may be slightly irresponsible when Haejin makes extremely long term projections like the projection of Bitshares to hit $352 on a logarithmic scale and pushing it to his followers. It seems very clickbaity to give out such long term projections because it’s clear they have extremely reduced accuracy for the long term and I think most people can understand that in the long term fundamentals do in fact matter.

For further clarity let me use the example of a theoretical ball being throw which never stops rolling. I can predict with almost certainty what will happen to the ball’s pathway as it leaves my hand and in the first 1m of it’s travel. I can predict with good likelihood even what will happen to it 20m down the track. But as it travels further, I become less and less able to predict it’s pathway. The higher the likelihood of something coming along unexpectedly to change it’s course. What if a strong breeze suddenly starts and blows it off course or a dog comes over and takes it away.

These are just my musings and logical reasonings. Also note I’ve used neutral language such as “it seems” and “may”. Im not absolutely asserting or accusing anyone of anything. Please dont come with comments like if you don’t like it then just leave which add nothing to a discussion. Because i can equally say the same to you. If you dont like my comment you have the choice to ignore it. But that doesnt mean i should not be able to express a certain viewpoint does it? This is after all not a dictatorship, I hope.

EW or any form of TA is a tool. It's important to use the right tool for the job at hand. At this point in time the crypto market is in its infancy and from what I've seen and read, interest by a larger audience is growing, not shrinking. This tells me that there will likely be much more capital flowing into crypto and therefore prices will likely rise from this point. In this type of market, EW seems to me to be a valid method to help determine the probable price pathway. Also, if you have been following Haejin for a while you will know that he uses a combination of chart patterns and EW. Chart patterns are much more effective a determining the likely direction of price. Once you have that, EW helps show where you are in the cycle.

As you said, the further forward in time that you go, the more unreliable the forecast. Haejin has written an essay on this topic.

Your point about BitConnect is certainly valid and underscores the importance of having a diversified portfolio. A subject which Haejin recently posted about.

In life and in TA, people want to have a guru, often so that they don't need to take personal responsibility for their decisions. Haejin is providing valuable insights into how the market functions and has also made recommendations which have performed well.

Elliot Waves is not a tool you use solely on its own, but combine it with other tools and signals. I mostly use EW based on current trend.

In a downward trend it will be opposite of an upwards, you keep getting lower lows in waves too. The trend is your friend, also counting the waves.
Trend direction changes can be spotted counting subwaves but I think a lot of experience is needed to act correctly in these situations, as we tend to seek our most used patterns first.

Also combine the EW with volume and macd for direction changes, and finishing of waves and patterns. With Elliot waves, trend, volume and macd your predictions can be pretty accurate.

The corrections can take a lot of directions, and 36 of them are described with EW. The question is picking the right one, also need practice and experience to do. And practice opportunities in downward trends are scarce in crypto nowadays.

You cannot just do a wave analysis for the next 6 months and trade by that chart over time. EW predicts price moves ahead, and for precision and confirmation you need also the latest price moves in your analysis. It is when you update the charts you can get those AHA moments where you spot the trend change.

@thedolphin yes, and haejinwas completely unable to spot the trend reversal. In fact, he was calling for ATHs until the evidence was bleeding obvious it had turned bearish. Then he changed his opinion. So much later than most analysts.Aways compare to others.


We do not see any reasons why should anyone buy TRON apart of speculation only. Very dangerous asset to HODL.

Not as dangerous as most other altcoins

You can always look away and keep an eye on the charts and news yourself , you don’t have to read or believe anything, who told you to read Haejin post , why do you read it again and again because it’s Effin making you money you cheap nickel

All that crap and no sense, didn’t help in any way at all , I mean Hawkins voice alone is calming enough , you should go back to your cave

"However, according to elliot wave everything will just keep going up because a correction is just a wave 2 or 4 of a larger trend".


Tron is over-hyped crypto in my opinion. Although they're trying so hard to push it.. Still, I don't see the pratcicality for this coin as compared to other ones already making money (I.E. NEO, WABI, BNB, etc.)

@haejin why are you downvoting my comment. Im neither being rude nor unreasonable. Are you afraid of people speaking the truth? A real man doesnt silence his critics but answers them.

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