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Hello beautiful people!

Welcome to another week here on Steemit. I hope you all, have had a wonderful weekend and are ready to become inspired and motivated by these great Articles from the TribeSteemUp members that really embody what The Tribe stands for.

Today's articles, that are presented in this post were written to encourage us all to become more aware. More aware, of what is happening around us and how those things can affect us. It is up to us all to be informed and to make the best decisions for us and for the earth. These articles, were also written to encourage us to become the people we are meant to be. How we treat ourselves, reflects how we treat others. Personally, life for me is all about learning, evolving and being mindful in all that we do. We are here to create ourselves and create the world we wish to live in, so create something beautiful! By coming together and engaging with one another we can all share our wisdom and empower one another. So take the time to enjoy these posts and become involved in the dicussion of those that resonate with you, we all have so much to learn from one another! You can show your appreciation by upvoting or You can go one step further by following the TribesteemUp Curation Trail, this way way you are supporting all the great authors who are creating quality content.

The TribeSteemUp community, was created by @kennyskitchen. It is a Community Abundance Generator which supports authors who write articles that look at ways in which we can become more empowered and create a more peaceful and free world.The authors that were chosen to become part of the TribeSteemUp community are all writing content of high quality, which are based on the following topics:

| Anarchy | Non-Violence | Philosophy | Veganism | Mindfulness |
| Community Empowerment | Love | Original Music | Esotericism |
| Healthy Recipes | Psychedelics | Truth | Permaculture |

The TribeSteemmUp community also has 8 Amazing Pillars/Principles that each member has agreed to adhere by and you can find The 8 Pillars of TribeSteemUp at the end of this post

FDA Approves Clinical Trials for Psilocybin Treatment of Depression; and Microdosing with Psychedelics [Dabbing with a Mage episode 154]


The safe and responsible use of psychedelics can only be harbored by a society which appropriately educates it's inhabitants. Within the past week or so, the FDA has officially approved clinical trial studies for the treatment of depression using psilocybin mushrooms. More and more we are seeing the open acceptance of these powerful medicines. Join me in today's episode where I discuss how psychedelics work their magick upon the brain!

Early Morning Practice


What is Early Morning Practice?
Doing something for your wellbeing in the morning is important, in this short piece I am going to talk about why. An early morning practice could be drinking some lemony water, or it could be doing some breathing exercises. A lot of people choose meditation or even yoga.
If you are bad at discipline then it's good to pick something simple and east to fulfil. This means it's more likely that you can do it, and avoid a negative feedback loop. Part of having an early morning practice is forming the habit, so even if its just 5 minutes of quiet time and a glass of lemon water - that can be a strong practice! and it can be forming the habit for stronger practices to come with time.

Sounding Natural with Nonviolent Communication (NVC); a Flaw and a Fix


In the 13+ years of studying and 12+ years of teaching NVC, the single biggest issue I've had with the system is how "unnatural" it can sound when used outside of the classroom or speaking to Moonites. There are many reasons for this. For one thing, the primary NVC book by Marshall Rosenberg doesn't really address how to sound natural with NVC. I'm not blaming him. Far from it. I am in awe of him and his huge... brain. So I've experimented with and brainstormed on ways to increase how natural we can sound using NVC principles while straying as little as possible from the OFNR formula.

Ease Stress In All Your Relations


Do you tend to over-give, over-care, or hold on too long/too tightly, to people?
Do your relations with others get easily bogged down with miscommunications, petty arguments, or unspoken resentment?
If so... hello, human :-)
Be easy with yourself, and consider giving the suggestion in this video a try!

"True freedom is when you know your own power, and then create the life that makes sense to you."


Renee Johanna is psychic-intuitive life coach and author of Welcome to Awakening: How To Be Free In The Human Experience. Join us for a laughter and fun filled chat as we learn how attract more love into our lives and explore the idea that we are infinite.

My Ongoing Obsession - Day 193 - Daily Haiku, touching on my deep and abiding love for whales and marine life


Among the things that defined me most distinctly as a person was my decision, when entering college, to study marine biology, specifically whales, dolphins and porpoises.
And thus began one of the most rewarding, frustrating, and ultimately depressing, periods of my life.
Because for one who has loved whales all of my life, to study them closely is to realize the reality of our critical front line environmental issues; namely that we humans are, as a species, monumentally irresponsible in how we treat our home planet and other sentient beings, as we insistently fail to learn even the most blatantly obvious lessons as they present themselves. Frustrating indeed.

SmartCash and 1UP: Empowering Crypto Communities With The 1UP Platform


The 1UP system makes it easy to create a community by simply using tags and userlists. Each new community offers its own trailing system which users can follow with a part of their daily voting power for increased curation rewards as 1UP optimizes that process.
At the moment you have communities like @tribesteemup giving big upvotes to their members and initiating a trail to automatically follow that upvote as well. This is a popular mechanism handled by platforms like the free open source SteemAuto service. The problem with that approach is that the curation rewards for all followers are diminished because the of the earlier big upvote.

The Unwritten Rules of Steemit - Vital Information for Steemit Success


Many Steemians understand how to navigate this platform, but not how to be successful on it. What I am referencing is Steemit decorum (etiquette) - the steem-cultural expectations of proper manor execution online. In this article I will also outline proper topic selection, and explain the importance of proper formatting, comprehensiveness, citing sources, and networking tactfully. I provide many useful links to other articles I have written to help you advance as well.
I used to see so many articles on Steemit that deserved attention and were not getting it. Now if I find an account like that, I usually offer them a membership in @earthtribe to give them further support.

Permaculture Radio Show | Principle #5: Use & Value Renewable Resources & Services


Nature has over 4 billion years of evolution to draw upon.
It makes ultimate sense for us to ally with this intelligence and use biological solutions within our systems. This principles reminds us to utilize the free ecosystem services that are available to us if we listen and understand the natural order of things.
In this episode...
We get into practical examples of how we can favor and prioritize biological solutions over nonrenewable ones. Not only does this create more abundance in the long run, it's actually imperative for us humans to shift our ways of being as our Earth's carrying capacity is reacting to our exploitive & consumptive ways.

Walk With Me: Wild Camping On The Moors, Standing Stones & Stone Rows War Horse & Haunted Woods



So today I'm back on the moors for a couple of nights, heading to some different locations and snapping pictures as I go. But first let's take a look at the river I photographed last time and observe what a difference a drop of rain can make. So the first picture was taken on a previous trip.
And below is taken after a summer rainstorm. When you come down here after a winters storm it's nothing short of frightening, the river sounding like an express train roaring through the valley.

Finding Root Causes & Supporting My System: #ihaveanxietytoo


Anxiety's both a bitch and a friend. She's a constant teacher and a constant pain. She rattles me and she asks me to dive deep to figure out my body's processes and more my core needs. She keeps me on my toes. She reduces me to a tiny thing, causes my jaw to tighten and my skin to vibrate, and forces a retreat from the sensory world that rattles me further.
But I have learnt to invite her to tea, ask her what's up, and be kind to her, because shooing her away never works. She just comes back, after all.

Mama Renegades Urban Gardening Secrets


Urban gardening seems to be picking up up some steam - pun intended. Urbanites are picking up their trowels and trading in their patches of high maintenance grass for yards that keep on giving. While flowers give the gift of beauty, edible gardens offer even more. In addition to filling our bellies, even when the season ends, gardening provides health benefits including exercise, critical thinking, and exposure to beneficial soil based organism.

Illness Is an Opportunity and Your Greatest Blessing


What IS a Horoscope? -- Part 1


Your "Sign" is your Sun Sign.
Whether you "believe" in astrology or not, components and words contained in the discipline are part of everyday life. Most people know their sign. Many people also know the qualities of their sign.
What they may not know is that when someone says he is a Capricorn or a Scorpio he's actually giving information about which zodiacal constellation contained the Sun when he was born. And, indeed, there are certain qualities that the natives of a sign -- as astrologers call them -- seem to share commonly with others born under their same sign.
But it's also true that not all Leos, or Libras, or Pisces people are alike beyond the range of certain general characteristics and broad "soul themes" that do seem to describe them.

Best Self-Talk Any of us Can Have


We know that we live in a vibrational reality.
We have learned that what we choose to do, eat, think and believe in has a profound effect on how we experience this cute little thing called SELF.
Many of us are willing to grasp the deeper meaning of being alive at such spectacular times of transformation, we desire to EVOLVE with every fiber of our being.
How we talk to our Self, what we seed within determines our experience of SELF more than anything else. We could eat the right foods, we could detox and exercise our physical muscles, and still miss the point if we dont train the main muscle of our being - AWARENESS.

Transcending your Ego and Narcissism, The Angelic Narcissist



No matter the circumstances that shows up in this reality, I always say to myself, be you improving the world through your unshackling and unfoldment.
I believe the external difficulties that humanity face are open doors for us to consciously pick an alternate path, a higher path. They are breaking points and thresholds of a new level of evolvement.
We go through encounters of "breakdowns" for us, as humans and on the whole as a planet, to reach "achievements” that enables us to push ahead on our evolution.

I Want to Love Without Hope



Perhaps, the only way to love a person is to love without hope?
This is something that I don't want to admit for the longest time. Despite being anti-fragile, I know that it is hard to go on without being vulnerable. It is hard to go on without an inspiration. I'm afraid to be called needy because that's what the society labels those who are desperately calling for love. Days go by, I've shut myself inside, protected from the rest of the world. Emptiness is real and isolation is slowly killing me. I realize that I've built everything on an island. I can't go on being a castaway anymore. I want to love without hope in order to survive.

Why do I walk barefoot?


Many call it earthing or grounding, the terms are precise. Walking in direct contact with our mother, Earth - has many huge & often overlooked benefits for us.
The profit times, which we live in, do as hard as they can to sell you remedies that have nothing to do with remedy & want to make you a loyal for life consumer.
I was a part of it... as a young kid, my parents never taught me to walk barefoot... instead, they bought me all kinds of synthetic footwear which eventually led to me developing flat feet.
Issue occasionally started to leave me in pain, as my hip didn't develop correctly & everything went in wrong directions.
As I was a kid, I didn't know how the potentially simplest solution can bring me the most benefits.

The Pay It Forward Community Support Initiative (CSI) WEEK 13


It's the 13th week of the Community Support Initative and we're still going strong! If you haven't spotted this initative before let me explain how it works. In an effort to turn the whole paradigm of voting bots into something much more beneficial to Steemit and all its users I have created the Community Support Initiative, which uses the profits made from this post and the @ecotrain voting bot to pay it forward to great Steemians with a healthy upvote that exceeds what I can give from my own account. This is all possible due to the great delegations that we receive, and all the people involved in this initiative.

Make Today A HAPPY Day!


Good morning, everyone!
Today I woke up without an alarm, in my super comfortable bed, to cool air and a misty gray sky. It was such a peaceful feeling that I couldn't help but appreciate what a nice way that was to start my day.
I often use Sunday as a day to be productive, to prep for the week, and get lots of things done... I kind of think of it as "happiness insurance" for later - the more I finish up today, the less stress I will experience throughout the week and thus the happier I will be.
Although I try to highlight the importance of being mindful and grateful regularly, I think that focus on Sundays has fallen by the wayside in my attempts to buffer my weekly stresses with ample prep on my last free day of the weekend :)

Heading off for another retreat weekend! We are ALL conspiracy theorists! Oh, and F%$@ "Sustainability"


We are all conspiracy theorists!Conspiracy Theory, according to Merriam-Webster:
a theory that explains an event or set of circumstances as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators
As most of you who are reading this already know, a conspiracy theorist is simply one who follows hypotheses with evidence about secret plots. Since just about everything that governments, corporations, and their crossover groups do is by definition conspiring, and since we don't have the absolute facts & truth about their actions, all we have is theories.
As someone who just recently got introduced to Urban Dictionary (a site I had long heard of, but never visited), I have to say that they have some AMAZING definitions for Conspiracy Theorist

Why Applications Like @tribesteemup Are Fixing STEEM Problems


This article is going to be the start of a multi-part series detailing how some things people are focusing upon are not issues and will be resolved within a couple years all on their own.
There is a major shift taking place on STEEM and I am not sure many are aware of the ramifications. Power is being shifted around which is making some of the areas of discussion mute. Nevertheless, people continue to focus upon the now so I figured I would explain what I see.
Part of being a technologist/futurist is to realize where things will be in 5-10 years. Of course, this is not exact and many factors come into play.

So you want to be in a tribe?


Why are we having such a difficult time decolonizing our minds so that we can return to our tribal roots? Could it be that most of us have no idea how to live within a tribe? The transition is not an easy one and even after 10 years of effort, I'm still cautiously working my way into a tribe as I explore my role, purpose and responsibilities.
The approach I took was necessary as I did not have any mentors or teachers to show me how to decolonize or even to show me what tribe life was all about. So I decided to declare peace and learn how to live a peaceful life outside of the system.

Living With A Lack Of Direction


If you never set any goals for yourself, then you can't get let down by failing to achieve them.
However, if you never get around to establishing any goals for yourself to try and reach, you're sacrificing the potential for growth and you might never find out what you are truly capable of.
Researchers who have previously investigated the effect of regret in the past, suggest that failing to explore missed opportunities can be one of the most pressing regrets that many hold at the end of their lives.
You don't want to get decades down the road, having allowed many years pass, filling you with regret because you only wish that you had branched out in some new way, tried something new, or explored a different approach.

A big thank you to @hungryhustle for creating the amazing infographic of the 8 Pillars Of TribeSteemUp and For @eco-alex for creating the tribesteemup banner and logo.



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It's too late at night for me to delve into the rabbit hole that is @tribesteemup right now, but I'm commenting so I remember to return to your blog tomorrow and check out your picks. I got a really strong wave of energy reading one of @flauwy's posts and I'm kind of speechless that something like this exists on Steemit, finally. I'm in awe :-D


I know the post you speak of and I am so happy that @flauwy shared his wisdom with us on something that is so important in helping us to move forward and create the world in which we wish to live in. TribeSteemUp is a great community that I feel very fortunate to be a part of and one of the things I love is the diversity within the Tribe, because of this there is so much knowledge being shared and we really do need diversity in life if we are to thrive. Thank you for your wonderful comments and please do jump down the rabbit hole and enjoy xxx

Funny how I follow so many people from here. Already read 4 of them. Particularly enjoy ,@Wwf articles, hopes he recovers soon


cheers @empree-eremmy, I did not realize @wwf was unwell, I had noticed he was not posting regularly like he usually does, I hope he is okay xxx

Wow much to learn, much to read from these post, I love everything, I admire you friend are super creative


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thank you @annemariemay for sharing your wisdom with us and we are all so grateful for what @kennyskitchen has created and in doing so, brought us all together. I hope you are having a wonderful week xx

Once again, I'm so humbled to have my little post included amongst such esteemed writers and creators. Thank you for all the trouble you go in putting this list together and for drawing attention to these amazing wealth of talent that resides with #tribesteemup


there is nothing little about your post my friend, I love how your words and pictures transport us to these amazing magical places. I look forward to the next one xxx