Transcending your Ego and Narcissism, The Angelic Narcissist

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No matter the circumstances that shows up in this reality, I always say to myself, be you improving the world through your unshackling and unfoldment.

I believe the external difficulties that humanity face are open doors for us to consciously pick an alternate path, a higher path. They are breaking points and thresholds of a new level of evolvement.

We go through encounters of "breakdowns" for us, as humans and on the whole as a planet, to reach "achievements” that enables us to push ahead on our evolution. One such test/opportunity is our uncontrolled connection to ego, which when taken to its furthermost expression can be shown in extreme narcissistic act.

Fact is we bear inside us some part of "overweening self-centeredness" and "a pretentious perspective of our gifts" and so on whether we let it out or not.

Let’s talk about Narcissism

Narcissism is extreme self-centeredness, with an overinflated view of one’s own abilities and a hankering for reverence, as pretentiously displaying a personality type.

Narcissists are disturbed people. They never have a thought that they have flaws and they wholeheartedly believe they are perfect and do no wrong, this is exactly how they are. And the strange part is they do not wish to be this way, but due to traumas, core wounds and various conditionings they might have experienced, they got out of touch with their feelings which lead to this very bad personality.

Narcissists know how to make you feel your worst, they know how to alter your perceptions and control you. They have a low compassion and they really don’t care about what you have to say.

Some have said humans are going through a rise in this trait. I feel so too. Others also made their claims and pointed out that the US President, Donald Trump being elected as the president was a mistake as he exhibits Narcissistic Personality Disorder. But my major concern is this: could there possibly be some opportunity for us in this narcissism rise? Could it be that Donald Trump and his rise to the Presidency speaks to a shadow part of ourselves being shown?

Trump has all the earmarks of conveying into the light our excessive and uncontrolled attachment to ego. And what we MUST learn from him is to examine ourselves sincerely and in the light and find ways to heal this shadow part of ourselves. Trump's extreme ego is calling us to thoroughly observe our own level of narcissism and rise above it.

Extreme attachment to the desires by ego can be a plague to our spiritual Self, which becomes a total blockage to our higher needs(self actualization and self transcendence).

Narcissists can be Angels in disguise?

Yes, they can be Angels in disguise, I love to refer to them as Angelic Narcissists!

Read through and you’ll know why.

At this point I want to share with you readers a beautiful experience of a man named Marcos. I couldn’t find the place I picked it from anymore but I had saved the notes in my notepad about two years ago, I learnt A LOT from him so i decided to share what this beautiful soul said:

We all came from the same source, narcissist , sociopath, etc, its just labels created in a 3d reality trying to explain things . I wanna share my experience with you guys, i’ve been running on “narcissists” my ENTIRE life, my both parents have this wound so imagine the kind of place that i grow up. They manipulate your mind, it’s like you are a puppet. They do that because they have a BIG wound from childhood and they need to control others and the perceptions of every single person ALL the time. If they don’t do that, it’s like they don’t feel safe.

They suffer so much on the inside, what is running the show is a false self. In terms of source and spirit we all came from the same place, so there’s no difference between us and them. It’s just lessons that we signed up to experience into this reality. “Narcissists” in fact are a big gift for our soul because it really empowers us.

What they do is: They pay attention to every single reaction that you make so it’s like they can read your mind. Based on that they put all your unhealed and wounds on the surface so you have self-awareness and can clear everything. And you clear everything faster than you would do by leaving your normal life, because our ego always create lies about ourselves, and with the narcissists they SEE everything inside you, so they are just MESSENGERS of your own wounds. They are angels in disguise.

Also they are masters of perception. They really understand how to do it because they did their entire life. Yes they control people around them, and the perceptions of others, they know how do it pretty well. The gift behind it, is that if we look to the 3d reality that we are living, it’s the same thing. It’s a big place with illusions created from the media, people that don’t want to empower us, but to mind control our perception to buy their products. Expert marketers have a big power in creating ANY PERCEPTION that they want into people’s mind.

They can really make people buy products that they don’t need, triggering insecurities in a form of mind control. On youtube for example there’s so MANY fake videos that people create showing false reactions, that alter the perceptions of the viewers, like for example A guy picking up girls with a lamborghini (fake) , first the girl rejecting him, but after seeing the car, she changed her mind and was into him.

This messes up with the perception of people PRETTY BAD and since we create our own reality, the next interactions with girls that we have, it’s gonna be stored on our subcouncious level. So another gift behind it is that for me it’s easier to see behind lies and illusions, because they changed my perceptions my ENTIRE life since i was a child, it makes really clear to see behind things.

So i realized that my soul mission here is to learn about perceptions , i’m a marketer as well so i’m using that as a tool now to empower people. It’s possible to sell products and still empower people and making them be the best version of themselves. So who were my biggest teachers here ? ?? Narcissists, they taught me everything about the 3d reality and how it’s a world of false perceptions, we are evolving and humanity is going to the 4th and 5th dimension, so ALL illusions gonna fade away over time.

In Everything there’s a lesson and a reason behind it, when we look to the big picture, Yes i took a while to figure that out, Yes i suffered a lot with this experience as well, i even got very sick and depressed and ALMOST died because of my parents. My body died many many times, but every time you stand up , you come back stronger, the body is just our vehicle here, so it doesn’t matter. They can kill your body but our soul is eternal and we only evolve.



Nice essay! I agree 100% and have learned from all kinds of critics. They are excellent mirrors! “Should you find a wise critic to point out your faults, follow him as you would a guide to hidden treasure.” This is a genuine Buddha quote. It’s from verse 76 of the Dhammapada.

What a thoughtful comment. And that’s one of my favorite quotes of all time!

I think we're on a similar tip. I'm looking into how stories influence and control our perceptions.

Your example of the guy picking up girls with a Ferrarri is a great example. What does it do to people to think their fellow humans are greedy and shallow?

I'm also very interested in Narcissistic Personality Disorder and have a fear I lean in that direction myself. I want to increase my empathy and connection to people in a genuine way.

I'll follow you and hope you continue this line of thought in your blog.

Anything our mind perceives has the capability to influence and control our perceptions. This is why it’s SO important for us to learn to protect our energy no matter what as the mind can be really delicate. Energy is extremely contagious, positive and negative alike which makes it so easy to fall into a false conditioning.

I'm also very interested in Narcissistic Personality Disorder and have a fear I lean in that direction myself. I want to increase my empathy and connection to people in a genuine way.

You should embark on the process of soul searching. Know your cores values in and out. MOST people totally miss this in their lifetime and it’s just as important as living life itself