Tribe Updates & Quotes About What the Tribe Steem Up Community and Earth Tribe Means to Others

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This article covers recent updates as well as quotes from TSU members describing what the @tribesteemup community means to them, and how this relates to @earthtribe.

We would first like to welcome five new members into @earthtribe that have joined us this past week: @dynamicrypto, @in2itiveart, @cabelindsay, @lyndsaybowes, & @evernoticethat. All of these Steeminas have something different and exciting to offer this community, and we are honored to have them with us on our quest to create a better world, and better platform. If any current members are familiar with these accounts, please have them reach out to @elamental on Discord to be invited into our server, to further connect with the tribe (if they have not already).


@tribesteemup has increased their delegation to @earthtribe to 1,650 SP, and many others have made new delegations, or increased their originals. Although not required for membership, delegations are how this tribe grows its power for everyone's benefit, so if you have not yet delegated and can afford to, please click one of the links below to easily delegate to our tribe:

25SP 50SP 100SP 250SP 500SP 1000SP 3000SP 5000SP

Currently @earthtribe's is sitting at 5,338.38 SP, which is a fantastic start in less than a month, but we hope to see this number grow MUCH larger. Only through your support will this be possible.


We also hope that as we increase the amount of rewards ET's vote/trail produces for the community, that the community will increase their delegations occasionally as well. None of this is required of course, but as this community grows larger, and other's make larger delegations, everyone's ET vote % will be adjusted accordingly, proportional to the new factored in delegation(s).

Since ET's VP is consistently pretty high (mostly because membership is still on the lower side), I have increase everyone's normal voting weight by 5%. So if you were getting 15% without any delegation previously, you are now getting 20% votes. As membership becomes much greater in the future, this will once again be lowered to 15%, and could go as low as 11%, but that would only happen with a lot more SP in the account.

We would also would like to thank all the ET members and others that have joined the @earthtrail curation trail. Not only are you increasing your curation rewards by doing this, but you are further supporting all members of ET with even more rewards/votes.

Current Trail followers:

1 @dynamicgreentk
2 @eaglespirit
3 @walkerland
4 @alchemage
5 @porters
6 @dedicatedguy
7 @bobaphet
8 @senorcoconut
9 @elamental

We would like to see a larger percentage of this tribe follow the curation trail to show your support. Even a lower % voting weight is better than nothing, we appreciate any and all support that can be given to all tribe members. A curation trail uses your most finite Steemit resource. We ask you use a little bit of it to help assist a worthy cause, that also supports you. Even if you are not a member, you are welcome to join our trail to earn more rewards for yourself as well.


I also want to mention that we are no longer accepting suggestions for membership in @earthtribe. This is due to simply not having enough time available to properly research all the suggested accounts that were pouring in. We are now back to invite only, and will be slowly bringing in new members as we find ones that qualify.


Every other week @trucklife-family brings a question to the @tribesteemup community suggested by members, for TSU members to answer in a post. This past week, @elamental posed the question of "What does @tribesteemup mean to you?"

I posed this question mainly because those who describe TSU, are also essentially describing @earthtribe. Since ET is an affiliate account of TSU/part of the TSU community, and TSU & ET represent the same core values, pretend the following quotes describing TSU, are actually quotes describing @earthtribe, because they pretty much are.

QUOTES ABOUT @tribesteemup ( @earthtribe ) - FROM TSU MEMBERS

@enchantedspirit - Original Article

"The more I investigated TribeSteemUp (EarthTribe), and the more I read the blogs of its members, the more I realized, these are my people. Those eight pillars of wisdom convey precious ideas. I know where these people are coming from. We share a vision. We know that mind shapes reality -- and that in the end, we all realize -- right down to our bones -- that peace, love and kindness are what matter.
We speak the same language -- no translation needed. We share a reverence for the natural world. We want to take charge of our own nutrition, healing and well-being. We see a reality beyond that conveyed by the physical senses. Tomorrow matters to us.
We don't need to be pumped full of chemicals for Big-Agra or Big-Pharma's profit. We don't need to be put down with platitudes about how political systems can't change and that the current world is "just life" -- so accept it.
We feel a deep need -- even a responsibility -- to live by our own lights, support our own values and where possible, advance our vision of a much different world.
In that world, the power of personal responsibility, conscience and ethics takes precedence over the puny legalese of man-made laws any day of the week. (That's why you find us on the front lines of the social causes we believe in, even when we get denigrated and ridiculed for our passion.)
We don't need the formality of black-letter law to tell us how to behave, how to treat others, how to respect other lives, how to relate to the planet. And we don't need a church to tell us what to believe, how to feel energy, how to hear our feelings and intuition, how to know things carried on messages without words. It's ingrained in us from the start.
I'm sometimes asked, "Where did you learn all this?" And I answer, "I came with it."
To me, to be part of TribeSteemUp (EarthTribe) is to stand in that truth. We are not alone. We have each other, and that ... is precious."


@trucklife-family - Original Article

"There are different communities on Steemit that have been created, so that those who share common beliefs and skills, can come together and support one another. TribeSteemUp (EarthTribe) is one of those Communities, but it is not just the tribe members it is supporting, it was created so that each member could contribute, towards finding ways in which we can live more harmoniously with the earth.
TribeSteemUp (EarthTribe) is fueled by love and respect for the Earth and for all that occupy this sacred land. We are not separate from nature, we are part of the whole, we live through the same cycles and we are all connected. When we recognize this, then we become aware of our responsibility to restore that which has been damaged and polluted, from the people ,to the water , to the air. TribeSteemUp is a community of people who are part of the change that is occurring, who are part of the Human Support System for the Earth! We are part of the solution, and being part of TribeSteemUp (EarthTribe) means I am not alone in my desire to bring about change.
The earth is not something that we just take from, it is something that we can be of service to. Now is the time to make the changes in our lives that will serve us and the planet better. By listening to our inner voice, allowing our intuition to guide us, to do all we do, from our hearts.
When we come together, when we share and co operate with one another we are already changing the world in which we live in and that to me is what @tribesteemup (EarthTribe) is all about.
To me, TribeSteemUp is a river of change and from this river, distributary channels will form organically, other tribes that will unite those who are aware of the responsibility we have on this Earth. @earthtribe is one of those Tribes, one that shares the same principles as @tribesteemup and has been created to bring together more Earth Warriors, to inspire one another, to create and share new ideas, new visions and to always keep moving forward. We all add to the world we create, but it is up to us to decide what it is we wish to add. It is our choices that create the change."


@riverflows - Original Article

"When someone believes in you, you're far more likely to rise up the best version of you that you can be.
I misheard someone talking about curation the other day, and I heard it as care-ation. I like that. I like the way we're care-ating each other in this tribe and it's subsidiaries and offshoots. I know that I'm going to continue to care-ate as much as I'm capable and do TSU and its other communities proud."


@kennyskitchen - - Original Article

"@TribeSteemUp (EarthTribe) means so many things to me. Most importantly, it means that the beautiful humans who are spreading the message of sovereignty, empowerment, and mindful living have a consistent opportunity to be financially supported for the wonderful content they are creating.
@TribeSteemUp (EarthTribe) is a working proof of the fact that abundance is there for us, if we are simply living in alignment with ourselves and open to it
@TribeSteemUP (EarthTribe) is an example of the power of spontaneous organization & the beauty it brings (I have been clear with the community that they shouldn't ask me for permission, and that any project they create in alignment with our pillars I will make sure is financially supported)
@TribeSteemUp (EarthTribe) has been, for me, a powerful reminder/proof that anything I can envision, no matter how far-fetched it may seem, is well within my grasp if I hold the vibration of it and keep following what inspires me
@TribeSteemUp (EarthTribe) means that popularity, link-spamming, and bidbots are not necessary for a bunch of inspiring people to get rewarded & noticed for what they are creating
Thank you so much for reading, and for being part of this beautiful experiment called life. I personally believe that this is THE greatest time to ever have been alive as a human on planet Earth. We are at a time of untold connection, learning, and shifting, with all the old institutions, beliefs, and practices that have held us back for centuries falling away like dust."


@eco-alex - Original Article

"I am here on Steemit, heralding the potential of a bright new, decentralized future, in a world where we all share and give and get what we need, free from oppression, free from censorship, and ready to take over the reins from an old paradigm that is no longer fit to serve anyone except a very very very few who currently sit on a peak so high we don't even know who they are!"


@elamental - Original Article

"What means the most to me about this community, more than the increased rewards, more than the sheer utility, more than the ridiculous amount of super-conscious content all under one roof, is the community itself. I am absolutely in LOVE with the TSU community - a place where there is no time or energy available for nonsense, drama, or negativity, and where even the stubborn get an education, since everyone is so loving and willing to talk things out, no matter how intense the situation. This group holds a special place in my heart, and is an extremely rare and unique example of collective realism, love, understanding, and intelligence, defeating ignorance, violence, destruction, and greed on a massive scale. The best part is, we win with non-aggression, and are impossible to censor.
Most importantly though, TSU is special to me because I get to help run it with two of my best friends in the whole world. This project would be a lot less meaningful and personal for me in absence of this fact. Success with the support of your homies is much more fulfilling for me than succeeding alone, and is also a huge boost of confidence throughout the whole process. I am also extremely grateful for all the wonderful Steemians I have met through this initiative who I now call my friends, even though most of us have not yet met in person.
I want to see all the aware and hard working Steemians unite, really show everyone the best of, and achieve the proper rewards that come along with that. With STEEM down, and many people leaving the platform or becoming inactive, this is the perfect time to balance the scales in favor of our collective will, to save our species from self destruction through education of how we are naturally meant to live in harmony with this world.
If this platform survives the sh*t-storm it has been thrown into, TSU should serve as a shining beacon of light for the rest of its existence, sitting at the top, guiding everyone to shore safely, and steering them clear of rocky waters. Ultimately, the TSU community could be the deciding factor to save this platform and breath it new life. We should at least be leading that charge. The existence of @tribesteemup to me, means a better, happier world, waking up souls around the globe. TSU is a family... and by definition also a shaman."


@mountainjewel - Original Article

"We promote dialogue and conversation...By centering the humanness of us all and that we're all in it together, through mutual respect and nuanced dialogue, I believe we can turn things around on this Earth Ship hurdling through space."


@solarsupermama - Original Article

"[In] tribesteemup, we may disagree about certain things, but everyone is respectful. We have created a community where we support those with similar values but still have room for respectful disagreement."


@eftnow - Original Article

"It is a paradigm shift. By the nature of the content that is supported, it is moving in a direction that I have been talking about for awhile, and I know many other people have been as well, and which is a life more in tune with nature by using the best of the technology that we have to integrate and move forward. So it's not going back, it is going forward to once again having a relationship with nature and being able to thrive with the best of the technologies that we have."


@hopehuggs - Original Article

"Tribe Steem Up is somewhere I can get both support and inspiration in this formative period in my life"


@flauwy - Original Article

"[At] first it was merely a form of association and dominating my attention to topics like independent media, plant medicine and esoteric teachings. But quickly I realized that the TSU members create a massive amount of love and light every single day...I have started to pay more attention to my own behaviors and how I create my own reality with my thoughts...TribeSteemUp is a consciousness accelerator for me."


@tibra - Original Article

"Only a communities can create new traditions. Only communities can displace and replace other communities and other traditions. Only peaceful communities that grow will bring people from violent traditions and communities into peaceful traditions."


@lovenfreedom - Original Article

"We all have love in common - be it with family, non-family or nature. Healthy you and me, healthy food, healthy lifestyle.
Not only do they show support in up-votes but also with each other."


@goldendawne - Original Article

"To me, Tribesteemup (EarthTribe) means having a community with a wealth of knowledge to share among its members; to learn as we go and to value others' lifestyles, to be thankful for what God has given us to achieve independence, to cherish all living creatures and their reasons for being on Earth and respect what every day brings us.

Tribesteemup (EarthTribe) is a collection of Steemians who all bring forth great awareness of his or her surroundings and shares that observed insight with each of us. We are all cultivating experiences to contribute to a long-lasting Earth for generations to come."


@futurefarmers - Original Article

In this TribeSteemUp (EarthTribe) neighborhood, we found many other Steemians who are writing about good food, good garden and family. Mom and I and my whole family are finding new friends and knowledge.


It is @earthtribe's mission to support those on the Steemit platform that produce quality, professional, Earth conscious, humanitarian, platform advancing content, & want to truly benefit humanity by promoting topics of liberty, resisting tyranny & oppression, understanding diversity, and healing this world and our people, moving us and the planet forward in a positive direction. I also want this tribe to become a haven for star seeds, where they can connect, share ideas and inspiration, resolve conflicts, and collaborate on projects of healing and peace.

Thank you for reading about our Tribe this week, and thank you to everyone who supports and creates for this movement.

Blessings everyone & stay tuned - into the right frequencies

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What an inspiring network of visionaries we've become -- with more on the way. That's perhaps the best part.

Indeed. I absolutely loved your answer to the TSUBWQ about what TSU means to you btw. Such a well written poetic piece, and my personal favorite out of the bunch.

great post!! we need to do this for ET, lets do something similar. fun times🙌🏽🦅

I want to do a writing incentive project similar to the Tribe Steem Up Bi-Weekly Question, but I do not wnt to just straight up copy the idea... still brainstorming.

i totally u’stand and would love to help

I'm with you on that!

@porters no no i'm with youuuu hahaahah

Thanks for the updates and those quotes from Tribesteemup. Very inspirational and has motivated me to get those ideas that have been swirling around in my head for what I want to share with the Earthtribe posted. Loving that we are connected to Tribesteemup and looking forward to the growth in Earthtribe. Thanks so much for setting up this initiative!

It has been and still is my pleasure. This is part of my service tho humanity and this world. Motivation station my friend!

I know I keep saying this but I am very excited about this tribe and the huge potential it brings when we all come together, so many great members/warriors on board with so much to offer and so much wisdom to share. xxx

Absolutely, in a year from now, I bet we will look back on all this and be so proud of what has been accomplished... actually, I am already proud.

What an excellent post. I appreciate you for mentioning my name here, welcoming me to the #tribesteemup. And I'm so happy to see your quality curation, with quotes from many gems. I'm excited to get to know these people who are new to me. Bravo! 👏 I'm upping and resteeming.

Blessings friend, the TSU-community is full of a diverse range of quality, conscious individuals, who come from all walks of life, and each have something different to offer the community... I am sure you fit right in.

A GREAT bunch off quotes, people and extraordinary spirit xx

That is what we are displaying for everyone to see. Thank you for taking notice! <3

Really beautiful post. There is so much love here in these quotes! I am following earthtrail now :)

Thank you on behalf of everyone in our tribe for your furthered support. Blessings friend!

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