My First TribeSteemUp Answer - What Does TribeSteemUp Mean To Me?

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is a project by @kennyskitchen which supports authors who write quality content. The tribe is hand-picked. You can only be a member if you were picked and invited.

Here is Kenny's post explaining this cool project.

What Does It Mean To Me?

To me it means a neighbor, a neighborhood, a community and a lot of friends.

The bonus of being in this community is my siblings and I get Steem allowance!


7 months ago, I started posting in Steemit. It's my extra school work so I can write what I learn. It's also my extra school work to read and learn from other Steemians.

My first post shows this picture of my sister and I playing outside and just enjoying at our homestead. I write about our family and homestead. I write what I am excited about.

Thanks to my mom and dad (they won't let me write a bad post, or make a bad video).

When I get good comments, I am excited to read them. And when I get good upvotes, I'm excited to see them.

Before I only get good upvotes if @hr1 , @hendrikdegrote comes around or Kuya Terry @surpassinggoogle. But there are a lot of Steemians who need help with their posts too.

So I keep on posting under #homesteading, #ulog, #untalented #family tags.

Thank you @kennyskitchen

My first tribesteemup upvote was on May 20, 2018. After 4 months of posting, I suddenly get an upvote and I thought it was just that one time on my strawberry post.


The next time, it came again! Mom had to find out what it was all about.

With tribesteemup, I'm getting good upvotes now every time I post and I'm always trying to write my best. Now I just need to do great at my school work so I can comment on others too and maybe they can come check my posts too.

In this tribesteemup neighborhood, we found many other Steemians who are writing about good food, good garden and family. Mom and I and my whole family are finding new friends and knowledge.


Right now we're busy at the homestead with our chickens and fencing project. My baby sister is also learning how to walk so we have to keep an eye on her.

Maybe come fall and winter I can start commenting a bunch again.

We would like to apologize to @canadianrenegade and renegade twins, @crowbarmama and kids and @johnstone and Daniil if we haven't been visiting and replying.

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Hey there @futurefarmers! No need to apologize! We're homesteaders & homeschoolers too and we know how busy life gets! The great part is that we can always catch up and pick up where we left off. I don't know about the #untalented hashtag. You seem pretty talented to me! 😉

Wow, amazing, excellent 🤗

No apologies necessary over in camp renegade! We understand that homesteading season means heads down, and laser focus on everything needs to get done. We haven't been able to comment as much as we used to either because we are racing against the changing seasons. Keep up the great work and a watchful eye on that boogeying little sister of yours. -Aimee

Wow @futurefarmers! This is just excellent post! It's an honor to be included in it. Thank you for mentioning my steemit name. Daniil often asks me to say Hello to you, so I must also apologize to you I actually did it only once or twice out of those 20-30 Hellos he has sent you since that time) I really enjoy your posts and your way of thinking, it makes us also think/ And hey we haven't yet found an answer about that hook on the cart you asked. So we learn together with you. Thank you for being a good friend of me and my family. We finally registered accounts for my wife Nina - @madam-nina and for Daniil - well it's not activated yet, I will tell you the name of it a bit later. Say BIBIBIBIBIBIBIBIBIBIGGGGGGGGGGGGG Hello to your wonderful family. I remember about you every day. You and your wonderful family has made my steemit journey so wonderful. Thank you!