Trial by Comics winner for "Super-Villains" week and next theme announced!

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Good evening, Steemit! It’s time for the results of Trial by Comics “Super-villains”! First, though…a few words about the contest. Holy shit, this was week four and it’s already hit a level of participation that’s going to force me to re-think how it’s formatted. After this week, I genuinely may not be able to share every entry because the post will be beyond scrollable in length. I’m also considering how to introduce a tier for rewards. Choosing one winner is nearly impossible with all the different styles and outstanding artists in our community.

This week’s winner of Trial by Comics “Super-villains” is @steemitadventure for his entry “Boba Fett - pen and ink drawing on duo shade paper”. What an incredible piece! There have been, and will be guest judges for Trial by Comics, but when I’m judging, I’m looking for the one that makes me say “Fuck! I wish I drew that!”, and @steemitadventure’s brilliant bounty hunter art made me say just that. I’m not even a Star Wars guy, so congratulations! 50.000SBD’s coming to you! 

A big thanks to our Trial by Comics sponsor and fellow Steemian artist, @danielkiessler, for matching the reward pool for the next three weeks! @danielkiessler is an incredible photorealistic illustrator with tons of portfolio work from comics and graphic novels. Give him a follow!

SO much incredible work to share from “Super-villains” week, and believe me, choosing one winner broke my heart. Here are a few of my favorites that came within a razor thin margin of winning this week’s competition.





Here are the other entries for Trial by Comics “Super-Villains”. The contributors that have turned this contest in to a massive success and illustrative phenomenon in our little corner of the blockchain internet. If you’re in to comics and art, give these folks a follow. They’re the lifeblood of Trial by Comics!


















Trial by Comics new theme is “Magic: The Gathering”!

This may come as a surprise, and many of you are scratching your heads. I expect less participation, but that only means the artists that do enter have a much better chance of winning! Here’s the truth. I started Trial by Comics to force myself to draw once a week. The theme default photo is my work and I want to draw what interests me. I’m a huge MTG nerd, and I play daily with @tarotbyfergus and @vermillionfox

The art and the worlds that make up Magic: The Gathering couldn’t be more fitting as inspiration for the Steemit artists. You may not be familiar with all the creatures and characters, but a quick Google search of “magic the gathering planeswalkers” will give you breathtaking fantasy personality like Gideon, Liliana Vess, Ajani, Nicol Bolas and Tezzeret. The game has been around for 30 years, so there’s bound to be something that interests you.

Deadline for “Magic: The Gathering” is Friday, October 6th 5:00UTC 12:00a.m. CTS


• Up to three entries per trial round [weekly].

• Original artwork only

• Winners will be chosen based on quality of work, submitted before deadline and ability to adhere to the weekly trial theme

• Must resteem the contest post you’re participating in

• Must include #trialbycomics hashtag [please note the change because this is how we will find your entry]

The winner will receive 50.000SBD, thanks to the generous donation courtesy of @danielkiessler. If you’d like to contribute to the prize or match my own, please contact me as a sponsor for future Trial by Comics contests, but note that sponsors cannot participate in that weeks #trialbycomics!

If you’re interested in participating and have any questions, please leave a comment. If you’re interested in contributing to the reward pool or co-sponsoring Trial by Comics, like I said earlier, I’d love to introduced tier rewards and 35.00 SBD would give us a second and third place tier.

That’s it! Start drawing and get those entries in by next Sunday. Thank you again, all of you, for making Trial by Comics such a success in a very short amount of time. For more comics, art and photography, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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this is very cool! I do not know much about magic the gathering, but I will be looking forward to the next one :)

Hi guys, hi @kommienezuspadt ,my entry 3 in color
Nicol Bolas - Magic The Gathering - Trial by Comics - Entry 3

Wow I was not expect thing that all and its very humbling! So much good stuff in the #trialbycomics I am just glad to be mentioned in it.

Many inspiring pictures that I really enjoyed, like Loki trying to lift Thors hammer, the alien venom crossbreed and Thanos paint work just to mention a few.

Also sick pencil work this week @kommienezuspadt those eyes are incredible! too bad you cant win your own contest :)

Side note I'm a guy lol I just use this avatar because it was going to be main character in "Steemit Adventure" but I may have to change that now!

Thanks a bunch for this and cant wait to see the steemit art community grow because it continues to be very inspiring with so much artistic skill to be a lil jealous of :)

I am sad I missed this one. I love anti-heroes.
here is one I did. Can you guess who it is!


Lester, is this what you want?


This is fucking beautiful @tetsuo! I loved Fargo! Great to see some original art inspired by it.

there is such a thriving art community on here and I am absolutely in love with your efforts. Thank you!!!

Hello @kommienezuspadt
This is my second entry into the contest.
This time I drew the fantastic " Ajani Goldmane"

This is an animated gif of the drawing process

Thanks and have a wonderful day!


Thats bad ass sick artwork how do you make the gif I never made one before?


Thanks @isteemithard! Glad that you like it. I use "GIMP" to make the gif. Have a great day!

Congratulations @steemitadventure !!!


Thank you so much! appreciate that a lot.

Great I like your contes @kommienezuspadt and here is my first entry Gix from Magic: The Gathering

Wow congrats to the winner you deserved, thanks also for the special mention of my drawing.


Absolutely @julstamban! I expected [hoped] the contest would grow, but I need anticipated it would happen this fast, and the quality of work is exceptional, including yours. Thanks for entering. Hope you'll try the MTG theme.

Honoured to be mentioned. Cheers.

Upvoted. I'll be resteeming this now :]


Resteems go a long way @opc! Thank you!

Hello @kommienezuspadt Don't know what the next theme would be but I'd love to sponsor the event with an extra 25 SBD. I could indirectly promote my on going comic Shades Of Men in the mean time... Might be wise to wait for a fitting theme (or not...). It's an action/adventure story about homeless people helping a teenager survive in modern Paris. Just a thought... let me know...



Bumping this one up @kommienezuspadt Still looking for a sponsor for the event?


such a nice drawing good stuff


Thankful and I'm glad you liked it.

Hello @kommienezuspadt.
Here is my first entry - Liliana Vess.
Hope you like it.

drawing process

Thanks and have a awesome day!

Hi guys, hi @kommienezuspadt ,my first entry

Teferi - Magic The Gathering - Trial by Comics

@steemitadventure Congratulations, well earned, excellent drawing, 100% quality

Holy guacamole! There are so many seriously talented people in this corner of the interwebs! Congrats to @steemitadventure for the win! That is some amazing ink work! Incredible detail!
And thank you SO much for the mention! I had a lot of fun drawing her. :)

I am LOVING this contest. It gives me the inspiration and motivation to pick up a damn pencil. haha (That has been a big issue for the last few years.) So really, truly, THANK YOU for putting this together!


Can you clarify the theme? Are we making card art? How does it have to tie into the game? Like if i did a troll, and there are trolls in the game, is that sufficient? I'm familiar with the game, so i know the art is eclectic. So how will this theme be judged this round?

Proper skill very impressive indeed, Nice tats bro. Cheers ;)

I liked it a lot, excellent post <3

This is my first entry: "Evil plant eats man / 邪恶的植物吃人"


Chamo, te quedaste sin creyones? jajajajaja

This is getting more interesting every day is great to see so many good entry, it is a great challenge to compete against such good talents, thank you for organizing this type of contests @kommienezuspadt.

Congratulations to the winner @steemitadventure ! Well deserved! and also all the other participants. Thanks for the mention @kommienezuspadt!
I look forward in participating in the new theme “Magic: The Gathering”.
Have a Awesome day!

Wow Congrats to the winner and to the participants ! And thank you @kommienezuspadt to organize such great contest !

Woow there are some really cool artworks!
Gratulation to @steemitadwenture you put some great detail into your work!

Wow loved this ! I'm going to participate too :)

This is awesome I haven't played magic in years but I used to have a kickass deck back in the day my plains x forest deck killed it. This will be my first time entering a contest of yours I'm not a great artist so I doubt I will win or even have a chance based on what I've seen submitted but I am entering for the fun and joy and to add to the contest. Just so I do this correctly I am to resteem this post as the contest post and enter before this friday with #trialbycomics is this correct?


That’s right @isteemithard! Resteem this and use the hashtag as your first. That’s it. Don’t sweat the skill level. This is for fun and for the comics community and the best looking one doesn’t always win.

Hi guys, hi @kommienezuspadt ,my second entry

Glissa Sunseeker - Magic The Gathering - Trial by Comics - Entry 2

Good day @kommienezuspadt! This is another of my entry.
Nicol Bolas "The extremely powerful dragon"

This is an animated gif of the drawing process

Thanks and have a great day!

I'm excited to see the new entries!

Hello @kommienezuspadt.
I think I may have submitted 3 entries already. Not sure, because I had fun drawing these characters.
If I have submitted 3 entries already, then maybe just consider my first 3 entries into the contest.
I drew the Golem "Karn" for this entry

Animated Gif of drawing process

Thanks and have a great day!


Thanks @gamzeuzun!