Travel Digest #120

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  • Introduction

    Welcome to the 120th edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy!
    As always all posts featured here will be put on our Editors Choice Map.

    Heya, @martibis here with another edition of #traveldigest! Today we are going to the smallest village in Italy, around the Canary islands, to end up at Reunion Island! I would also urge you guys to take a look through the Honorable Mentions, as there are some gems in there too!


    #1 The smallest villages in Italy

    @elenahornfilm takes us to Cervatto, Italy. This tiny town located in the Piedmon region, has less than 50 inhabitants. From shut down casino's to houses occupied only by cats and the local atmosphere of the place -, we get to witness it all through the eyes of @elenahornfilm!

    Steemit Worldmap Links:
    Author Map, Post Map

    #1 The smallest villages in Italy

    #2 Gran Canaria and the city of Las Palmas

    @sardrt takes us to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. This city on the biggest of the Canary Islands has 350.000 inhabitants, making it the largest on the island. Not only is the architecture you can find in this city stunning, the historical stories the buildings hold are equally captivating!

    Steemit Worldmap Links:
    Author Map, Post Map

    #2 Gran Canaria and the city of Las Palmas

    #3 Reunion Island

    @osm0sis takes us around on Reunion Island, a French island, in the vicinity of Madagascar. First up we go to the beach of l'Ermitage - crystal clear water and palm trees lining the coast - anyone? After that @osm0sis brings us to a rum museum where she guides us around and gives a beautiful explanation on how the rum is being processed. Lastly, we end up in the town of l'Entre-Deux, where we get to see some traditional cottages!

    Steemit Worldmap Links:
    Author Map, Post Map

    #3 Reunion Island

    Honorable mentions

    Steemit worldmap

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    Hi @steemitworldmap
    I am trying to contriute steemitworlmap with my shots. I think that I have nice shots but you have never contributed my works. What should I do to be mentioned by you?

    If you have a time you can visit my page and check my works. It will make me happy.

    Have a nice day...


    Heya, you definitely take amazing pictures! But we usually don't feature photography-only posts in here.

    If you want to have a higher chance of being featured, try to write a few paragraphs about the place as well. You could write about your personal experience there, the history of the place, maybe you know a story about the place others might not etc.

    I hope that helps answer your question a bit!


    Thank for your answer but I write a paragraphs about how I took picture and about place...

    But Some people are writing long travel post about a city. There are lots of different places to be seen. They tag their shots only one place in the map. They are different places where the map shows. Am I wrong?

    So I think that you should think and check again my posts... I will also write more about places....

    thanks for the information@steemitworldmap

    Thank you for choosing my post!


    You're very welcome!

    It's an honor to be featured, thanks @martibis!

    Thank you so much for the mention! this means a lot to me as a small steemer :D

    Thanks so much for featuring me again. As always, very appreciative for the support :)

    Thanks for the honourable mention.

    Thanks for the honourable mention :) I'm gonna go join your curation trail now :) Also, I already have you on auto-vote :D


    We definitely appreciate it, and so do the other travelers you're helping to support!

    Thank you for including me in the Honorable Mention list! :D

    Thanks for the feature! Love your work @steemitworldmap. 😁

    Well done everyone! I see a lot a=of new names I think today... great the map is growing :-)

    Love you steemian travelers!


    That it is, more and more Steemians finding their way here, haha!

    Thank you for mentioning my post, and for curating the awesome travel content! Interesting and informative as always.