Mini Motivation #62 - Why do I pack light?

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Since AirAsia decided to enforce on the 7kg carry-on rule (yes, I’m cheap to sky low budget airlines), I’ve been learning to pack light because I ain’t gonna pay extra for checked-in baggage (Heck, I already told you I’m cheap, right?)

But let me tell you, even with my minimalist dress code, spending more on lighter laptops, paying more to have all-in-one devices and multi-purposes travel tools whenever possible, packing like is not easy. I constantly have to be conscious of the things I will buy when I travel. I have to ask myself a couple of times before deciding on a purchase. No impulsive decision, nor spares or just-in-cases.

You know what these few years of packing and travelling light taught me though? I have to live my life the same way too.

Which means unnecessary emotional baggages, holding grudges, or promises unfulfilled.

Whatever needs to be said have to be said, what ever I missed the opportunity to say, I just have to be smart enough to spot another chance. I cannot let the weight of guilt haunt my actions.

Whatever someone said to hurt me, I need to digest it, extract the lessons, self-reflect, and move on. I cannot let the weight of anger and bitterness slow me down.

Whatever I said or do to someone, that might have hurt them, I need to be hurry with an apology. I cannot let the weight of procrastination and anxiety stop me from doing what needs to be done, no matter how uncomfortable it is.

Such is a life of packing light.

What about you? How do you pack?

Mini Motivation is my own daily strategy to inspire myself. Mostly 3 minute reads.

From Motivation, we gain Inspiration. From Inspiration, we achieve Momentum. And the rest, they say, is history.

Hope it helps nudge you a bit too in the right direction.

Oh it did? Let me know in the comments, and of course an upvote would be a nice motivation for me. :)

Stay awesome!

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Hi, thanks for the shared information, I identify many with your words because sometimes it was a bit difficult for me to release some feelings, however, just as your traveling has taught me to reflect and take timely decisions in a way that does not harm others . In the same way, thanks for the additional content, I am new to this platform, and it will surely help me a lot. I also want to use this platform to help, I am Venezolana and I want to help the children of our city, that like the great majority, we are going through a terrible situation with our government, but our children die every day due to lack of medicines, even undernourished for not eating well . As I can help, I would like to create a campaign and have the support of people like you.


Oh hey, thanks for dropping in. Sure, let me know how I can help. Most of the time, I publish the contents of my Steemit Training here too. I've done a program for a few underprivileged kids in January. It was a nine-day program, and you can start with Day 1 :)

The contents can be kinda long, so be patient :)


Thank you, I will keep you up to date when you start that project. and thanks for helping other people. that should be our essence of being and not being individualistic and selfish beings.

Agree with you on unnecessary emotional baggage, I personally will speak out at that moment if possible. If I don't speak out as soon as possible I'm like carrying it in my conscious mind and it will contribute to my emotional volcano and hence it will lead to emotional outburst in future.
Besides, light packing life is much more simple for me and sometimes I being labeled as "The simple guy".


I would rather carry the weight of a person in need, that carry the baggage of things I don't need.

Simple guy here, high five!


double high five! Great, found a new simple guy! :)

Haha, to avoid the fee of stress, anxiety and other harmful feelings - just bring with you the essentiell thoughts!


We come to this world empty handed, and we're probably leaving like that too. Might as well just live that way, eh?

I do not speak fluent English, so I often use translation tools, so I apologize for my mistakes.


Oh hey, no worries. We all learn a little, day by day.