Lake Tahoe: Finding Peace in the Serenity of Mountain Living

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I recently had the opportunity to visit Lake Tahoe and Truckee area and found an amazing paradise nestled high up in the mountains. Located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, straddling the border of California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe is known for its beautiful sandy beaches and lavash ski resorts. While I was there, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to snap some photographs and capture the beauty to share on Steemit.


Lake Tahoe is where you will find Squaw Valley Ski Resort, one of the largest in the United States. Leading up to it is "The Village at Squaw Valley", a great shopping center that houses lots of shopping and food with the majestic mountains as a backdrop.


The cobblestone streets and forest decor really highlights the mountain experience while meandering from shop to shop.

This water feature is a beautiful reminder of the kind of rocks you will find in the area


Feeling chilly? Pull up a chair by the firepit and warm your toes while sipping on a cup of hot cocoa.



Follow the breezeway to get to more shops and restaurants

Mountains loom over the village

Go ahead and take a load off with this way oversized chair.

The tree line along the freeway is a real sight to see

This rock mountain greets you as you pull into the village. You can see the tram tower at the top of it.

Traveling down the road, you can see some for the most amazing views.

The river can be seen all down highway

A view from the bridge reveals more natural beauty.

The town of Truckee is only about 10 minutes away and makes a great place to stay if you are not staying in the resort.


With plenty of local eats - your sure to find something that suits your taste.


The local scenery is very rustic and has a small town feel. The style of the buildings transport you back to the 1800's


The rustic decor help to add to the towns charm

This bar flag beckons patron to come in and check out their vast array of beers to choose from


Not sure what this is , but it sure looks nice as street art


And if you like art, then you will enjoy the art galleries and shops they have to offer


The restaurants are very friendly and colorful - just don't come into town late at night if you're hungry - shops close up early around here - but you should have no problem finding an open bar.

It's the mountain! - of course there are bears!


Old town eats


Local brewery and sushi bar

This beautiful rock with a greenery in the background couldn't be passed up

The plant life in the area is teaming with different colors and types .

These beautiful purple plants caught my attention


And finally a place where the dogs can run their little hearts out!!
Since the walking of dogs is prohibited - I just let them run around on their own.


I hope you enjoyed these pictures of beautiful mountain living

I love being in the mountains and am always inspired when surrounded by pine trees and fresh air. Maybe I will take some ideas back to my house and implement them in my yard - after all I still have a lot of yard to finish.

Thank you all for stopping by - don't forget to upvote!




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Great photos. I especially love the "Mountain looms over village".

Btw, I think you haven't added the It doesn't give upvote, but it tracks all the steemit travel related posts that are submitted there. Quite nice imo.

I live in SF bay area but have only been to Tahoe a couple of times. Beautiful place though...and beautiful pics, nice blog

thanks - I could help but to start snapping shots - I'm no photographer - but I do try to capture images from different perspectives and angles taking multiple pics and then picking the ones that look best.

Wow, what a beautiful corner of the Earth. I'd love to visit one day...

if you get a chance go for it... it's beautiful there and lots to do!

Stunning pictures!! I do not like traveling much but these pictures made me want to go and explore similar places in my country.

I think you would enjoy traveling if you went to the right places - for many , traveling can be a big hassle - especially when you have 3 dogs like we do everything is a little more work .. but go to the right place and it's 100% worth it. I think it helps to have really good travel companions too.

Wooow what a great location it is very beautiful place.

yes it is . I have been here about 3 times now and have always enjoyed the beauty and peace of the mountains.

Beautiful! You make me want to overcome my fears of driving there. :)

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Nice shots! Both paradise and home for me. Cheers!

I've been to Lake Tahoe a couple of times, and it's a stunningly beautiful place.

I don't remember the bears being as scary, though, as the one in your photo.

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