Its Here - Its Launched ... Come Join Us!!! (Newbie Resteem Initiative)

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This is a brief introduction to keep everyone's attention. Its something that will take off, you can mark my words. ;)

You can read the details of the Newbie Resteem Initiative HERE, but these are the 6 things you really need to know:

#1 Its a way for anyone who wants to help newbies learn, get noticed, and grow (thanks to @mudcat36)

#2 Its easy to do, you just decide on a day of the week that you want to help newbies.

#3 Make a "master post" for the day inviting people to recommend a newbie's post to be resteemed (note: they just put the link in your comment section). I will do this next as TODAY will be my #newbieresteemday

#4 Encourage anyone to suggest a link to you, and you will read and make suggestions; and of course resteem it in support. We want to encourage and train at the same time, so this action is a natural way to do so effectively.

#5 ALWAYS tag your "master post" with #newbieresteemday so that others can also go to that tag and easily find and support newbies with resteems and suggestions too.

#6 Spread the word. Encourage your followers in comments to join us and work together. @mudcat36 has a goal of 15 founding members, I have a goal that is much higher than that. I know at least 15 of my friends that will support this and do it (you know who you are) ;)

Simple, Now Lets Get Going!

That's all you need to know right now. Just follow these 6 steps and jump in and help a newbie. Try it and you will find out you will get hooked and become a founding member in no time.

There is no costs or fees or major demand on time, it simply takes a desire to help others and a good heart. So join me and lets do this.

#newbieresteemday has officially been launched!!!

As always, be humble... and


This is great and will really support newbies

Thank you very much for the comment @samiwhyte! And I encourage you to help us when you see something that appeals to you! We are a community and working together makes us all stronger!

@davemccoy I just joined yesterday and am appreciative of this support network definitely a call to action, thank you!

Hey goodguyty! I'm glad to get your message and I welcome you to steemit! You will find that this is a wonderful place and everyone is very helpful.. Feel free to tag your posts with #newbieresteemday and if its a game, you can also use #newbiegames!

also I recommend you go to #newbiegames channel and you an get started to meeting new people by just playing games!!! Connections are important here, this is a major thing to know!

Have a great day and if I can help you, please let me know!

Thank you @kazimyrex, I invite you to follow my lead... You will see that if you take 1 day each week and make it your own #newbieresteemday that you will not only help newbies, but you will also make some valuable connections!

@davemccoy your shoulder you have laid down for newbies like me to lean on is too kind of you.🙌😍. Thank you so much.
Please do visit my blog @udezee to mentor my post.
I'm the latest steemian in the house.

Hi @udezee, I will be happy to look at your blog and I will also send this post

to be resteemed by one of our resteemers for the day... and if you remind me tomorrow I will resteem it tomorrow from my account since I will make tomorrow another #newbieresteemday for me ... I'm happy to have you here and always happy to help someone who asks so nicely for it. :)

I'm going right now, so you can see my reply in your comments over there. Thanks for using #newbieresteemday and don't forget to ask the others that are resteeming there to resteem a post or 2 of yours... Thats what we are trying to do is help each other. :)

Gosh @davemccoy.
Your comment has boosted my love for steemit though I'm 11days old on steemit.
I just can't stop leaping for joy

make sure to remind me tomorrow... and I also will do it for you... but I know you got a least one or 2 from the others.

This is great! I'll be happy to participate.

Awesome @beekerst :) ... Let me know if you have any questions about getting it set up! And I love someone that volunteers just like you did! I don't know if I have personally asked you to join us, but you are definitely pre-approved if you want to!... Again, thank you very much :)

Excellent post @davemccoy. I can't tell you how grateful I am for your help in getting this initiative off the ground.

You're welcome but I thank you for taking the lead. It was a great concept and I'm happy to help. It will take me a few days to mobilize the troops but messages are already be sent to get this ball moving.

You should also do your own separate post on the day you select as your #newbieresteemday... the more people that make that a day they help, the faster this will catch on. And also check the tag to see if you see any new posts joining us, let me know in case I haven't spotted it. (I will do the same but 2 sets of eyes are better than one)

All over it sir. :) I'm currently in the process of going through other categories as well scouting out new comers content to put together a top pick post. I'll ask your opinion on this once I've assembled them and see what you think, you can do the same likewise. Ideally I'd like to do a weekly review of the project and a weekly news letter with top newbies posts in them. Of course the top two going into promoted, the runners up being featured in a weekly post with the tag. Thanks for the assistance, it's really encouraging. :)

All great ideas... we already have a 3rd "founding member" and I haven't even had a chance to reach out to the others... We did get a nice upvote from my friend @surpassinggoogle which will help us to use the SBD's gained to make a decent upvote for some newbies next week... So just think, this is just the first day ;)

Much more fun coming and keep up the ideas and growing our ranks!!!

Are we still running with the idea of shooting the SBD from the project into two posts to go into promoted? And a larger number that 15 founders is cool, but ideally I wanted to keep it low so as not to muddy the water on voting for two new users posts weekly to place into the promoted section, then as we made it a month or so along and grew then expand? What are your thoughts on this?

We will talk more tomorrow, (its 1:15am and I haven't even got to these replies today) ... lol what a big thing you started... But I will give you brief thoughts and expand on them tomorrow...

#1 you need to think way way bigger... I could've gotten you 15 in one day with no problem. The idea is to get lots of "founding members" which simply means those that sign up in the beginning (we should have a time frame to recruit as many as possible but set a deadline to get in)... Think of these as our 1st ambassadors (it will be a big source of pride for them to be a small part of the whole programs success).

To do the things you are talking about you will set up different committees, limit the members on the committees and let them manage themselves. Right now I think it is too early to get too detailed, because frankly we don't know what kinda talent we have yet to join our efforts. But I agree with our concept that of having different sections and using the SBD generated to kick back to the newbies. We have 7 days to firm up that idea and how many people are onboard, etc... Plus, one whale vote could change the money dynamics in a hurry. For instance @surpassinggoogle hit us once and it jumped my post over $10. We must account for contingency plans in the event that the money flows in larger than we thought (which I think is very possible). IE, while we want to help a 'few' newbies with our "modest" SBD we earn, if it gets much bigger we should expand the QUANTITY of newbies we help... We don't want them to get rich off of any one post, we basically would do best to help as many as possible in a meaningful way. So my suggestion is to think about this and lets hash it out. Of course it is just from my opinion, but based on experience in running other organizations and promotions.

What I wanted to say tonight to you is that you did a terrific job and came up with a brilliant idea. You have laid out a very solid framework that will help many here (which is your goal and my goal too). I think you were a bit conservative in estimating how this was going to do, which was ok because I didn't want to disappoint you. But now that you can see the "appetite" for the program (in less than one day, I suggest you expand your vision and realize you have some serious teammates already onboard. I'm not talking about me either, I will support you no matter what you decide, but the concept is being supported by more than the newbies like me. And guess what? Hardly anyone really knows about it yet, that will change too I can promise it.

I can promise that because:

  1. I have a lot of faith in this platform and the way it is constructed to be a "virtuous loop", so by design the people at the top have an incentive to support exactly what you are doing.

  2. the program is not about "personal gain"... It is designed to help newbies for no other reason than we have a heart. That works in any environment and will sell well, mainly because its rare to truly see it. Its a magnetic idea and as it gets bigger it will draw even more into its "field".

  3. I have a big mouth. I have run many organizations and my area that I never delegated was "sales". I can sell anything if I believe in it. (note: so can anyone else, they just don't know they can). I believe this is the right program for the moment in time we are in here in steemit. Everyone wins in this program, so what's not to like.

So consider those things that I discussed and we can talk more about structure and planning tomorrow (or at your convenience). I of course will do as you wish as I am just your side-kick on the project, but I hope you realize that power of the program that you devised.

Good night, its now 1:40am so NOW I'm going to sleep.

Very excited for you and for the steemit community as a whole and glad I got involved with you @mudcat36!!!

Look forward to chatting then Sir. I'm definitely prepared to take suggestion, follow smarter heads, and certainly think larger. Will chat tomorrow and sending both my sincere thanks and kind regards.

Sorry to intrude on a personal conversation but I do like @davemccoy's viewpoint on helping more newbies instead of a select few. An idea might be to set a SBD limit for one newbie so there is no preferential pick. Just my two cents contribution. :) I'm not a founding member, just think you guys have a great initiative going!

Per Dave, "while we want to help a 'few' newbies with our "modest" SBD we earn, if it gets much bigger we should expand the QUANTITY of newbies we help... We don't want them to get rich off of any one post, we basically would do best to help as many as possible in a meaningful way"

always nice to hear your thoughts @beeyou... :)

I'm glad you popped into any of my conversations and give your opinion...

And I've been looking for you, because I want you to be a "founding member" and I want your group to embrace it too. We can help out of a lot of newbies and I know you have a time constraint, so I'm sure we can work thru that too. I also have a full time job so think about it... @mudcat36 needs people like you to help in various ways.

Always nice to see you and glad you are already getting that bright mind turning ;)

Hi @beeyou, gotta agree with you on this one and it's a great initiative esp to help newbies with great content ;) Guess i'll be working more with you @beeyou and @mudcat36 in this initiative. I followed you both so if there are needs to resteem or anything else, i'll keep you all in my loop. Again, thanks for being so supportive of the whole ecosystem @davemccoy 💪🏼

this is awesome, so nice to see more established posters helping out the newbies :D thank you!

This is very nice idea!

thank you junichiro.. that is good that you got the message we are trying to send. Make sure you listen to the people that resteem your posts because they will be giving you advice on how to improve and make your time here more fun and rewarding... its nice to meet you and ps.... I like poker too ;)

Am still a newbie. Count me in. Am learning

You are in and glad you are here... I know everything is new right now, but you will learn fast... If you ever want to find who is resteeming for newbies in a given day, just go to the tag on the left and look for #newbieresteemday ... or type it in comment and then click it once its posted (try it by clicking this #newbieresteemday ) ... welcome @apostlebj and you are now connected!

Good sharing and information @davemccoy

Thank you very much @fikri.akmar I'm glad you like it! Be sure and tell a newbie about what we are doing and you are welcome to join us if you want to help out some newbies :)

This is great, am in, resteeming this post right now, let's help newbies, I'll also resteem this post in my community on discord #credo

Thank you so much @keban :) that is awesome ... That's exactly the kind of support the newbies need, everybody pitching in and doing things to help. It is appreciated and if you ever want to be a "founding member" just ask, you're already invited by me automatically!

wow, that is great, I will love to be a founding member. Thanks for the invite

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