Its Here - Its Launched ... Come Join Us!!! (Newbie Resteem Initiative)

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This is a brief introduction to keep everyone's attention. Its something that will take off, you can mark my words. ;)

You can read the details of the Newbie Resteem Initiative HERE, but these are the 6 things you really need to know:

#1 Its a way for anyone who wants to help newbies learn, get noticed, and grow (thanks to @mudcat36)

#2 Its easy to do, you just decide on a day of the week that you want to help newbies.

#3 Make a "master post" for the day inviting people to recommend a newbie's post to be resteemed (note: they just put the link in your comment section). I will do this next as TODAY will be my #newbieresteemday

#4 Encourage anyone to suggest a link to you, and you will read and make suggestions; and of course resteem it in support. We want to encourage and train at the same time, so this action is a natural way to do so effectively.

#5 ALWAYS tag your "master post" with #newbieresteemday so that others can also go to that tag and easily find and support newbies with resteems and suggestions too.

#6 Spread the word. Encourage your followers in comments to join us and work together. @mudcat36 has a goal of 15 founding members, I have a goal that is much higher than that. I know at least 15 of my friends that will support this and do it (you know who you are) ;)

Simple, Now Lets Get Going!

That's all you need to know right now. Just follow these 6 steps and jump in and help a newbie. Try it and you will find out you will get hooked and become a founding member in no time.

There is no costs or fees or major demand on time, it simply takes a desire to help others and a good heart. So join me and lets do this.

#newbieresteemday has officially been launched!!!

As always, be humble... and


This is great and will really support newbies

Thank you very much for the comment @samiwhyte! And I encourage you to help us when you see something that appeals to you! We are a community and working together makes us all stronger!

@davemccoy I just joined yesterday and am appreciative of this support network definitely a call to action, thank you!

Hey goodguyty! I'm glad to get your message and I welcome you to steemit! You will find that this is a wonderful place and everyone is very helpful.. Feel free to tag your posts with #newbieresteemday and if its a game, you can also use #newbiegames!

also I recommend you go to #newbiegames channel and you an get started to meeting new people by just playing games!!! Connections are important here, this is a major thing to know!

Have a great day and if I can help you, please let me know!

Thank you @kazimyrex, I invite you to follow my lead... You will see that if you take 1 day each week and make it your own #newbieresteemday that you will not only help newbies, but you will also make some valuable connections!

@davemccoy your shoulder you have laid down for newbies like me to lean on is too kind of you.🙌😍. Thank you so much.
Please do visit my blog @udezee to mentor my post.
I'm the latest steemian in the house.

Hi @udezee, I will be happy to look at your blog and I will also send this post

to be resteemed by one of our resteemers for the day... and if you remind me tomorrow I will resteem it tomorrow from my account since I will make tomorrow another #newbieresteemday for me ... I'm happy to have you here and always happy to help someone who asks so nicely for it. :)

I'm going right now, so you can see my reply in your comments over there. Thanks for using #newbieresteemday and don't forget to ask the others that are resteeming there to resteem a post or 2 of yours... Thats what we are trying to do is help each other. :)

Gosh @davemccoy.
Your comment has boosted my love for steemit though I'm 11days old on steemit.
I just can't stop leaping for joy

make sure to remind me tomorrow... and I also will do it for you... but I know you got a least one or 2 from the others.

This is great! I'll be happy to participate.

Awesome @beekerst :) ... Let me know if you have any questions about getting it set up! And I love someone that volunteers just like you did! I don't know if I have personally asked you to join us, but you are definitely pre-approved if you want to!... Again, thank you very much :)

Excellent post @davemccoy. I can't tell you how grateful I am for your help in getting this initiative off the ground.

You're welcome but I thank you for taking the lead. It was a great concept and I'm happy to help. It will take me a few days to mobilize the troops but messages are already be sent to get this ball moving.

You should also do your own separate post on the day you select as your #newbieresteemday... the more people that make that a day they help, the faster this will catch on. And also check the tag to see if you see any new posts joining us, let me know in case I haven't spotted it. (I will do the same but 2 sets of eyes are better than one)

All over it sir. :) I'm currently in the process of going through other categories as well scouting out new comers content to put together a top pick post. I'll ask your opinion on this once I've assembled them and see what you think, you can do the same likewise. Ideally I'd like to do a weekly review of the project and a weekly news letter with top newbies posts in them. Of course the top two going into promoted, the runners up being featured in a weekly post with the tag. Thanks for the assistance, it's really encouraging. :)

All great ideas... we already have a 3rd "founding member" and I haven't even had a chance to reach out to the others... We did get a nice upvote from my friend @surpassinggoogle which will help us to use the SBD's gained to make a decent upvote for some newbies next week... So just think, this is just the first day ;)

Much more fun coming and keep up the ideas and growing our ranks!!!

Are we still running with the idea of shooting the SBD from the project into two posts to go into promoted? And a larger number that 15 founders is cool, but ideally I wanted to keep it low so as not to muddy the water on voting for two new users posts weekly to place into the promoted section, then as we made it a month or so along and grew then expand? What are your thoughts on this?

We will talk more tomorrow, (its 1:15am and I haven't even got to these replies today) ... lol what a big thing you started... But I will give you brief thoughts and expand on them tomorrow...

#1 you need to think way way bigger... I could've gotten you 15 in one day with no problem. The idea is to get lots of "founding members" which simply means those that sign up in the beginning (we should have a time frame to recruit as many as possible but set a deadline to get in)... Think of these as our 1st ambassadors (it will be a big source of pride for them to be a small part of the whole programs success).

To do the things you are talking about you will set up different committees, limit the members on the committees and let them manage themselves. Right now I think it is too early to get too detailed, because frankly we don't know what kinda talent we have yet to join our efforts. But I agree with our concept that of having different sections and using the SBD generated to kick back to the newbies. We have 7 days to firm up that idea and how many people are onboard, etc... Plus, one whale vote could change the money dynamics in a hurry. For instance @surpassinggoogle hit us once and it jumped my post over $10. We must account for contingency plans in the event that the money flows in larger than we thought (which I think is very possible). IE, while we want to help a 'few' newbies with our "modest" SBD we earn, if it gets much bigger we should expand the QUANTITY of newbies we help... We don't want them to get rich off of any one post, we basically would do best to help as many as possible in a meaningful way. So my suggestion is to think about this and lets hash it out. Of course it is just from my opinion, but based on experience in running other organizations and promotions.

What I wanted to say tonight to you is that you did a terrific job and came up with a brilliant idea. You have laid out a very solid framework that will help many here (which is your goal and my goal too). I think you were a bit conservative in estimating how this was going to do, which was ok because I didn't want to disappoint you. But now that you can see the "appetite" for the program (in less than one day, I suggest you expand your vision and realize you have some serious teammates already onboard. I'm not talking about me either, I will support you no matter what you decide, but the concept is being supported by more than the newbies like me. And guess what? Hardly anyone really knows about it yet, that will change too I can promise it.

I can promise that because:

  1. I have a lot of faith in this platform and the way it is constructed to be a "virtuous loop", so by design the people at the top have an incentive to support exactly what you are doing.

  2. the program is not about "personal gain"... It is designed to help newbies for no other reason than we have a heart. That works in any environment and will sell well, mainly because its rare to truly see it. Its a magnetic idea and as it gets bigger it will draw even more into its "field".

  3. I have a big mouth. I have run many organizations and my area that I never delegated was "sales". I can sell anything if I believe in it. (note: so can anyone else, they just don't know they can). I believe this is the right program for the moment in time we are in here in steemit. Everyone wins in this program, so what's not to like.

So consider those things that I discussed and we can talk more about structure and planning tomorrow (or at your convenience). I of course will do as you wish as I am just your side-kick on the project, but I hope you realize that power of the program that you devised.

Good night, its now 1:40am so NOW I'm going to sleep.

Very excited for you and for the steemit community as a whole and glad I got involved with you @mudcat36!!!

Look forward to chatting then Sir. I'm definitely prepared to take suggestion, follow smarter heads, and certainly think larger. Will chat tomorrow and sending both my sincere thanks and kind regards.

Sorry to intrude on a personal conversation but I do like @davemccoy's viewpoint on helping more newbies instead of a select few. An idea might be to set a SBD limit for one newbie so there is no preferential pick. Just my two cents contribution. :) I'm not a founding member, just think you guys have a great initiative going!

Per Dave, "while we want to help a 'few' newbies with our "modest" SBD we earn, if it gets much bigger we should expand the QUANTITY of newbies we help... We don't want them to get rich off of any one post, we basically would do best to help as many as possible in a meaningful way"

always nice to hear your thoughts @beeyou... :)

I'm glad you popped into any of my conversations and give your opinion...

And I've been looking for you, because I want you to be a "founding member" and I want your group to embrace it too. We can help out of a lot of newbies and I know you have a time constraint, so I'm sure we can work thru that too. I also have a full time job so think about it... @mudcat36 needs people like you to help in various ways.

Always nice to see you and glad you are already getting that bright mind turning ;)

Hi @beeyou, gotta agree with you on this one and it's a great initiative esp to help newbies with great content ;) Guess i'll be working more with you @beeyou and @mudcat36 in this initiative. I followed you both so if there are needs to resteem or anything else, i'll keep you all in my loop. Again, thanks for being so supportive of the whole ecosystem @davemccoy 💪🏼

this is awesome, so nice to see more established posters helping out the newbies :D thank you!

This is very nice idea!

thank you junichiro.. that is good that you got the message we are trying to send. Make sure you listen to the people that resteem your posts because they will be giving you advice on how to improve and make your time here more fun and rewarding... its nice to meet you and ps.... I like poker too ;)

Am still a newbie. Count me in. Am learning

You are in and glad you are here... I know everything is new right now, but you will learn fast... If you ever want to find who is resteeming for newbies in a given day, just go to the tag on the left and look for #newbieresteemday ... or type it in comment and then click it once its posted (try it by clicking this #newbieresteemday ) ... welcome @apostlebj and you are now connected!

Good sharing and information @davemccoy

Thank you very much @fikri.akmar I'm glad you like it! Be sure and tell a newbie about what we are doing and you are welcome to join us if you want to help out some newbies :)

This is great, am in, resteeming this post right now, let's help newbies, I'll also resteem this post in my community on discord #credo

Thank you so much @keban :) that is awesome ... That's exactly the kind of support the newbies need, everybody pitching in and doing things to help. It is appreciated and if you ever want to be a "founding member" just ask, you're already invited by me automatically!

wow, that is great, I will love to be a founding member. Thanks for the invite

@davemccoy Your initiative, good friend, I hope to help in this process, which we all spend some time when we enter the platform. Greetings friend.

Awesome @juandaloko... that is terrific to hear from a bigger fish than me... I welcome your support in any way you want to give it and if you could contact @mudcat36 and let him know you're in I know he will be happy too! I look forward to working with you. Way to step up!

What a nice idea bro. I hope it will work to mine. This is my profile and hope some of my posts will me resteem. Thank you! #newbieresteemday

I am in with all my heart! But it must be changeling for newbies too. So I propose to make this initiative a small contest. I will dedicate a day for newbies once a week as you propose and resteem three of the best posts which newbies will put links in comments of that #newbieresteemday post.

awesome @tombort :) ... that's exactly the out of the box type of initiatives that I was hoping for. Make sure you let me know you when you get it going so that I can also let people know. This is so new that many are coming forth to help and corralling the ideas would be counterproductive. So do your magic and I'm glad you're "all-in" and let us know how we can help you...

ps... if you could contact @mudcat 36 that would be good... He's the main guy and I want him to always be in the loop... He's a good guy though, you'll like him!

Deal! I start initiative Upvote Myself no More from this same reason you and @mudcat36 start yours. I think that we have to upvote each other rather then upvote selfishly ourselves. On the end when you gain reputation in community upvotes from your supporters can bring much more value in many aspect rather then only financially.

p.s. and upvote you because your comment is great and counts in community!

This is great, and the initiative as well. I like humbled people and people who remember where they came from. I think a lot more newbies like me will appreciate your help ladies and gentlemen :-)

Thank you @sunnydidi... And I"m glad you get the concept... because one day soon you will join our ranks of ladies and gentlemen and that day is fast approaching ;) ... I can't wait! In the meantime search out the people doing resteems on the #newbieresteemday hashtag... And let us help you grow up and be a lady to join our ranks :)

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thank you very much @resteemable... I put in a plug to get you a grant of some steem power... I hope it helps... you can go here to read the post (if bots read) ;)

Thanks Dave! It would be great to get some more SP behind Resteemable. The community sure is growing around it :)

I really do love what you guys do and if the want to help the newbies, then the people like me that have no SP need your platform... I don't know if you read the whole post or not of what I said, but it is true...

You guys have spent far more supporting me and the people I support than I could've of even thought to pay you...

You should reach out and make a post in this contest you still have time @suesa is very nice and she really wants to help... And I have a hunch that she knows some others in her class and at least we have her attention. I have no idea of where you fit in the scheme of things, I just know that you have been a tool (along with @originalworks) that I literally use 30 to 50 times a day.

If you don't know her, then at least she knows you now. And at a minimum I would reach out and at least thank her for her efforts. She's trying to "grow the base" and that's right where you fit... I can validate that for sure...

And seriously, I urge you to write a post and enter her contest (a great service is easy to explain and you have such a thing).

Here is the link with her rules:

I'm telling you, you couldn't have a better chance... I honestly laid out why we would want the 500 SP and what we would do with it (and I think it would be a terrific use to delegate to us), but even better (for you) is I made the truthful case that the money would be best spent with you first. And I mean it...

I have no idea what happens next, but I do know that I am appreciative of what I see out there. And I want to thank you for the 500th ??? time and will always respect what you are doing for us.

Cheers and if you post in @suesa's contest, let me know and I will try to rouse up some interest to come and validate your value.

hey gktown, you have been such a great asset here that it really bothers me that you voted a -100% -0.15 on my post. I honestly don't know what I did or said in the post that you didn't like. I certainly would never do anything to disrespect you or step on your toes in any way. I feel that you have been a valuable asset to newbies like me and I even told suesa that you guys could use the delegated SP better then we could.

So I think I either stated something unclearly (and not my intentions if it read wrong, or I stepped on your toes by suggesting partnerships with others here in steemit. Since I view you as my partner, then I hope it isn't the latter. If you would please explain what you didn't like about my post, then I will be happy to fix it, retract it, or take any of your suggestions.

I don't have any negative agenda here and I am not doing it as a business. I'm trying to help the "best way I see fit". If I don't see something properly or I crossed over some line I am unaware about, then please tell me so that I don't repeat the mistake.

I don't care about the money that I lost when I got the negative vote, I do care though about the fact that i obviously pissed you off. I don't want that. I think what you do is great. And if you tell me how I can help you, I would do so. So again I ask that you explain what I did wrong so I can fix it and repair the negativity that I prompted.

Thanks... And I hope you reply because I do respect your opinion.

This is great community service. Selflessness

Thank you for your observation and for taking the time to tell me... And since you are a newbie, if you have posts that you want resteemed, go to this hastag #newbieresteemday and find the people resteeming today... there were 3 the last time I checked. Stay in touch too, I like your understand of life.

I am very happy there are steemians like you who supports minnows like me. I am enjoying it here very much, but it seems that I dont really get noticed. I joined discord and others chats but it still dont work.
But, i am still continuing my blogs here. I am pretty sure that someday, ill get noticed and people will read my blogs of artworks usually.
But great thanks to people like you. So, i am joining.

Christian, I'm very glad you joined us and I will work with you to help you grow your base. I went through your blog and you are actually doing quite well for the time you've been here. I am totally jammed up with this launch, but in a few day message me and we can talk about ideas to take you to the next level. I always want to help my teammates, and you are definitely one of them!! Good job and thanks for joining the club and we will figure this out together!

Thank you very much sir. I wish to hear more from you.

Joinining this wonderful project is my pleasure. :)

As a newbie, thank you

You are welcome and we are 2017 classmates here on steemit... I'm glad to meet you and one day we can work together!

Nice meeting you too! Looking forward to that.

That'ts a great way Dave to help new people. You are very kind person, not just for this post today, you have been helping me a few time on other good post you have done. Many Thank's

Thank you for saying that but we are on the same team... And I know you would help me too... :)

Don't forget to find the active resteemers for the day so that you can get the benefit of this program... One day it will be you helping the newbies, so don't b shy and use their support to make us all stronger.

Thank's Dave, I will. I am all powered up so I am about to head over to #newbieresteemday to share some upvotes. I ran it too low yesterday before I had read the post.

I forgot to mention the new tag in my post! lol next time I will try and get it right. did go and upvote on @newbieresteemday.

This is great, that the newbies are being cared for and are cared about make it feel refreshing to be here.

I'm glad you stopped by @mhizoyin and yes steemit is a place where everyone does care. I know its a big puzzle to figure out how some things work, but its designed to succeed by encouraging others to help each other. Glad you're here and I'm now connected to you!

@mudcat36 and @davemccoy, I will try to help. Not sure about 10 newbies, but every now and then, yep, I find them. I will need to take a little bit of time to digest and read the previous postings on your back and forths.

The one back and forth I was able to read so far, Dave was looking for a name. If you still are how about Betta Fish, they are pretty and they are fighters, and we are helping newbies fight their way upstream? Just a thought.

I am not sure I understand the Master Post thingy though. Are you talking about our title bar post? I use that so I have all my reading material available right now, and would not really want to change it.

I think it is a good and worthwhile effort to promo a newbie, and I have done that in the past and would do it in the future if I saw a new person who caught my eye, so yep count me in, and I will try to do it right.

Great to see you here Bash and happy for you to help.

I'm happy to have you help in any way you want to. The big picture is that you "get" that the newbies need help and are willing to do your part to help. That's all that is necessary... You will find out how you can do that best as we progress forward in time. We will learn together and all of us will reap the reward of see this place grow and prosper!

It is a worthy effort. Passing on knowledge is one of the ways to improve humankind. I like yours and @mudcat36 effort, because unlike MSP and other whalehelp efforts toward minnows, they have failed to see that it is new users, people that have not even reached minnow status yet that really need the help. None of us are even minnows yet. You need 1,000,000 vest to be a minnow, that is a steempower of about 480SP. People, whales, dolphins, minnows, and yes even redfish/plankton, think that REP score is an indication of an individual's fish status. Rep really has very little to do with it, SP is the only thing that determines one's fish status.

So I think it is great you two came up with this, redfish helping redfish fight their way upsteem. That was why I suggested a red Betta Fish as a logo. I could not find a copyright free one to use, and no fish stores close for me to go get a picture of one myself.

Will get my master post soon... Busy week coming.. Thx for the initiative to @mudcat36 and @davemccoy. Will give a shout out to my followers tmr... So late here.. Hahaha... 3am!

Question.. I am still a newbie even at 40. What's the difference between clicking the resteem button and replacing 're' at the https:// (noticed that I have to give 0.50sbd when I did the latter. Ty.

I'm glad you asked that... Its important to understand that you DON'T need to donate to @resteemable... I'll explain:

The resteem button on you page view is to resteem it to your own blog. That means all of your followers will get it in their feed and also when they stop by and read your blog. It gets the attention of all of your followers.

As to doing the "re" and replacing "https://" that is how you use a FREE service from @resteemable. When they resteem it goes to all of their followers with of course is quite a few and you get much more eyeballs on your post.

They are here to help us newbies too and they don't expect us to "donate" at this stage we are at. At some point when you/me get bigger and we are able to prosper here, then of course they would hope we would "donate" at time for the help they gave us along the way.

I use them on every post I can to help the authors to understand this tool.. It is one of the best things you can do for someone that doesn't know about it... But you don't need to pay when that page comes up. Simply hit the back button on your browser after you see the page appear... By seeing the page you know it went through, but you can disregard paying for it... They resteem almost everything that is genuine and real and they are a tremendous help that one day we can help repay.

I hope this helps (sorry if its a bit wordy), but I want you to use your SBDs in a way that optimizes your power and therefore I want you understand what is expected.

Let me know if I explained it sufficiently ... :)

Super duper, thanks for that explanation. One last thing, if i tinkle you here in steemit, doesn't it annoys u with all the msgs? is there an alternative way for us to 'buzz' u for a quick chat.. or better this way...

lol... I understand... and when I have several posts running at the same time, my mind wants to explode... there are alternative ways like using chat or discord (which have their own learning curve)... The way I've found to get someone's attention is to send a comment in their "latest" post (not resteemed one but authored by me)... Those are usually the easiest to see and easiest for me to follow up on... Im still a day away from getting caught up, but I do scroll thru and try to find everyone... and btw, it never bothers me to get messages. I think of it as if people want to talk to me, then I want to talk to them. In your case that is doubly true :)

and ps... I got that referral you sent my way yesterday, she seems like she's gonna be good!

YIPPIE!! ok, i'll spare this Saturday to do this initiative... Crazy Monday and today, Crazy Tuesday... told myself... i need to get home early to do this... but just cant :( (Sob)

awesome... this is just the first week and we are all learning, and I'm happy to see you are on board!

Cool Carol, I think you will really be a good part of this and will find it helping out others in the process. Let me know when you send it so that I can resteem that too :)

This will be very helpful and encouraging. Nice initiative

Hi decryt, glad you stopped by and found this encouraging... We are happy to help you and hope you join us when you grow up very soon!!!

here you go, started the things you wanna do...goodluck and more power, God bless you!

same to you @sweetcha... I already am behind as you got your own page going on!!! You're the best and I'm so happy you are a founding member!

yeah kindly tell me if something I need to improve on what I've doing, so far it is my simple way to help and looking forward on the best thing I can do.

Great initiative. Keep it up. I'll be doing my share one of these days.

Thank you afterglow... I appreciate the encouragement and also the future commitment. You are obviously welcome to join in anytime and at your own pace too. I'm always happy to find someone who 'gets' it and I'm confident you do.

You're very much welcome. I like helping too. When I saw your post I think it will be a good start for me to join in.

That terrific.. let me know what you would like to do and how you would like to help... there are quite a few ways people are trying, so as you observe one that fits your personality then jump on it! And if you want ideas, just ask... we are all a team and working towards the same goal

Thanks. I want to help steemit beginners so that they wiļl not be discouraged and continue to grow.

ok cool... I will let mudcat36 know and include you on the different ways we plan on helping them. This is going to be fun!

just got with mudcat36 and left my ideas on this thanks to you... I have identified at least 10 different categories that people can help with. I'm sure we will have many times that once we get a chance to breath, but I will definitely follow up with you as soon as he gives me the green light!
And thank you @afterglow

This is awesome, great way to welcome and show support for people that are new to this platform! Kudos to you for initiating this brilliant idea.

Thank you very much for that kind comment Shelisa! That is very refreshing to hear after a long day. :)

It is nice to meet you and I hope we can help you get started and if you need anything, always just let me know!

You are so very welcome, this post was Very educational and helpful. I enjoyed it and continue to refer to it when i have questions or doubts

As a newbie this is such a great help, now that we are still exploring this platform. Appreciate the help in advance! Thank you!

hey Dy, nice to meet you... I know it can be rough when you first start, I was there with you not that long ago... The good thing is there are many to help you and to answer all of those so-called "stupid questions"... Really they aren't stupid because there is no rulebook here. That doesn't mean there are no rules, its just some you have to learn as you go. I will be happy to help you if I can, so feel free to message me and I'll do my best! Welcome to steemit and stay in touch with all of us here... we were once a newbie not so long ago so we can relate ;)

Have a terrific day and talk to you soon!

Thank you so much sir @davemccoy this 6 steps.same as me ,im a newbie here in this platform,im a process of getting and learning by reading so many post in my feeds,to make my own post its very hard to have a good content hard for me and the grammar,but I want to learn this.I have so many friends asking me please upvote my post but cannot,everyday they get higher dollar for their post but me point point only,thats why I was dismayed on making.but I've said I did not theres # newbieresteemday I hoping that this will great help for me .thank you sir

I'm glad you contacted me. I will help you... first of all read this article so that you understand why posting is the last thing you need to do right now:

You need to meet people and engage the "honestly and be genuine"... most people don't care about the perfect words, but they do care about one sentence answers that are meaningless... You took the time to write me a good comment and I now feel I know you better as a result of that .

You should be doing this all day long. Going to areas of interest for you and striking up a converstion... there are games you can play, contests you can enter, and all of the are designed to get YOU to go to them and have a conversation and "engage" with them.

Ps... you will earn far more money from the comments you will make than you could ever make by posting if you aren't talented like an artist of some kind. So don't worry about posting and getting lots of money on your posts, worry about carrying on conversation telling people what you think and feel about their work...

pps... you should set a goal of have 50 conversations on peoples posts... If you do that, you will start to see a payout and you will also make friends that can later be a source of funding... But don't do those small time like for like follow for follow things, those guy will never make it here at all.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have questions and please read that article I sent to you.

Wow i am looking forward to have more steems because of this.. thank you

You're welcome @sawi... and just follow the feed #newbieresteemday and you will find out who the latest resteemers are.

you are doing great job sir. :) this is a very good motivation for newbies like me. big thanks! ^^

awww I'm glad you like it...and glad you commented on it too... and we are teammates so you can call me Dave! ps...I love you name too :) Its good to see you hear and let me know when you want to join us, we could always use an energetic person who "gets it".

This is a great initiative and I ll love to be a part of it. For this reason I have decided to use #newbieresteemday as one of the tag in my latest post. Please support me to spread a story of hope. Folo the link below

Regards @apiprincz

Hey apiprincz, I would be happy to if it is there when my day comes around again... You should go to the feed #newbieresteemday and find the newest resteemers that can do it for you now. If you can't find anyone, let me know and I figure out something else to do. Also when its my day again, I will be happy to help you out then too! I'm glad you are a part of it and hope you stay here and join us soon as you grow up!

Great initiative @davemccoy. Hope to grow with you

thank you very much muhammadalikatu... I hope you come by and help us or at least spread the word! We could use a good guy like you!

@davemccoy pick me pick me 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️😁

hahaha @alrinno, you're picked!!! I pick you you you :) ... What would you like me to do now that I've picked you? lol

Thanks for this awesome initiatives! I am still a super newbie and honestly still lost and blur on many things. Am just finding my ways to understanding things better. Thanks for helping us all newbie to grow

You're welcome and if I can help you with any questions, please let me know. I'm glad you like the concept and we are trying to support and grow our newbies so that they didn't have to struggle in the beginning as much... there is lots of fun things about steemit, so we are attempting to make it easier to get started!!! Take care and stay in touch @carmenraec

Brilliant idea. Count me in. Anything to help. My time is flexible, so let everyone pick their days and I'll go when I'm most needed. You rock @davemccoy!! 😀

that means you're always gonna to go... we always need you @looksfarwoman :) I think I already responded to an exact thing I think you can do, you are a trailblazer and I think it is right up your alley ;)

Saw it and responded. I'll catch you on that thread....this one's giving me RSIs again. 😜

hahaha... I understand ;)

Love this!! Honestly until i met a few people here that were kind enough to help me out, I’d still be lost. I have a ton to learn yet, but without the help of some supportive Steemians I’d be totally clueless. Great idea!

awesome @appiepearl... glad to hear you "get it" ... You are now entering your teenage years (no longer a cute little newbie), so if you get some time and want to help us help the next class, we would love to have you help us... We have many ways to do so and some take more time that others, but if you are interested just keep in mind that you are always invited!!!

Thank you! Most definitely will

Awesome post, I have resteemed it! #newbieresteemday

thank you very much for both compliments Chad (the resteem and the words)... I appreciate it, especially coming from someone my senior.. that means a lot!!! If you ever want to help, just let me know bc you're an automatic invite.

Wow I love this iniative. This what we newbies need. Thanks so much for putting this kind of project. You are very generous. And this is what a good community does 😊

You are very right about what a good community does, and I am very happy to be in your community @janicehung!!! I like how you refer to yourself as a newbie though, you are all grown up now, did you not know??? lol ... seriously, I'd like it if you happen to get some time in the future to work together. there is much to do and only so many to do it! Nice meeting you and we are connected now!

t's a great initiative, I'm new to the platform and I like many others like I do not have enough support at the beginning of my journey.
Such initiatives will start for us and help start developing in the general flow of other users. It's easy to help - because we are all a big family Steemit

I agree with everything you said @ushkina... that is very well put... I entered a contest today hosted by @suesa and she is one of the good hearted big fish that recognizes the community needs to nurture and grow our base with people like you. I thought I'd tag her in the comments so that she can see your words because you relayed perfectly what I hear from others. Thank you so much for you comments and if there is anything I can help you personally with, please don't hesitate to ask me. I'm happy to help you!

thanks for your support i appreciate it
I will have many questions for you, because I'm still learning :)
for example, how much time do you spend here?

I love this initiative by @mudcat36. Thank you guys for reaching out to the little guy. Great job @davemccoy

I love it too, @mudcats36 is a very good guy and I'm happy to help him! and while you are the one we are targeting to help right now @qscheffer, I invite you in advance to be one of our teammates when you grow up... It won't be long, in 30 days you will be ready to train and teach and help others. So no commitments today, but keep it in the back of your mind! Nice to meet you and we are connected and now teammates!

This is very encouraging for new members like myself.

that very good to hear @cplbiggs... you are exactly who we want to help... I know you have alot going on in your mind right now, so when you want some answers just ask... we will help, we want you to succeed! I'm connected to you now and you are my teammate. So teammates want to win so that means the whole team wins.

It's great to see people like you who are trying to help the newcomers! Here is a post that I made a few days ago which I could use some help with -

Thank you!

hey rockman, that is the nickname of one of my best friends from college... So you must be a cool guy! As to resteeming your article, it is late for my feed so you should go to the others at #newbieresteemday and search through and see who is currently resteeming. If you want to come back to me tomorrow though I will be happy to look and resteem for you. Just remind me because I have lots of message and i'm getting old. lol nice to meet you!

@davemccoy - hoping you can support me :)

I can help you and teach you and train you to support yourself, is that good enough for you? If so, tell me where you think you need help and I will get to work with my analaysis. The only thing I ask is that you listen so that we can efficiently work together so I can also help others. Is that a deal?

What a fantastic idea, thank you for supporting us, from a newbie.

Thank you @deliberator... I'm glad you like it... You aren't going to be a newbie much longer (40 reputation) so very soon you are going to helping as a more senior member! ;)

You are welcome to both send a link you want me to resteem as well as to support the newbies by doing any or all of the 6 things listed above. I invite you to join the team and become a founding member of this project :)

I would love to join in, thank you for asking, count me IN :-).

already been done my awesome new friend :) keep up the good work

Such an amazing [email protected] thank you for this platform truly us newbies can take part and be trained in the process.

Thank you @abuoshioke... You should also thank the man with the idea @mudcat36 ... he is right below you on this thread ;) ... I am glad you get the idea because while we help you to learn and grow, you soon will be part of us and helping the next class of newbies to grow through #newbieresteemday ... Its how we build a good community and I welcome you to both use it and to also join us and support through the 6 methods above (when you are ready to of course). :)

Stay in touch and spread the word!!!

Aww dave, once again I am in awe of you and your efforts to build an amazing community here! I have been on steemit literally all day and my eyes are beginning to cross haha, so I'm shutting down for the night but I'm starting with you and the #newbieresteemday tomorrow:) Cheers!

I am so glad to hear that Lynn, I was hoping you would come along and be our teammate! (of course you will always be my teammate no matter what, but I still think you will find the experience both fun and rewarding)... I think we have a chance to do some pretty cool things and I'm happy you messaged me before you dozed off ... good night and I love forward to tomorrow now :)

Good morning Dave:) Well, like I said yesterday, this is a great initiative started by you and @mudcat36; a great way to build community! I am a couple days short of one month on steemit, and feel like I'm finally starting to understand things...slow and steady wins the race :) There are certain things though that leave me feeling ill-equipped to join you (although I totally want to!). I only have a 230 followers and need to blog more I think? because I still don't get many 'hits' on my posts. I know I have a lot of advice to offer, but I certainly don't feel like I'm at a 'expert' like level here. I'm not saying yes and I'm not saying no haha...and I love that you see my potential (I do to!)....What's your thoughts, because I know you have so many good ones :)

I think that your blogging hits will come as you continue to make new friends and develop a wider following. So I wouldn't be worried as much about what you are blogging as to how many connections and friends you've made. I set a goal every day for myself to get x amount of people to talk to... Some days I can do it and some days I can't. I think that is the most important thing to do here because the interactions are genuine.

Also realize that the people who you are meeting right now can only give out 10 votes a day and its a 0.01 at best. It will take them time to grow up with you. Helping them to grow will also help you to grow as those 0.01 become 0.08 etc....

Next you should get out into the community and meet and talk to the bigger fish. I usually take at least 30 mins a day going through my favorite feeds and looking for good stuff from the bigger players (high 50 Reputation to 70 Reputation).. Those usually have not only good stuff, that is awesome to see, but they also have many followers just like you. I try to engage sincerely about the post and my thoughts. And generally be charming or funny what ever is appropriate.. Sometimes is simply giving sincere gratitude for showing you somehting new.

Finally I suggest you use the "follow first" principle. Don't wait for someone to follow you. If they are commenting on a post that you are also commenting, follow them FIRST. You don't have to say anything as that is tacky. A percentage of them will like that you have followed them and will follow you back because they either remembered you, liked what you said in your comments, or in some cases people follow eveeryone.

I do this every time I go into any thread... Like you should follow first everyone in my post comment sections. I set my goal of following at least 100 new people a day (and many days if I have nothing else to do, I do even more than that.

Finally this inititative is designed to get you to interact and meet like minded people. I think by participating in the way you feel comfortable doing,, you will find you make new connections, develop a following among thankful newbies, and learn things from the others that will help you. You will see post from friends that you know are better done than you , and you will feel comfortable asking for their advice.

For instance I put out my little instruction on "how to" do something. I am very basic in the tools I use and really don't focus on it being aesthetically pleasing. I say a post by mudcat36 today that was 1000x better in the presentation and I will ask him to teach me how to do it.

You have a good heart and you will do well, I do have confidence in you. Everyone learns different things at different speeds, but the good thing about steemit is we have a genuine interest in helping each other succeed. This can not be underestimated, it is a powerful force when you think about it.

i hope this helps... :)

As always Dave, it's more than helpful! I have done some of what your saying: talking and genuinely commenting to bigger fish (check!), figured that one out on my own lol; "genuine commenting", well, like you, I know no other way:). Next...follow up to 100/day...yowza Dave! How long are you on steemit a day do you think? :) Although I do follow people from threads I'm commenting on; I follow those who have upvoted me and find posts they've done and genuinely comment ect. My ADHD gets in the way lol...I can be online for 5 hours and find that I've wandered all over the place reading and have forgotten where I started:) You should see my handwritten notes and stickies all over the place!! haha And lastly, I don't worry too much about others being better than me; some are, some aren't. That's a fact. I have confidence in my abilities for sure.

Anyway, I do want to help newbies (I've already sent several your way for your informational blogs and today a couple for this specific initiative. I've made a point the last couple of days to meet people at Discord: Steemit Bloggers (only 220 members right now, but that's more personal for me anyway)

So I just re-read your criteria above. Seems pretty simple. Do you resteem all requests? I guess just by typing this I answered my own issues!

Private message me on Discord with any more details, but I guess I'm in :) People helping people...that's my thing :)

Thanks for supporting this initiative. It is hard for newbies like me to get going. I’m still waiting for my first payout 😎👍🏻 What a great idea! Keep it up 😁

wow, you must be really good... if you are waiting for your first payout and already at 50 you either have some very big friends or are an amazing talent of some kind. Either way, I'm happy to help you (and I'd help you if you were untalented and poor too)... ;) ...As good as you've done though, there is still a learning curve to get how everything interconnects, I will be happy to give you the benefit of my experience to help you speed the time to learn it yourself. Just ask me and I will be there... And another thing you won't have to worry about, I will always remember who you are because you are the only person I've ever met that is named "mattressgod"... that's a name to not forget! thanks for connecting with me and now I hope you stay in touch!

This is definitely a good post meant to inspire other folks especially the ones who are struggling on getting some attention.
Great job!

thank you very much @tpkidkai.. and you are welcome to help us in any way you like... We need people that "get it" to help us in any way they know how. Nice to meet you as well!

I will be joining on this campaign I just need to rest for a few hours because it is already 11 PM here and sleep is something that needs to be chased nowadays :)

awesome... I completely understand... I haven't been getting much of that myself lately either.... Just let me know and I'm excited to be working with you.

not sure I understand you comment. does that mean you don't care or does that mean that you are here and volunteering and waiting for instructions on what comes next?

My guess is the latter and I'd be happy to have you join the effort to help the newbies like yourself.

Let me know I'd be happy to work with you.

Hi @davemccoy, good thing I was able to drop by this page.

I really need your advise or tips on how to gain more audience. I have less audience and sometimes there are more views but few upvotes.

Here some of my posts. I'll be more than willing to accept any feedback.

Thank you,

Looking forward to hear from you or anyone who are already successful in steemit.

I looked at both and made comments... You're doing fine, but if you pay attention to the things we are going to be discussing soon, you will do even better.

I will look at these post right now, and forward them to "re-steemers" out there.. but for faster service you can always find them on this link (the "new" section of the tags) and send them your posts directly.. Don't wait for me, they are eager to help.

I am really impressed with the time and effort you and @mudcat36 are putting in to help newbies (like myself) achieve their goals @davemmcoy I am convinced that this kind of practical assistance right at the start will be invaluable to us all and will be a powerful blueprint for us follow in the weeks and months ahead. It is a fabulous idea and a way to give worthy posts the recognition they would otherwise not receive. We will remember this kindness and get involved with resteeming for newbies because of the impact this will no doubt have on our accounts in getting us well established. Don't forget your beauty sleep! You can't take the 'mother' out of grandmother and on that basis alone, I give you that sage advice. You need daily energy and restoration to achieve all your giving heart wants to. Am resteeming this post so that I can have easy access to this information and to also get the word out.

I can see we are going to be great friends for a long long time Trudee :) ... I love the way you write, the way you organize your thoughts, and the fact that you recognize what we are doing here. I am so happy to have you on board (even though you haven't accepted yet) I know you will join us soon. ;)

And yes I have been burning the candle at both ends, but every time I think I'm done for the day I get a post like this that I have to sincerely respond to. I am honored that you say such nice things and I respect you taking the time to tell me... I also notice you have been getting your links out there to our re-steemers and I'm happy to see that process moving forward.

Ok my fingers are getting cramped lol... but its awesome to meet you and like I said I think we are going to friends here for a long time :) Thank you for connecting with me!

Many thanks for your wonderful encouragement @davemmcoy And I'm very grateful for the connection. I'm hoping some of your seemingly tireless energy will rub off on to me (lol) I think it is a great initiative and I'd love to join but can't see where to do that. What is the process?

Hi @annamighty... I love you enthusiasm and drive... That is awesome and I am happy to be connected to you! Sometimes I'm going to miss messages because they are so many so I want you to always get fast attention. You should go to this feed every day and find out who is a re-steemer for that day... some days there are 3 or 4... here is the link to the feed (go to the new tab so that you get the most current ones)

And I promise that on my day I will resteem as many of your posts as I can... I do like very much how determined you are and that will make you successful because you are strong... I can see that :)

So its nice to meet you and I already feel a connection to you and keep on doing well so we can use that power you are getting to teach the next batch of newbies ;)

ps... if you get a chance, I think it would be great if you put a profile pic up. I have a hunch it would be a good one and a please to see rather than the grey box I see :)

pps make sure you enter the contest that is coming up in the next day or 2 , it will be a way to earn some more money and move even faster. ;)

Thank you sir,I will upload a picture soon

it is a great post @davemccoy, such a great support for the newbie like me.
i hope you will count me in too.

You are 100% counted in @dhiannushur, that is for certain. I look forward to working along side you and helping to make this community a fun and productive place to be. You have a very nice face and I read your bio and I believe you are going to have a wonderful time and meet lots of new friends. I'm glad you contacted me and don't forget, you are IN :)

Hi. Newbie here. Just like any other newbies, i need help. Looking forward for you amazing help @davemccoy @mudcat36

A million thanks in advance!


I think I've got you before in some of the other threads, but if I haven't welcome you @leebaong then I certainly appreciate what you are doing for us. I can see out there and enthusiastic and its awesome to have you on board!!! Keep it up and ask me anytime if you need anything :)

Yep @davemccoy 😀😀 for ive been following you since i joined steemit last 01/17/2018. You are great.

This is great sir!

Hey @markaparre, I'm a little late in my reply but thank you... I already saw your entry earlier in the contest and it was fantastic. I'm glad you got involved and hopefully we can convince you to stay and help us to get this thing rolling! Thank you again for entering and its very nice to connect with you too :)

love this idea. count me in! upvoted & resteemed

I'm a little late to getting to welcome you , but I have seen your entry already and I'm so happy to meet you.. You did a great job and I'm so happy you took your time to enter too... And you are in, a founding member... I can't wait to work with you and all the other wonderful people :)

thank you! I'm excited to be a part and help the noobs get going on the right track creatinh awesome content!

Wonderful initiative. I'm trying to get a logo for you guy's but I need preferred color and the correct name needed one logo.

awesome.. you are kind free to choose whatever you like for the colors and style... we have been using #newbieresteemday as our hashtag and @mudcat36 chose "Newbie Resteem Initiative" as the title... At this point it is so new, we are pretty flexible though and would consider your opinions and welcome your input... It isn't mine or mudcats program, it is a collective effort of all of us... So you are a just as much a part of this as me. And here is a link where I put all the entries to date in a single post if you want to see who has come up with what so far...

I think Newbie Initiative is best, personally, after analyzing.