What Is The RobinHood Whale?

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What Is The RobinHood Whale ?

The RobinHood whale is a community backed account that upvotes 10-20 quality posts of different authors daily with a 10 day grace period between same author upvoting. No single author can be upvoted more than once during the 10 day period, leaving room for other great authors that have had less exposure.

Voting History (Real-Time Update)

  • 24-08 Steem API Explorer by @lantto in steem
  • 24-08 A Dear Wang Letter - how I miss you and Steemit by @deanliu in fun
  • 24-08 Parts of Me: How I learned to become a parent at 12 years old (Part 2) The sheltered life. by @kryptik in life
  • 24-08 Here are some frequently asked questions about topsoil in gardens. by @veronikapmy1989 in gardening
  • 24-08 Why the Federal Reserve Can NEVER Raise Interest Rates by @jasonstaggers in economics
  • 23-08 Virtual Travelling or Five interesting Places that Can Be Visited with Google Street View by @phenom in travel
  • 20-08 Sony 90mm Macro vs Lensbong Setup by @timelapse in photography
  • 23-08 Innate sense of rebellion. Attacking perceived wrongness. First step towards Anarchism. by @dwinblood in story
  • 24-08 Stranded In The Alps, An Earthly Offering & The Magic Of The Ganesh Mantra by @yogi.artist in yoga
  • 23-08 Steemit will change the world ? by @marrywiger in life
  • 23-08 How to Write a Ruby on Rails App for STEEM by @inertia in radiator
  • 22-08 UFC 202: McGregor vs Diaz Prefight History and Postfight Analysis by @daut44 in ufc
  • 24-08 Taking Steemit to the end of the Land: Land’s End, Cornwall, England [part 1] by @webdeals in photography
  • 23-08 Steemit is on fire and I am celebrating... In three dimensions! by @thebatchman in steemit
  • 23-08 My Photography Countryside Travelling / 恋上那柿子,想吃你得有口好牙 by @myfirst in travel
  • 23-08 LOST IN TIME ( An Original Poem - Vol.1) by @masonmiler in writing
  • 23-08 BEACH Scenes Malaysia - Port Dickson Beach by @lat-nayar in photography
  • 23-08 The SteemCleaners Guide for Dealing with Abuse on Steemit by @steemcleaners in steemcleaners
  • 23-08 Perpetual Motion Machines and Cryptocurrency Bootstrapping: How I Commissioned My Own Portrait with Steem Dollars by @kafkanarchy84 in steem
  • 22-08 Wait, is that a BLUE BEE! Steemit Colours! by @mweich in photography
  • 22-08 Why Do You Use Photoshop?! Why I Photoshop My Images. by @nicoledphoto in photography
  • 23-08 Announcing SteemCleaners, the Steemit Abuse Fighting Team! by @steemcleaners in steemcleaners
  • 22-08 Existentialism and Nihilism - Why I, myself, am an existentialist. by @infinitor in philosophy
  • 22-08 The Dirty Little Secret Some Copywriters Just Don’t Want You To Know. by @kreativ in marketing
  • 22-08 How I bankrupt my first startup by not understanding the definition of MVP - Minimum Viable Product, and how I will avoid it next time :) by @noisy in programming
  • 22-08 Hey I’m Danny! Join me on my wildlife adventures through Africa! by @dannystravels in introduceyourself
  • 22-08 Channel Island Occupation: Atlantic Seawall Bunkers - Germany's Concrete Battleships by @thenakedgod in travel
  • 22-08 #1 Abu Dhabi - The Arrival by @chris.roy in photography
  • 21-08 Bitshares Trading Diary, Day 7: Attack Of The Short Sellers by @nxtblg in bitshares
  • 22-08 The Myth of Selfishness by @kyriacos in philosophy
  • 22-08 Schrödinger's Cat Paradox: Both Rich and Poor - Recovering After a Series of Knockdowns by @steemingnow in money
  • 22-08 Bot-baiting, a basic analysis. - Is there such thing as a bot threat? by @renzoarg in steemit
  • 22-08 Why do women gain more weight than men? by @tanata in health
  • 21-08 From Montana to Guatemala in 2 weeks, 3500 miles with no car & $200 to start! Hitch-hiking, border patrol, Hare Krishnas, by @kennyskitchen in travel
  • 21-08 The Popular Depression: Chapter 1 by @wadepaterson in writing
  • 21-08 The Story Of Troye - A Young Entrepreneur Is Born by @steemitwithstu in story
  • 21-08 Death Penalty is Needed in all Societies - Even in an Anarchism Society - Here is why ... by @fat-like-buddha in news
  • 20-08 The monkey mind and the inner-child. How I get back on track. by @newandold in life
  • 20-08 What they DID tell you about chemtrails. But you weren't listening! [3 minutes read] by @freiheit in life
  • 20-08 Things Make Sense in Retrospect - The Hindsight Bias by @cristi in psychology
  • 20-08 The Old Dog Investigates: Roads, is There a Better Way? by @kus-knee in life
  • 20-08 Locally Grown Food and You: Farmer's Markets! Some Info For Healthy Food by @jed78 in food
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