Team Australia New Recruits 29/11/18: A long time between drinks!

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Hello! I'm still here and Team Australia recruitment is not dead. It's just a bit on the slow side. (And by a bit I mean a lot.) It's not that I grew tired of writing these posts, although you may have got that impression since the only thing I write these days is Travel Digest. No, I haven't written one in three months because no one is joining. That's it really. I didn't rage quit or anything.

Feature photo

Today's feature photo comes from @trudeehunter and is of Beachmere, which is an outer suburb of Brisbane. Apparently, this means 'Beach upon marshy ground' which seems appropriate given all the mangroves in the area. If you like the photo, please give her post an upvote here.



Despite the overall lack of enthusiasm for posting on steemit these days, the #mallsballers are still going strong. They've continued to hold their monthly meet-ups. Not even winter slowed them down.

The #mallsballers have become so popular; they're now stealing people recruiting from interstate! @mazzle is about to give Melbourne the middle finger and cross the border to become one of them. (Well maybe some other things like work play a role, but let's not let these so-called 'facts' get in the way.)

Not content with being Australia's steemit capital, the #mallsballers have decided to make Adelaide Australia's Steem Monsters capital as well. Even @rustle is in on it!

Credit: @mattclarke? @shaidon

Anyway, enough Adelaide shilling. The point of this is to highlight that the last meet-up for 2018 is on TONIGHT, from 6pm at the Jade! Details here.

Panama City

Last night I had a mini meet-up with @globocop. We went to a rooftop bar on Level 66 of Trump Tower. This place has the best infinity pool views I think I've ever seen in real life. I did drink too much sangria and even @crimsonclad's highly recommended anti-hangover drugs were at their limits this morning.

Credit: @choogirl


Yep, that's done and dusted for another year. I had a phone call the other day with the lovely expat @evecab (who also lives in Panama) and got all the goss. I think it's fair to say that everyone who went found it valuable and had a good time.

Last year no one from Team Australia went. This year we had five representatives including @apshamilton, @kevinli, @tarazkp, @travelgirl and everyone's favourite boozer, @rustle.

Credit: @kevinli, @llfarms, @apshamilton

Team Australia Christmas Party

We've literally been talking about this for six months so if you don't know about it, then I don't know what to say. Follow @teamaustralia maybe? I'll be back in Brisbane in less than two weeks, which is very exciting. I've booked my flights to Sydney and paid for my ticket. There is still time to buy your ticket if the FOMO is setting in. See this post for details, or speak to @bearone or @mattclarke directly.

Credit: @bearone

Want a personalised Team Australia footer?

Both versions of the Team Australia footer are now free for approved members. Please refer to @quochuy's post or @bearone's post for details on how to get them.

The usual community notices

Check out the Minnow Support Project (MSP). Come say hi in the #teamaustralia chat room in PAL Discord server. Be sure to register to use the MSP community upvote bot.

Also check out the Australia-New Zealand Discord server. As an active Team Australia chat member you will be eligible to use the @anzub community upvote bot on your posts.

If you have spare witness votes, you should consider voting for @curie as well as the MSP witnesses, particularly @ausbitbank and @aggroed, who've a done a great job in getting the MSP project off the ground. Current active Aussie witnesses include @ausbitbank, @bobdos, @idikuci [comedyopenmic witness], @jackmiller, @quochuy, @sapphic and @thekitchenfairy.

Lastly, if you're feeling generous, you can delegate SP to the Team Australia upvote bots @centerlink, @mrsquiggle and/or @anzub (or any other bot you like) using Vessel. You can delegate to any of the MSP bots using this link.

Candidate 1

Name and bio is from Sydney but now lives in Canberra. She works from home doing creative stuff and rightly thinks that dogs and coffee are some of the best things in life.

Intro post here.

Fun fact

"I went to primary school with Nicole Kidman and high school with Jacqueline McKenzie from Romper Stomper."

They are some solid claims to fame!

Candidate 2

Name and bio

@vikinghammer lives about an hours drive south of Adelaide. He's a creative type who's into writing poetry and creating art. He's also developing a board game and describes himself as the village idiot.

Intro post here.

Fun fact

"I used to be in a band then when that fell apart I started writing about music and created my own website. But for one reason or another that fell apart, then I found Steemit and I now have another outlet for my music writing!"

Nice. You will find plenty of like-minded people here.

Congratulations everyone, you're now part of Team Australia.


The rules for joining Team Australia

If you’re not yet a member and want to be, this is what you need to do:

  1. Vote here for our resident steemit witness and our Minister for Welfare @ausbitbank.
  2. Send me your introduction post so I can find out a bit about you. If you’re new to steemit you'll have to write one so use the introduceyourself and teamaustralia tags to help boost your following. Use this handy guide if you don't know what to write.
  3. If it’s not mentioned in your introductory post, tell me which city and country you’re in, cos let's face it, a lot of us live in Australia's fourth largest city—London. You need to have a connection to Australia to join.
  4. Tell me a fun fact about yourself. This can be anything. For example, maybe you have eight kids and three dogs, or you rode your bike across America, or you won the blue ribbon for javelin throwing at sports day back in high school, or Toadie came into the pub you work at one day and you served him a beer, or, maybe you can fit 55 maltesers in your mouth like Ed Sheeran can. It doesn’t matter what it is, I want a fun fact about you! The more fun, the better.
  5. Regularly check the Team Australia and Australia tags and upvote/follow the content you like. You can show your support by following the centerlink curation trail in steemauto. Instructions are here.
  6. Comment below or DM me in PAL-Discord that you want to join.

Once I receive this information I will try my best to write a good introductory paragraph about you for the official Team Australia membership updates. So the better your information is, the better I can make you sound. Where relevant, please use the teamaustralia and australia tags to promote your work. I will try and post weekly updates.


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Team Australia footer by @bearone
Page divider by @kristyglas


Thank you @choogirl for your awesome introduction and also to all of the Team Australia members for your support and for making me feel really welcome. And a quick hello to @vikinghammer, maybe I'll catch you over at discord sometime. :D

I'm sure you will!
if I can work out how discord works...

YAY! Fresh meat right here!

I think that no one is joining because of the Steem price slippage. It's insane how cheap Steem is right now.

But the Adelaide crew are doing really well. The difference has been the focus on building friendships and relationships / sharing of ideas and collaborations, etc. and how to use the different technologies. I am using the Partiko app for example (it makes life so much easier) to type this on my phone.

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Yeah that Adelaide mallsballers crew has a strong pack of intelligent souls! And it looks like they have great success with all the meet ups they host..

I know when I'm in the area next I'd definitely want to meet @o07 and @mattclarke

Posted using Partiko Android

Yeah it's getting to be 'standing room only' at the meetings at the moment.
They are decent people.

I agree with all those things.

Building the community is very important as it not only helps all of those in the community to learn and grow from helping each other it also gives people a reason to continue on even if the price of steem has fallen or morale is low on the platform. Partiko is got to be the best app out there at the moment. It makes it so easy to view and post content on Steemit. Strongly recommend it for anyone not using it. I have only done one collaboration so far but am looking to do more as it can be a great way to grow the community and form friendships. Anyways hope you have an awesome day!

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Great post ! I have been on Steemit since February 2018 and have meet a few Australians here and there . Until you commented on one of my posts the other day I did not think that there was a community for Australians here on Steemit. Great to see that there are a few of us around. Have an awesome day!

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Thanks mate. You are welcome to join as well any time.

Defo good time.
Defo needed hangover meds.
OK now tho, it's 3:34 PM.

Mate, I was thinking of you today. Since I had a minor hangover and drank less than you, I was sure you did not come away unscathed.

It actually wasn't that bad... :)
Good thing we didn't mix anything but rum & wine...

Relaxing morning really - no hassle - and the fact that somehow no one was working today in Panama, made me feel less guilty.

Had a lot of water before bed and after - all good. :)

Ugh, rum. 'Sorry about last night' juice.

No regrets - no apologies necessary. Well behaved Expats in Panamá.
The real bad juice around here is Tequilla. Rough days follows that stuff for sure.

It's Independence Day. So nice and quiet here with no construction noise. It's magic!

Have a great time! I don't think I will make it in time even if I left now! I'm planning to drop by Australia in August, hopefully that coincides with something...

Cool. Well you could always try and organise something!

Welcome a lady and a gent!

That Christmas party would be superb, I bet 😊

Weren't you supposed to be coming to Aus this summer?

Thanks for the update. Some of us are still here and kicking ;-)

Yes, I still enjoy seeing your photos in my feed.

Great to see one of these again after a long time :D

Welcome new members \o/

Thanks Spidey.

Whoa so good to have newcomers to the best team, despite the low value of crypto. Welcome aboard people :D!
A dog and a cat lover eh? xD

I know. Feels like so long ago since the last lot joined.

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