A New Steem Monster's Card?

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I thought it would be fun to play around with photoshop and see if I could make my own Steem Monsters gold card based on everyone's favourite Steemian: @rustle.

Rustle Gold Card.jpg

For the sake of avoiding plagiarism claims, etc. I'll admit to borrowing from various sources, including @holoz0r's card collection for the 'Giant Roc' card and for various letters, @steemsistershow's video for the background and heavily editing a photo of @coruscate with @rustle while at Steemfest in Krakow.

What do you think? Should @rustle get his own card in the next Steem Monsters series?
Let me know in the comments.


Rustle for the win.

Most certainly.

Hey man, @rustle should be more than a monster... He should be a summoner of all flying monsters. He could lead them all into battle. Swoop in... Just like that. Mwahaha!

Hahaha! I agree. Thanks for the follow.

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I think I should have 'Trample' too, but nobody else does.
Thanks Uncle Shaidon :)

I'm calling the authorities!

We'll level you up in no time and unlock some special abilities!

He would have a flight attack, but it looks like a cool card.