Witness Update 2018-07-30 - Team Australia's Skippy Bot

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It's been a while since my last witness update. I've been sick for two weeks and have just started a slow come back on the Steem blockchain. In a previous update, I mentioned that Steemit Inc has released the version 0.19.10 of the blockchain which included the ability to edit posts that are over 7 days old. Well, I have not updated to that version yet and neither are many of other witnesses. This is due to some bugs that have been found during the tests. We are now waiting for them to be fixed in a future release.

@quochuy's Witness report

What's new since last update

Team Vietnam is growing

Our new Vietnamese community has grown to 160+ members on Discord. Our community bot, @teamvn, has received a new delegation of 500 SP from witness @rival, thank you for your generous offer, this has been of great help.

Skippy-Bot the new Team Australia Discord bot

@jackmiller suggested I create an Australian Discord levelling bot to make our Discord server more fun. So Skippy Bot is born. Initially, it was just simple level bot that also responds with funny messages to certain trigger keywords. The bot is written with NodeJS and runs on a server inside a Docker container. For the level banner, I used Node-GD to generate a PNG to upload to the Discord channel. Images and rank names are all based on AU and NZ animals.

@jackmiller has reached level 13 today, he's now at the rank of a Galah!
Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 6.39.19 pm.png

Thank you Jack for the great idea, I'm sending you a beer, enjoy!

Skippy responding to straya in @gohba.handcrafts's message:
Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 6.48.21 pm.png

Skippy is greeting @bobaphet's "yo yo":
Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 7.10.48 pm.png

This weekend, I've worked with @bearone on a new feature for Skippy Bot, it is now able to generate Team Australia's custom footer banners after verifying the membership of the user. The banner is sent to the user in two different ways:

  1. When new users are announced and @teamaustralia is following them they will receive a comment on their latest post with the customized banners.
    Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 7.14.47 pm.png
  2. Existing users can request for their banners in the #bot-playground channel of Team Australia Discord server. Here's @ausbitbank requesting his own banners:
    Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 7.15.11 pm.png

As you can see from the screenshot, you just need to head to #bot-playground and type s!tafooter nickname and Skippy Bot will verify you are a valid #teamaustralia member before sending you your banners.

The images are uploaded to my Dtube Community Support IPFS node. It's a project from @evildido to pin Dtube videos, but I have found a way to link it to Skippy's container in order to pin the generated banners.

This new feature will not only save time for @bearone as she won't need to monitor requests on the @teamaustralia account but on top of this, it will make it much easier for any new or existing members to receive their banners.

Support me by voting for my witness via SteemConnect

@quochuy Steem Witness

Summary of some of my other contributions

Steemed PhishChrome browser extension to make external links more visible and alert you on Phishing/Scamming linksSteemed Phish
Dtube Community SupportThis project by @evildido allows users to run their own IPFS node and pin videos in order to cache them for longer. Dtube has the tendency of deleting non-popular video after few days only. I helped Dockerizing the project for an easier deployment on almost any platform. I've also contributed by running two nodes, one in Australia and one in Canada to cache #teamaustralia and #teamnz videos.Dockerizing Dtube Community Support
DiscoSteem BotThis is a Discord/Steem bot project by @planetenamek. When I started Steemulant Bot for the Vietnamese community, I didn't know the existence of DiscoSteem Bot and wanted something written in NodeJS. I've ended up continuing my own project as it contains code and logic for personal use and for the Vietnamese community. But I've decided to share some useful features that can benefit the users of DiscoSteem Bot and will continue to add more functionalities as I go.Dockerizing DiscoSteem Bot
A Dollar A DayThis is a project run by @pennsif and will donate 15 SBD every day to a charity"A dollar a day" fundraiser - Karaoke Singing: Le chanteur malheureux
Team VietnamI started a new Vietnamese community on Discord and developed @teamvn, a community bot to help grow the Vietnamese community and help them create higher quality content.
POCKET-JSThis is my Javascript (NodeJS) port of the POCKET confirmer by @biophil. POCKET is an experimental crypto token on top of STEEM.POCKET-JS Confirmer


  • The image at the top has been generated with the Canva app using my own photo.

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Sorry to hear you have been ill. Hope you make a speedy recovery.

And many, many thanks for your continued support and donations to the A Dollar A Day project.

You bloody beauty Q! Seriously brilliant shit right here. You gone done good.🍺🍺

Skip's also screaming FORD at me constantly ;D I reckon galah rank suits Jack perfectly XP

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Right back at ya!


whooohooo the whole pack!

I've soooo got to join you guys, but I never wrote a #introduceyourself post and I probably never will :)

I saw someone who got in without an intro post. At least prepare something to say about yourself, some fun facts and send it to choogirl. Also join our Discord server https://discord.gg/EEK6WnC

Oh Happy to do an intro post for #team australia I was just thinking overall about the steem introduce yourself post, I guess I could just collate my other posts into one :)

I'll jump on the Discord.

That’ll work. We also have a dedicated channel on the PAL server

You might want to consider directing people to your steemhost site:
While visitors are able to get an overview of you content they also are rewarded in steem power delegation (once it accumulates over 1 steem).

Additionally I might suggest if you are interested that teamvn (click to see on steemhost) could be turned on with the top 10 could be added as contributors.

Give me a heads up if you are interested...

Visit Me on Steemhost.com/@dwarrilow2002