Team Australia new recruits 13/06/18—it's all ladies today!

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Hello, hello! I hope you're all having a fabulous Tuesday/ Wednesday. I saw my physio again this morning and he shoved a whole 5cm worth of needle into my hamstring. This was twice as long as the needle he used last week, which didn't end up doing too much. On the contrary, he thinks he got the spot this time and it hurt A LOT more. In case you're wondering why he's doing this, here are some ultrasound images of my high hamstring tendinopathy. As you can see, the ones on the left look normal (I assume), but the ones on the right are a mess with a bunch of scar tissue. I'm really hoping he can fix it—soon—cos I'd rather not be having needles with electric current attached shoved into the top of my leg on a weekly basis.

Feature photo

Ignoring my self-inflicted sports injuries and going back to the top, today's gorgeous feature photo was taken by @intrepidphotos and is of Fitzroy Island up in Far North Queensland. If you like it, please upvote it here



@datascience has organised a meet-up for Sunday 24 of June, 3-5pm at the Local Tap House, St Kilda East. 

Interstate traveller @positiveninja will be in Melbourne for work a day later so a dinner is planned for Monday 25 June, 6-8pm at Upali's Sri Lankan Restaurant, Glen Waverley. 

If you're in the Melbourne area and interested in either of these events, check out this post for more details. 

Team Australia Christmas party

@bearone has been talking to a caterer in the Blue Mountains who's come back to her with some amazing vegan options (her post is not about the non-vegan options). Yum! I want to try all of them. If you want a say in what food will be available, let her know.

The usual community notices

You should follow @mrsquiggle, who is doing a great job recognising Aussie creativity by curating quality content.

Check out the awesome Minnow Support Project (MSP). Details on how to join are here. Come say hi in the #teamaustralia chat room in PAL-Discord. It's fun and you will make new friends.

If you have spare witness votes, you should consider voting for @curie as well as the MSP witnesses, particularly @ausbitbank and @aggroed, who've a done a great job in getting the MSP project off the ground. Current active Aussie witnesses include @ausbitbank, @jackmiller, @thekitchenfairy, @quochuy and @bobdos.

Check out @anzub, the Australian and New Zealand upvote bot in the Australia-New Zealand Discord server. You need to register to receive upvotes and delegations are welcome. Speak to @jackmiller if you have questions.

Lastly, if you're feeling generous, you can delegate SP to the Team Australia upvote bots @centerlink, @mrsquiggle and/or @anzub (or any other bot you like) using Vessel. You can delegate to any of the MSP bots using this link.   

Candidate 1

Name and bio

@evlachsblog is from the Philippines and lives in Whyalla, South Australia. She is a preschool teacher, likes Jesus, and has two cats.

Intro post here

Fun fact: 

"I am slightly obsessive-compulsive with the way I arrange things. They need to be categorised or alphabetised, otherwise I will lose sleep over it. I have watched Friends too many times already, I can't count anymore. I can definitely relate to Monica Geller."

I liked Monica. She had her shit together. And being organised means you can find things.

Candidate 2

Name and bio

@vincy is from Sydney and is into music, crafts, and blogging. She is another demonetised YouTuber who came to steemit as a result.  

Intro post here

Fun fact

"I pride myself in my google-ability. I can google anything faster than my friends and find things fast. I helped myself here on steemit when there was no one else to explain things to me in the beginning."

Lol, I've not heard of people competing to see who can find something the quickest. However, this is not a terrible skill to have.

Candidate 3

Name and bio

@ydraz is from Switzerland and lives in Cairns. She works for Queensland Health and is finishing her master's degree.

Intro post here.

Fun fact

"I grew up in Switzerland but just absolutely can't handle cold weather. That's why I moved to Far North Queensland and never looked back."

I hate the cold too so moving to the tropics seems perfectly reasonable to me. It's what I did.

Candidate 4

Name and bio

@bonniepiesse is @benleemusic's friend and another Aussie living in LA. She is an actor and musician and played Beru in Star Wars Episodes 2 and 3.

Intro post here.

Fun fact

"As well as being a singer, I'm also a very passionate whistler! My Dad is a really, really good whistler. He practices whistling scales and whistles full concertos with perfect pitch and timing, so he's taught me well! And when I was growing up we'd actually do whistling duets. I also did a whistle solo on one of Sally Kellerman's songs (actress from M.A.S.H)."

Wow, who knew that whistling could be such an art and not annoying? My ex-brother-in-law whistled all the time and I just wanted to punch his face in to make him stop.

Congratulations ladies, you're now part of Team Australia.  

The rules for joining Team Australia

If you’re not yet a member and want to be, this is what you need to do:

  1. Vote here for our resident steemit witness and our Minister for Welfare @ausbitbank.
  2. Send me your introduction post so I can find out a bit about you. If you’re new to steemit you'll have to write one so use the introduceyourself and teamaustralia tags to help boost your following. Use this handy guide by @teamsteem if you don't know what to write.
  3. If it’s not mentioned in your introductory post, tell me which city and country you’re in, cos let's face it, a lot of us live in Australia's fourth largest city—London. You need to have a connection to Australia to join.
  4. Tell me a fun fact about yourself. This can be anything. For example, maybe you have eight kids and three dogs, or you rode your bike across America, or you won the blue ribbon for javelin throwing at sports day back in high school, or Toadie came into the pub you work at one day and you served him a beer, or, maybe you can fit 55 maltesers in your mouth like Ed Sheeran can. It doesn’t matter what it is, I want a fun fact about you! The more fun, the better.
  5. Regularly check the Team Australia and Australia tags and upvote/follow the content you like. You can show your support by following the centerlink curation trail in steemauto. Instructions are here.
  6. Comment below or DM me in PAL-Discord that you want to join.

Once I receive this information I will try my best to write a good introductory paragraph about you for the official Team Australia membership updates. So the better your information is, the better I can make you sound. Where relevant, please use the teamaustralia and australia tags to promote your work. I will try and post weekly updates.  

Gif by @justcallmemyth

Team Australia footer by @bearone

Page divider by @kristyglas

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Welcomes ladies! We look forward to seeing your posts in our feed.


Thank you very much!


Thank you! I've just joined the curation trail as well

Yay thanks @choogirl!!! Haha I hope my whistling isn't annoying to people... I'm sure it is to some 😂😂 hi to all the other new recruits!!


You're welcome! Lol, it sounds like you have some skills, unlike him...


I whistle to call my cat when she's outside and I want her to come in. I whistle to the tune of "Scooby Doo Where Are YOu". :-)

Thanks for the great welcome. I love everything to do with Australia and am eternally grateful having had the chance to move here and become an Australian citizen more than 20 years ago. Steemit has been awesome so far and I can't believe how warm and supportive everyone has been, in my case I've connected with @dreemsteem (an awesome non-Australian, haha) who took me under her wing (i.e. on her @welcomewagon) at the start and I know we'll stay connected probably forever. Very happy to now be a teamaustralia member as well and looking forward to things to come. Best of luck to the other new recruits, love your intro posts and thanks to @bonniepiesse I've been on Dlive for the first time. You are so talented it's mindblowing.


Thank you and welcome to the team!


Hehehhee.. I'm not an Aussie but crikey!!! I can do a mean Crocodile Dundee accent!



Hi @ydraz, good to see that you've ticked off joining teamaustralia from the to-do list :D I have also connected with @dreemsteem after the Steemit Bingo and there are lots of great people at @welcomewagon as well! Looking forward to more of your posts soon :)

Welcome all! but me, Im same like @ydraz ..can't handle cold weather, thats why I fall in love with Mexico :))


Yeah Mexico is pretty sweet. Where are you specifically?

Welcome to all the new members! I really though @bonniepiesse was a member for a while now, of course I had to follow her a long time ago when I heard she was Aunt Beru!


Nah, she was holding out on the fun fact.

Yikes Choo! I do hope no more needles for you. I'd cry if it was me, I hate needles 😖

Welcome ladies!!!!


I nearly did cry today Fairy. But if it fixes it, then it's worth it.

Uhhh that needle thing is scary as fuck. I hope it does its job. I guess there’s no other treatment that is less painful?
How is the doctor over there really? Are they expensive and good? :3

Also welcome ladies! Drop by to the discord if you can, and give choo a nice hug for being the awesome caretaker of team strayans.


It's still not as bad as getting a tetanus shot or something cos it's an acupuncture needle. Plus I've tried everything else and nothing works.

I'm not sure how much doctors cos, I've not been sick here. I would expect it's reasonable based on everything else. Physio is way cheaper than Aus. Plus lots of Americans come down here for stuff they can't afford in the US. The standard of care is pretty high.


If lots of Americans go there I guess it can’t be that bad. That is surprising though, shouldn’t they go to Canada instead? Surely it’s more convenient for them.


Canada is still expensive for private treatment. It would be like Aussies going to NZ instead of Thailand. You need to go somewhere where the regulations and insurance on doctors aren't ridiculous.


Ohh I see. I thought because Canada has universal health care then the cost won’t be as exorbitant as in the States.

You’re a fountain of knowledge choo.

We can never have too many ladies.. welcome to you all!


There are definitely more on steemit than in crypto generally.

Welcome folks! Steemit can be pretty overwhelming at first so ask for help if needed :)

Welcome newbies.

My hami is a mess too. I'm seeing a student physio as I'm broke. Usually they are quite good but I think this one might be out of there depth. I'm fine with needles so if that's a short cut I'm going to have to book some where new.


Good luck sorting it out then. I hope you find someone to fix it.

It must be ladies night!

Gee, Choo! Talk about torture!! I hope it's worth it and you start repairing soon!


It's not fun, but I've had worse pain. At least it's acupuncture needles. Tetanus shots hurt more.

Welcome to all the new members!

Holy crap, I didn't know Physio do acupuncture too?? !!


Hi. It's not traditional acupuncture. It's a physio technique that was developed in Spain. I've never come across it in Australia. My crossfit instructor had it done on his knee and it totally fixed it. But knees and all other forms of tendinitis are easier to fix than hamstrings apparently, according to my physio. But he's confident he can fix it. I'm not his first hammy. This is the technique.

Some physios do dry needling. I've had that offered to me in Australia before.


Interesting. Looks kinda scary how they put the needle in and move it around to get the area though. I will keep this technique in mind for future reference. Thanks for sharing and keep us updated how it goes.

Wo0t Wo0t welcome to the new team members!

Thank you so much for the warm welcome @choogirl and #teamaustralia! I am very happy to be part of this great community, and I am looking forward to connecting with some of you, if not all.

I'm really excited, I wish I had joined a long time ago, but at that time, I was still getting the hang of everything on Steemit. Anyway, thanks again and more power to each one of you!

#iloveaustralia #thisismyhomenow


You're welcome! And better late than never.


You've travelled the wide oceans of Steemit, and have arrived home safe and sound on the calm shores of Team Australia :)

Get well @choogirl I did my hamstring a few times playing rugby, but #respect as you seem to have a way better pain threshold than me.

#mateshelpingmates #aussieshomeandabroad



Yeah, this has been going for about 3 years now. I really want it fixed.

wow you brave woman, I would have fainted.. I have almost fainted when I got blood taken 😅


Oh, there was a period of dizziness in there. But acupuncture needles hurt less than tetanus shots for example. It's unpleasant but alright.

Welcome ladies to the team!

Welcome new recruits! All members have been registered for dole payments now :)

WElcome ladies, some of the most creative bunch I have seen!

Welcome to TA new Aussies. I hope you enjoy your time on Steemit.

Welcome everyone :)

Thanks for the great welcome. I love everything to do with Australia and am eternally grateful having had the chance to move here and become an Australian citizen. Steemit has been awesome so far and I can't believe how warm and supportive everyone has been done hope no more needles for you. I'd cry if it was me, I hate needles

Welcome aboard ladies!


Thank you very much!

Welcome to the new recruits, look forward to seeing your posts.

Welcome to all the new recruits :)


A big welcome to all the new ladies :)

#showusyourcolours #wereallheretohelp