Melbourne Meetup (24 June) and Dinner with @positiveninja (25 June)

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Hey everyone, we have two events coming up at the end of June; our monthly drinks/catch-up and also dinner with @positiveninja who is visiting Melbourne that week.

June Meetup - Sunday 24 June
When: Sunday 24 June, 3-5pm
Where: The Local Tap House ( - 184 Carlisle St, St Kilda East.
Who: Steemit members, friends and family, anyone who might be interested in cryptocurrency.
Meetup link for RSVP:

Dinner with @positiveninja - Monday 25 June
When: Monday 25 June, 6-8pm
Where: Upali's Sri Lankan Restaurant ( - 248 Blackburn Rd, Glen Waverley
Meetup link for RSVP:


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Beer, we need more beer. Upvote and resteem.

Looking forward to it @datascience

Great work guys :)

Just a quick question...

So far when you have been using the site has this helped bring new people to the venue that want to join and are not yet on Steemit that have seen this on the main page?

Just thinking if this is something that we can look at for our Adelaide crew.


There are people who have joined the meetup site that I don't think are on steemit yet bit none have come to an event. I'm not convinced it was worth the cost. I paid for 6 months at the highest tier (about $115 I think) but probably won't renew it.


Oh wow I thought it was free... #thatsexpensive

Awesome, can't wait :)

Sounds great, I need to eventually get to a meet up!

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Nice! Have fun guys!