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Hello Steem friends,
I vote for 4 people who posted impressive posts every day.
The VP will be between 20%-50% on each post of the selected minnow. This is in order to promote quality and good content on
What are the settings for minnow?

reputation 60 and below
-I will now check comments from my last post and upvote the best commenters posts in my opinion. please paste your -preferable post link in the comment
-The posts have to be relatively good (informative, not plagiarized , not just pictures).
-will not upvote same user post twice in a week.

List for today:

Congratulations to the winners!


Congrats to the winners, and kudos to you @yoo1900 for your wonderful contribution to the community. Just the way you are sharing your love and support to the community, my post is talking about MAKING SHARING YOUR CULTURE, BECAUSE IT COULD SAVE A LIFE Below is my post link

Thanks @yoo1900
Here my latest post about macrophotography
Hope you want to see it.

Hello @yoo1900, this is a post I published about a trip I made to Iyata island, an Island where Mary Slessor(the lady who stopped the killing of twins in West Africa) stayed with the first set of twins she saved, Duke and Henshaw. Prior to her visit to West Africa, twins were slain as they were believed to bring bad fortune to the land. Kindly follow me let's dig history:

Congratulation to the previous selected
Thank you @yoo1900 for thos wonderful opportunity you are giving to minnows to help them earn, you are a rare gem. 75% of the whales will not and can not do what you are doing . I appreciate your kindness and the soft heart you have towards minnows. Please keep it going.

I try to work in your part, but since i'm not financially capable i just stick to the little i can do.
I release the record of on going steem contest for the week and also try to encourage and motivate minnows that the have a place here.

Please i will really appreciate if you could visit my blog, you will always find something interesting there.

Thanks for your kindness and generosity @yoo1900

Hi @yoo1900, here's my journey to a river located in the hinterland of North Aceh, hopefully you want to see and read it. There you can see how the hard work of the workers who lift the rocks manually without being assisted by the machine.

I just went through your blog @raymondbruce. It is amazing

Today I have the courage to give the best and the best I can, and hope to be selected into the top four best choices @yoo1900, but if not win I do not grieve because I sincerely people who get the best are people who do good too. But by already trying it for me a pride of its own.

If you are willing to visit my post and I am very happy, and for your time and attention I say thank you.

Wow greate article!
Thanks for using the @postdoctor service!

Congrats to the winners....

Here's my link. It's a post I made about the importance of voting.

I do hope you'll like it....


This post has received a 19.91 % upvote from @boomerang.

Who is not familiar with the island of Sabang, the island that has the beauty of nature and uniqueness so that this island becomes the favorite island of some people in the world, here I want to share about the typical cake of Sabang Island which is always a cake souvenir to take home.


Hope you like it too

Congrats to the pickers from @ yoo1900

this is my latest post that tells about love romance

Hi @yoo1900 grettings from NIGERIA
Today is a good day and i trust that you are doing very fine.

Congratulations to the winners.
I've resteemed and upvoted this post with my little upvote so that other people can also see and participate.

This is my first ULOG post.
Come with me as i walk you through my fun fulled day👇😊


Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

You got a 38.51% upvote from @brandonfrye courtesy of @kwinesther!

Want to promote your posts too? Send a minimum of .10 SBD or Steem to @brandonfrye with link in the memo for an upvote on your post. You can also delegate to our service for daily passive earnings which helps to support the @minnowfund initiative. Learn more here

@yoo1900 This post is about the inauguration of the youth of Indonesia, which is the oldest youth organization under the government, the youth is the hope of the nation, because in the hands of the youth of the nation will be dignified, because the soul of the youth is still clear, clean, not mixed with the bad world, who are considered talented, qualified and ethical youth. thank you.

this is my link.

No day without participation, this is evidence for today
Thank you for no days without any contribution @yoo1900

My latest post link about sunrise :

We may know less with the benefits of betel nut, this fruit has many excellent properties for our health, here I want to discuss a little about these properties and hopefully this goodness can be utilized to be together.

Everyone wants to be the best especially in following the content, nobody wants to lose but it would be glorious for us if we win and we are grateful if not elected then we learn to look for weaknesses what is there from us, open to promote hatred and insult it is not a professional person .

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

Hi @yoo1900.

Is my post not worth getting votes from you.?

If it is not worth what the reason is.?


Today almost all over the world we see very many girls going out with grandfather, and even having sex with the grandfather. And we also have to know a lot of certain factors that cause this to happen. To want to claim someone is bad then we should know about which both parties are right and the guilty, what is your opinion, do you agree.


Nice post

What professionals say are experienced and proficient in their field, no need for parents, adults and even small children can also be called professionals if experience and skill enough. How do you think, as you agree with what I express.


Over time and attention, I am grateful

This comment has received a 6.91 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @muhammadakmal.

Hi @yoo1900, I'm still a minnow and still need your full support, thanks for your dedication all this time, I feel that Steemit is more beautiful since you share your vote

Congrats to all winners

Hi @yoo1900, thanks.
Maybe for you the meaning of everyday is no day without contribution, while for me as follower of your devotion also have meaning, that is no day without participation, and ready to accept any consequences, win or lose even.
This is evidence of my participation today :

Today I have the courage to give the best and the best I can, and hope to be selected into the top four best choices @yoo1900, but if not win I do not grieve because I sincerely people who get the best are people who do good too. But by already trying it for me a pride of its own.

If you are willing to visit my post and I am very happy, and for your time and attention I say thank you.

A creative that is not in need of luxury and stylish yet creative is said to be good if the delivery is right on target and clear.

What do you think about @yoo1900, hopefully there is feedback and suggestions

Many people really like being a photographer, but not many are willing to learn it so very few become professional photographers. Though very easy, just need accuracy, focus, patience and I think the result is better than a professional person, how according to @ yoo1900 and hopefully my posting today can be useful for us all.

A patience and thoroughness is a good result that we will get.

Congratulation to the winners today. Thank you so much for support friends steem. Come here @yoo1900, please visit my post

Good post

Every want to make a change of life then we must dare to act, but every decision taken must first be considered not to regret in the future. What do you think, I am not the best person but if we are smart and always learn from experience then our step will be better and right.

Any planning done well then the results will be good and if a plan is done in a hurry then the result will be fatal habits
By: @fudin-jfr

Amazing support from you @yoo1900. This my research, I hope interested for you, thanks for visit

I love content like this and I always support, even when then I always have time to see and witness and give for support on who is entitled to win

Hi yoo how are you today? Excellent support for us and congratulations to today's winners. Please see my post if you are interested.

Thank you @yoo1900 for the excellent Support for us and congratulations to today's winners. Please see my post if you are interested.

This post has received a 3.16 % upvote from @boomerang.

Living in a society we need a unity and mutual respect so that we will live comfortably and the impossible can be done easily because of the togetherness, as I example with ant ants you like to see it.

Your precious time is greatly appreciated

i rarely see kind personalities like yours here on steemit, am glad you're here on steemit please i'd really appreciate it if you take out time to go through my post thanks alot for the care you're giving to the minnows @yoo1900

I wrote sn amazing post about the need for couples to avoid grudges in marrriages. Kindly check this out

Congrats to the winners.
I wrote my introductory post. Please welcome me the STEEM way

Hello @yoo1900, here is a post I wrote about the need to stop juding others. This is a life story that happened in Nigeria, West Africa. Kindly go through it

images (27).jpg


This is best ever support on steemit...

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