In The Dreaming: Chapter Sixty Four "A New Year" (Fantasy Y/A Novel)

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-I wrote the following novel nearly two decades ago. In the years between then and now I've honed my craft, and my perception of this world; my thoughts and ideas; have changed dramatically. However, I still enjoy the premise and have decided to do an overhaul of revisions and rewrites, though likely not until sometime next year. (Though I'm sure I'll do a little as I post chapters)

For now I hope you will enjoy a glimpse into my book writing beginnings...

They are the closest of friends though they have never met in waking life.

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Chapter Sixty Four

It was two minutes to twelve and the crowd at Ben’s were tuned into the Big Apple. Collin was already weaving back and forth, Kara hanging off his arm spilling beer everywhere. Brent had surprised him by bringing a girl, and she was pretty cute. They were having the time of their lives.

“Guys, guys,” Ben yelled, “Shh, the countdown!” They all counted down in unison, Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, ONE, HAPPY NEW YEAR! The noisemaker’s were going off obnoxiously around the room, everyone kissing everyone else, it was pandemonium and it was splendid.


“…Five, Four, Three, Two, One, Happy New Year’s!” The crowd at Misty’s shouted in jubilee. They could hear the parents upstairs shouting as well, and they all laughed about it.

Dave kissed her long on the mouth, and when they pulled apart she caught Amy finishing a kiss with Austin. She gave her the thumbs up sign.

Misty had spiked the punch with vodka, the soda with whiskey, and the eggnog with rum. It was safe to say that most of the people in the room were getting a bit giddy. Aliyah stayed true to her decision and stayed away from the alcoholic beverages. She managed to rescue a bottle of soda before it was spiked.

Dave and her would be sleeping side by side in sleeping bags, Misty’s parents apparently didn’t worry about the boy/girl combination. The idea of falling asleep that close to him was a bit thrilling. Of course there would be no hanky panky, aside from being way too young they were surrounded by people.

They decided to play Drinking Monopoly, a game Misty’s boyfriend had invented, which they resumed after the excitement of bringing in the New Year subsided. Her and Dave were partners and weren’t doing very well, which meant he was drinking a lot. Particularly since the group had decided that if Aliyah wasn’t going to drink her share than he would have to.

Aliyah looked around the room and memorized each and every face. This was a New Year’s Eve she was not likely to forget.


Collin arrived back at his dorm at two in the afternoon the following day. The phone was blinking and he picked it up and checked the messages.

The last one was John and Katherine’s nephew Mike. His voice was shaky and all he said was “Collin, when you get this, drive over to my Aunt and Uncle’s. I’ll be there.”

Collin hung the phone up, a knot forming in his stomach. He looked around the room for a second than grabbed his keys and raced out the door.

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