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So much has happened in these last three days of the experiment in which I start playing Steemmonsters with only a starter deck because I want to experience first hand what it is like to join the game at the start of season 6.

the splinterlands experiment.png

Where To Start?

Except for my quick post to show you my season reward cards yesterday, and the announcement of the opening of @itisjustme's Home For The Unwanted Steemmonsters Cards, it has been three days since my last update.

So much has happened since, that I'm not really sure where to start...

Maybe I should begin with putting a very special person in the spotlight.


Generous Donation

I must admit it felt pretty awkward to publish the @itisjustme's Home For The Unwanted Steemmonsters Cards - All Cards Welcome-post.

If you have been following my main account, you probably know I like to give.

It's is not in my nature to ask for something, so publishing that post wasn't easy. I still haven't found peace with it - it feels like such a shameless action. It's something I would NEVER do under normal circumstances.

But when I accidently stumbled upon @dboontje's 'Steemmonsters Donation Challenge', I thought I'd follow his example - for the sake of the experiment, of course. After all, I want to test all possible options newcomers have to get more cards for their starter deck.

Once I had finished the post, I was very happy that it turned out the way it did. I think it's one of the best posts I've ever written - if I may say so myself - and I'm secretly very proud of it.

Now, of course you all want to know whether it worked or not, and if I was able to adopt some cards and take them in to give them shelter.

I'll tell you in a second.

First, I want to let you know that the story of that post isn't over yet. Just now, I came up with an idea that might work to reach more people. Since I only have 14 followers at the moment (and I'm very grateful that they are following my adventures), my audience is limited. Tomorrow, I'll be conducting an experiment of which I hope it works to get the word out about that post. It's a long shot, but definitely worth a try.
But more about that tomorrow.

So... I bet you're curious about the results so far.
(@dboontje, I'm equally curious about your test of the generosity of the Steem blockchain. Would you mind letting me know how it turned out?)

It Did!!!

All thanks to the wonderful generosity of @stiant, who did not send me just one card, but 8!

That was a lot more than I could ever hope for.

@stiant, I don't know what to say to thank you, and I wish I could do something for you in return.

For now, this shoutout will have to do. Maybe one day I get a chance to help you out.

These were the cards I received from @stiant:

donated cards.png

Isn't he the best????


More Luck

I already told you I was joining as many giveaways as I could find.
(Btw, @stiant has 7 giveaways running at the moment, 1 for each day of the week)

A couple of days ago, I checked my replies and found this:


Not only did I win a Wood Nymph card in @cryptictruth's giveaway, he was also so genereous to also sponsor me a @steembasicincome share.

So now I've officially lost my SBI-virginity. 😎


Season 6: A Different Approach?

So, season 6 has started? I was pretty happy that my score would be resetted, because during the last day of season 5, I had been playing not but bots. Since they were all level 2 and 3, there was no way I could beat them.

In the comments section of my report about day 9 and 10, I talked with @senstless - who is running a similar experiment with his Steemmonsters alt account @senstlessmonster - about the best approach.

We agreed that we might needed to change our plans and focus on leveling up summoners instead of extending our decks. There is just no getting through that wall of level 2/3 Life splinter bots with a level 1 account.

But leveling up isn't that easy, since summoners are pretty expensive, compared to the prices of the reward cards we get every day. I had to come up with a new strategy. I'll tell you more about that below.


Games And Rewards

My first battle in the new season, I played in Silver 1. As you all know, there had been a glitch that caused problems with the reset. Fortunately, after my first battle I was redirected back to bronze 1.

I expected a new series of easy wins, but boy, was I wrong. It took me only 1 battle to reach Silver 3 again and I had to play 8 games to complete my DQ, which wasn't a real disaster, of course.


The positive side of playing in the Silver league again is that I receive 2 cards for completing my Daily Quest instead of one.

Once again, I was lucky and got two interesting reward cards:

steemmonsters reward cards day 1.png

Oh, how I love that 💙 Sea Monster 💙 ...


Creative Selling

Yesterday, I did a quick post to show you my season reward cards.

Those 15 cards have made a huge difference. Suddenly, my deck has grown from a starter deck with a few extras into something that starts to look like a real deck.

Because I decided to try to level up at least one splinter, difficult choices have to be made. Which cards do I want to keep, which cards will I sell, and maybe even more important: how am I going to be able to sell them now the market is flooded by reward cards?

Right after opening my season rewards, I put most of them of them on the market, and was able to sell some pretty quickly. But what to do with the other cards? Everyone is selling them, and noboduy wants them.

Let me show you:

If you check the Peakmonsters market for - just to give you an example - the Flame Imp, this is what you see:


This is only a small part of the list. The number of Flame Imps that is being offered on the market for $0.03 is huge!

I realized that it would take ages to get my cards sold if I would list them for $0.03.

So I thought I'd take a different approach.

If you've been using the Peakmonsters marketplace, you know that the sale that offers the best price per card (BCX) is listed at the top. And being at the top of the list + selling for the cheapest price per card are both huge advantages.

So here's what I did:

I had 2 Flame Imps left in my account. These were all cards I got for free.
Thanks to some post payouts and the reward cards I had already sold, I had some Steem in my wallet.

So I decided to buy 1 more Flame Imp for $0.03, so I had 3 of them in my account.

I combined these three cards into a level 2 card, which I listed on the market for $0.07.

As a result, my card is now at the top of the list, because it has the lowest BCX.

sales experiment.jpg
Cick to enlarge

Since I only had to spend $0.03 to create a level 2 card, I'll make a profit if I sell it for $0.07. It won't buy me a Porsche, but it's better than nothing.

It is just an experiment, so I'll have to wait and see if it works or not.



If I ever want to level up a summoner, I will need to sell more than just my reward cards. However, I have a hard time deciding which beta cards I want to part with.

I'm still trying to make up my mind.

I'll let you know once I have decided, and post a list of cards I have for sale on the market.
You could really help me out by purchasing them, so I will be one step closer to a level 2 splinter.

I'll get back to you with more updates soon!


😉 Another Shameless Promotion For A Shameless Post:

Click the image to visit the post

home for unwanted monster cards.png

Remember: 🎶 Sunshine, Unicorns And Rainbows...😉 🎶


Interested In My Experiment?

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steemmonsters ad.png
source 1 - Source 2 - Source 3

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Good job on the creative selling. That's how I made a fortune (of $0.30 twice) with mushrooms. Now I'm not even interested in selling a reward card unless I can level them up to 2 or 3. (Level 4 is too much, not worth it.)


I still need to check on the sales, but I think it's pretty useless to sell level 1 reward cards at the moment

Lol, you did great. You have to understand it is not something I'd normally. In this case it was more of a contest between me and @smalltall. To see who got further with- or without extra cards. @soyrosa took care of the only donation. 2 cards which I still use today. So game on!

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Thanks for letting me know.
It's the same for me - I would normally never do something like this - but for the sake of the experiment... lol.

I received another couple of cards yesterday, so it has been really lucrative so far :0)

Keep it up, I can get a get a level 2 summoner for fire, but my best team is water. Not sure what to do

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It depends on how much weaker your fire splinter is...
You're probably not stuck because of the bots yet, so it might be an idea to save and wait until you can get the Alric


I converted my SBD and had enough last night with .5 steem left. I'M RICH! My water is a beast now with the Sea monster and legendary... now to build up water, go diversify...

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It will be in my update tomorrow, but I received an Alric as a gift from @rentmoney. So I went ahead and bought one more, so he's a level 2 now. I could also level up the Sea Monster and the Sea Genie, so now I feel invincible.
Of course, I had to do my DQ with the Fire Splinter, lol.

And things got even better when I opened my 3 reward cards I got today. Unbelievable. If luck keeps coming my way like it does now, I'll be a millionair in no time!
(Check my last post to see the reward cards I got.)

Smart move on the Flame Imp. 👍👍

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Thanks ;0)

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