Steemmonsters Experiment Day 9 and 10: Bots Are Everywhere And Another Gold Foil

in steemmonsters •  21 days ago

Day 9 and 10 of the experiment in which I start playing Steemmonsters with only a starter deck because I want to experience first hand what it is like to join the game at the start of season 6, did not go very smooth.

the splinterlands experiment.png


Since I got to Silver 3, and to Silver 2 yesterday, it has almost been impossible to win a game, mainly because of the truckload of bots that are blocking the way.

I realize I live in the 'wrong' time zone, GMT+1: most of the players are living in the US, and their daytime is my nighttime, so it is not easy to find a human opponent during the day.

But whether I play at 10 a.m., 2 p.m., or 8 p.m., the bots never sleep.

Whether it are @rondras' bots:


or untraceable bots, that just as well might be real people (which I sincerely doubt):


They always pop up with their level 2 and 3 accounts, blocking my passage.

Fortunately, there are 2 bots (at least, I think they are bots) by @kiokizz (@sm-lvl1 and @sm-starter-beta) that play level 1 cards most of the time.

On occasions, I have been able to beat some of the bots, and some were nice enough to flee the battlefield, so the win was mine. But most of the time it feels like you keep hitting your head against the same brick wall over and over again.

Of the last 31 battles, I lost 20... so far for my almost perfect scores, lol.
I knew it would start happening some time.


I didn't expect I would actually be glad the season is almost at its end. Everyone's score will be reset, and hopefully this will result in a bigger human player base in the lower ranks.

But enough with the bad news. Because there's plenty of good news I have to tell you.



As I told you in my previous post I undelegated the SP from my main account, just to see if @steemmonsters was still handing out delegations.

The good news is: they are. Yesterday I noticed my available SP had gone up from 8 to 28, thanks to a 20sp delegation from @steemmonsters.


Unfortunately, I ran out again already. But that's my own fault.
I kept an eye on my RC status while playing yesterday, and Steemonsters fights don't take up a lot of SP. This means that if you only use your account to play, 20SP should be sufficient.

But I'm not only playing, I'm also writing posts, and joining card giveaways, and in my case 20SP simply ain't enough.



It seems to get more difficult every day to find Steemmonster cards giveaways.
But I'm still joining every single one I can find.

This morning, when I opened my account, I found this:

flame imp.jpg

Thanks to @gregory-f I could add another card to my collection.


Shopping For Cards

In my previous post you could read I had collected 8.487 Steem in my wallet, thanks to card sales and post payouts.

So I decided to go shopping for some new cards.

I really want to get some Legendaries, but I thought it would be more interesting to get some Epics first.

So I added these cards to my collection:

purchased cards.png

I couldn't go without the Fire Demon to give some extra power to the Fire splinter. The Alpha edition was cheaper than the Beta edition, so I decided to go for that one. If I ever get to the point of leveling up, I only need 2 alphas to create a level 2 Fire demon - instead of 3 betas - so I thought 2.546 Steem was a very good deal.

The same goes for Air Elemental of the Life splinter. The Alpha edition was on sale for 2.252 Steem, and since it's a card of which I think no deck can do without, I didn't hesitate for a second.

I used to love the Water splinter at the lower levels. Medusa and the Mischievous Mermaid made such a strong duo... Not so long ago, the price for the Mermaid card was a lot higher, so again, I didn't think twice and added it to my deck for only 1.762 Steem.

Since I didn't have a magic card for the Death splinter yet, I decided to get the Dark Enchantress. To my surprise, it was pretty low cost, only 0.882 Steem.

So, once again, I was able to add some powerful cards to my deck. It is actually starting to look like a real deck - without the legendaries, of course.


More Reward Cards

I finally reached Silver 2 yesterday.


Next to the 15 reward cards I will now receive when the season ends, I also get 3 free cards for each daily quest I complete.

There must be something in the air, because you won't believe me when I show you which reward cards I earned these last two days...

new reward cards.jpg

Not only did I get the Sea Monster, IMO one of the most badass new reward cards, I also got my 3rd gold foil card. And this time, one that is worth more than just a buck.

The Gold Foil Prismatic Energy card is selling on the market for $2.80-$3.

prismatic energy.jpg

I listed it for $2.80 a couple of hours ago, and it has been sold already.


That's 9.444 Steem in the pocket by selling one card.

Of course I will keep the Sea Monster in my account. I would be nuts if I would sell it. The Pirate Archers can stay too.

But what about the Rusty Android, The Hobgoblin and the Undead Minotaur?
They are being sold for next to nothing on the market, so maybe I just need to hold on to them, hoping I will get some more so I can level them up and sell them for a couple of cents?

I don't know....

It's not very likely that the prices of the reward cards will go up after the season rewards have been paid out tonight...

I think I will just wait and see what happens.



Since the season will end in 12 hours, I will try to play some more games, hoping to reach Silver 1.
This should be doable if there aren't too many strong bots around, since my ranking is now at 1502, and I need to get to 1600 to reach Silver 1.

Wish me good luck!!


steemmonsters ad.png
source 1 - Source 2 - Source 3

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Congrats on your reward cards, and good job on the trades! It's actually quite exciting following you in your experiment. One thing I still can't relate to, though, are the epic (let alone legendary) cards. I agree, the ones you picked seem to be the best ones out there... still, I always felt like they are out of proportion to certain reward cards, which are similarly good, but a lot less expensive.

In the green splinter both the Mushroom Seer and the Javelin Thrower are at least as enriching as the Forest Magi, and only for a few cents each! In the Fire splinter I like the Naga Fire Wizzard, even though it takes twice the mana of the Fire Demon. In Life, I admit, there is nothing that can match the Air Elemental. The Sacred Unicorn is above and beyond anything, of course, but that is legendary too... In Death, the Phantom Soldier is comparable to the Dark Enchantress but so is the price. And in the Water splinter... I think we all know, nothing bites like the Sea Monster, except maybe the Frost Giant, but there is a considerable difference in price.

So yeah, after this comparative analysis, I'm even more skeptical about epic cards, though still open to be convinced. For now, however, I'm hoping for lots of Sea Monsters in my season reward, and even if not, I want to take advantage of the prices that I'm pretty sure will drop.

Wishing you also many sellable and usable cards, and a fantastic new season!


I must admit that my regular gameplay depends too much on the legendaries. Spirit of the forest at level 3 or 4 is amazingly powerful. Same goes for the Elemental Phoenix. And of course for the Steemmonsters version of 'My Little Pony'. What a card...
LOD is ok. Not a very big fan of the frost giant and I've only started to play Angel of Light earlier this week. In spite of what I first thought, she is not useless at all.

When it comes to epics, a Water splinter is not at its full power without the mermaid. The neutral Magi Sphinx is almost a perfect replacement, but not entirely. I do like Naga too

I agree on Magi of the forest. She's pretty lame for an epic. I do think the Swamp Thing is a must-have, though. Same for Air elemental from the Life splinter. Love that card.

I think the Phantom soldier is pretty costly at 8 mana. When I play the Death splinter, I use mostly commons and rares, actually.

I fell in love with the Fire Demon because of the Blast ability he gets at level 2 or 3.

You see, that's one of the things that are messing up this experiment. During these last couple of months, I've been playing with level 4 to 6 decks. I've developed a sentiment for certain cards, mostly based on how they act at those higher levels. As a result, I can't make objective choices when it comes to level 1 cards.


I can totally see your reasoning. I'd probably feel the same if I'd received the occasional epic/legendary card in my reward booster packs. But spending a dollar or so on one card (when you need at least five to level them up decently) it's just not worth it. Not so with reward cards. Even with the sea monsters I got at the end of last season (enough to bring it up to level 4), I don't want to sell the outstanding one, because I just might get a few more as quest rewards. So yes, I understand the sentiment towards cards that are proven to be useful.


This is the crap I get with my rewards cards. You're doing excellent. 👏


My season reward cards were just as crap as those in the picture above.
I admit I've been extremely lucky getting 3 GF cards in my first week. What are the odds?


Probably very rare.

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I am experiencing the same thing on my experimental account @senstlessmonster. My biggest weakness is summoners and magic. I just don't have enough magic to deal with the Life bots, and at times, they seem to be the only ones playing when I am.

Are you focusing on building out your deck or leveling up your summoners? I think I am going the summoner approach so I can level up some of the reward cards and then buy others I need.


I am considering the same thing, because there is no way to get through those bots.
I ended the season in Silver 1, but at one point I simply gave up.

I have been playing against bots the last 40 games or so... :0(

Fortunately, bots like @nicestbot often play level1, and some of them flee regularly.

But what you say is true; there are barely any human players at the lower levels. I hope this changes now scores have been reset.

It's indeed worth considering to level up summoners. But for that, I need to sell reward cards first, and since everyone has plenty now, there's not much chance I will be able to sell some.

So I came up with another idea. The post will be published in about 4 hours from now :0)

I'd be interested in why you say that at least you 'think' they are bots, as opposed to definitely being bots? I'm running @kiokizz as well with higher lvl cards (lvl4-6).

I do run the program at intervals on @sm-starter-beta, but it isn't full time. I like to play when Im not other wise occupied :)


Mainly because both accounts have not that much SP. If you look at @rondras' bots, they have between 200 and 2000sp. Also because I noticed the @sm-starter-beta only plays every once in a while - those things made that I was not 100% sure about the accounts being bots or not.

What makes you so sure any of those accounts are bots?

Bots should be easy to beat in a game that has so many variables, though.


Bots are tough when they play Life and have level 2-3 cards and are sitting in Silver. They are stuck in silver because of the variables, but if the game types are to their advantage they are unbeatable for a long time. When you start with all lvl 1 summoners and they have level 3 Life, it the brick wall @itisjustme mentioned...


The first list of bots are obviously bots - I even discussed this with Matt. @rondras is running 20 or 25 of them.

I clearly stated that I wasn't 100% sure about the rest.

In the higher leagues, the bots don't bother me that much, because with a full, leveled deck, you have so many options there's always a way to get passed them.

But in this experiment, I'm still playing with a level 1 deck that is not complete at all. Many of the bots are playing level 2 and 3. Because of my incomplete deck, my options are limited...


Its insane that one person has so many. If you counted 20-25 there is likely more. I would be curious to know if he paid for most of those accounts or attained free promo codes.


I don't know. I got that info from steemworld: If you check outgoing delegations here:, you can get a good idea. And that's only his main account.


Thanks for the info.

I don't plan on digging into the situation.

Nice, you been hitting some good rewards. Don't sleep on old rusty he is handy as a tank to beat those bots.


Is he? I must have played hundreds of games since he was released, and never used him once.
Will give it a try


Once it gets reflect he is good to use in accounts with limited amount of cards as he can kill/help kill the Divine Healer.


My initial plan was to get as many cards as I could at level 1 before I started leveling. But the recent events made me see that it might be a better idea to start leveling before my deck is complete.
I've won 1 battle in the new season, and already I am in Silver 3. I need to find a way to get past those bots. I think the only way is up...

Have you thought about trading cards? I've been trying to trade Reward Cards on Discord but no takers. I did trade 9 cards for a summoner.


Never tried trading cards to be honest. I wouldn't know where and how to start...


In your next post try a trading section: example




Great idea! I will keep that in mind. Thanks!
It's nice to know you've got my back. The fact that you're following my adventures has already been very rewarding - you're full of good tips :0)

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