@itisjustme's Home For The Unwanted Steemmonsters Cards - All Cards Welcome

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Season Rewards have been paid out today, so decided to build a 'Home For The Unwanted Steemmonsters Cards, where all abandonned cards will be welcomed!

unwanted steemmonsters cards welcome.png
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A Little Background

If you've been following my experiment, you know I'm trying to see how far one can get as a newcomer to the @steemmonsters game, without investing any money.

If you haven't read my previous posts, you can do so here:

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👉 Steemmonsters Experiment - Starting From Scratch In Season 6 - Day 4

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👉 Steemmonsters Experiment Day 6, 7 and 8: So Far, So Good

👉 Steemmonsters Experiment Day 9 and 10: Bots Are Everywhere And Another Gold Foil

In short, I'm trying to come up with creative ways to build my deck. And this is one if them. 😏


@itisjustme's Home For The Unwanted Steemmonsters Cards

Now everyone has received his season reward payout, I can imagine your deck is overloaded with cards you don't really need.

The market is flooded with reward cards, which means the prices are down again.

Now, I came up with an idea that will make sure your unused @steemmonsters cards won't lose their self-esteem because they have no role to play in your deck.

So I started '@itisjustme's Home For The Unwanted Steemmonsters Cards'.

It is like an animal shelter for @steemmonsters cards.

shelter for unwanted Steemmonsters cards.jpg

As you can see in the picture above, you don't have to worry: in '@itisjustme's Home For The Unwanted Steemmonsters Cards' it's all sunshine, unicorns and rainbows.


No Discrimination

In '@itisjustme's Home For The Unwanted Steemmonsters Cards', all cards are welcome. We don't discriminate. Alpha, beta, promo, reward, regular, gold foil... every single card is accepted and treated equally here.

If you are in a generous mood today, and you have cards sitting in your deck you're not using anyway, I will be happy to take them in and give them a real life, as any @steemmonsters card deserves to have.

I don't have a lot to give in return. My 100% upvote is still worth nothing, but I can follow you, and keep you up-to-date on how my deck is doing.

The most important part is that your cards will be happy to be able to battle, instead of just sitting there being useless in your deck.

If you have a leftover card you are willing to donate, I would be very grateful. You can send donations to my @itisjustme Steemmonsters account.

The credit for the idea for a post like this go to @dboontje and hist post 'Steemmonsters Donation Challenge'.


steemmonsters ad.png
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Hi @itisjustme, This is a great idea. And I want to thank you for the follow, so I will send a few card that needs a good home


ah, @stiant. You are way too generous. Thanks a million for the cards!!!! 💙 💛
You're the best!!

OMG! What an overdose of cuteness, all throughout! :-)


Thanks, I've tried my best ;0)

Lol, this is so awesome. I will check my deck for any donations. Let me know what youll receive.

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Thanks for the idea. It's very 'unlike me' to ask for something in a way like this, but hard times ask for hard decisions, lol


Thanks. All credits to @dboontje. I only stole his idea :0)

It feels very uncomfortable - it is not in my nature to ask for something in such a straightforward way.
I prefer giving over asking any day.

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Tres Amusant!

I'll see what I can spare for you!

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Any success??

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I'll send ya a few😎

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I have a few I'll send your way today.

Excellent idea for a post.

My poor Artic Stormbringer was so lonely. He is only a level one so has been sitting out watching his much bigger and golden brother destroy all the monsters on the battle-field. In frustration .... He packed his bags and left home in hopes of finding someone who can use him in battle. Keep and eye out for him as he just might pop in for a visit.


@rentmoney, what an awesome gift! Thank you so much!!!!!!

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