📷 Steemit Photo Challenge #15 - UPDATES + THEME ANNOUNCEMENT - Guest Judge @randyclemens


That was a rough weekend, but I'm feeling much better, thanks for all the well wishes.

Let’s get some business out the way first…

Couple changes to the SPC as follows:

Themes will continue to be announced on Thursday at my convenience, usually by 2pm (UTC-4) unless somebody is willing to help me with an automated posting system, then we can have them go out automagically at midnight with all the proper formatting.

However, the deadline for entries will be extended to Tuesday at midnight (UTC-4) instead of Sunday.

Judging will then occur from Tuesday until Thursday, when the winners and the new theme will be announced.


I’m thinking about switching to SBD, because each week the value of the prizes has gone down so much.

I’m proposing:

1st: 35 SBD
2nd: 25 SBD
3rd: 15 SBD
Honourable Mentions: 5 SBD (x5)

That, right now, is worth a bit more than the current prizes in Steem.

What do you think? Would you prefer SBD or Steem?

More than that, which would be better for Steemit?

Without further ado…

Guest Judge: @randyclemens

The theme for SPC #15 will be


Chosen by guest judge @randyclemens

Here are examples of spiderwebs

I’m looking for something beautiful, intricate, delicate. Try to show them in a new way, if you can!
Try to be creative with the angles, lighting and composition etc.
Here is some of my own work, as further example

Extra Prize

I'll be giving away one $50USD Amazon Gift Card to the commenter who leaves good feedback on what ends up being the winning photo. A comment such as "awesome!' "great work!" doesn't count — I want real feedback.

One person will win, will it be you?

Leave your feedback on all your favourites, let the photographers know what you think.

Rules And Conditions

See a previous post for the rules

By entering this competition you acknowledge that you own the rights to the photographs, and allow for me to re-post the image should it receive a winner or honourable mention position.

Consider hosting your images with Steemimg.com created by @blueorgy

It is the first dedicated Steemit Image hosting website, set up with tag categories for easy viewing of images, and is also a sponsor of the Steemit Photo Challenge. It's also really convenient for copying markdown for multiple images.

Suggest the next theme!

Let me know what you'd like to see from the next Steemit Photo Challenge.

If you'd like to be considered as a guest judge, let me know in the comments so I can check your work :)

Week 1 - Animal Portrait
Week 2 - Shadows
Week 3 - Desolation
Week 4 - Nature Macro/Closeup
Week 5 - Emotive Human Portrait
Week 6 - Landscapes
Week 7 - Architecture
Week 8 - Long Exposure
Week 9 - Action - High Shutter Speed
Week 10 - Minimalism
Week 11 - Glamour / Fashion
Week 12 - Soul of the City
Week 13 - Hands
Week 14 - Autumn Foliage

Use steemitphotochallenge as your first tag, as this helps with the filtering for @blueorgy's statistic gathering.


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Another challenge, let's keep this one civil guys, no matter how you look at it, photography is subjective :)

I think that SBD is a good idea, and whatever it is, it signifies recognition and encourages contribution! thanks @jamtaylor

We already got a snowfall, no webs left :D


See if you can find some indoors maybe

Will try shooting but most likely sitting out again.
I tried shooting spider webs before. Either the spider is not big enough resulting in the web not cool enough and/or shooting spider web on a mobile phone is too lame.


Damn Spiders I have kill them all. Will a drawing do?
Or a dead spider 🕷 do?


The theme is webs, so you don't have to have the spider. Just look for webs to shoot! :)


Thanks, still the wrong season to hunt for spider. The weather here still very cold.


Yes, they didn't said you need a spider.
Now, if you have a spider drawing and on top or around that there is a real spider web, that will be some entry. Hmm....., will they accept those fake spider web like the Halloween decorations?

The theme for SPC #13 will be

it's #15



Great challenge! I might have an old photo kicking around somewhere. It's a bit chilly (if you consider the 50s to be cold) for spiders.

As for payout... hmm... I believe STEEM is actually better for the platform as long as people are using it to power up. But SBD helps buy little goodies. Personally, I like both. It might add a bit more work but, like the 50/50 payout structure that might be the route to go?


Well, either way is easy, just wonder what everyone would prefer.

What do you guys think about technology , as the theme for the next #steemitphotochallenge ?

Thanks @jamtaylor, the extra time will definitely help us all not feel so rushed getting our entires in!

Steem or SBD? I think either, as if the recipient wants the other it trivial to "buy and sell" on the internal market.

I think SBD is better for now. I like the idea of the extra prize for good feedback. Thanks for the new challenge. I have never managed to take a good spiderweb photo and am looking forward to seeing the entries.

Thanks for your work! You do a lot more than you think! I recently became involved, I hope that someday win. I think SBD will be better than STEEM. Although I personally would have preferred SP in the amount of SBD ;)

Nice! Rain in the forecast for tomorrow. Watery webs abound!

oh my god please please different subject next time. i feel like they're crawling all over me and i see them jumping around out of the corner of my eye. ugh... :(


I promise that next week will not be spiderwebs again :)

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Thank you for the update, I posted a photo as soon as I saw the theme - Mystery with an example included! My post got pulled due to lack of traffic or something. How do you get to win when you have been pulled and the theme has been changed? Traffic tough from where I sit, votes even harder!!

I think SBD are better. They hold their value better.

And I think they're better for Steem overall.
My understanding is that is why they were created in the first place.

Great idea! My suggestion for the next week: Atumn Mushrooms, or Lake-Photography for example.

Working to get in my submission to this challenge but keep receiving this message when I attempt to post:

trx.ref_block_prefix == tapos_block_summary.block_id._hash[1]:
Can you tell me what this means and how I go about fixing it to get my post in on time?


I have no idea, try the #help channel on steemit.chat

OR try logging out and logging back in.


Thank you @jamtaylor for your reply. I've done both of those things, but to no avail. I'm going to try another computer and see if that helps.

Have the spider, now need the web.