I have Steem Power because I want to reward good content from my community

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I've only been on Steemit for 14 days but I'm really enjoying the experience so far. I'm making a lot of progress too! There is so much good, varied content out there and I've been fortunate enough to engage with some of the amazing Steemit community. I've tried to contribute some good posts on my blog (often with mixed results) whilst keeping it varied and I've been really happy with the responses. Here are some stats:

Some of you will notice that I'm following less people and I have more Steem Power. This is because I want to be part of a brilliant community! I only want interesting, quality content in my feed and I have Steem Power because I want to reward good content from my community. Well done if I'm still following you!

I also would like my good content to be as far reaching as possible too. Here are links to my posts so far:
















That's all of them so far and in order. I hope some might be of interest to you.

Thanks for reading. If you liked my post then please upvote, resteem and/or comment.



A well written blog for only 14 days on the platform. 100% UV

Cheers mate I appreciate it

Steem took my delegation away since posting. If you upvote your own comment that should turn it to 1 cent whoo! Lol

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where do you find the information you show here?


There's also steemdb

steemkr really confuses me

There's loads more like this too that I don't know yet

Thank you so much my man, I can tell your a good dude.

Thanks you are too mate

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Hi buddy
I noticed that you powered up. You wont regret.

I would love to stay in touch with you a little bit closer as I value your knowledge and your input. And we could support each other on Steemit.
I wish there would be more advanced notification system developed by steemit.

Plus you're very responsive which is absolutely great and steemit community surely will benefit by having you here.

Perhaps you could send me short email to [email protected]

No pressure of course,

Cheers, Piotr

Yeah not a problem I'll send you an email. Cheers mate

Tom is it as simple as having more steem coins in your account and this gives you more steem power thus giving my articles a higher increase when people upvote???

very noble Tom

Tom an off the topic question. I dont have the ability to upload pictures. Any idea on what I can do?

Do you get the writing under your post input box like in the image below that I've screenshot? Where it says insert images by...

Use that to select images from your computer.
If you want to copy and paste instead - you have to copy image location rather than copy image. That gives you the URL. All the posts about it are from a time when you needed a third party site but that's no longer the case. Be careful with copyrighted images though. Thanks

Thanks again Tom for the info. I figured out it works best for me posting through the phone, instead of using the computer.

Ah see I've only used the website...

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