10 days on Steemit

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10 Days on Steemit

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I find it helpful to see the statistics like that - it shows what has been achieved.

In general I have found Steemit to be pretty good. There is a great community and some amazing content. The knowledge some people possess is so impressive. The potential to earn is huge as well - the whole platform is quite exciting really!

It's not perfect though. There's also a lot of rubbish content!

I have been disheartened at times these initial 10 days. When I've put effort into a post and it's barely even been viewed, commented or anything. It's especially annoying when I see copied pictures / memes earning big bucks.

Looking at the numbers above though puts things into perspective. I'm quite confident that if I continue at this rate I'll be doing very well soon enough. One of the most important things is delivering quality, original content and I think everyone should be striving towards this.

My plan is to do the same post at different milestones e.g. 50 days, 100 days and so on.

I've written this post as I thought it would be interesting to some, to see how I've got on and it gives other noobs something for comparison.

Thank you for reading.



nice to see newbies grow up fast in steemit.. i was once there myself.

looking forward to your next report and see further growth.

Hi there

How have you been doing lately? Thanks for engaging with my posts lately. I appreciate.

I like your post about your experience with steemit. Thx for sharing

Im trying to build a group of like-minded people and I would like to keep in touch with you and support each other on steemit.

So since we were already following each other, then please let me suggest reading this post:

For many new players those kind of contests are great way to start.

Take care, Piotr

Sorry for 2 separate posts in one topic.

I just noticed that you still really have very little steam power. Try to consider powering up.

I've been following many new members of this community and @achim303 wrote today quite a good post which would explain "Why do we need steem power?"

How to purchase steem power (old article but still valuable):

Hope you're gonna have a good weekend :)
Cheers, Piotr

Haha it's like you read my mind. I'm just looking into this and what benefits are? Curation rewards I guess but would it be most profitable to delegate? I'll look at your links now.

Im not so sure if delegating is the most profitable. But I may be wrong. Did you try?

No I've not tried either mate. I think it is profitable for whales.
So we'll probably have to worry about that sort of stuff in a year or so... haha

I think it helps to search out posts from other users which you find interesting and helpful, and to comment on those posts. Those Stemmians who create the content you like now can become aware of your content and may like it as well. Interaction precedes recognition. Gain genuine followers by doing genuine following, commenting, voting, etc. Check out steemd.com/@tomsweet to see your current voting power and more info on your account usage. If you want to chat more with me you can find me under this same name on discord. I'm not as much into crypto trends as I am just into doing things because they need to be done, so I might not click many of your posts of they are just about crypto in the market, but I'm following anyway, for your more off-the wall and from the heart stuff. also, this post is a good regular idea, i'll try to check in on when you post again. Let me know on discord when you do.

That's brilliant thanks for the advice. It's been quite a learning curve so far. I found your message really encouraging and all spot on. I'll try and vary my content too.

looks like we've both been away a while. working on any new posts?

I feel your pain. Progress seems slow but i will be patient. I havnt earned a penny in two days of posting activity and resteeming.

Yeah patience and being determined are key I think. You've got good posts so stick with it. Cheers for response.

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I agree, it is disappointing not getting the views, but I think it all takes time. Those are some great stats, I too have been measuring my experience on here the same way, it's exciting when you reach each milestone. I've been here about 3 weeks and I've had a lot of fun with it. I little addictive, but in a good way. I wish you success!

Hi @tressareid thanks for your encouraging words. Had a look at your posts - you're doing really well :)

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Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck friend ✫
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And thank you for sharing. You already seem to understand the platform. Steem on.

Thanks for your response. More people should try to engage more often. It's a good sign that people are using the platform properly. I think a lot of people aren't even looking at content...

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