Ethereum users to 'brick' ASIC miners

in #ethereum5 years ago

I just had to do a quick post about this. Bitmain had recently announced an Ethereum ASIC miner to be released later this year and today there was a development. Some of my followers may have picked up that I don't like ASICs already. I'm very much devoted to GPU mining and ASICs are constantly giving me a headache.

One twitter user (who I follow) Vlad Zamfir, has conducted the following poll:

I would fully support too! Let's take down these nasty ASICs!

I hope it is enforced by the Ethereum community, just like it was by the Monero community when Bitmain announced their cryptonite miner. Monero have vowed to stay ASIC resistant and it's vital in keeping currencies decentralized.

Do what you have to do Ethereum community!

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thx for that update.
do you know if there is any progress with ETH improvement proposal protocol 867 ?

upvoted. good stuff

I haven't heard anything for a while about this. Reversing of funds would be made possible? I don't know how much I like the idea of developers reversing/amending transactions. Not very decentralized lol. Probably end up with Ethereum Super Classic after a big fallout! When I read about Proof of Stake though apparently your node losing power could result in loss of ether so maybe it's needed?
What do you think?
Thanks for your response mate

in my opinion it's scary

imagine that all those "lost" ETH would be recovered. everyone who send it accidently to wrong address within past few years would get it back. those poeple woult treat it as unexpected gift and would probably sell it off and cash huge profits. this way price of ETH can fly down like crazy.

"When I read about Proof of Stake though apparently your node losing power could result in loss of ether so maybe it's needed?"

unfortunatelly I dont understand that part. Im not that familiar with POS (I know it's kind of similar to masternodes). Would you mind to ellaborate and tell me more about it?

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