Important Announcement about Resteem and Upvote Service

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From time to time it is important to update people about activities of @resteemr. There are many new users, this post will be helpful for them. Also, it is important to remind about the rules.

There have been increase in the number of resteem request recently. Followers count has also increased, payouts for the new followers are made regularly.


Important Stats

  • Number of Followers: 300+
  • Number of Posts(including comments): 571
  • Number of Resteems: 330+
  • Steemit Reputation: 44.5
  • Steemit Age: 3 months


  • The resteem request tip is revised to 0.01 SBD/STEEM effective from 8th Jan 2018(Monday).
  • Previously, only SBD was accepted, now STEEM is also accepted.
  • All the posts will receive upvote of minimum 0.01 SBD, these days @resteemr is generous to give upvote of 0.03 since the price of STEEM is high.


The below rules have been mentioned in the introductory post itself.
Few updates are done for the existing rules.

  • Send a tip (atleast 0.01 SBD) and URL in the memo.
  • The post will be resteemed only once.
  • Racist, hatred, inflicting, violent, disturbing, explicit and #nsfw content will not be resteemed. No refund for such content.
  • Posts flagged by @cheetah & @steemcleaners will not be resteemed or upvoted, refunded.
  • Transfers less than 0.01 SBD/STEEM will not be resteemed & refunded.
  • Memo without a valid URL will be considered as donation.

Benefits - Free SBD

The following would be the benefits of using @resteemr.

  • All the resteem requests will be upvoted with minimum 0.01, and most of the time 0.03 (few people would have noticed this already).
  • Eventually you would get back more than what you have paid. Eg. Send 0.01 for resteem and get 0.02 or 0.03 as an upvote.
  • Your post will be shared to 300+ people and it is a boost for your post visibility.
  • New followers will get 0.002 SBD.

There are couple of improvements planned, contests, weekly curations etc. Stay tuned.

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